Warpriest of Urgathoa Build? (Or ways to abuse the scythe?)


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As the title says. I absolutely love the imagery of a warpriest of Urgathoa. Something about an unholy warrior wielding a scythe just seems too darn awesome to pass up. However, I've never seen any melee builds made to utilize/optimize a scythe so for that I am turning to you guys. Do you have any ideas on how to make a scythe-weilding Urgathoan warpriest viable? Blessings would be death(Negative levels are tasty) and Strength(for the buffage). Would minoring in necromancy and picking up either command undead and/or undead master be worth it or will I just be too tight for feats to make that viable? Any opinions on how to craft an Urgathoan warpirest would be great!

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Make friends with one of those deluded butterfly loving followers of Desna, give them a rapier, and convince them to grant you their crits.

I'm not sure you need to be a Warpriest to get good use out of a scythe. Any of the two handed power attacking builds will kill people almost as well with a scythe as they will with a sword.

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Yeah, I specificly am looking to be a warpriest, however, because I want spellcasting as well as melee. My line of thinking wasn't "I want to be good with a scythe. Oh, I'll play a warpirest!" Rather, it was "I want to make a warpriest of Urgathoa....urgathoa's favored weapon is the scythe. I think it would be cool from a fluff perspective for an Urgathoan warpriest to wield their deity's favored weapon...so lets find out how to make a warpriest able to use a scythe effectively!"

So, if what your saying is that the standard 2-handed power attacker warpriest build will work just as well for a scythe as it will a greatsword or some other more traditional 2-handed weapon then thats good to know, as it means basically all my work is already done!

well, the main thing about the scythe is that its really spiky damage. 4x crit be unrelyable, but awesome when it happens.

Either Second Chance, or the critical feats could take advantage of trying to get that scythe crit, but in all honesty it might not be worth it

But if you can't think of something better, get critical focus at least.

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