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and I necro'd some stuff, as you realized by now. If I did something I should have, shouldn't have, or should be in between about, pm me.

otherwise, pm me anyway, to be frank I am bored and I need something to engage in that I can still do homework with.

As an aside, The grand schemes of Brother Letholdus Zael have still survived (actually surprised that so many of you kept committed to the info network even when I stopped responding!) and I'm now in alpha, so I'm certain to enjoy seeing you around.

thanks for the time you lovely community

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Unfortunately, the latest fiasco post was locked and stocked when I eventually got around to reading it. It seems like there is something extremely burning within people recently roundabouts here. No doubt all of us have expectations and hopes of what to do and who to do it with and who to do it to (THAT IS RIGHT KC, I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE PLANNING WITH THOSE MAMMOTHS!) and frankly, all this waiting is driving us insane.

Luckily for me I was already playing an "insane" character before all this so it should come to no surprise that I am going to simply upscale the insanity in my character for once in the few times, as apposed to the usual verbose revolutionary or slimy politician you usually encounter (the former being intelligent sounding and bringing up points and the other mostly starting seeming "flame-wars" for no apparent reason only to whip out some obscure point right before it gets a thread locked).

And so, in order to ease/contribute to the tension and insanity we are all feeling I wish to clarify something I haven't exactly stated before.

IC: I am here to "wipe the slate clean" of the wickedness of oppression and resentment. It stands to reason that everyone is flawed and at some point slips up and bullies another, hounds someone, makes fun of another for no reason, etc.

And so, while we can try to make enemies to sate our lusts I'm letting you know you can all relax.

I plan on destroying all of you at least once. Myself included.

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Dear Friends,

Below this message I have posted a description of The Viridian Circle with the hopes that some of you will be interested enough to read through this and it.

We of The Viridian Circle are the first before any of the many new "nature fighters". A dedicated druid and druid-friend guild, we are strongly militant and will do all that is needed to protect the leafy-green loam and rocky ground that is the true state of the River Kingdoms.

Do not shirk, do not doubt, we will be involved in raiding, murdering, and other less-desireable deeds as much, or even more than, we will be attending to more traditional matters (though of course we need our fair share of such druids, so please apply. Currently we have no peace druids and I would like to have at the least two :D thanks).

If you wish to play a druid, or you wish to stand in steadfastness of will and resoluteness of motive, hear my plea! Do not dawdle in the generalized chaos that is (insert whatever name Amora/Andius' guild ended up with here)! Do not fuss about with the strictures of the elven Taur-im-Duinath! Both are good groups, strong groups, and pointed well on the right path.

But they are not a druidic group, either of them. Oh yes, they will accept druids, but they are not focused on them. Not as we of TVC are. So please, join us my friends, those of you willing, and be a part of the robust, resolute, true neutral, Viridian Circle!

Always Penitent,

Brother Letholdus Zael

Proud sponsors of Warstein Ale, Rights Reserved, Trademark of Kard Warstein and the Warstein Brewing Company.

P.S. All classes are welcome, but as I say this is a too-the-core druidic focused group. Druids and rangers will be the primary hope for applicants. Druids of all types allowed, from Blight to Urban. Please send me a pm if you desire more info.

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Dear Friends,

When I first dropped into the forums over about half a year or so ago, I came with the novel idea of publicly policing the tyranny of all alignments. Many of the existant players and guilds complemented me on the new aim I took towards this ideal, and for the longest time it stayed that way.

Sure, Tony's bakery, Shadowhaven, and other dens of vileness exist, but I had the unique position, the position of the revolutionary. The fringer. The idealist.

And, in the short span of about two months or less we have close to four other organizations, the Milani Accord people, Vigilant, Tuariasindgbgaobdsaop-im-D thing (I love you Taur-im-Duinath guys, you know that), and now Demoyn's brain-child: Paragon's of Righteous Odium.

We all share common, if not identical goals, and we all have varying methods of doing so. I don't begrudge you all for joining me in my crusade but I will say this, none of us can do it alone. I myself have built up an already modest network with fingers stretching from Brighthaven to Golgotha. I don't expect anyway to share plans or open alliances or anything stupid like that, nor do I want names, places, etc.

What I would like to offer, then, is an information exchange network. I think you all know and can figure the merit in this. So please, dear friends, join me.

