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You know... I've never played in one of Hmm's games..... I guess I keep missing them. *shrugs non-committually.* Well, I've always tried to limit the number of games I play in on here, since I tend to hem and haw over my posts for far too long, so too many games mean that I'd take forever to respond.

Shifty's been a god-send, though. I've enjoyed his style, and he's rescued 3 of the games that I've had on here.

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Heya all.

I'm Garon Niehaus from Akron(Well, close enough to it.) I go by Blue Moose here on the boards. Like a great many of you, I started in the 80's with the red box, though I fell out of the game during high school(No one to play with). I didn't start seriously playing again until 3ed came out, though I've been playing with the same group of friends since then.

I started with PFS during GD4, catching a "New to PFS?" Confirmation run. Near the end of that game, I was fortunate enough to find a local store that had just started running on Sundays, when I can attend. Since then, I've ended up becoming the VA for that store, through 2 moves of the store. I'm currently a 2-star GM, though I feel I have lots of room for improvement.

I've been meaning to start games for others in Flaxseed since I've joined, but I'm been unsure where to even start for that. As such, I've been planning on jumping on the next GM school that came up to learn exactly what to do.

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In reference to Legacy Boons, why not just build them like the Spoils of the Siege boons from Serpent's Rise, i.e. have a 2nd ed boon reference the legacy boon and gain an additional bonus if you champion that faction on that scenario?

While at PFS today, the GM and I entered an arguement about Purifying Channel

Selective Channeling:

You can choose whom to affect when you channel energy.

Prerequisite: Cha 13, channel energy class feature.

Benefit: When you channel energy, you can choose a number of targets in the area up to your Charisma modifier. These targets are not affected by your channeled energy.

Normal: All targets in a 30-foot burst are affected when you channel energy. You can only choose whether or not you are affected.

Purifying Channel:

Your healing energy also damages your enemies.

Prerequisites: Cha 15, Selective Channeling, channel energy class feature.

Benefit: When you channel positive energy to heal, one creature that you exclude from your channeling takes an amount of fire damage equal to the die result you roll for healing, and is dazzled for 1 round by the light of these flames. A successful saving throw against your channel energy halves the fire damage and negates the dazzled effect.

Can I use the damaging effect from Purifying Channel on constructs?

My GM was arguing that because it's a channel, it can only effect living targets, not constructs. Likewise, he said that constructs aren't legal targets for channels, so you can't exclude them via Selective Channeling, therefore the damage can't be applied to constructs.

I was arguing that it should effect constructs because the energy in question is no longer positive energy, but fire. Likewise, while constructs are uneffected by channels, they're still targets within the channel's area and thus can be excluded and set on fire with Purifying Channel.

With the assumption that you're running with those that signed up, I stealth dotted the Gameplay thread, so I can see with things start up.

** Venture-Agent, Ohio—Hudson aka Blue Moose

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Out of curiosity, If this works well for Starfinder Society, would you think about trying to add something similar for Pathfinder Society?

The Menagerie.

Likewise, have you looked at the Vexing Daredevil mesmerist archetype?

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I have to agree with Overflow Archive as well. Mistress Koi alone is comedy gold.

Hmmm... I'm leaning hard on making a Cavalier(constable) as a member of the watch. Playing a law-man in this scenario sounds good, and I've been wanting to play with this archetype.

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Okay, I normally lurk, but I had to chime in on this one, because the topic fascinates me a little.

Jaçinto wrote:
Has there ever been a president that did what they said they were going to do? I am still waiting for Obama to close Guantanamo like he promised he would. If nobody believes they will keep their campaign promises, as is common practice, why are the voters listening to a single word either one actually says?

Beyond what CrystalSeas said, Obama has kept 71% of his campaign promises in at least a compromised form which, if you consider the DC gridlock, is alot better then you'd expect.

And to be fair, that's a little above average for presidental promises made over the last 50 years. 2/3rds of such promises have been kept. I won't argue with the point that for most schooling, that's a D at best. But think about the country if 2/3rds of Trump's or Clinton's promises are kept.

