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By RAW, no, not automatically, but you can likely recognize most conditions easily without any sort of roll due to basic body language and/or facial expressions.

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Guidance, Entropic Shield, Sanctuary, Unbreakable Heart, Liberating Command, Suppress Charms and Compulsions, Blessing of Courage and Life, Remove Paralysis, Stalwart Resolve, Admonishing Ray, Consecrate, Sound Burst, Dispel Magic, Second Wind, Prayer, Thaumaturgic Circle, Purify Body, Untold Wonder, Greater Dispel Magic, Balance of Suffering, Inspiring Recovery, Music of the Spheres, True Seeing, Hymn of Peace, Particulate Form, Overwhelming Presence, and Miracle or Wish.
I'll advocate Serenity from your list of considerations, too.

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Basically Tinkerbell and Peter Pan at the same time.

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Yqatuba wrote:
Bloodrealm wrote:
Kayerloth wrote:
I always figured they copied something nearby when 'born'.
That appears to be the case, at least with Paizo's mimics. The image linked above by Adjoint is a larval mimic.
The one in the pic doesn't look like any object to me, just like a weird slimy thing.

Exactly. That's what they look like before they mimic something, and I don't think they ever return to that form.

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Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Uh, you do realize you don't lose additional hp when rage ends right? Only your max hp is reduced, not your current hp.

Your current HP does go down. You stay at the number of hit points away from maximum that you were. Think of it as retaining the wounds taken. If your current didn't go back down, then the exploit Cavall hypothesized for your interpretation would exist, and it doesn't. Con increase means maximum and current HP increase, and Con decrease means maximum and current HP decrease.

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Unchained Barbarian is only slightly weaker, but a LOT less interesting because they never bothered replacing a bunch of the really cool stuff Core Barbarians have for Rage Powers. They also decided that, for the class with Rage as its main focus, that is wild and full of raw power, should have structured stances as its central combat theme. Because that sure makes sense...

Falling into the Barbarian Death Zone has ways to be mitigated, some even in-class like Renewed Vigor (which even works if you have Superstition!). Another way to mitigate it is to pay attention and get some emergency healing if you're too close. Barbarians have Perception as a class skill and, ideally, so should their players.
I've seen some people mention having the Raging Vitality feat as an "of course you'll have this", but that +2 increase on raging Con bonus is likely a curse in disguise and might contribute to people's idea of "Barbarian end combat = Barbarian dead".

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FayetteGamer wrote:

My character has been NG thusfar, but is on the verge of murdering this paladin to save the party from inevitable death by deliberate stupidity.

Q: Do you think that should force an alignment shift, or would it be justifiable extenuating circumstances? Does the method of execution matter?

As a Good character, especially Neutral Good, your character likely wouldn't resort to murdering him for the benefit of the party, but rather attempting to remove him from the group some other way. The most obvious, most sensible, and potentially easiest solution would be to contact a relatively high authority of the religion of the Paladin's deity. They may be able to set him straight, remind him of what he stands for, and make something constructive out of the situation.

However, if you really feel like this has had enough of an effect on your character that they may be starting to reconsider their outlook on things, you might start changing their behaviour a little as a result, potentially even informing the GM that you don't believe Neutral Good suits your character's personality anymore and ask to shift your alignment to True Neutral. YOU are clearly wondering about how you might be rid of this guy, possibly in a permanent sort of way, so you should carefully think about if your character would be thinking the same thing.

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Using the poison would be an alignment changing act, I'd think. But it might be worth it...lol

I don't see the "poison = Evil" connection. There's literally nothing to support that. The actual problem with poison is as avr says.

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I agree this is probably a player problem and should be talked out either with the other player or with the GM.
Alternatively, leave the group either in character or in real life. Would this Wizard really put up with his crap? Should YOU?
Alternatively to alternatively, who is his deity? Make a Knowledge(Religion) check and point out what he's doing wrong. Someone who is a Paladin, who has sworn to themself to follow a set of ideals, should be concerned if someone points out to them something they should have realized immediately. If the character isn't concerned, the GM might get a hint and realize the character is nonsense and the player is being an a%~!!%*.

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You can have something with the heavy armour and all martial weapons proficiencies, Lay On Hands equivalent, and Channel Energy with the Warpriest, or you can have something that has a Smite equivalent and actively hunts down enemies of its deity but has a different general flavour for its suite of abilities with the Inquisitor. It depends on what about the Paladin you want to emulate. My point was that there are overall more similarities in the Warpriest class than in the Inquisitor class.

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I agree that Abadar is definitely the one to go with. An extremely urban Lawful deity with the Travel and Protection domains and the Legislation subdomain. If anyone is the deity of sidewalks, it's him.

