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Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello Brawldennis,

We should be able to replace those for you. Please send pictures of the bad pawns to and we can get it taken care of.

It's been nearly 2 months since I've had a reply, this is terrible service. Please send a response or I'll do a chargeback on the purchase

Hey, any updates about this?

I received a package, but only one of the replacement sheets was in there. I'm still missing the one with the huge creatures

Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello Brawldennis,

We should be able to replace those for you. Please send pictures of the bad pawns to and we can get it taken care of.

I've sent the mail with the pictures a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't had a reply yet.

Some of the pawns that were sent to me have cracks running across them, is it possible to get these replaced?

I was wondering about the interaction between beast speaker and the packmaster hunter. Would I be able to have a my lower level companion be the one that is a magical beast, or does it have to be an animal companion that has EDL 7+?

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This is so awesome, good going Blake!

born_of_fire wrote:

It’s definitely not useable at will. If it were, what would be the point of getting additional uses at level 12 and 17? The language of the ability is most similar to revelations that can be used once per day although, you’re correct, it doesn’t actually say that anywhere I can find either.

For a home game, I’d negotiate something reasonable with my DM. For PFS, I’d pick something else to avoid dealing with table variation.

Did you check the FAQ’s? Someone may have gotten this answered already.

There hasn't been any FAQ, because they don't release FAQ's for adventure path books (as far as I know). And I couldn't find anyone else asking the same question.

Azothath wrote:

Oracle Volcano Mystery

** spoiler omitted **
Reading the description it's a standard action, once per day.
One can intuit that if it is usable one additional time per day at higher levels, then it must be usable only once per day at lower levels.

Where does it say it is once per day? Every other revelation that's usable once per day says it is. Erupt from the same mystery, for example, specifically calls out it is once per day.

What the intent of the ability might be doesn't really matter to me, I'm wondering what the default ruling is for how often it can be used in this case.

So the volcano mystery from anvil of fire has a revelation called pyroclastic shove. Which allows you to bull rush and damage enemies.

It states that you can use it an additional time per day at 12th and 17th level, but I can't seem to find anything about a limit per day. So is this ability useable at will or am I missing something?

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I'd love for Mummy's Mask to make it to roll20, investing $150 for fantasy grounds is just too much in my opinion.

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Please Paizo, whatever you do, don't make this a clone of 5th edition. For me, one of the best things about Pathfinder is the amount of customization and complexity it offers.

Simplification isn't always a good thing.

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The mask actually is impossible to find with divination magic and gives a permanent nondetection to it's wearer. The nondetection is at caster level 17, which makes it impossible for the player to make the DC of the CL check.

So I've been running this book for my group and we're all really enjoying it. The lethality is just high enough to reward careful thinking while still being fun.

This week we had the face off vs the scorched hand, which was one of the better combat's I've run so far from a pre-written adventure. It ended with a bomb from the alchemist to Velriana's face, right as it looked like she might get the upper hand.

Now, the reason I'm here is because one of my players mentioned that he wondered how cool the boss will be, seeing as how this was already pretty awesome. Not wanting to give spoilers for the rest of the temple (they went in pretty much a straight line due to some good tracking), I just ignored the comment (one of the upsides to online GMing).

I'm planning on adding an encounter with an undead creature that has a nice "Bossy" feel. I was thinking about adding a mummy with a couple of minions, but it feels like that might make the first encounter in the next book less fun, as you'll have the same thing twice.

Anyone know of something that might fit? I was thinking about some type of large undead, maybe with a small horde of zombies?

I'm looking for some help with the rules on attacks of opportunity, I always figured I had the rules correct, but my last DM ruled it differently and wouldn't budge on the matter. Having switched DM's in our group I figured now would be the best moment to challenge this ruling.

So let's say you're playing a character with a reach weapon and you're fighting a large creature with only 5ft. reach, a crocodile for example.

Now the crocodile charges you, moving through your reach of 10ft. to you hit. My ruling would be that he provokes an Attack of opportunity because a part of the creature leaves one of your threatened squares.

My old DM however ruled that the creature wouldn't provoke an AoO because there is still a part of the creature in the square that you threaten.

I'd love to hear you all on this.

I've got 2 small questions I hope to get some help with.

If a 7th level wizard takes faith magic and takes barkskin from the defense domain. It would be cast from a level 3 slot.

1: Does it count as a level 2 or 3 spell? To me it feels like a level 3 spell, but the wording feels like it could be read in both ways.

