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You know, as I necro myself back into the forum life, I have to say: the biggest reason I flopped my ass out of this game when I got access into it wasn't the graphics, wasn't the poorly implemented system, wasn't any of that.

For my two cents, it was just the emptiness. Not the lack of people but the plain emptiness of the whole thing. I knew it wasn't finished, as we all did, and I knew why we couldn't cram in a million little trees, but what it simply boiled down to was I could either live my life, get good grades in college, and not waste hundreds of dollars on an incomplete game, or I could sit around spending money on a glorious dream that has yet to see fruition. It is obvious by now which of the two won out (I believe I owe an apology to my elven compatriots who were expecting some druid help. On the bright side I got straight As in college that year). Further, as was mentioned before in this thread, this online game didn't, at the time, have that pathfinder feel to it at all. The Rappon Athuk tremor or the creative depth. It just felt generic mmo to me, except not as well implemented as some of the bigger ones on the market, and much more appealing in scope.

It really is wonderful to see all the old faces again, however, and to know you all still care about this dream. I leave you to your debate good sirs and madams.

quick edit to add in a little more of my opinion.

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give me your sick, your weary, and your meek.

and a catapult so I can launch them into my enemies castles.

all in the name of progress, of course

(side note: this is a necrobump)

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Hmmm. Excellent points...

Well, I see nothing wrong here, I'll make sure to send all the wealthy poorly-armed merchants with over-flowing carts of silks, spices, golds, and weapons in your direction, seeing as you are entirely honourable.

Yes, quite legitimate indeed.

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*pokes the ashes of his campfire. pauses. grunts.*

Well I'd say that is a thoroughly torched manner of behavior.

No matter, I will be watching this "Freevale" and any moves made by Xelias towards them. Grickin is my friend, and he also supports The Viridian Circle as I do. It would be wrong to dispose of a friend's wisdom so easily, as it is wrong to dispense with formalities in many manners of society; though certainly red tape will be cut before time.

A precious jig is required to dance between the lines of "complacent" and "heavy-handed" in terms of any actions in life, especially life eternal as it would appear we now have. It is a jig I take keen interest in, and I say neither side is better than the other. This to all parties, for failing to act is worse in some cases than acting to fail. Ultimately it is the individuals choice whether to bow down to oppression or not, and indeed the individual decides their own terms of oppression, whether they blind themselves from it or rapidly change it on whim.

A burning hand which clutches the frailties of existence cannot have a hope to stave off the inevitability that is the fall into grim and putrid continuation. It is thus the job of everyone to take up the implements they are best suited to wield in response to these inherent mannerisms. The path winding may seem a circle, but for every step made in anguish and close-minded cloister is a step nonetheless inexorably forward. So do not tarry in your steps. Do not falter in your mind or your will. You will have doubts, and you will be in pain. These are no strangers to us! TRULY! Which of you can lay claim to having lived a life bereft of even some small measure of discomfort or distaste?! None of you, say I, and none of you, say whatever god you presume to. None, none, and none.

So do not hesitate, do not cleave to the path behind. There is no path behind. There is only forward. There is only what you need to do to be who you are, truly, and what path in which lies ineffectual ineptitude. And it is this path wherein lies the dreariness of absolute oppression; that of the willing oppression. Of accepted oppression. And that is my domain to police.

And police it I shall, never fear for that.

Always Penitent,
Brother Letholdus Zael

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or this...

or this...

"boom" this

hey those are good songs...

I'm running out of pretexts for my comments

G'n'R because

screw it, I'm done. More rap.

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On a second thought, maybe this would have been a better song...