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Warpriest follows the concept of martially-inclined divine combatant that most people want when they ask for any-alignment Paladins, and has abilities far closer to a Paladin than an Inquisitor does (with the exception of the Smite/Judgement equivalency).

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Archives of Nethys' Custom Search for spells may help you.

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Roswynn wrote:

I love that her hijab is more prominent now. It's so cool to have the iconic cleric of your favorite game/setting be an Arab woman, with all the cultural tidbits done right, too.

Her headwrap seems to be more of a protective piece of desert-wear than a religious garment. Nothing about Sarenrae or her church suggests hijab to be a thing (also, if you look closely, Kyra's wide sleeves expose part of her arm, the piece on her forearms being bracers).

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The new art definitely seems to make her clothing too wide, but on inspection that appears to be just from perspective. Comparing the old art and the new, all that has really changed is her posture and that she's added a much larger cloth wrap around the outside of her helmet (which also contributes to the illusion).

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A painting of Baba Yaga won't duplicate all the Permanencies she has on herself, it won't duplicate the Artifacts she's created, and it won't duplicate her Dancing Hut as her familiar.
Great Old Ones have the 300 foot Unspeakable Presence aura with various effects, so good luck dealing with that.
Also, the entire end goal is based on the precedent that Lamashtu ascended by killing a god with an army of Demons. We don't know HOW she did that and, since true deities have no stat blocks, affecting a deity in ANY WAY AT ALL is 100% up to the GM.
The entire premise is also built on assuming the GM will let you use this broken-ass template without any houseruling fixing it to work as intended.

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I'm going to agree that it's probably a simple mistake and that it's supposed to be Charisma mod. I don't think anyone actually bothered to proofread Ultimate Wilderness, so it's very likely.

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oholoko wrote:
Bloodrealm wrote:
Rysky wrote:
The ones on the cover of the Second Edition Bestiary.

Let's see... gotta find it here in the store...

OH MY GOD, THEY'RE SO CUTE! Yet also kind of awesome! Just like Kobolds!
That's fantastic! Finally something RIGHT about PF2!
Haha, i find them a bit weird as villains. I mean look at them, they are like lizard dogs.

I think they've got just enough vicious and clever in their look that it manages to show through, and they're cute without looking goofy. The ones on the cover look ORGANIZED, too, which is exactly how Kobolds work and what makes them a threat. I feel like the 5 there could take down that troll provided decent preparation... if it weren't for the hydra rampaging behind it.

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Rysky wrote:
The ones on the cover of the Second Edition Bestiary.

Let's see... gotta find it here in the store...

OH MY GOD, THEY'RE SO CUTE! Yet also kind of awesome! Just like Kobolds!
That's fantastic! Finally something RIGHT about PF2!

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6 Core Clerics and not a single one of them worshiped Best Girl Sarenrae?!

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
It's a brave new world. One in which we need to solve our rules problems through something other than Paizo telling us how to resolve them.

That's been happening all along; it's just nice to have some official rulings so everyone is on the same page.

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Pretty sure they haven't cared at all about PF1 for a lot longer than since the announcement of PF2.

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doomman47 wrote:
VoodistMonk wrote:
Have the druid use summon nature's ally and have an eagle deliver the message.
doesn't that only have a duration of 1 round per level?

Animal Messenger or Animal Ambassador is what you'd want.

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Warn the dragon. It will likely be able to easily go somewhere else or hide.

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Okay, so this makes it official that casters are being made even more powerful in addition to the sneaky minor nerfs we've seen to martials (mostly in the removal of basic combat rules in order to limit them to a specific class or require a feat tax and in the limitations of using up reactions) in the previous blogs. I'm guessing Mark was primarily put in charge of spellcasting and others were in charge of martial characters, since the design choices seem to point in opposite directions.
Overcasting is still a terrible idea. It gives way more spells to casters since they don't have to pick and choose which spells they want as much and just keeps increasing automatically. Undercasting would have been a far better choice. Hopefully, though, the heightened versions won't have radically different effects like in 5E or Starfinder and instead just add numerical bonuses.
The blog post also incorrectly cites that in PF1 you had to learn all previous analogous spells to get the new one.
I also personally dislike the way the spells all have the same name with overcasting (and the undercasting in Starfinder); I'd rather they a least have numerals for the different versions.
The 5E scaling cantrips is probably a bad call. Their numbers scaling a little bit would have been nice, especially with the inflated HP numbers, but they shouldn't be more powerful than a 1st-level spell and shouldn't be able to counter high-level magic with no cost.
I agree with others that "Spell Points" is a really awkward name for what it's used as.

