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Warpriests entry states she can take weapin focus on any weapon. doesnt that mean she could take weapon focus Imp. weapon?

It doesnt work because flanking starts off with "when making a mele attack" so it doesnt work because by the definition of flanking you have to make a mele attack

Be a goblin with this build Goblin win by attrition

i approve of this name

Does a magus/kineticist with broad study work? if it can then cant i pair a cunductive weapon with spell combat for 2 blasts a round and a full attack. one of which can have a 17-20crit range

Hey mark Im completely okay with the burn mechanic and sacrificing hp for power but i do agree with the lack of another way to boost accuracy

Earthen Sheild: Level:4 Burn:1
the kineticist creates an earthen barrier between him and the enemy. this functions like an tower shield granting full cover or provideing a +4 shield bonus to AC. this effect lasts 1 round per kineticist level

okay so we managed to get a total of 94 for more than one round thats great

the archetype for hunter that grant the animal companion evolutions could probably get higher on his animal companion.
divine hunter/primal 18 barbarian 2
base: 22
AC bonus: +6
evo large: +16
level: +4
heart of the fields: +2
divine hunter: +2
ability increasex4: +8
ferocious mount: +4
amplified rage: +4
form of the dragon 3+10
profane +2
gear +6

total =88

anyone else know how to add to this?

If you have the ACG and want to channel try the "hex chaneller" who can get up to 24d6 channel

Rod of potent hexes wrote:

Three times per day when a wielder of this rod uses a hex

(but not an advanced hex or grand hex), she can use this
rod’s power to double the damage dealt or healed by the
hex. To be augmented in this way, a hex must directly heal
damage, directly deal damage, or grant a creature some
form of attack or aura that deals damage.
Hex Channeler wrote:

Channel Energy (Su): At 2nd level, a hex channeler can

call upon her patron to release a wave of energy from herself
or her familiar. A good witch channels positive energy (like
a good cleric), and an evil witch channels negative energy
(like an evil cleric). A witch who is neither good nor evil must
choose whether she channels positive or negative energy;
once this choice is made, it cannot be reversed.
Channeling energy causes a burst that affects all creatures
of one type (either undead or living) in a 30-foot radius
centered on the witch. The witch can channel energy a
number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier
(minimum 1). This otherwise functions as a cleric using
channel energy, except the witch does not require a holy
symbol to use this ability. The hex channeler uses her witch
level as her cleric level for all other effects dependent upon
channel energy (except increasing the amount of damage
healed or dealt). The hex channeler can choose whether or
not to include herself or her familiar in this effect.
This burst heals or deals 1d6 points of damage. Every
time the hex channeler is able to learn a new hex (including
major or grand hexes), she can instead increase her channel
energy amount by 1d6. This ability replaces the hex gained
at 2nd level.

Do these two work together?

Sammy T wrote:
You cannot take Extra Channel multiple times. The rest of what you said I had problems parsing.

Sorry I meant extra hex, everytime you gain a new hex as a Hex Channeler you can instead ad 1d6 to your channel

For those of us who like characters that can channel the Aasimar life oracle has always been the best with its 1.5x level of channeling but with the new ACG a new king of channeling has been found introducing the Hex Channeler. By spending all but one of your feats on extra channel and all of your hexes you could have up to 24d6 of channel energy. Sadly you need to save a feat so youre not healing your enemies but just add in a phylactery and you can channel 26d6. act now and you can take Channel Smite and put rogues to shame with their piddly d6

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KenderKin wrote:
BloodyManticore wrote:
Marcus Robert Hosler wrote:
That's a huge fopa
just a side note here its faux paws its just pronounced like that because french
Fake paws? Damn autocorrect!

and here we now have an example of a faux pas courtesy of me

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Marcus Robert Hosler wrote:
That's a huge fopa

just a side note here its faux paws its just pronounced like that because french

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anti magic field is a great one for arcane archers

mad Trev wrote:

I've looked at the prestige classes before but never quite saw how they could be as melee orientated as a dedicated fighter, barbarian or paladin. Also I couldn't see a prestige class that was as good a caster as a dedicated wizard or sorcerer.