Also, some will think I am stupid for pointing this out in public, or that I am making a mistake, or that I am trying to trick you. To this I will respond, any true player in this game will know these networks exist, and indeed will have been building them up themselves. It is, of course, the nature of politics. It is nothing new. What is new is my willingness to come out here in public to demand it while you sycophants and you schemers sit behind barred doors making treaties you only dare shine light upon until you are certain of your position or are too desperate to wait. It is you, hiding in the shadows, spouting light, spreading darkness, that are the true plagues of this world.

I am a force for good, a necessary evil. It is not with anger or frustration, joy or humility, or even passion that I bring to you the truth of true freedom.

A great man said "He who would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates his duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself."

So take these thoughts into your homes, into your taverns, your barracks. Place them as a mantle about your shoulders, lay bare your soul to yourself, cast your eyes about you my friends!

Do not tary. Do not falter. Do not, in the eyes of existence, reach to the the reflection of the light and say when you have grasped the fleeting smoke between your fingers "I know what happiness is"! I say to you now, only when one is in full control of his own can he truly know what happiness is to him, and what it feels like.

Do not seek to spread downy wings and ascend into the sky when you cannot even see the shackles you tie to your own feet.

So be it!

You know who I am, or if you do not you will. We all have much work to do.

Always Watching,

Brother Letholdus Zael

Edit: this is all IC by the by. Also, was nicer to the elves.

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Leave it to me to necro a dead issue.

Now that the "crisis" has mostly passed, what with LR2 over and the tensions that plagued us fading away I would like to, with hindsight as our tool, take a moment to think about what happened.

I will start out by asking nobody respond to this thread in public, excepting perhaps a bump or two if you feel it warrants it (for whatever reason). This is nothing more than my opinion, faulty as it usually is, and my way of publicly expressing it.

Just this past month we experienced a spike in the viciousness of our forum(s) and our posts. And while it is understandable to get upset, angry, have miscommunications, I found something worse than the acclaimed toxic comments. I saw us reacting to it.

To be short, we just had a bona-fide Salem Witch-cum-McCarthy style trial period where as tensions heightened and relations tightened, fingers were pointed left right, up and down, from customers to providers and back. Look, we all had a hard time and stuff, but we also not only caused it as a community, we fed the fires as a community.

So I'll leave you with this. Toxicity often isn't the original "bad comment" itself, but the vicious and decisive behavior with which we respond. Our reactions to the few terse comments was so disproportional to the crime it is staggering to look at. For every incident there was dozens of naysayers.

In Richard Feynman's Los Alamos from Below talk he said something I'll paraphrase:

"So these brilliant men went around the circle each giving their own idea. Some ideas were great, some were terrible. After about five we got the plan we used. Nonetheless we continued around the circle discussing all the various ideas with equal concern and at the end we all agreed on the actual plan."

So please, armed with the knowledge of our folly, next time just practice some patience and lets look at all the issues and points.

Also, after speaking to him in private I'd like to say that I now understand Loth'Xal's point of view and his ideals and want to apologize for the sarcasm leveled at him.

Thanks for giving me your time. Given it is way late, I probably messed up some of this, but please just think about it all.

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Darcnes wrote:

We finally have the faintest idea of where we may end up. Nothing set for sure of course, but enough to get an idea of where you are, what you will be providing and what you are likely to need.

I expect some of these things may change as people are added and removed from the results, but the conversation can change as this happens.

To reiterate:
What will you be providing as goods or services?
What will you be needing for goods and services?

This applies to settlements, companies and individuals.

(C)ompany (S)ettlement (I)ndividual
+ Has available / - Looking for

A basic list thus far:
(C)Audacity :: +protection, bounty, crafted goods
(S)Dagedai :: +crafting, commerce, rogue/cleric, bulk food
(S)Forgeholm :: -bulk food/wood
(S)Freevale :: +commerce, barbarian, tavern
(I)Roughshod :: -contacts

Begin bartering. It should be easy to figure what you need, what you produce, and who you can trade with now. Obviously prices and exact weights will need be measured in-game, but we don't need that yet. For now, assume an finished goods is 6gp, refined is 3gp, and raw is 1gp. Though you don't really need that either.

So yeah, it'd be cool if y'all took Darcnes initiative and post stuff you might need or can produce here, and take those negotiations to the tables they are dealt at. This way you can get it to be known your needs And the economy has a baseline movement structure when we hit the game.