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*proceeds to reveal "dark side" of T7V and Phaeros; calls it "the veiled"*

Also, you left off the "ce" at the end of your name, thought you might want to know :I

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Hey, speaking of gypsy type songs, killing things, and monsters... and just plain good music

unless you are thinking a bit more bandit-like

of course, long roads seem to be in your future as well

and possibly longer nights

but maybe it is something (or one) that makes it seem so long?

unless you feel less inclined to sound so southern about your feelings...

but maybe that is too hard to express the emotion your journey elicits?

but then you second guess yourself and feel back your way to more stronger stuff perhaps?

you think you'd try something a little slower, next, since you are so unsure

faster, maybe?

no... that smoother sound was good

And then you realize you need to step to the british shores!

old clapton?

older clapton?

no, you think you'll go back to america...

maybe not...

you are having some trouble deciding, so you'll have to put us on hold...

looking back you realize you've had an interesting journey... and some notable losses

but you realize that is life, and it is ok

some memories won't just go, however, but that is life too

and so here you find yourself, towards the end, reminiscing (which I totally just guessed how to spell and got right)

what does it even mean to be old?

I'm sure if you find out, lots would like to know!


(why, dearie me, I think I was just profound. nah.)

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you deserve this

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To be honest, as long as we stay meta-vigilant open pvp won't be as big of a problem as people suspect.

The world is open pvp irl, but we don't see people always going around killing each other. Obviously, with respawns and alternate reality, this isn't going to be the exact case, but a large foundation of PfO is the creation of the world. And money to apples says right now we have as many grafters, gatherers, and merchants as we do PvP/PvE types. And the PvP types that DO exist are people like UNC, Xelias, TEO, and TVC, all with specific RP-related goals that target specific instances. Xelias wants an empirical tyranny, and so you can expect them to target the neighboring empires. UNC are mercenary bandits, so expect them to target merchants and be near warzones. TEO is policemen, so expect them to be between the people who don't want to fight and the people who do. TVC is a natures warriors group, so expect them to hover around humans and orks and the more industrialized nations, just waiting for a slip up.

The point is, you always need to be vigilant in PfO, outside your home town, but that was real life too, back in the medieval period. We might have "gotten over it" by now, but when you think about it no, only super-rich places with large budgets like USA, Germany, Britain, etc. are that way, such is still life in many other places in the world.

All is not rosy and right, but if you want to pretend that, you just need to join the big guys. Just like life. *shrugs*

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Why thank you AvenaOat, who is clearly doing this out of personal interest and not just for me to bump and explain to a greater audience in hopes of more recruits.

Right. *ahem*

Though no doubt you've all read through the GIANT WALL OF TEXT that has led you up to this point, I'll make life very simple:

TVC is a druid-based nature protection agency.

We accept Druids, Rangers, Clerics for Leafy and Green types, and even Barbarians on occassion. (we understand that some of these don't exist yet, so we will take all but wizards for the moment... y'kiting civies).

We have one purpose: stop the abuse of nature by the so-called "intelligent species".

We are a militant group, if we find that a settlement is abusing resources, by our own biased definitions, we will launch a war upon them until they stop using methods such as: A) encouraging hostile Escalation Cycles B) raiding and pilaging PoIs C) Decimating gatherer parties D) Reducing efficiency capacity of the settlement E)enacting blockades of the settlement F) Killing anyone who tries to stop us.

Make no mistake, we are murderers and our ideals are abhorrent to many.

Currently we are residents at Blackwood Glade, but make no mistake: this is known by all parties to be largely a "temporary" measure until such a time as TVC can create it's own "Nature Sanctuary" (be it a Settlement, Nation, or PoI)

The Viridian Circles' Operational Structure (current)

Currently TVC is broken into four levels:

[1] Brothers/Sisters: All members are Brothers and Sisters. These individuals travel the lands in search for a worthy cause to fight for. This is for people who either don't want, can't have, or aren't ready to become an Arch-es due to time constraints, desire of freedom to travel, etc.

[2] Arch-es : A Brother or Sister responsible for the ultimate law of Nature Protection in a region. Under most circumstances they usually remain within the territory of their region. When a conflict arises, they have the ultimate say whether or not it is deserving of a response by TVC. Other than this, they are the same as a Brother/Sister

[3] Council: A Brother/Sister responsible for the assignment of Arch-es, as well as the assignment of region boundaries, the impeachment of Arch-es or dissolvement of region boundaries, and the formation of alliances and if a war currently happening should be stopped.

[4] Elder: A Brother/Sister responsible for the appointment/impeachment of Councils as well as acting as the diplomatic body for TVC. Elders elect replacements, and there can only be a max of elders equal to the number of Councils.