First of all, I know your pain. I had a gunslinger devastate RotRL when I ran it as well. Only time I stopped her was when Athroxis Prismatic sprayed her and she failed the save vs. Green.

I have 3 suggestions that may help.

First, How good are the gunslinger's CMD? If it's so-so, then using Telekinesis for disarm checks is an option.

Secondly, In Legacy of Dragons, there's a spell called Scales of Deflection. When it triggers, it forces all touch attacks in a round to be resolved against the target's normal AC. It may significantly increase Karzoug's odds of lasting longer.

Finally, I found Cloudkill + Quickened Forcecage to be a mean trick to dump on the character with the lowest Reflex save.

** Venture-Agent, Ohio—Hudson aka Blue Moose

This was my first Gen Con, and I have say that the 5 tables that I played at were great fun in general, especially the Friday special, which my table was hilarious to watch in action.

I hope I can make more Gen Cons in the future.

** Venture-Agent, Ohio—Hudson aka Blue Moose

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Painlord, Feral -

Thank you for liveposting this for those of us who can't afford to go to Paizocon. Hearing this information as it comes out is a very welcome gift.

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Well, I have 100 of these in a variety of colors from the Kickstarter. Completely removed all the cubes from my dicebag.

For the melee cleric, Sadomasochism was made for a Kuthite.

The Preservationist Alchemist gets Summon Nature's Ally 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9

Voice of the Wild Bard gets the ability to choose druid or ranger spells as a bard spell known, so could be used for Summon Nature's Ally spells.

Troll Styptic allows Fast Healing 2 for 2d4 rounds, and it's alchemical. You have to make a Fort save or be sickened for the duration, though.

"Uhh, Boss? Where's the mop again?"

What are the months in Tian Xia called? It would be sort of odd for them to use the same names as the Inner Sea, since they have a different patheon.

Ooh....I would love to running through this, but I've ran RotRL for my friends awhile back. Is that an issue for you?

If it's not, I have a Shelynite warpriest that I'd love add into the mix.

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Before reading this thread, I had trouble grasping Zon-Kuthon as a Lawful diety. This thread cleared that up immensely.

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I'm actually waiting for the Weapon Master's Handbook to be legalized in PFS to use a version of this build there.

Human Warpriest lvl6


lvl1 Feats: Weapon Focus(Polearm or Spear of your choice), Two Weapon Fighting, Spear Dancing Style

lvl3 Feats: Weapon Finesse, Spear Dancing Spiral

lvl5 Feat: Spear Dancing Reach

Another option would be to rebuild the core races. I was in a game that the GM rebuilt all of the core races to a 15RP build.

An hour and a half to fill a classic table. Darn!

David knott 242 wrote:
In the case of the Anatomy Doll, the real question is whether a Dhampir even qualifies as a living creature that this item can be attuned to.

According to the dhampir race trait, yes they count as a living creature.

Pathfinder SRD wrote:
Negative Energy Affinity: Though a living creature, a dhampir reacts to positive and negative energy as if it were undead—positive energy harms it, while negative energy heals it.
David knott 242 wrote:
If he does, then the relevant spell to reference would be Bleed. Does anyone actually play that the Bleed orison causes a Dhampir to regenerate one hit point per round?

Well, Bleed does untyped damage, not negative energy. So, no, Bleed won't heal a dhampir, but your example doesn't work.

Bleed text wrote:
You cause a living creature that is below 0 hit points but stabilized to resume dying. Upon casting this spell, you target a living creature that has -1 or fewer hit points. That creature begins dying, taking 1 point of damage per round. The creature can be stabilized later normally. This spell causes a creature that is dying to take 1 point of damage.

the Anatomy Doll does 1 negative energy damage (and sickened) each round it's used. So, if you don't mind a more masochist route, it works for out-of-combat healing for a dhampir.

I'd be interested in playing in Iron Gods. I've been interested in an grenadier Alchemist, and gestalting that to a Warpriest of Brigh or a Ranger of some sort could be entertaining.

You end up where you fired your last blast of the set. I think the section that I highlighted would apply to flurry of blasts.