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I considered doing this in RP, and I may change it later, but I will keep it much simpler for the moment.

I am a proprietor of a shadow group, as many of you active companies know.
I also have the stated goals of crushing all tyranny, wherever it is found, as well as promoting oversight on a global scale for those willing to adhere to it (but not affecting anyone who does not sign up, nor enforcing any laws).

Many of you have taken all this at face value.

I am sending this message as we get close to EE just as a general sort of plea to whoever is lurking, whether you be shy, quiet, observing, formulating plans, whatever.

I am promoting an RP heavy group of loose individuals who like to hang out. I will not mention any names, make any allusions, or otherwise force anyone to come forward out of the shadows.

I have my own reasons for doing this, but I promise you I will hold to my word. There are no requirements nor is there any expectations. I am currently joined by three individuals.

Now to the meat.

My personal opinion and recommendations on the following groups:

TEO: a very healthy, active group. I would recommend this to any group wanting to stop bandits, looking for a more "simple" life, and basically favor PvE and more "humanitarian" pursuits (e.g. aiding the weak/poor).

TSV: another extremely active popular group. if you like knowledge, trade, and basically getting around the world and having fingers in many pies, this is where you belong.

UNC: Bandits. Awesome. Blade, Coin, Pain, Blood, Loot, and a rather intelligent, if headstrong, bunch of leaders to boot. What is not to love?!

Pax: If you want to be a part of something big, these people are for you. Can't say they got much going for them other than that imo, but they do support all sorts of life styles and they are BIG.

TVC: Druids of the militant (and possibly only) variety. Tired of your beautiful nature gettin trounced by uppity civilizations? tired of the beasts you know and love being hunted down like baser creatures? THEN DO WE HAVE A SPOT FOR YOU!

Deepforge Co.: Basically the UNC's polar opposite twin. inherently good, inherently greedy, inherently strong, and inherently dwarf. Obviously a superior choice.

That is all I care to mention at this time, but I would highly suggest hitting up one of these groups if they sound appealing. At the very least drop by TSV and get yourself some more knowledge on the existing companies hey?! Nihimonicon is kinda like Seven 11. It ain't always in business, but it is allllwwaaaaays open...

If any of the groups I mentioned have objections, please state them, but know this is my opinion, so don't expect it to be changed to suit reality.

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Faskill asked a simple question.

It is probably the simplest, and most common, to ever be asked of any mmo (and indeed any game- heck of any thing ever made-) and surely it will be asked many times.

All of us had this question when we first head the term "Pathfinder Online" and many of us still have it.

And to be frank, simple as it is, mundane, common place, whatever, it is the hinge that holds this and any "good" game.

So gentlemen and ladies...

What is it that makes PfO different?


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What is the current breakdown and relevant dev info on spying and the "spy class" (skill set)?

More importantly, if I find a spy in my settlement, one that is from a nation I am not yet at war with, but still hostile to, what actions can I take and can I kill (as in kill the person and send them far away like during an assassination) that person without a hit, and without having to feud his company?

I understand once he finds his info, it has been found for his employers too but I still think he should face some sort of punishment for being caught. She shouldn't just be able to sneak in, gain the info, and waltz right out without fear of harm simply because people are too afraid to get a rep/alignment hit.

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I was thinking about what I was going to do in-game skill-tree-wise and so I was curious if I could get a few things explained.

I wish to play a diplomat-cum-vigilante type person. As such I would need something like the Skills social Traits of the charismatic Rogue but the Abilities and Fighting style of the dexterous Fighter (more or less) from the TT.

I was wondering if the Diplomacy/Diplomat "class" has its own tree (as it has been hinted at) or if it requires a certain other class (the Rogue)?

I'm curious what the skill tree breakdown is going to look like, and what attributes those will have. Also, in a game where meta-game/RP PC-interaction is the most important facet, what good does a "diplomat" have outside of the few interactions with the NPC factions? If I spec out as a diplomat what sort of bonuses will I get towards PCs? Am I just going to have to go fighter and buff up my IRL social interaction skills in place of a diplomat class?

I put this as its own thread as opposed to the Q&A blog because I'd like this answered now as it affects how people will play and can affect pre-EE diplomacy/interactions and whatnot. I also suspect it will create it's own chain of questioning.

Thanks devs!