In all matters of jurisdiction within a region, the Arch- of that region has the final say, above even Elders and Councils. Theoretically we all have the same rank, with some having extra responsibilities with the trade-off of less freedom of movement.

When it comes to making decisions for the council or the elders currently it is simple-majority for all matters excluding the dissolvement/emplacement of region boundaries, which are three-quarters.


Ideally, anyone can be a member. We are, however, a TN company currently based in BwG for training and protection purposes, and thus if you want to be a "registered" member, you have to also be either homeless, or a member of BwG. We will, eventually, move away from BwG, but that won't be for some time yet.

This said, we take on both official and unofficial, Myself, Ducktor_Shvat, and Ravening (should he return) being the official ones, Grickin of Freevale and Gedichtewicht of Brighthaven being the unofficial ones.

We want as many members as we can get, in either capacity. At the very least you need to keep an eye open and watching "civilizations" around the area in order to keep TVC informed of any possible threats, at most you will actively engage in murder, espionage, guerrilla warfare, betrayal and other things characterized by extremely aggressive untamed wilds in order to protect said wilds.

Create and Protect an area of land (either mechanically a settlement, PoI, or tower at this junction) which is kept in as heavy-nature state as possible. This area, dubbed a "Nature Sanctuary" will be TVC's homeland and primary concern, however we serve as the wall between it and the outside world, not as overseers of the lands.

Discover and Thwart any potential threat to nature anywhere in the world as we deem it, in whatever manner we deem.

Aid the efforts of any group that we deem is protecting nature.

Some Opinions on Controversial Matters

[1] TVC does not engage in politics, unless doing so would aid in the protection of nature

[2] TVC does not look favorably upon undead, however we will not actively seek out its destruction as, in most cases, it is not the fault of the undead.

[3] All Necromancers must die, split into tiny peices, carried to the corners of the world, pulverized into dust, and buried in the most unassailable places possible, warded by sacred signs.

[4] TVC understand and accepts the likes of creatures such as lycans, knowing that their affliction is a natural expression of Nature's need to curb Civilization's overly-aggressive forays. As such, TVC will provide shelter to all lycans within the bounds of it's Sanctuary: Perverse Nature is still Nature.

[5] TVC holds few grudges. It understands the absolute corrupt truth of civilization and thus expects many failures to be repeated. TVC will thwart those failures with extreme prejudice, but will not actively seek to pursue the responsible parties once the threat is removed. If that means we have to eliminate all of Civilization first... oh, alas. I might feel remorse for a few seconds.

[6] TVC holds grudges against necromancers.

[7] Necromancers include all kinds from white to grey to black to red (in order, knowledge and revitalization, use as tools, standard necromancy, and daemonology/extraplanar.

[8] TVC does not like Necromancers.

[9] TVC also does not like Daemons.

[10] Brother Zael finds this slightly hilarious for IC reasons.

[11] Brother Zael does, in fact, have a secret hiding behind his full-body-clothing outfit.

Brother Letholdus Zael
I am an Elder of TVC, and the only one currently of rank. Ravening, should he return to us, is also an Elder. The rest are Brothers. Because I have interests outside of TVC that would take precedence if their was someone else to lead TVC, I make care to differentiate between Brother Letholdus Zael the individual, and Brother Letholdus Zael, the member of TVC. It is important this distinction be known, as I might be hostile one moment then friendly the next, as the situation warrants.

I personally promise anyone who joins TVC will be bloodied within a week.

Money Concerns
TVC would like to never have to deal with gold, but this is unlikely. Should a issue involving gold arise, TVC will take a collection from each direct member. Members pay up what they are able to, and if it is not enough, we will find ways of procuring more. If it is more than enough, the extra is given to/split among whoever/whatever has most need, be it repairing deforestation, arming and training new members, or returning the gold to those who gave the most.

Meeting times
Direct members are supposed to keep in regular contact in-game (mostly because I need someone to talk to and I find people enjoyable most times). Indirect members can keep in contact as frequently or infrequently as they desire. Meetings can be scheduled whenever it is wanted or needed, and can take place in whatever form desires, be it TS, skype, or in-game.