2: If it counts as a 3rd level spell, could it still be used to qualify for the "cast 2nd-level divine spells" requirement for mystic theurge?
The FAQ for skill ranks and BaB suggests it would be possible, but again, that might just be my interpretation because it's favorable for me.

Thanks for the help!

**Spoiler Warning**

I'm playing kingmaker at the moment and after some amazing teamwork from our party we managed to kill the lich at the end of book 3. It disappeared into a cloud of dust, leaving his glowing red eye behind. Being the curious wizard I am, I pick it up to identify, resisting the immediate urge to claw out my own eye. I roll very well on the ID check and find out I have a minor artifact in my hands. The Oculus of Abaddon is what it's called.

Now my wizard isn't the wisest of the bunch and is very interested in trying to utilize this item to it's fullest, here however start my troubles. The other players have expressed that their characters wouldn't appreciate a member of their party using evil artifacts. IC they don't really have any way to detect that it's evil, or an artifact for that matter, but I like to cover my bases to prevent a slip up.

So what I'm asking basically is some help on how to deal with this kind of situation. I'm not trying to back-stab my party or anything, I would just like to explore what kind of roleplaying opportunity's this kind of situation gives. We just leveled and I'm able to pick up a feat, so I've considered just crafting some kind of mask or goggles to cover my eyes, but that seems like cheap solution.

Also, the oculus allows me to planar bind something from abaddon, which is the one evil plane I haven't really read into yet, anyone that could give me a rundown on the types of thing I could call or if they're the kill on sight kind of outsiders, that'd be useful to know too.

Thanks for the help, but my order was only partially refunded for some reason.

My order never arrived, I've already had contact with the postal office, the postal service and with customs. I'm kinda frustrated right now because most of it were gifts which is why I paid for priority shipping.

I would like to cancel everything in the order, except for the replacement starfinder book. Also please cancel my subscription, it's quicker for me to just order a copy locally.

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On page 53 the forester hunter gets favored terrain at level 5 by trading in the animal companion at level 1, later on in the same ability it says: "Starting at level 5, a forester...." This suggests that the forester was meant to get favored terrain at an earlier level. This is also supported by the fact that the ability appears before the level 2 ability, which usually isn't the case.

On page 55 for the treestrider hunter with the animal companion ability the text says: "As a free action, a treestrider must select an ape as her animal companion." This looks like a small editing error.

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I managed to get some playtime with the oozemorph and I've got to say that it really was a blast. We were playing at level 3 so I took 2 levels of oozemorph and one of unbreakable fighter while focusing on Dex and Con, using weapon finesse to make sure I'd hit and saving my humanoid shape with light armor for the dungeon we entered. Having 21 AC combined with DR4/Slashing really was amazing, I really felt like a blob which could just get punctured and slashed without any problem. In blob form, not being able to be flanked or crit actually came up and was a great help too, the much lower AC of it was a bit of a bummer.

Now for some of the downsides, being a blob of ooze is obviously difficult in roleplaying situations, for a one-shot it was fine, I could do some silly things, (and almost got blamed for the disappearance of the local pets) but I can imagine that in a longer campaign that starts at level 1, being an ooze could be quite troublesome especially the no talking part. We discussed that having some sort of second humanoid shape that falls apart under stress (i.e. combat, lifting stuff or somebody poking you with a needle to make you pop) would really help out, without removing the penalty.
Another thing is that you need to not have a GM that feels like it's him vs the party. As the DR can get pretty high, especially if you go bulky as I did going for things like stalwart at later levels, and some GM's might start having everything carry slashing weapons.
Finally not being able to deal with types of DR other than the basic damage types is a big bummer, we encountered an enemy with DR5/magic and that felt bad, I can only imagine DR10/magic. I carried a light crossbow myself to deal with flying enemies, might be useful to do that for different damage types too.

All with all, I really liked playing it and I would definitely play it again, albeit at a higher level where more of the ability's are available. I do sincerely hope we'll get some sort of errata or update from paizo though, as it feels a bit bare bones with all the empty levels.

Robert Brookes wrote:
Brawldennis wrote:

Could an oozemorph drink a potion by itself when it is fluidic, or would it need to be administered by an ally? How about gear, can they pull along their own backpack?

The gear meld thing is pretty nice, I've got a one-shot coming up tomorrow and I was wondering if armour was even worth getting, but it seems like I'm in luck.