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Being wrote:

The challenge I don't dispute, but its magnitude may not be so great.

The way I see it we should all go about the world as our characters and respond to activities as we would were we really there and our characters. The characters I know, whom I have interacted with in some meaningful way I can see their names over their heads as if I recognized them, even though they look like my own twin. Those I don't know have no name over their head. No blue names, red names, not even grey names. So if I see some armed unnamed men attacking a named man I will have a decent idea who's who. I can then meaningfully decide whether to go to my acquaintance' aid or not. If I don't he may have spotted my inaction and would then have a debt to settle with me, but if I aid him I have the chance that those attacking him may well be in the right. I should have to own the responsibility for my actions. If I don't know the named guy from Adam, or he was rude when I met him, I might well leave him to his own devices and be ready with an answer when he comes calling. "Why did you let those unnamed men kill me when you might have stepped in? he might ask. And then since he asked I could tell him that his previous behavior had not left me willing to gamble on his righteousness.

And that would work well, I think.

If I saw an unnamed man alone I might be prone to meet him. If I saw several unnamed men I would be rather cautious, and would certainly be polite, at least until I knew they were not worth a dog's tongue of salt.

Is it perfect? Nothing is. Would it be better? Look at the problems it would solve. Sure Red/Blue becomes who do I know... but that is pretty realistic, isn't it?

It really does deserve its own thread.

My problem with it boils down to the fact that it will make people either be fully RP or not play. Reasoning is that it is never "fun" to be the odd one out in an RP heavy game.

I actually support this idea as an individual, but I don't think it is right for us as a community to force our RP on people who don't want to, as this idea (may or may not) suggests.

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I would like to bring up a few issues I feel need to be decided upon

1) We need a central location, much like the UN, where the oversight committee(s) (myself for now, I guess), as well as all nations, as well as all guilds, can meet and discuss global policies at routine times.
I'm talking things like "the Treaty of Rovagug" and other things. We are going to need to instigate some global laws that protect, hinder, whatever and to set the baseline to avoid unwarranted abuse and other such things.

2) We need a central location where we can display the current treaties, laws, etc. as well as who signed them, so to provide better access to the public.

3) We need to establish some form of international court/trial whereby peers can bring forth any party that violates a signed treaty before the oversight committee (once again only me for now). In this case, the parties will be guilds and nations, this will not be a court for individuals except in the most unique of cases.

4) We need to establish the official status and power of the oversight committee, and more importantly of the summit and it's treaties/laws.

5) We need to establish what powers the Summit and the oversight committee have, and what the enforcement of those powers should look like, as well as the different levels of violations, local, regional, global, and what punishments should be attributed to what crimes, or if it should be case by case.

6) We need to determine the Representation each member of the summit should have.

Please either state assent or dissent and a VERY brief statement of why. This thread is only for agreeing or disagreeing on the NEED for a Summit/Oversight, not as to what said institute should look like, so please don't argue about policies/implementation etc. just yet.

That said, and directly ignoring my previous statement, here are some of my thoughts:

Representation/Membership: The Summit will be open to all nations and guilds. I am a fan of one rep per company, two reps per kingdom. I feel that individual Settlements and those merged as Kingdoms should should be treated as the same type of entity and thus have the same type of representation (thus city-state which is one independent settlement has the same representation as a kingdom of two+ settlements). The Oversight Committee(s) will be open to the same, and will have the same principles, but each party will have only one rep whatever the type. Further, the Oversight committee(s) shall not exceed more than seven members (thus seven different parties). Each month(or case, to be determined at the inception of this institution) the "judge" shall rotate, while the remaining six shall act as the jury. This is to facilitate quicker resolution to problems, as well as ensure little to no gridlock.

Voting: To keep with the lack of gridlock, all Summit votes shall be cast as a simple majority. Should this result in a tie, the members of the Oversight Committee(s) shall cast a vote on the issue again as a simple-majority. Should this result in a tie the current "Judge" decides. If the current "Judge" is not present, the next in line decides (and so on and so forth).

All Oversight votes shall be determined solely by the current "Judge", with due consideration given to the current "Jury". If, however, the "Jury" votes at a 3/4 majority contrary to the "Judge's" decision, then that decision is overruled in favor of the Jury

Enforcement: Each member of the institution shall give its own forces as able to the Enforcement of the Laws.