If an outside party wishes to meet with TVC, feel free to send me a pm, and we can set up a good time for it. I am rather open to such things myself, and being the only direct active member there isn't anyone else to argue with me.

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<.< she is only once a OOOHHHHHHHHH

seriously though, what is the perspective on pain during transformations? Each time, more over time? less over time?

What about insanity? Loss of control?

In my opinion, pain everytime.

Insanity... hmmm yeah why not.

Loss of control... well I guess that goes with the insanity, right? But at the same time... I'll say no...

My way of doing it would be, as you said, giving the were a pvp-ffa flag and having everyone tagged pvp for them as well. Then change their name to a generic name, e.g. Werewolf001, Werewolf071, etc. Then leave the choice of "kill everyone or not" to the player.

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I have to agree with most people here xD

Logically (pure logic and no ambition) no there is no need to fight.

Logically (logic +ambition or humanity or whatever) there will be fighting simply because it can happen. Murphy's Law anyone ;)

You point out there is a significant number of "unplaced" (let us call them) players who have payed but not registered in landrush and such. These are not just going to let a hundy+ go to waste. Thus we are probably going to see huge masses of un-aligned players, or at least a lot of small-aligned players without a home. All eager to find a home. Some might try to find a random hex, some a npc town, some a tavern, some a tower, and some a settlement, or nation. They will use force, diplomacy, ingratiation, bribes, and more to get "their" place in the world realized. I've tried pointing this out many times :I

Someday, you'll understand ;) (song quote anyone?)

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And where, pray tell, do us... other "denizens of the night/lower planes" reside in relation to this agreement, hmm?

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I'd suggest finding a baseline item that everyone uses, e.g. leather boots, and attributing it the value of "1 gp", then basing everything else off of how much effort, time, and "expenses" it takes comparatively.

just saying. It will cause things to be hectic, but that is kind of good. one dominant merchanting group will come to fore and people will start basing their coins on that group's coin because it works well, and thus we have the creation of coin-value.

>insert more thorough description

"But Zael, what if all the merchants make the prices ridiculously high, and there is no other logistically feasible way to acquire it. What should we do? what happens then?"

simple: 1) some savvy group will come in and lower their prices
2) kick the merchants around. raid their stuff, etc. I hear a certain company which SHAN'T BE NAMED is good at that sort of thing.
3) I happen.
4) Contact me, Lifedragn, etc. about it and we can give you relevant advice (me because I am dedicated to such fights, Lifedragn because he is dedicated to helping those being taken advantage of. If you want me to remove your name, friend... well too bad ;) heh).

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Friends, TVC has another recruit :D

our leafy domain grows

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I'd like to throw in a suggestion, mr. Cheney.

For settlements, once you start diversifying "looks" you should be able to create houses that "look" like they are trees. I mean a little reskinning and boundaries tweaking might be in order, but the overall system should remain the same, just the appearance, which you will be doing anyone if you decide to diversify in terms of looks.

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Vigilante, Revolutionary, Diplomat, and Apparently the Leader of a band of druids and rangers lest Ravening gets back.

Probably Fighter/Diplomat though might be a ranger/bard or any combination. I think Diplomat will fall into the "Aristocrat" tree. If they make "Inquisitor" class, I might end up with that instead of fighter or ranger. For the meantime Fighter for a while, then a lil aristocrat thrown in.

Unlike carbon I don't have a lot of physical wealth, though I will have some of the deepest networks to offer ;D XD

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Yes. Good to hear the clerics are getting some love.

So, and I hate to beat you over a stick with this, but is there any hope for druidic themed PoIs, or rather "Nature"-themed ingeneral? Like, I don't know, a wildlife sanctuary/preserve?

Just asking.
There are a lot of mechanics that I would like to see as a de facto leader of The Viridian Circle (of mostly druids)

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A fine decision.