An oozemorph in fluidic form couldn't hold the potion to administer it (since it can't hold items). But there's nothing saying you can't pour it on the ooze. That's another GM-specific question, mostly can something without a mouth drink a potion? I'm sure that's come up in PFS. I mean, oozes (even just as monsters) can drown, so there's some weird spaces for consideration there.

They can't pull a backpack either, because the "cant hold anything" caveat. That also means they can't open doors, flip lever, or anything that requires hands.

They absolutely could have an oil slathered all over them, though.

I'll leave you with the image of Valeros trying to spread petroleum jelly over a pool of jello.

Thanks again for your reply, I figured he wouldn't be able to do those things, but I wanted to make sure anyway. We're going to be playing at level 3, so I'm sure I'll be a blob for most of the session and it's good to know what that'll mean for me. It should be a blast playing ooze charades with the rest of the party, not to mention the npc reactions to a blob traveling with a party of adventurers.

Ooh one last question, the clinging ooze ability that's gained at level 4, replaces woodland stride that's normally gained at level 3 for the base shifter, was it intended for that to be a level later, or did the shifter you had access too during writing have it at a different level? The way it is now the oozemorph has a completely empty level at 3, which is a bit of a bummer.

Could an oozemorph drink a potion by itself when it is fluidic, or would it need to be administered by an ally? How about gear, can they pull along their own backpack?

The gear meld thing is pretty nice, I've got a one-shot coming up tomorrow and I was wondering if armour was even worth getting, but it seems like I'm in luck.

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Robert Brookes wrote:
CorvusMask wrote:
But can I still get an answer what is reason for why archetype can't use any loot while in the ooze form? .-. I mean, both in universe and design reasons, in universe wise I don't get it because I've seen oozes with spells and magic items and design wise I don't get it since it means it doesn't sound like it has any way to keep up with other PCs except when its not in the ooze form?

The ooze form isn't a benefit, it's effectively a "bad thing" that the oozemorph manages to make the best of. In their natural, blobby state they're at a distinct disadvantage in a lot of ways. This is why their damage reduction and compression abilities still work outside of their ooze form. Outside of getting a (slow) climb speed, they're very vulnerable in that state.

The oozemorph is mean to excel when in humanoid (or others, depending on level) form, utilizing damage reduction, compression, and morphic weaponry (on top of the remaining shifter abilities).

Dropping into blob form might be able to be creatively used to good effect, but it is primarily a drawback and should be viewed as such.

That said, oozemorphs can absolutely benefit from ioun stones in both forms.

Did you intend for it to be unable to use the stat increase items? Or can it attune by keeping on to it, even while not in humanoid form?

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nighttree wrote:
WatersLethe wrote:
nighttree wrote:

So question if I say I want my Shifter to be similar to a written....can I have a lions body, wings, and some kind of tail attack ?

No. The combining of different aspects refers only to the minor aspect which is basically a fairly weak minute per level buff. expectations have been WAY off then. The whole Owlbear analogy had me thinking you could shift to create chimeric forms...

This drops my interest level significantly.....

I feel exactly the same way, either we're missing something major here, or there has been some error during editing. The last wouldn't surprise me, seeing as shifter's edge was already said to have been misprinted and from what I've seen at the hunter's archetypes. Forester trading in animal companion for a favored terrain starting at level 5, or the treestrider that must, as a free action, select an ape.

I assume it's meant to be stronger, with the rounds per level duration and full round activation, you really need a powerful ability to make up for it. If it's just an enlarge person effect grabbing a level wizard on your barbarian to cast enlarge person would probably be a stronger choice then going rageshaper.

Yes, it seems like it was fixed again, thanks for the help.

Also, were the starfinder books printed by another company? I haven't had binding issues with any of my other books.

Thanks for the help with that, but is there perhaps a way to calculate the cost for combining the two packages from Order 4552680 into one package? Our national postal service asks about 15 to 16 dollar per package on top of any custom fees, so right now the previous situation was actually a bit cheaper for me.

Sorry if I'm being a bother, but as a student every dollar counts.

There seem to be a couple of things wrong with this order and I would like some help with it. At first this was a starfinder rulebook replacement with free shipping, now my Pathfinder RPG subscription and sidecart got added and I suddenly have to pay for priority shipping on the whole thing. Also, the first 10 dollar shipping and handling didn't get subtracted from the total.

Please help me with this before I get charged the extra money.

I finally got my replacement in yesterday evening (Order #4525974) and it has the same spine issues as the previous one. Anyone that could help me?

