Character Ideas For An Epic Desert Game


So this looks to be a pretty good opportunity. It's a game based on the Al-qadim and Dark Sun games (which some of you have seen said game advertised on the forums). So far there is Ifrit Fighter, Ifrit Ranger, Ifrit Bard, Dwarven Ranger, Human Sorcerer (Sylvan), Kobold Rogue, and a Suli Elemental Knight (Magus). That being said, I don't know what I should play, or what would fit well.

I know, though, that I want to play Suli, Ifrit, Oread, Sylphs, or Undine. So thoughts? 25 point buy, 300 gold starting. 2 traits (can choose from the Legacy of Fire series). No idea on what to play.

No ninja, samurai, or gunslingers, just so you know.

My vote goes for Ifrit Ranger. That sounds like one badass character.

An Ifrit Inquisitor of Sarenrae could be pretty awesome too.

Other than that, maybe a Tiefling Magus?

I would say go for a Slyph. You've got 3 Ifrits in the group already, and having a wind-based race in the desert sounds cooler than another hot-head.

I notice there is no healer, so you could go Cleric/Oracle. Or possibly Desert Druid, they seem pretty good thematically and mechanically for Deserts.

I think your character should have some form of healing to use, just to cover that base. Of the three above, I'd most likely pick a Sylph Desert Druid. Play up the survival of the fittest in the hostile wilds. That sort of thing.

The Horizon Walker prestige might be neat too.

I like the idea of the Druid, Shindalm. It would definitely be a different take on the druid.

And Lemmy, that Ifrit Ranger is one of the ones already being played.

Desert Druid would also get my vote. Being able to use create water at will seems like it'd be very helpful in a desert setting. By level 4 a desert druid won't have to worry much about the climate or lack of food and water (even though they can make as much water as they need).

For the desert druid I think thematically either a sylph or an oread would fit. They're surrounded by wind and earth after all. Whichever of those would be most beneficial I'd probably take.

Now, with that desert druid, I'm assuming people are suggesting the more castery sort listed in Treantmonk's Druid Handbook Guide as "The Wild Mystic" instead of the fighting focused sort known as "Spirit of the Beast"?

I'm thinking Wild Mystic, yes. Though I would advise against min-maxing, so you can deal some physical damage in a pinch and use your wild-shaping as utility.

Most likely. You'll still get your animal companion, but the -2 druid level to wild shape will hurt the more fighting focused build. That being said, if you would prefer a fighting "spirit of the beast" style build, then perhaps a normal druid would be more preferable. You can still make water and you get endure elements as a spell anyways, so that would work as well.

Caster druids can be pretty powerful though and it would seem either would work with your team.

I'd say that it'd be smart to drop the animal companion, from what I'm reading on the guides, to really guide me as the caster of the bunch. As 25 point buy, what would you go with?

I'm almost thinking that there are some good domains that are appropriate.

I would like the idea of being the more caster focused one, Third Mind, since the rest of the group is so melee and intensive. Do you have any suggestions on Domain choosing? As well as which of the two races you all would choose?

Well, assuming a sylph and adding in their bonuses, I'd personally probably go with:

STR: 10
DEX: 14 (+2 racial bonus)
CON: 12 (-2 racial negative)
INT: 14 (+2 racial bonus)
WIS: 18
CHA: 9

You still get a con bonus, 6 skills to choose from and a relatively high casting stat. Looking back at it, for a caster Sylphs would probably be better than an Oread. Oreads tend to be more melee focused from what their stat bonuses suggest.

As for domains I might go for Air or one of it's subdomain. Note however, I'm not an optimizer, so take the stat and domain suggestions with that in mind.

Oh I definitely am not looking for optimization (at least not from a purely optimized standpoint). Gotta make good choices, though. I think it could be Wind sub-domain or Desert domain.

Also, traits are an option in this game, and you can actually take them from the Legacy of Fire (almost said Reign of Fire. OOPS! >.< ), so that's another tough choice for me. Wishing I could have Beast of the Society, but I don't think that'll fly.

Travel Domain and Conversion Inquisition are aways fun choices!

Conversion Inquisition is a real waste for a desert druid. And Travel could be useful. I think it'll probably be Wind sub-domain or desert domain. Now I just have to decide on appropriate traits and such. Also, I don't see holly as being very frequent in the desert. Anyone have a good idea for a holy symbol?

Traits can be quite daunting, I do recall there being a guide for the traits though.