TVC is pledged to TiD

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Chartered Company
Name: The Viridian Circle
Alignment: Neutral
Members Alignments: N, NG, NE, CN

Protectors of the natural world
Enemies of aberrations & undead
Keepers of the Balance

Less of a settlement and more of a group of like minded characters who share information and support. I could see the Viridian Circle with operatives throughout the River Kingdoms, who provide information on settlements, groups and organizations that act recklessly (particularly if it affects the natural world), or expands to rapidly. I could see operatives doing some of the following activities:

Attacking aberrations/undead escalation cycles
Destroying Aberrations
Destroying Undead and those who create/use them
Advancing escalation cycles that threaten settlements that are expanding too quickly or acting recklessly
Setting up a Sanctuary (for wild animals, fey creatures etc.) and policing its borders

In structure operatives would act fairly autonomously. Each Settlement would have an Archdruid that observes it and the surrounding area, Archdruid’s would form a council of peers and from among them would be selected a Grand Druid. The Grand Druid would be chosen in a similar manner as outlined in the Green Faith Acolyte prestige class. Archdruids would co-ordinate the activities of the operatives in the area and police the activities of individual members.

One of the stated goals of the Viridian Circle is to target settlements (and individuals) which have expanded and harvested resources in a reckless manner. So that got me thinking, how will we identify settlements, chartered companies and individuals who act in this manner?

Settlement Buildings
There should be a wealth of information that is collected that pertains to a settlement. If there was a mechanic called ‘Growth Rate’, then this could provide the ruling body of the settlement with a figure to display how rapidly a settlement is growing. This would enable them to see if they are growing in an efficient and cost effective manner. This could be a measure of the current skill level of characters assigned to various buildings, as well as the number of projects on the go (and the average skill rating of the contributors), the amount of resources being gathered and allocated to settlement projects and perhaps a measure of the amount of wastage on settlement projects.

In regards to wastage the lead on a project could choose how they want to manage a building project. For instance if a particular kind of training facility is required to be built quickly, then the lead could decide to make a reduction in the quality of the overall project and increase the amount of wastage. Both of these choices would affect the amount of raw resources required for the project, the time it would take to build the structure and the minimum required skill level to contribute to the project. These kinds of choices should also affect the on-going cost of maintenance, development index rating and the end appearance of the structure.

While it might be cheaper and quicker to build structures quickly at reduced quality. This would have an overall effect on the ambience of the overall settlement, as well as effect on-going maintenance costs. So civic pride might come into play, as well as some characters might not want to go to the ‘shabby rundown’ settlement of Brighthaven.

It should also be possible via relevant skill checks and having a look around a settlement to get a feel if a settlement is growing at a reckless manner (by viewing the growth rate and other stats) and what level of wastage has been used to construct the buildings. All of the above would not only assist the Viridian Circle in deeming who to target, but make each settlement unique and feel alive.

Settlement Resource Gathering & Strip-Mining
I’ve mentioned that there should be a wealth of information available to community leaders of a settlement. This should include the efficiency of their resource gathering efforts. We’ve heard it mentioned that raiders will be able strip-mine resources of rival settlements. I propose that strip-mining be an option not only for raiders, but also for settlement harvesting operations as well as individual harvesters.

This make sense and allows everyone to make a meaningful choice when it comes to harvesting. Do I want to harvest this resource to maximise the quality of the material being harvested or do I want to accept a reduction in the overall quality of the resource so I can do it quickly. This kind of decision making is as applicable to a small harvesting group in the dangerous wilderness, trying to quickly mine a rare but expensive resource. To Settlements (or others) who are at war (or feuding) to quickly harvest resources so they can churn out some needed armour or weapons.

On a side note I think it would be fantastic if harvesters could harvest materials that have a higher quality rating at the expense of increasing the time taken and reducing the yield from the harvested node. For instance a Dwarven harvester who is harvesting an average quality iron deposit might decide to only take the best of the bunch of the iron ore, thus reducing his yield but in return getting good quality iron ore. At the refining phase a refiner could pay less for average quality iron ore (and get more of it) and then refine it to produce a higher quality, or buy the good quality iron ore as it saves them time. They could keep it at this level of quality or refine it to excellent quality iron ore losing some in the process.