The DM I'm playing with is only allowing the core rule book and advanced players guide.
Thanks for any help or suggestions.

rogue/ranger into horizon walker makes one of the most op prestige classes ever with like a +80 to hit and damage

Wandering Loon wrote:
A versatile cleric build can be a neutral cleric with the Versatile Channeler feat and the Death Domain. You can channel negative energy and heal yourself while you harm enemies. Makes it really easy to hold a confined area with little to no support and stay in the fight. One of the channeling phylacteries would be a great choice as well. And you can still channel positive energy for those pesky undead and the burst healing of your party. Extra Channeling, Selective Channeling and Improved Channel are all great feats to take for this build.

you cant heal yourself and deal damafe sorry you pick one, you can damage or you can heal you cant do both

[UOTE="chaoseffect"] I haven't heard of any nerfs to Mystic Past Life to make that impossible, but note this section of Holy/Unholy Sword:

"If this spell is cast on a magic weapon, the powers of the spell supersede any that the weapon normally has, rendering the normal enhancement bonus and powers of the weapon inoperative for the duration of the spell. This spell is not cumulative with any spells that modify the weapon in any way."

So any stuff you have on the sword would not stack; it would simply become a +5 Unholy weapon. Also note that is a +7 weapon, not a +6 should that ever matter for you.

thanks for all the info so half of it doesnt work but a +7weapon is 3x your wbl and you still get other stuff on it. this sounds like fun

if my oracle choses unholy sword as one of his few spells from mystic past life can he really get a +6 weapon at 8th level and being able to add any non + enchantments onto the buffed sword

SeeleyOne wrote:

A bit of thread resurrection, but I have a similar question that did not seem to be resolved above.

Back to the example of a Magus Spellstrikes with a weapon with a Threat range of 18-20, 15- 20, whatever (as long as it is a wider margin than just 20). When you confirm the critical, does it apply to both the weapon and the spell?

My gut ruling says "no", because while you got a crit it was with the weapon only, not the spell as well (which requires a 20). So my line of thinking is that the spell is doubled only on the natural 20.

Am I right? Or am I mistaken?

youre mistaken if the weapon crits the spell crits

oread with ferrus growth wont make you naked for long

actually unlighted theres a faq somewhere saying that it only replaces your class bab from summoner. the reason not to do this is that a str and dex of 14 that you can never bump up by leveling is stupidly low

It's technically not melee or archer but a vital strike double hack but rogue deals 10d6 sneak+24d6 weapon damage which is about for about 34×3.5 so 119 damage on a standard action, works pretty well at low levels too

Thanks for the enlarge person issue I think large carriages should work great amd the damage dice question was as im large normally so its 6d6 but when I enlarge person what step up does it take. If I go musket Master that should apply to the double hackbut and treat it like a 1h firearm and then apply the free rapid reload right

Im making a musket master 5 fighter 1 for a good vital strike build but after my base dice become 6d6 do they increase to 9d6 or 6d8 the rules arent very clear on it. Do you guys think this could be a viable build too

Anzyr wrote:
Its not condescending. It's how the rules work. 2+2 is going to equal 4 no matter much the other side demands that it equals 3.

Just remember in Pathfinder X×2×2=X×3 no matter how much people argue otherwise so people could say 2×2=3

Early entry bloatmage is pretty crazy

Courageous weapon is a big one you forgot

You could try one of my favorites. The room of opposition set to have 2 go off if 1 breaks and the trigger words are "a" "an" "the" and "break"

Aasimar life oracle should be able to get it at 5th or 4th level of they have a phylactory

Good luck this has been highly debated almost since if came out. Youre not getting an answer for this one

Make him have gnome slaves so if he cant get a party member he can dual weild gnome chucks using jotun grip

2.)you can weild 3 of them but you wont gain anymore attacks untill you have four and take the multiattack feat

Faster Than Most:this creature acts on its own initiative and has 3 itinerant attacks at initiative-2, intitiative -4, and initiative -6

Does the dimensional agility feat tree allow compounding flanks per each attack?

I may have to steal the gnomechucks for a game im running soon

You dont threaten so no aoo

Yay my EK wont have to waste a level on being a martial

Yup thats what the chart says. A lot of prestige classes have a dead spellcasting level or two

Tarrasque paladin anyone?

No each is its own special standard actu

Are you talking about a favored class bonus of a skill point or class skills. If class skills you get a +3 added to checks with the skill the max ranks are still your hd

Summoner 15/Gunslinger 5 for a Mystical T-Rex that can stompy the face while you fill them with holes

Id price it off the phylactory of possitive channeling since it only increases a little

Why not just play shadowrun or steal their system. This just seems like it would wasre a lot of time with rules and complicate the game a lot more

Count Coltello wrote:
BloodyManticore wrote:
Eldritch heritage arcane should work
I looked into that and it says a first lvl spell if i'm right and this is a 5th lvl spell

its one spell of a level ypu can cast. I meant to say the second eldritch heritage

No taking your level is the forst step to leveling. The rest comes after

When detected magiced that is what the player learneds. It shows which magocs were used to create it or what type if power it weilds

Eldritch heritage arcane should work

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