Notice: In this setup the Oversight Committee(s) and the Summit are two joint-entities. The Summit can make the laws and the Oversight Committee (s) act as the judiciaries, and together they perform enforcement. No party should have representatives in both entities. This means, effectively, The members of the Oversight cannot be part of a faction that also has members in the Summit, and vice versa.

Closing Statement:I understand that currently Pax is the major area to converge and discuss these things, but that is like holding the UN at the American Embassy. This process deserves its own location with its own forums/organization.

Thank you!

tl;dr: if you didn't bother to read this in its entirety I would recommend either doing so, or going to a different thread. But basically PfO version of the UN. Well the way I have it is more like the League of Nations, but same dif.

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Here we go! Our own thread to bash and get bashed on!

Seriously though, keep it PG rated, and keep it polite. It seems a lot of people have difficulties with the UNC and people like the UNC, so here is a dedicated thread for it (as per request). I do not want this to be name-calling, nor do I want this to turn hateful, and if it does I or a dev/mod will close it down.

Thank you

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Hey, I figured that since I actually have people (well person) interested in my stated goals I figured I might as well put this up. The rest shall be IC of course, and as-such shall be heavy with RP, and so here we are:

Maybe you are walking down a forested trail when you notice a figure walking alongside you. He would be covered head to toe in a black, high collared robe, a wide-brimmed hat, and a blank, steel grey facemask that would have but a single eyeslit. He would have a whip wrapped around his left arm, resting in the palm of his black-leather clad hand, and he would wear dark brown boots. The only decoration he would sport is a piece of thread dangling from his neck. Everything except the whip and the boots would be charred and burned, with holes and patches apparent in equal numbers. The man, looking neither left nor right, would toss a scroll at you, and then silently continues alongside while you read. Maybe a black winged kite, or a sparrow flies down from the heavens clutching a scroll, bark, or pouch before hopping around awaiting a reply. Perhaps a bulletin is placed beneath one of the few signs dotting this land. Whatever the case, they all contain the same message.

Hello friend, I have been called both in this land and in others by the name of Brother Letholdus Zael. I am formerly of the Inquisition of the Cult of Erecura.

This letter serves to introduce myself and my plight across this land, though some of you have heard of me, or from me, before now. I have recently been transposed onto this area from my prior trade due to some untoward activities of political enemies, as well as my admitted disillusionment with the cause I served, though I only see that now. I have spent a month or so wandering these parts, taking the lay of the land, and trying to determine the paths that lay before you fine people, and I feel that I have come to the point where action needs to be prepared for, and so I have taken measures, built correspondences, and laid the foundation for what must be done.

But I am not here to focus on the past. I look to the present and to the future. I look around and I see tyranny and dictatorship, repression and strife, anger and resentment. I look around and I see bandits plaguing the country, so-called "crusaders" terrifying the populace, and "templars" of justice and virtue, or of avarice and malice. All seek to subjugate these lands and rule it as their own. The petty paladins hide behind their righteousness and do not see the world as the many shades it is. The bandit plague is caused as much for want as for any desire to commit crime. Evildoers as well are a menace, plaguing their domains with fear and animosity.

I will not abide this.

This is my response. I WILL NOT ABIDE THIS.

I seek to stop these so-called pillars of justice, both righteous and corrupt, from tainting the freedom that is so inherently part of the beauty of this land. I wish to strike forth through all channels, diplomatic and aggressive to ensure that these misguided rulers are repentant of their ways, and to ensure that any future rulers do not make the same mistake. I wish to stir the hearts of the people and maintain the sanctity of their knowledge and their livelihoods. And I cannot do this alone.

I seek people would join me. I seek a force that can enact this universal balance, to right the wrongs of the close-minded and the befouled. I seek a system of checking those who would wield supreme power. I seek those who still have hope and pride in what it means to be an individual, people of strength of mind, of heart, and of virtues. I do not seek the "right" path, only the "correct" path.

Take heed! For I will not lie, those who would join me must know these following aspects of my values:

I do not care who you are and what you have done, nor your reasons. All face judgement in the afterlife by rights of their own beliefs, and we as separate entities have no place to judge.

I do not care for methods. Should diplomacy fail I will try espionage. Should espionage fail I will try war. Should war fail, I shall try again and again and again using all the avenues available.