Not only does this add another layer to harvesting (and as a consequence refining and crafting) but it also enables the Viridian Circle to target those that are harvesting recklessly. Obviously the last point is the most important ;-p

I would imagine that the way in which you harvest should have a visual effect of the resource node, and also be detectable via appropriate skills checks. So if you stumble across a shonky looking resource node that has been recklessly ripped apart, you know the harvesters have been naughty. Conversely a well-constructed resource harvesting camp would leave the resource node in pristine order. For the above to have any meaning we would need to be able to determine who has been harvesting a particular resource node as well as use skills to get an insight into a settlements resource gathering efforts.

In terms of building/construction:

You should be able to speed up/lower cost per-good of a project but in return get more upkeep cost or lower use rates. I think this is already planned. If not... why have different construction material tiers anyway?

In terms of harvesting:

Strip-mining needs to be an option for more than just raiders. if the system is built and in place there is no reason companies can't have miners do the same thing, or even do it better (less damage to building/larger yields). Ravening brings up excellent examples of when this might be applicable. And I'll drop/reiterate a few more:

1) War-time/Pre: Settlement A) might need to churn out a large amount of weapons for their batch of new recruits/NPCs to battle an approaching army.

2) Economic Conflict A: Company A) might be lagging behind in profits and need a quick 100k to pay off debts. decision time...

3) Economic Conflict B: Company A) and Company B) are mining the same resource. Who gets the most resources will prevail.

4) Economic Conflict C: A) and B) companies are at it again, same resource but separate locations. Who will get their supply to the market first and thus secure more sales?

5) Economic Conflict D: A) company is mining a resource and they know that B) company (whom they are feuding with) is on the way en masse to take the mine for their own purposes... The solution? take all you can and destroy as much remaining so that B) company is just wasting their effort to come out here. Standard scorched earth tactics.

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(and unspoken mutual obligations)

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Kitsune, I will have to teach you the ways of Summon Nihimon VI

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I just want to point out.

PfO is more faction v faction, not person v person.

you need to be in a group in some way to fully experience this game the way GW intends it. And if we want to fight someone randomly without consequence, there has to be a faction ties or reasons somewhere.


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TEO Alexander Damocles wrote:
Bonny Paz wrote:
BrotherZael wrote:

So. Where is Clyde?

heh welcome aboard.

Har Har! I haven't heard that since the 3rd grade! lol
Wow, you'd think you'd have heard it more frequently...

Seriously. I expected it to be a running joke by now. Slightly disappointed. I didn't wanna be original.

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pm'ing. now.

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So. Where is Clyde?

heh welcome aboard.

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want. ferrero rocher.


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Leave it to me to necro a dead issue.

Now that the "crisis" has mostly passed, what with LR2 over and the tensions that plagued us fading away I would like to, with hindsight as our tool, take a moment to think about what happened.

I will start out by asking nobody respond to this thread in public, excepting perhaps a bump or two if you feel it warrants it (for whatever reason). This is nothing more than my opinion, faulty as it usually is, and my way of publicly expressing it.

Just this past month we experienced a spike in the viciousness of our forum(s) and our posts. And while it is understandable to get upset, angry, have miscommunications, I found something worse than the acclaimed toxic comments. I saw us reacting to it.

To be short, we just had a bona-fide Salem Witch-cum-McCarthy style trial period where as tensions heightened and relations tightened, fingers were pointed left right, up and down, from customers to providers and back. Look, we all had a hard time and stuff, but we also not only caused it as a community, we fed the fires as a community.

So I'll leave you with this. Toxicity often isn't the original "bad comment" itself, but the vicious and decisive behavior with which we respond. Our reactions to the few terse comments was so disproportional to the crime it is staggering to look at. For every incident there was dozens of naysayers.

In Richard Feynman's Los Alamos from Below talk he said something I'll paraphrase:

"So these brilliant men went around the circle each giving their own idea. Some ideas were great, some were terrible. After about five we got the plan we used. Nonetheless we continued around the circle discussing all the various ideas with equal concern and at the end we all agreed on the actual plan."

So please, armed with the knowledge of our folly, next time just practice some patience and lets look at all the issues and points.

Also, after speaking to him in private I'd like to say that I now understand Loth'Xal's point of view and his ideals and want to apologize for the sarcasm leveled at him.

Thanks for giving me your time. Given it is way late, I probably messed up some of this, but please just think about it all.