I do like that healing is necromancy now, as it fits with the fluff of what necromancy is (manipulating life force). I wasn't horribly opposed with it being conjuration like some people were, but I think necromancy does fit better.
They way it's listed/formatted is slightly confusing, though. Are there only descriptors, now, instead of schools? Are there two schools to each spell, and then descriptors (e.g. Healing, Necromancy, Positive)? Are descriptors being renamed to schools?

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Elfteiroh wrote:

If you spend all 3 of your actions, it's a channel that heal everyone around you by your Spell Modifier (WIS for a cleric?), and hurt Undeads by the same amount (Will save for half).

BTW, the channel ability has been morphed to a certain number of free casting of that new Spell (In a playtest video, Kyra that had 18 WIS had 4 free casting, so that's probably related).

Wow, seriously? That's... really weak (even for PF1, and we know PF2 hit points are being inflated considerably) and also really unfortunate for the Cleric class.

Then again, PF2 is using the ridiculously bad idea of overcasting, so we have no way of knowing at this point what spells actually do what at which level and if something will or will not use a better version later on.
I guess none of that really matters, though, as it has already been confirmed that you can use General, Skill, and Ancestry feats to make any class fill any role perfectly fine, with a specific example given being a Barbarian that was the primary healer of a party and having none of that being related to being a Barbarian.

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There is the Fey Creature template that can be applied to basically anything, so they might be Fey Creature versions of normal races.

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Folks, this board is full of positive comments AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN THE PLAYTEST YET!

I have no way of knowing the folks at Paizo have been working their tails off to make something great, and will be working even harder in the next year to make the best possible product they can. And then they come on this board and get unconditionally praised by people WHO ARE SPECULATING ABOUT HOW GREAT IT ALL IS.

Withhold judgement until you've at least seen the thing! And keep it constructive!

Play on.

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So what I gather from the Alchemist so far is:
- Every Alchemist must love bombs, and bombs are a bonus on regular alchemical items (only beginning at 3rd level!) instead of a proper class feature.
- Alchemists need to choose between creating bombs and creating other useful things, since they're all just normal alchemical items.
- The splash damage on bombs is nearly worthless.
- If you like the Mutagen angle and want an Alchemist based more around that from the start, then too bad. Doubly so if you liked the idea of an Alchemist using transformative extracts in PF1.
- Alchemists suck at helping their friends, not only needing to give them the item and have them use the item, but also requiring Resonance expenditure to use the item.

Also, we now know that Craft(Alchemy) requires a feat on top of a skill and it requires a Wizard-like formula for each item.

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I'm 100% certain that I remember it was clarified that all fear is mind-affecting. It came as a response to whether or not being demoralized by Intimidate would affect the emotion component of psychic spellcasting.

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Wultram wrote:
Paladins? It is a loaded term and as such the class should have a more generic name. Paladin would remain as a in world term.

As I've said elsewhere, the issue could be resolved by having a class mechanically similar to Paladin, and having them choose a specialization requiring one of the four corner alignments with Paladin being the specialization for LG and Antipaladin being the one for CE. There would need tweaking to give them each different abilities, but it wouldn't be that hard and Seelah could remain a core iconic despite Paladin not technically being a class.

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Everyone saying that maybe resurrection sickness is a way to balance bringing people back to life must forget to actually use this in their games:

Raise Dead wrote:
Coming back from the dead is an ordeal. The subject of the spell gains two permanent negative levels when it is raised, just as if it had been hit by an energy-draining creature.

We HAVE resurrection sickness, and it takes both time and money to get rid of it (2000gp and more than a week to remove both negative levels if using Restoration). Resurrection gives just 1 negative level, but the spell costs twice as much as Raise Dead. Only True Resurrection doesn't give you any negative levels, and it costs five times as much as Raise Dead.

Fuzzypaws wrote:

Or in a setting where casting generates "instant runes" around you like in a lot of video games and anime, maybe you're identifying the manifestation of the runic patterns as they take form.

I frickin' LOVE instant runes and I fully support this.

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I'll try to suggest some less obvious ones (as opposed to the obvious stuff like affliction-removing spells and Searing Light):
Hedging Weapons wouldn't be terrible if there are incorporeals about. It won't give as big a deflection bonus as Shield of Faith (at 12th level it's +1 less before you throw any of the weapons), but it's a Force effect and you can throw the weapons for ranged Force damage.
Blessing of Courage and Life isn't anywhere near as good as Death Ward, but it's still nice and it's a 2nd-Level spell instead of 4th. It also gives its bonus against fear effects and you can dismiss it as a swift action for an emergency 1d8+10 heal.
Boneshaker is good because you can make an undead use up its immediate action to force it to make a basic move or attack, and you choose the movement or target. Mindless undead won't even get a save. It's also a nice damage spell when used against non-undead.
Burst of Radiance blinds things regardless of alignment, and it damages Evil creatures. It's also a 10ft. radius burst, targets Reflex (which a lot of undead won't be good at making), and still at least dazzles as a consolation prize if they do make the save.
Hide From Undead has a Greater version that doesn't automatically end when you do things.
Sign of Wrath could be useful if you're being surrounded. It also deals Force damage and has a built-in effect to exclude creatures from the effect (1 per 4 caster levels, so 3 in your case). Sign of Wrath is also another of the few useful Cleric spells that target Reflex.