I do not care for material wealth. I trade in ideas and bonds of the soul. Money, land, titles, all are meaningless. Intents are the truth behind peoples actions.

I do not care if you join to serve ulterior motives, so long as you do that which furthers the freedom and beauty of this land.

I do not care to follow the rules of society if they would restrain me.

I do not care to do anything other than to pursue my goals.

I work only for those whom I feel are worthy of calling a friend.

I do not put stock in the "structured" establishments nor in the rigid discipline of the more zealot organizations, and should you decide to join me you will soon find this to be the truth.

If you would join in my efforts, I ask only that you think long on the concept of what it truly means to be free, and of who you truly are willing to betray, and just how far you will go for your family.

It will not be pretty. People will hate us, revile us, cast us out. Politicians will meet with us only in secret if at all. Your loved ones may turn on you. But through these efforts we will preserve this land as it ought to be, and keep at bay those who would seek to subjugate. And if we accomplish this, we have nothing to fear on this plane, and on many others. I have been to the Abyss my friends, and I will say again. We have nothing to fear there so long as we have our identity.

In the spirit in which all peoples should live,
In the hope of freedom and beauty,
In the ideal of a brighter future,

Brother Letholdus Zael

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Hey, so my friend wanted to know how a game where you buy XP to level up your character is not a PTP system. His argument is that someone who pays will always be ahead of the person who works for the in game gold to purchase the in-game equivalent. I tried to explain to him, but I did rather poorly so I was wondering if anyone had a better way of stating the concepts.

I know that for all intents and purposes the EE will be a pay to play system with free to play elements, but we were talking concerning AFTER that (17+ month) period, when OE would hit.

I am stating this in its own thread because I know it is brought up a lot and will be a major issues for new players. Basically how do you overcome the question, and how do you dissuade the idea that it is like EVE at a first glance, both for me specifically, but mostly for the community as a whole.

As I stated in another thread, let us face it. Right now it does seem like it will be a pay to play system, or even pay to win for some, and I would hope that by the time it hits OE we will, as a community, have adequate response to this problem.

To my understanding this is the system:

Pay to get into to EE. Queue up and enter EE. Throughout EE either pay for the xp-packs or go through without leveling up as much. This is as much to dissuade an overload of players as it is to gain money. After OE the xp system will be revised to make it free-to-play where the people with the monthly prescription getting various bonus' such as cosmetics and the usual items that are more for utility or looks and don't give an edge (or much of an edge) in-game.

Basically I guess I am just looking for the dev blog/thread link here, and hoping this will serve to answer new players' questions.

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In this thread the topic of "reclamation" of players both new and old is brought up and it got me thinking of various aspects of introducing a new player in-game to the in-game/out-of-game content/world and such.

It was stated that we would have to acclimatize new players to our system of PvP, PC interactions, Laws, and Social Constraints that will be fundamental to the PfO experience, and also to clear the slate of whatever preconceptions they will have (OH PfO? Isn't that just a fantasy EvE ripoff?)

I think areas of particular concern will be discussion of

1) Reputation and what it actually means.

2) PvP and how it is done in PfO

3) Factioning/Settlements

4) Risk v. Reward

5) Who to look out for, and why.

These are simply the most basic of things that will not be determined by an in-game mechanic that we as players control, and have a responsibility to cover, to a degree.

The task of going over these should fall particularly to four types of individuals/factions (in order of duty)

1) The "Newb-Protection" Agencies (Guilds/Settlements who pledge in their mission statement to protect the weak/innocent)

2) Factions based in Newb starting areas (Self-explanatory, really.)

3) Merchants trading in Newb areas (They deserve to know the risk of travelling through the lands with large amounts of valuables, and who better to ask?)

4) Any person who is asked and has the desire to respond (duh.)

But what do I mean by each of these aspects which should be talked about?

1) Reputation and what it actually means: The in game system of reputation will be very important, but I feel can often be misleading. Reputation can give the general idea of the disposition of a PC, and should always be seriously considered when engaging another person, but I feel like it would be a serious mistake to place too much weight in Reputation. I plan on using underhanded tactics (not cheating, but ambushes, manipulation, etc.) to help my friends and my goals, and to protect people I wish to protect. Obviously I will develop a bad reputation for some, but does that mean I am bad overall? At the same time, reputation can be used as a form of "griefing" and should be watched for (a company all give a person bad rep even though she never actually did anything). Thus, Reputation and the system needs to be fully disclosed to anyone starting so they can fully understand what they are getting into.