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Mr. Warstein,

There is, of course, no price too great for freedom.

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I'll remind you guys, as well, that the druids don't need visible marks of changing landscape. We hear the cries of the forest in our bones and all that bs.

You don't need proof to start a feud, you don't need a balanced way of mitigating repercussions. Druids don't care about that. What we DO need is a way to get nature to fight for us (yes, I'm bringing up controlling escalation cycles again, and yes I know it is planned but not priority and might never happen).

Look, if you are concerned about not being able to defend nature, you just SAD the miners, drop ECs on the PoI/Settlement, and other things until there is enough grief (oh-no I said the "G" word!!!!!) between you and the party where a feud is "financially" viable (rep and alignment etc., not money).

Starting a war ain't hard, it is just work.

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Yes. We are going to get along juuuuust fine. I'm sure you know the affect your drink has on a crowded, discontent tavern. I'll be interested to hear first-hand accounts later...

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This man has legitimate concerns, and I am pleased he had the courage to speak them even though everyone else will bash on him because he is different.

I don't always make points out of trolls, but when I do I make sure to bumpity bump the bumping bump bumpers bumping.

Also, apple pie is glorious.

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Paxman... it would seem you and I could get along reeeeaaaallllllllllllll fine. I'll pm you about things. And stuff ;)

but mostly things.

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Not to be a jerk buuuuttttttt.....

The A-holes from Vancouver's Quidditch team are way too violent.

For instance:
One of them drop-kneed me in the sternum a good three seconds after I stopped a goal and was on the ground (pro dive skillz). Anyway as the force very nearly cracked my sternum, which can cause serious permenant, even fatal, damage, I told him if he ever did it again I would kill him.

They took exception to that :I And then the ref tried to warn me about threats. I told him that if he wasn't going to call fouls on things that could be very damaging (EMT's nodding their heads in the background) I would have to deter it myself. He took exception to that too.

On a side note, they still won the tournament, which was ok because their goalie was hawt. I got an awesome bruise the size of a pancake.

Saskatoon on the other hand, is probably one of the best places on earth.

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No offense, friend, but andius when did you become a propoganda machine?

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*bows* you do me honor sir.

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in reply to LazarX' concern for the "gamers" in this game.

YOU have to remember that this game is slowly going to be increased in size, not the standard "open the floodgates" that every other MMO does (with maybe one or two exceptions recently).

In either case, while we will be the minority by the end, for the moment we are the majority, and we will stay the majority for the first couple "releases" and as more "new" players enter the game (at great expense to themselves, so i imagine the cancer toxic pker baddies will wait til it is cheaper) we, the current majority, as well as GW will be able to shape them in the image we want. They will become the majority, then the next batch will arrive and the process will be repeated.

further, GW holds the rights to kick the crap out of their game anyone who THEY FEEL IS GREIFING. It is stated, has been stated, and will be stated. It is written down, copyrighted, and more. While they can't be everywhere, greifing involves victims, and victims don't like being victims (for the most part) and as such will kindly inform GW about certain unsavory types, who will promptly get the boot. The Rep system is in place for the same reason. I'd imagine a low rep-account with a few marks on his/her report card will be easy for the GW compys to find.

In either case, for the next year or so until 2016 when this hits its full open, there will be small releases into the population pool (well, "small") and by nature of these controlled releases we will be able to, as a whole, shape them as we want and have GW prune off the parts that need it.

so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride man.

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I considered doing this in RP, and I may change it later, but I will keep it much simpler for the moment.

I am a proprietor of a shadow group, as many of you active companies know.
I also have the stated goals of crushing all tyranny, wherever it is found, as well as promoting oversight on a global scale for those willing to adhere to it (but not affecting anyone who does not sign up, nor enforcing any laws).

Many of you have taken all this at face value.

I am sending this message as we get close to EE just as a general sort of plea to whoever is lurking, whether you be shy, quiet, observing, formulating plans, whatever.

I am promoting an RP heavy group of loose individuals who like to hang out. I will not mention any names, make any allusions, or otherwise force anyone to come forward out of the shadows.