As far as what could be good for a druid, reactionary or any other that gives a plus to initiative is usually good for most casters.

A druid's lowest save is reflex, so perhaps a trait that shores up that weakness some more could be of help.

If there's a skill you really want, then you could use a trait to make it a class skill.

There are some odd ones that give some great things. I really like defensive strategist. Wisdom of the flesh could be great with a druid's high wisdom score.

Since you're spell oriented you could pick your favorite spell and go magical knack with it.

As for holy symbols, I'm not entirely sure. I hadn't thought druids needed holy symbols, but I could be remembering incorrectly or perhaps its a flavor thing. Either way, for a holy symbol, perhaps a skull of a common desert animal? A preserved scorpion of some sort perhaps. Maybe a wooden ring or leather necklace of some sort.

Anyways, hope this helps a little.

Here is a link to the traits guide. HERE

Lantern Lodge

Ifit Knife Master archetype Rogue with Blistering Feint, Improved/Greater Feint, and Two-Weapon Feint. Toss in Scorching Weapons, Inner Flame, and Blazing Aura and u can be doing some serious damage. Get Improved Initiative and there Wildfire Heart alternate racial trait and go 1st pretty much every round. Character will probly need 2 levels of Fighter though to squeeze all the feats in but i could see it doing soe nice damage.

I'm definitely going to look at those things. Almost tempted to use Rich Parents, for the sheer fact of loving to have gold.
Psion-Psycho, I think things have led to me sylph going desert druid.

Go sylph and get the racial flight feats.

Ok, Brambleman. And what traits would you suggest?

Also, for everyone, would you suggest any of the alternate racials? And would you all suggest Wind subdomain or desert, and more importantly WHY?

Trade Air affinity for breeze kissed unless you want air domain. Work airy step and wings of air into your build to get a fly speed and more air based resistances.

Archery builds will benefit.
Carved horn ivory, or sandstone would make for good holy symbols.
Birthmark makes your body a divine focus and it's a faith trait.

Not as sure on non-racial traits, but beast of the society is decent for a wildshaper if your dm will let it fly. Reactionary is a favorite for all builds, Birthmark gives a built in holy symbol. then i would recommend whatever gets you a new class skill you want.

Are archery build useful when I'm going the real spell castery side of druid? Wind subdomain would gain the benefit of Air Affinity, I think, but your suggestion is being able to fly and be maneuverable away from the typical melee enemy? Am I understanding that right?

That is correct. both caster and archer gain benefit from a fly speed. Druids, less so due to wildshape + natural spell being an option already. But a ranged weapon can let you plink foes in your off turns, as druids don't start with alot of spells. Wind subdomain would benefit from air affinity, but if you don't choose it, breeze kissed is a good trade to get a useful racial feature.

Sounds like a fairly even trade. It seems like desert domain doesn't pay off until later but wind domain pays off throughout the whole time. Not real used to domains, though.

As a caster based druid, you are better of with the wind domain and + CL

if you dont want redundant electrical resistance, you can trade your sylph resistance for resist sonic 5 or +5 base speed

Yeah, that wind domain sounds alot better. Still get the benefits of being a desert druid. I'm not sure sonic resist would be real useful, but the +5 to base speed could be great.

Now the next question. What would people suggest on feat and equipment? Game starts with 300 gold.

You already decided on a sliph druid? Awww I had a really good idea...

So you are in a desert with scorching heat and dry sand everywhere. Your traveling companions consist of 4 demi-elementals with close ties to the dry land and fiery desert heat as well as a stout dwarf well suited to the harsh clime. You will most often fight creatures of the desert, ones with great heat resistance and fire based attacks of their own. They would often have a natural weakness to water.
You. You are an adventure, that automatically puts you out of the norm, even more so for you, considering your heritage. You are an Undine exiled from your community and banished to the most inhospitable of lands. The desert.
Your uniqueness gives you some natural advantages. Poor locals, upon seeing your affinity with the most precous of commodities almost makes you a god in their eyes. You are akin to a walking golden statue in the lands of men and your sorcerous powers to call forth water and might further cements their beliefs.

Yes I suggest a Undine sorcerer.
You. Are. Unique. You will be one of a kind and instantly recognizable where ever you go. It should be interesting!

But if you are already set on sliph druid, ill see what I can come up with in the next post.