Thanks a lot for all your help, I think I'll be going with the 1 level brawler dip, the Versatile design modification is exactly what I needed to prevent taking any fighter levels and it even allows me a spare trait to spend on something flavorful. We even have a smith in the party that's always dying to make something interesting for his friends, so he can have some fun with the weapon modification.

With what I have written up right now I'll be able to use martial flexibility for greater trip at this level, which I can just take as a regular feat at the next one. The combination of abilities really encompasses the feel I want with a fast magical warrior that uses all of the elements to their own advantage. Playing a suli really is an added bonus, it just fits so well with everything.

Really, thanks again, I always feel like I have a pretty high level of system mastery as a GM, but as a player I feel like I miss a lot of the obvious option. Having someone that throws out the right ideas is really useful.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:

I wouldn't get Sweeping Impact for the free action to trip after a bull rush, but the size limitation increase definitely makes it worth it, since a lot of the bigger creatures just cannot be tripped at all. Combined with Divine Power/Enlarge Person, you're much more potent at your job, and can trip creatures of any size. Since the main benefit comes online at 7th level (two steps as an initial benefit is huge), you can delay getting it until you hit your 7th level as Oracle.

The other biggest flaw is that some creatures (snakes/legless creatures, and flight in general) just cannot be tripped whatsoever, but that's a lot more difficult to overcome, or requires tools that simply Tripping cannot solve. Spells that can force creatures to be at ground level would be ideal in combating those issues, though I am unsure of any Paizo-endorsed spells that accomplish this.

I'm curious if you're wed to the idea of being a full Human, since the Suli race may actually be better (and more flavorful) to this sort of build. The reason I'm suggesting it is the +2 to Strength and Charisma (the two most valuable attributes you want), at the cost of -2 Intelligence (your skill points won't be that plentiful anyway), the mass of resistances (combined with the Unscathed character trait and the Elemental Resistance revelation gives you really high resistance to the 4 most common elements in the game), you get Elemental Assault for melee competence (which can be made extremely useful with a feat later down the road), and there's a racial trait that basically makes you both human and outsider (so you're still technically playing a human character).

Ooh wow, I had actually kind of forgotten the Suli existed, the amount of flavor combined with an excellent stat spread is such a good fit. I had originally gone human to be able to handle the amount of feats needed to pull it off, but going a less feat heavy build with a Suli is just amazing.

I'm contemplating putting trip as more of an extra option by going Spirit guide for all levels with the stone spirit, swapping stats around a bit to go for 18, 16, 14, 8, 10, 18. Taking power attack and 3x extra revelation. Swapping Dance of whirling water and Sweeping impact for Elemental resistance and Roiling soil. Taking heirloom weapon for something like a scimitar and unscathed for the extra elemental resistance, it might actually work out to something usable.

Would something like that work out or would not having the fighter and brawler levels hamper it too much? Further progression would be picking up two additional revelations along the way together with combat casting or warrior priest and somehow squeezing incremental elemental assault in there somewhere, seems like it would somehow be pretty viable right?

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:

It depends on the mechanics for sweeping impact. If it allows you to trip any creature regardless of size (think Toppling Spell metamagic), I'd do it. If not, I'd advise against it simply because a lot of creatures are going to be bigger than you, almost too big to be tripped because of mechanics (and not because of numbers). As for the size by CMD thing, it's not really the case here. Size gives a +1 or +2 bonus facing Large/Huge creatures, the most common sizes you'll be coming across. A +2 isn't that big of a deal (it adds up, but in the grand scheme of things, isn't the worst problem). The biggest problem is the fact that those creatures end up having 30 or 40 Strength and 20+ Dexterity, giving them upwards of a +15 bonus, while creatures of smaller sizes don't have anywhere near as much of a Strength or Dexterity score.

Though, if you can get access to size increasing effects, like Divine Power, Enlarge Person, etc. it won't be so bad. It just means you have to pre-buff to be able to do your schtick, so hopefully the party can last a round or two while you get set up.

I can assure you that Flying creatures will be the biggest bane of your build set-up, so finding a way to trip airborne creatures (or at the very least, keeping them grounded) will be the most important part of your build besides working towards Greater Trip.

**EDIT** Also don't forget that 3/4 BAB means you can't take things like Greater Trip until 9th level if going pure Oracle, so getting the feat by 10th level isn't as bad as you think.

