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Regarding this monster: I had a dispute with a DM a few weeks ago regarding how this monster's venom works. Does the fatigued condition go away at the end of the poison's duration, or does it last until you rest for 8 hours (the default cure for fatigue)?

I would assume no, since normal damage from poison doesn't go away.

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Since it doesn't say "fatigued for x time" it's normal fatigue. Or exhaustion if you failed more than one save.

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Really? Okay - for argument's sake, would there be a way other than 8 hours of rest to remove the fatigue?

Paladins can get a remove fatigue Mercy at 3rd level, and any of the restoration spells will rid it as well.

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8 hours of meditation. :P

I would actually offer another reading:

"cure no saves but “act normally” result on the confusion behavior table ends the effect."

So, I look the "effect" line and it says:

"effect confusion and fatigue"

So, it looks to me that the fatigue ends when you get the "act normally" result on the confusion table along with the confusion.

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