I definitely like your idea. If you can, come up with the specifics of said undine sorcerer for what I mentioned, and of course give me an idea of where you see it going, and we might have a chance there. Got a necromancing wizard in the group, so definitely gotta make sure we have a good idea.
So you post up the crunch to go with the fluff there, along with your sylph druid advice, and we'll see how they stack up.

Alright, things you will want (or at least look at.)
10gp Compass. Self explanatory.
1gp.Signal horn. Allows you to find each other if separated. Sound should travel well in the desert. Being airborne you could use it in combat to relay simple messages.
10gp. Mirror. You are in the desert, you can use it to focus light to make a fire, comunicate long distances, see around corners in ruins. Very useful. You could probably make a cheaper one out of polished steel/silver.
1gp/10gp. Rope. Even if you can fly, there are so many uses for this. basic hemp rope will suffice but is heavy, silk rope is more expensive but lighter.
1cp. Twine. Really, cheap, light, easily breaks, flammable and so many uses.
1gp. Bell. Combine with twine to make a perimeter trap.
8sp. Whistle. A good alternative to the horn. or take both, it is weightless. Use twine to tie around your neck.
Light of some sort. a bullseye lamp is good, have someone cast continuous light on a coin.
1cp. Coffee. Just because.
Trail rations are expensive! 5sp a day means you eat 3 1/2gp every week. make your own meals instead.
2cp. Bread. A single loaf would last you most of the week.
3sp. Meat. Should last you a week.
1sp. Cheese. A whole 1/2 pound should last you a while. There you go. Food for a week at just 4.2sp.
1gp. Honey. Expensive but adds a little variety to your meal. 1/2 lbs should last long time.
2cp. beans. Good for soups, stews, put it in your sammach. you get the idea.
2cp. Potatoes. Can be cooked or raw in a pinch.
2cp. Turnips. Another staple that you can survive on if need be. Also good in soups.
2cp. Flour. Basic cooking ingredient. Great for discovering invis creatures.
Just get a cauldron (1gp), a spice of choice and a dagger (2gp) and you can cook some decent meals on the cheap. Put 1 skill point in profession (chef) and volia. The dagger is usefull for sooo many things as well.
3gp. Cooking kit. You could use this as an alternative but it is more expensive.

oil or alchemists fire. can be a godsend against swarms at early levels.
1gp. Candlerod. Basic light on the cheap.
Chalk. mark where you are going/have been.
15gp. Die marker. Good uses for marking a particular spot/person/item
15gp. Manacles. To hold an important prisoner.
20gp. lock. for above manacles. Also great for locking a door or somesuch for some sleep.
5gp. Survival kit. Get your basic survival gear here. Also grabs you a flint and steel.
free. Quarterstaff. useful for knocking high things over, makeshift doorjam, 2 of them and some fabric can make a stretcher.

There was some sort of piton or something, basicly you could use it to fasten doors closed or tie down ropes/tents, tie up your food or even fasten something to a wall if you wanted.
You would need a light hammer (1gp) also useful in its own right.

15gp. Cart. Good for transporting everything. Makeshift cover if needed and spare firewood as a last resort.
15gp. Ox. Can carry your stuff. Can be a source of food if need be or impromptu cover.

Well there is information overload, hope you enjoy!

Edit: I forgot, you will want something for the elements. Some appropriate clothing, I dunno, ill have to check if I can find anything.

ShadowyFox wrote:

I definitely like your idea. If you can, come up with the specifics of said undine sorcerer for what I mentioned, and of course give me an idea of where you see it going, and we might have a chance there. Got a necromancing wizard in the group, so definitely gotta make sure we have a good idea.

So you post up the crunch to go with the fluff there, along with your sylph druid advice, and we'll see how they stack up.

Will do! Gimme a bit of time and ill see what I got.

Right now you got a sylvian sorcerer as your dedicated mage and a ranger, bard and magus as pseudo-mages. The party is quite melee heavy so going something caster dedicated is not a bad idea. You also apparently got a necrozard in there as well.

A main thing of the undine is to take advantage of most creatures resistance to fire and possible weakness to water. A sorcerer was just my main go to but that can be changed easily enough. I also dont know a whole lot about sorcerers as I dont play casters much (at all) :P

Blaster sorcerer.
Crossblooded draconic/elemental (primal) (both water)
+2 damage per die to your water spells.
-1 spell per level hurts.
If you dont want to go with crossblooded, just go with primal.

According to cartmanbecks guide about bloodlines they also make good battlefield controllers, so you could look there as well.
Sorry its not much to go on :(

It's still fairly unique. It definitely is something to think of.

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