Sweeping impact allows for a free action trip after a bull rush and at level 7 and every 4 levels thereafter thereafter the size of creatures you can trip and bull rush increases by one. I was wondering if the size increase allowance was worth taking the revelation. For the full text you can follow this link.

Also thanks for noting the BAB thing, that indeed makes getting it at level 10 a bit better.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:

Brawler Dip makes you not have to rely on having such a high Intelligence for Combat Expertise and the improved combat maneuver options. This can free you a lot of points to use on your other attributes to make them better. It also gives you Martial Flexibility, for when you want to Trip/Bull Rush baddies, you can spend Martial Flexibility to make them even better as the situation calls. Only one level would be required in addition to your Lore Warden stuff.

Personally though, I'd try and not focus on more than one maneuver at a time. This is primarily because it's extremely feat intensive, as you've noted, and therefore it becomes problematic to do both effectively. If you're still hell bent on getting both types, I'd consider not having Focused Study and actually use the bonus feat for your maneuvers, especially if you plan to dump Intelligence down with the Brawler dip, making the Skill Focus feats pointless since you have so few skill points to utilize them with.

Depending on the mechanics for your Tripping options, that might be better if it doesn't adhere to size limitations, since Bull Rushing can really screw over your friendly martials from full attacking. (Not relevent until 6+, but still something to consider if you're already 8th level and multiple attacks are commonplace.) Tripping makes the enemies both disadvantaged, and easier for your martials to hit with their attacks (unless they're ranged), so definitely consider it.

Also, don't forget to rely on your personal buffs to help you out. Divine Favor gives you up to a +3 to your CMB checks (or +4 via Fate's Favored trait), which can close the gap on being 3/4 BAB quite nicely in the higher levels. And that's not including other buffs you can cast, like Blessing of Fervor, Prayer, and so on.

Yeah going double feels as a pretty heavy burden so I have considered going just with trip, would sweeping impact still be worth it just for trip or would trying to trip larger creatures be too difficult anyway, seeing as their CMD scales so much faster by size? Good point about the buffs btw, I hadn't thought about them, so that might make the buff lore warden gives less mandatory.

Dr. Dre wrote:
born_of_fire wrote:
If you are referring to Thunderfoot, Dr. Dre, it only applies to the overrun maneuver. Did you mean something else?

S~~!, i misread that then. Sorry my bad. I still think spirit guide is a good idea then because stone spirit hex stone stability can give you improved trip and greater trip for free. Which helps aleviate feat concerns a bit although that does make multiclassing worse becuase you need 10 oracle levels to get both so i dont know how it compares with your current idea.

Also your proably going to want a leveraging weapon since it applies double the enhancment bonus of the weapon to both trip and bullrush attempts.

I'd considered going full spirit guide oracle with the stone mystery and just going for trip, but getting greater trip at level 10 feels like a really long wait for a pretty vital part of the build.

With the release of the Elemental master's handbook came the Elemental mystery for the oracle. For me it was love at first read and with my DM starting to get somewhat of a nasty streak with player deaths, now seems as good a time as ever to start working on a back-up character.

So my idea is to utilize the revelations elemental gives you by making an agile character that controls the battlefield using a combination of trips and bull rushes. This seemed like an easy enough task, but seeing as oracle doesn't get any bonus feats building it has become pretty hard. We are level 8 at the moment and being human and going oracle for all levels gives me just enough feats to take improved trip and bull rush and the 4 revelations I really want to start out (Dance of whirling water, Desert mirage, flowing step and sweeping impact). This however leaves me with a pretty low cmb and no skill focus acrobatics to activate Dance of Whirling Water.

I have been looking for an answer to this problem and taking 3 levels of lore warden fighter (from the field guide) seems to fix it, but I'm wondering if there is something that would allow me to do the thing I want to with a smaller dip so my oracle progression wouldn't be hampered too much. Here is what I currently have.

Oracle 5/Lore Warden 3

Race: Human (vudrani)
-Alternate racial trait: Focused study

Point-buy 20:
Str 15 (+1 at level 4 +2 from ABP for 18)
Dex 13+2 (+1 at level 8 for 16)
Con 13
Int 13
Wis 9
Cha 14 (+2 from ABP for 16)

Heirloom weapon: +2 CMB with light flail
Magical Knack: Oracle

Mystery: Elemental
Curse: Not sure yet.