2) PvP and how it is done in PfO: Basically just make it clear that there is a system and anything outside of the system will result in possible alignment damage and probable bounties and reputation damage. Also mention NPC settlements as safe zones, and PvP guilds and guilds who protect newbs. We've done a good job with it so far, so no conerns

3) Factioning/Settlements: This is going to be SO FREAKING IMPORTANT I cannot even begin to stress it enough. This entire game is based off of PC interaction, PC nations, PC politics, and PC fighting (both internal and external via violence, espionage, finances, words, etc.). Arguably which settlement and company you choose is the most important decision you can make in the game, more important than what role you will play even. The settlement can help decide who your friends are and who your enemies are. It can determine what type of harvester you become, or what type of weapon you focus in. It can basically make or break your character and it is the absolute imperative for every faction who recruits to be make themselves known in whatever manner, public or private to newbs. When a newb first sets out they need to know the difference between Golgotha and Brighthaven. They need to know why my Kingmakers are often at odds with Pax's Watch. They need to be told the basic politic super powers and regimes, what they stand for and why. If we slack in this regard, those people may never continue to play. A tad overboard maybe, but it gets the emphasis across.

That said, don't worry about too much specifics with each group, information brokering is going to be a thing, and each faction can describe itself well enough. Just Name, Region, Behaviour, and Alignment should suffice. We just don't want people screwing up major right from the get-go and being forever ruined by it. This will also help reduce the amount of global spam caused from guilds trying to get more people.

4) Risk v Rewards: What are the risks, what you can generally expect from them, and what are the rewards if you overcome. Simple overview of the bandits, dungeons etc. You could just link a dev blog xD

5) Who to look out for, and Why: This should be also self-explanatory. People/Cos. will get fame and/or infamy and just be sure to drop their names so that when people see them, they understand what they are getting into. This is more of a culture thing, but it will help the newbs get a sense of what the world is like, how much the individual can make an impact, and the sorts of fun and excitement they can look forward to, as well as help them determine what group they want to hook up with and what those groups are.

Agree? Disagree? Comments or questions? I hope this gets discussed in full!

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Someone or another mentioned this in an earlier post: we need supervillain PCs. We need the Dark Nation and the Two Towers, we need the Evil One and the Forsaken, Beezlebub and his Fallen... and we might even need all of them.

I enjoy the concept of being an archfiend but the character I've developed is heading on a different path that might lead there, however he shouldn't unless absolutely needed/in-game choices drive him to it.

So I would like anyone determined to be the spotlight of the pit, the star of darkness, the ultimate fiend to come out with it here. It would be nice for these forces to be pitted against the forces of Brighthaven and such right from the get-go, almost as intrinsic to the world as all the societal issues of settlement discussed so far.

Because let us face it, if we have a couple of massive established groups of "good guys" before the first "bad guy" even shows up, it won't be as fair or as fun as if they had developed parallel to each other as if in a sick dance. It would also give all the people wanting to be evil a place to not only stay and feel safe in (shadowhaven) but also a place from which they can go forth in a seat of power.

So, by EE I hope someone(s) will come forth to take this mantle up.If not, and the demand for one gets big enough I suggest we figure out someone best suited for it.

Also want to slightly apologize for dropping bright's and shadow's name so much. They are just the best examples I have for their respective positions already existing.

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Something that hasn't really been discussed yet (mostly because it will not be implemented altogether any time soon) is the art of Kingdom Politics and how they should be in this game in regards to PC on PC interaction only.

I aim to be a major player in the diplomatic scene as soon as I can get myself fully established into the lore of PfO, running as an intermediary between factions, helping or hindering individuals of great infamy/renown, and generally being a kingmaker such as I can. I'm sure I am not the only one, and I am equally certain that once I get my own guild started up I shall have a few people join my merry band

With that in mind, who can we reasonably expect to establish a kingdom? I believe The city of Brighthaven to be an excellent jumping point to a glorious pearl in the north, casting its radiant lights across the lands, and I believe Pax already has plans in the running to create an imperial powerhouse the likes of which people in all lands will speak of in awe. But should we simply allow these two to dictate our whole future? No, and I am sure they will agree with that, for the game needs more flavor than good and neutral fighting the seeds of corruption (Shadowhaven, I love you guys). Who then will be the others I should watch for? Who then should I have my little group of vigilantes and activists protect and meddle with? Who then should Pax and T7V and UNC look forward to dealing with?

