Harsk, a Rakshasa and Blessed Bolts?

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Ok, so what am I missing?

On page 111 of the CRB there is some nice flavor text of a fight between Harsk and a Rakshasa, wherein Harsk is about to gun a Rakshasa with a "blessed bolt."

Now, in previous versions of the game, Rakshasas had a soft spot in their hearts for blessed crossbow bolts, per se, but in the Bestiary no such limitation or vulnerability exists.

Additionally, how exactly did Harsk bless that crossbow bolt? The Bless spell is an AOE spell, not one that is used on a specific weapon. The Bless Weapon spell is a Paladin spell, and Harsk is a Ranger, so what gives with this?

I won't go into the fact that Harsk is firing "at point-blank range" and doesn't seem to provoke an AOO.

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Although it's not "blessed" in so many words, I believe align weapon is the new go-to spell for getting your weapons to overcome alignment-based DR. Harsk may be adventuring alongside a cleric who's just not around at the moment.

As for not provoking the AoO - if this were an example-of-combat-play, I'd expect there to be at least a mention that the rakshasa is unable to take an AoO for whatever reason, or the rakshasa has already used its (usually 1) AoO for the round. But if it's just a flavor-text fight, the rakshasa's AoO may have missed and just not come up.

As an even more plausible alternative, perhaps the flavor-text fight was written at 1:30 am just hours before its deadline. (Heh.)

While in the past rakshasa have been specifically vulnerable to "blessed bolts" in this edition the weakness is a little broader.

The beastiary rakshasa has DR15/ good and piercing. Meaning that every hit will be reduced by 15 points of damage unless you attack with a piercing weapon that is also good aligned. Blessed crossbow bolts are one example of such a weapon, but so is a holy lance.

Getting a weapon to be good aligned as a ranger can come from the align weapon spell, or getting bolts with the holy property.

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