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Merellin wrote:
So, Random question of the day! What is your favorite small sized race in Pathfinder? Personaly I'm liking Halflings, But am curious about other small races.

I have to agree with others that Kobolds are best. They're interesting visually, culturally, and mechanically, and they come in so many different colours and varieties, too! As a bonus, when the GM uses them, they have a built-in excuse to make them clever and challenging foes without making them individually powerful.

... Wait, someone actually likes Halflings other than for mechanical cheese?

LordKailas wrote:

Personally I like Blues.

Goblins that even goblins will kill on sight.


Because they are psionic bastards that have to be sneaky to survive.

I played one as part of an evil campaign. My character was the reason the group even worked together. I dominated everyone else and declared myself to be the leader. It worked great! :)

Blues are third-party. They're also just... small blue Hobgoblins.

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Most reroll abilities in Pathfinder are intended for outcomes of "wow, that was a really bad roll, not much worse I can do on that". Most of them are used after the die is rolled but before the actual outcome is announced, so if you're pretty sure that the natural 3 you rolled isn't going to cut it even after your modifiers, you can reroll and try your luck again.

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Since mindless undead don't use the subject's soul, I think a Paladin could tolerate working together with someone who did that as long as they used their undead minions for Good and the enemy was a big enough Evil to warrant needing to, but creating intelligent undead would probably be an automatic "nope, can't work with someone who does that".

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DarkPhoenixx wrote:

He does deliberately uses the amulet.

From what i get the character thinks he can do better than the town major so he entralled people to repair the houses that was burned during the attack. CN struck me as selfish alignment and that does not sound selfish.
On the other hand, he does frolick with girls from his flock and makes people listen to his preachings, whick he would not be able to do otherwise.

That sounds Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil to me. Fittingly, both of the deities that the text associates the magic item with are Lawful Evil and their followers (especially Asmodeus') would use the item in this exact way.

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The Vivisectionist Alchemist is a cool concept with using medical knowledge to enact precision hits via Sneak Attack and it fits with a more doctor/medicine-focused Alchemist adventurer than bombs do. Apparently PFS decided that the concept is pure evil and unheroic, though.

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PF2 isn't a spiritual successor to 4E, it's a mashup of 4E and 5E attempting to distance itself as far from PF1 as possible.

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Arssanguinus wrote:
All adventurers are really good everythings. Complete polymaths.

Considering at just 7th level you can jump 20 feet straight up into the air from a standing position just by being taught how to jump properly, I'm guessing it's closer to omnipotence than polymathy by 18th or so.

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Ckorik wrote:
You know it's funny - because no other system has a new GM advice that begins with 'Ban this rule because players will use it to be jerks' (Ban CE alignment because it doesn't work - first advice given to someone playing D&D/Pathfinder).

One example I can think of is Werewolf The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition, which specifically says to NOT have a game where the players are a pack of Black Spiral Dancers. They are the monsters among monsters and they are NOT something you have because it's cool to play the bad guys sometimes.

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I think you need to look at the Kineticist class again, because you don't seem to understand how it works.

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I'm pretty sure that by "wasting it", they mean "using it where it isn't required" rather than "whiffing it on an invalid target".

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What I meant was that if everything needs Resonance either consumed or invested, then small things like the Any-Tool won't get used. I didn't mean that if those things DON'T use Resonance then they won't get used; that'd be silly.

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Igwilly wrote:

Designers will be forced to come up with cool items and potions worth enough to spend a resonance point.

And they will no longer be able to create small, inexpensive items that aren't worth spending a Resonance point, like a Traveler's Any-Tool. Also, nobody will ever use things that are just cool to have because that eats into Resonance they might need for something mechanically important like "not dying".

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WhiteMagus2000 wrote:
I actually like this. I've been using 3/day wands for years and my players like them too (although we don't use them when doing APs). I hate running out of charges for my favorite wands and dislike when players burn 15 charges in a wand of cure light wounds, rather than play with good tactics.

Wands with charges per day sounds a LOT better than Resonance. A lot simpler, too, not to mention that the cheaper ones would still be useful even after you get a more powerful one.

I don't think the CLW wand spamming usually has to do with not playing with good tactics, but rather with extending the adventuring day so that you can keep playing.

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