Ride the blast wrote:
You can use this wild talent as part of activating a kinetic blast other than telekinetic blast. You transform yourself into your element or energy and send yourself along with your kinetic blast. You appear at the end of the blast’s path, adjacent to the blast’s target (or final target, for form infusions like chain) or at the center of the burst or spread for form infusions like explosion. This ability doesn’t work with form infusions that involve melee attacks (such as kinetic blade) or that use a cone shape (such as spray.)

I'm very glad to see a recruitment thread like this. While I've been playing D&D/Pathfinder for quite some time, I've neither played PbP nor PFS, though I've been eager to try it.

Part of the allure of this is the option to play with different people. For the most part, I've been playing roleplaying games with the same people for more than a decade, and after that long, it starts to get a little stale.

Currently building up a Varisian Kineticist (I've really wanted a reason to make one.)

A three dimensional maze walled with nothing but invisible walls of force that is slowly sinking into the sea of lava that the maze is perched over.

A set of 4 identical 20x20 rooms, each of which has 4 doors in each walls with what are effectively cat doors at about eye level. The doors randomly connect to other doors in the rooms, and opening more then 1 door causes all the doors (save the last one) to slam shut. Insert your preferred tiny troublemakers for mayhem, as they can use the cat doors. (I used a set of 4 CR1 constructs, but pixies, imps, or quasits would work wonders too)

For the most part, I'm a neophyte GM. I don't run games that often, and I don't think I've ever had a PC death before. I ended up running RotRL because I grabbed the anniversary edition, and read though it for ideas on how to make better encounters. Since I read it, my friends decreed that I'd run it. This makes getting a TPK on something I added as a bit of a throwaway very unexpected for me...

Name of PC: Amadi, Yulian, Sennin, Ingra and Iorec
Class/Level: Trap Ranger 6, Witch (Medium)6, Hexcrafter Staff Magus 6, World Walker Druid 6, and Cleric of Desna 6
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Filler Ghouls and overconfidence (on both the PC and GM sides)
Story: Upon clearing out (and torching) Foxglove Manor, my erstwhile group of adventurers were preparing to head to Magnimar to follow up on the leads that they found while dealing with Aldern. I did some quick math and realized that they wouldn't be level 7 before they got to the Shadow Clock. Feeling that a party of level 6 PC's would be stomped by Xanesha, I decided to add a 'brief' ghoul hunt in. Watching the PC's be more than effective against ghouls so far, I added the Advenced template to them, and stole the Goblin Ghasts stat block from the anniversary edition to use in order to challenge them.

When the PC's returned to Sandpoint, they mentioned the possibility of other ghouls being in the hinterlands to Sheriff Hemlock. So, the next day, as the party was preparing to leave, the good sheriff told them that they has found 2 ghoul dens in between the site of Foxglove Manor and Sandpoint. As they had shown themselves capable with dealing with undead, Sheriff Hemlock was able to talk Mayor Deverin into a bounty on the rogue ghouls, and informed the party of the dens. Naturally, they went to deal with the problem.

The party travelled to what they thought was the older of the 2 dens, dug into a hill near Brinestump Marsh and after a brief cautious scouting, the party began to delve into the den. Most of the den was made to be small chambers with a slew of inter-connected hallways, and submerged tunnels. The PC's began to use their normal plan of following left most wall, but abandoned that after the first submerged tunnel. By the time that the PC's had found the ghouls and ghasts, they were split in 2 adjoining rooms with a wave of Ghouls attacking Amadi and Sennin in one room, while the rest of the party was dealing with the goblin ghasts from behind in the other. Almost immediately, Iorec failed his save against paralysis and was out of the fight for the maximum number of rounds. In the next round, Ingra and Amadi joined the paralyzed ranks, leaving Yulian and Sennin left up. While both of them were able to kill one of the remaining forces, Yulian was paralyzed, and 2 full attacks killed Sennin straight out. At that moment, I tried not to fade to black, but it was a foregone conclusion with coup de graces from the remaining, badly injured ghouls.

Fair enough.... That's why I asked.

Do you mind someone that's new to PbP games? I'm interested in trying them out, and an Adventure path seems like a good place to begin.