I have my own reasons for doing this, but I promise you I will hold to my word. There are no requirements nor is there any expectations. I am currently joined by three individuals.

Now to the meat.

My personal opinion and recommendations on the following groups:

TEO: a very healthy, active group. I would recommend this to any group wanting to stop bandits, looking for a more "simple" life, and basically favor PvE and more "humanitarian" pursuits (e.g. aiding the weak/poor).

TSV: another extremely active popular group. if you like knowledge, trade, and basically getting around the world and having fingers in many pies, this is where you belong.

UNC: Bandits. Awesome. Blade, Coin, Pain, Blood, Loot, and a rather intelligent, if headstrong, bunch of leaders to boot. What is not to love?!

Pax: If you want to be a part of something big, these people are for you. Can't say they got much going for them other than that imo, but they do support all sorts of life styles and they are BIG.

TVC: Druids of the militant (and possibly only) variety. Tired of your beautiful nature gettin trounced by uppity civilizations? tired of the beasts you know and love being hunted down like baser creatures? THEN DO WE HAVE A SPOT FOR YOU!

Deepforge Co.: Basically the UNC's polar opposite twin. inherently good, inherently greedy, inherently strong, and inherently dwarf. Obviously a superior choice.

That is all I care to mention at this time, but I would highly suggest hitting up one of these groups if they sound appealing. At the very least drop by TSV and get yourself some more knowledge on the existing companies hey?! Nihimonicon is kinda like Seven 11. It ain't always in business, but it is allllwwaaaaays open...

If any of the groups I mentioned have objections, please state them, but know this is my opinion, so don't expect it to be changed to suit reality.

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which brings me to question why this thread is still active xD or is it just to trolls about until EE?

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I don't like alts :I never said nothing about multiple mains.

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As much as I can speak for TEO, they are a decent sort of organization. If you don't go in for the big-guild feel but share the values of TEO I would recommend starting your own guild and jumping in to develop Brighthaven (or joining one of the existing minor-guilds that will be in brighthaven, whom I don't know if they do currently exist)

As much as I am likely to be at odds/allied with TEO off an on I am fine with saying theirs and T7V are extremely driven, fun-loving guilds. One is militant and inspiring the other is intriguing and knowledgeable. I'll let you figure out who is who ;)

Pax is a good one too, except it is much to large and organized for my current desires so I don't recommend it (completely biased, as people they are more than satisfactory)

UNC is also a great guild if you wish to play murderous backstabbing rogues and enjoy a little highway robbery. They are highly dedicated to building a strong meta-rule abiding community to keep the "bad-guys" from ruining the game, but rather improve the game.

Last but not least in my short synopsis of the major guilds I know about/care about is, of course, the Viridian Circle. Actually we are a minor guild. Anyways, the Viridian Circle is a militant druid/nature protecting organization whose main goal is to keep everyone in check so that they aren't abusing nature. So far everyone is actually parts of other guilds, but I'm sure we will get sole members eventually, and everyone in the guild so far is dedicated to the cause (for whatever reason).

I'd also like to mention Tony's breads. hehehehehhehehehehheheheheehehheh

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Brave brave brave sir being...

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yeah you RP fascists D:<

on a serious note, if you don't want to spend your experience on a class until the one you want is implemented, just choose a completely unrelated class you'd never touch otherwise and see how it works out. Or save up and run around like a newb for a while :D

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Here is a possible answer

Blanket hex crime.

If your company commits a crime in a hex, all members are counted as taking part of the crime/aiding it wherever they are in the hex.

Not the perfect solution people want, but it should be easier to do and it results in the desired effect, if it can be a bit meh for the bandit clan.

The server already has to keep track of who is in what hex and if they are in what company (for feud purposes if nothing else) and all sorts of other things. It should be able to just flag all people in that hex who belong to the company as assisting the crime.

What if you are in Y place (e.g. settlement)? Tough. Communicate with your company mates and get er done.

This works for the victim side as well. Eventually when caravans are added it can flag the whole caravan members instead of the company, but that is all heresay to be added anyway.

Easy, simple, and it works.

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what games do you play o.O whenever I play my friend who DMs ALWAYS makes sure we need to heal at least twice per fight...

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