We simply need more.

But that can be a discussion for another day. Instead we can turn to the over-arching theme of kingdoms in PfO and what should be done with them. For starters what are our concerns as a community? (Ryan already answered things like land space in the dev blogs so go take a look)

I guess I'm just looking to stir up some intrigue is all.

P.s. I mean "need more" in an abstract sense, not a tangible number of people or factions joining.

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As I sit here with my usual insomniac self at 2:40am reviewing all the dev blogs and sifting through the threads on this forum I was just struck by how rich this community already is.

In the Sixth Dev blog entitled "LFG! (Looking for Group!)" Ryan brought up the issue of getting on the message boards and developing a pre-game society. To quote him exactly:

"We're sure that these ideas have already sparked your imagination. We want to encourage folks to begin self-organizing even before the game is ready for testing. We'll do our best to recognize those organizations that get created early, especially if they announce their existence on our messageboards. How awesome will it be to start playing Pathfinder Online and already have the seeds of the early social order in place? We can't wait to see it all develop and we're so excited to have the community along for the ride!"

Gentlemen, Ladies, and any others who would classify themselves in various manners... Look around you. "How awesome will it be to start playing Pathfinder Online and already have the seeds.." Ryan states.

"How awesome it will be..."

And we have reached that point. Tony's Legit Baking does back room deals with the various Pax coalitions. Brighthaven and Shadowhaven are established as twin cities on opposite sides of the spectrum. My own ex-inquisitor argues politics with a mercenary, a merchant, and a guildmaster.

My dear people we have reached that level, and I salute you. I will probably post two more threads tonight concerning Kingdom politics and Evil superstructure, and I know by the time I get on again later today people will have responded in meaningful manner. We do this game proud, and let us continue to do this game and its devs proud. How awesome it is.

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Ok, so I've mentioned a few times that my character doesn't deal in "mundane" wealth. As a result quite a few people have pm'd me asking about it, so I am here to clear it up... kind of.

Taken directly from one of my pm's to a possible comrade:

"Basically my guy is here to destroy evil dictatorships and force all other Lawful aligned establishments (as in ruling bodies/organizations with a set location and/or power) to repent to the ways of neutrality and/or chaos (except chaotic evil).

My guy thinks he is Lawful Neutral but he is more like Chaotic Evil/Neutral being a hardcore Political/Social Activist, vigilante, and quasi-prophet. Labeled as a Anarchist by some, a pointless wanderer by others, and a cheap benefactor by a few.

His work is diplomacy and politics through direct or subtle means (read use of deadly force authorized). He places highest value in "the only currency worth dealing in", and yet never mentions what that is. He will accept gold/trinkets if offered but does not ask or want for them. If you want to work with him expect to do Heavy Handed Political Mercenary work, without the payment factor, and only for people he deems worthy.

In order to be worthy you must discover what his "currency" is. Here are some hints:
It is not material.
It is not tangible knowledge (be it books or oral tales)
It is precious to many people and is formed on account of individuals
It can tie nations and factions, or sunder them.
He developed this ideology after his mind snapped from being tortured by his previous comrades in the Inquisition."

If you wish to know more about my guy ask below, if you wish to attempt to discover my "currency" please pm it, wouldn't want to ruin it for someone else. Once you have knowledge of my currency you can do whatever you wish with it, so long as it isn't in a public thread please.

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Hey, so I'm relatively new here, just making a profile and all. I was curious about the "Lawful" side of the spectrum. Say for instance I wanted to be a Merc or a Bandit Lord, or a Free Trader. Throughout my daily actions I may act contrary to the hex's "laws" wherein I am station, however I would be in compliance with my own form of "code". Is there a way for this to work?

Bluntly put: Can something like Privateering/Mercenary work be Lawful even though it, by necessity will force me to break the laws of some other nation/faction. If I get a Letter of Marque from the West Brighthaven Trading Company, and go ply it in far off lands, will this cause my Alignment to decrease on the lawful scale, even though I am fulfilling my contract? More importantly, can I/my guild/my company develop my/its own "code" or "law" whereby I can follow it and remain lawful whilst breaking the laws of another?