1: Oracle 1. Extra revelation, skill focus acrobatics. Dance of Whirling Water, Flowing Step.
2: O1, Lore Warden 1. Power Attack.
3: O1, LW2. Improved Bull Rush, Improved Trip.
4: O1, LW3.
5: O2, LW3. Extra Revelation: Sweeping Impact.
6: O3, LW3. Desert Mirage.
7: O4, LW3. Greater Bull Rush.
8: O5, LW3. Skill Focus Diplomacy.

This build gives me a higher CMB, better weapon proficiency's and already has acces to Greater bull rush, with greater trip coming next level. It also allows me to get some of the other great revelations I want to take.

Tips, criticisms and opinions are greatly appreciated as long as it stays true to it manages to stay true to the core concept. Thanks in advance!

Thank you Diego, I have sent an E-mail with the requested information.


I recently purchased the Starfinder CRB from a local store, upon reading it I found out that one of the pages contains some blotches and the spine seems to start to come loose.
I've contacted the store I purchased the book from and they said they couldn't mean anything for me as it's out of stock with an unknown delivery time. Could you help me get set up with a replacement?

Zaister wrote:
Oh, shipment already? What a nice surprise!

I'm Jealous, mine is still on pending.

ThaT sounds like a pretty good tactic yes, shut down everything with a cloud and have the dwarves march in as they really don't care about poisons or spells.

Another thing, I've been looking at feats and magic items for a bit. Is there anything that is a must have for the psychic? The big six is fixed through ABP so I'm kinda at a loss for what'd be an useful adition.

Same with feats, it seems like I'll get most thing through my leveling, anything that's a must have or would VMC be an option?

avr wrote:

At 7th level a psychic isn't strong against swarms but there are ways. A swarm that isn't immune to mind-affecting can be taken out by deep slumber. If it is you probably need items - they can be good at use magic device if necessary. If you take the rebirth discipline then you can steal a 1st-2nd level spell off some other list to cover this.

Against multiple targets who aren't swarms they have more. Babble is scarily good. Take Id Insinuation I and undercast it - it affects 2 targets as a 3rd level spell, more later. Loathsome veil can take on 24 HD of enemies. Slow can be useful, and euphoric cloud &
pyrotechnics as CD mentions - none of those three is mind-affecting either.

Wow those are indeed some amazing spell. I did notice a lot of things that fascinate in there though, is that mostly for out of combat or can you actually use it as a shutdown?

To me it feels like it'll end after a single round as a pair of dwarves in fullplate match on the enemy, causing the fascination to break.

@Joshua029 I really like the armour revelations too, they start to get really good at level 7 and the standard action to activate is, is just insane during ambushes. If the elf FCB hadn't been errata'd I'd definitely play a half-elf oracle in a heartbeat.

A cavalier certainly is effective, I played one that planned to go battle herald for a couple of sessions, doing some insane charges. It met an untimely death at the hands of the

in book 2, sliced me right in two pieces. Oracle and cleric seem somewhat lacking in the control department with their spell list.

I hadn't even thought about the psychic, that could very well be the class that'll fit best. I don't really have experience with the class though, to me it feels like it's mostly for single target mind affecting spells.

Does it have any options to fight against groups? And more importantly, can it deal with mindless creatures, I saw the amplification that deals with undead, but what about stuff like swarms (which we've seen a lot of during the whole of book 2)?

I'm looking for some ideas for my new character in our kingmaker campaign, as my last one found a horrible death at the end of book two.

Our current party consists of the following members:

A dwarf warpriest of Torag, buffs himself up and goes to town with vital strike.
A dwarf vivisectionist alchemist using blade and tankard style, also buffs himself with extracts and his mutagen, he and the warpriest form this nearly impenetrable wall.
A gnome fey sorcerer who summons monsters every round.
And either an unchained reach monk or a flying blade/fighter multiclass who throws a ton of daggers.

My first idea was to go for a support/buffing build, something along the lines of a caster skald with path of glory and celestial totem. But the other members, except for the monk, felt that they really didn't need more buffing which caused me to go back to the drawing board.

I have no clue what to build now however, we're level 7 and are using ABP so basically anything is possible. I've been flirting with a heavens spirit guide oracle, as I'd like to fill the diplomat role, like the freedom it gives and a control based character seems to be the best fit for the party, but I'd love to hear a couple of other character ideas.

My last character was a storm druid so I'd rather not do something like that again, but I'd love to hear some suggestions. They don't have to be control, if you see some glaring weaknesses in the group, I wouldn't mind filling those.