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Mooncursed Barbarian
Archaeologist Bard
Eldritch Raider Rogue
Horticulturist Alchemist
The spell removing archetypes for Paladin and Ranger

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The Vivisectionist Alchemist is a cool concept with using medical knowledge to enact precision hits via Sneak Attack and it fits with a more doctor/medicine-focused Alchemist adventurer than bombs do. Apparently PFS decided that the concept is pure evil and unheroic, though.

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Dunno if I can pull out five, but I'll give it a shot.

#1: Elder Mythos Scholar (Wizard)
I played one of these through Strange Aeons, including a full illustrated campaign journal that was a blast to complete, and I really got a lot of fun out of the very thematically-appropriate archetype. Some class abilities were interesting in flavor, but didn't see use- particularly the little elixir thing they can make that makes you better at spotting and killing Mythos critters but sorta weaker with everything else. I never used it since the risk of picking the wrong day to quaff it and ending up fighting non-Mythos stuff far outweighed the potential benefits, but I liked the idea in concept.

#2: Chosen One (Paladin)
I love the concept of this one, if not how it ended up in practice (you're a slightly less-good fighter with a familiar buddy at 1st level, and some marquee paladin stuff gets pushed back just enough to be annoying). Still, young paladin getting help from a magical spirit guide is a fun idea I'd like to try sometime.

#3: Tinker (Alchemist)
I'm sorry, did you say I get a clockwork buddy? WHERE DO I SIGN UP? :D I understand this might be something built straight into alchemists in core, or at least an option to get later, but I'd love to have one right out the gate if it wasn't.

#4: Archivist (Bard)
I played one of these in Mummy's Mask. I like playing the person who knows All The Things, and if I can use that knowledge to directly assist my friends in a fight, well all the better. Haven't heard much about what PF2 bards might be like, but this could be a good alternate to the standard.

#5: Evangelist (Cleric)
Currently playing one in RotR. Got Lingering Performance, so I start every fight with my Pharasmin shouting "all who live must face her judgement!" to kick on my Inspire Courage and it's been a real blast.

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  • Freebooter (Ranger): What interests me with this archetype is that it changes the Ranger's very situational Favored Enemy bonus to something that can be used against every opponent. The ability to give a bonus to party members is a nice addition.
    Giving every Ranger the possibility of changing Favored Enemy to something universal, even if its less powerful, would make the class a lot more interesting to me.
  • Goliath Druid (Druid): The ability to change into large, and later huge, humanoids is fun and different enough from what the druid can normally do.
  • Swarm Monger (Druid): Similarly to the previous one, having a swarm companion is very different from what the druid normally does. The change in focus from pure nature to urban decay also expands the roleplaying possibilities when playing a druid.
  • Invulnerable Rager (Barbarian): Completely changes the focus of the barbarian from a nimble warrior to a one that charges head on with his willpower fueling him. Also expands roleplaying possibilities.
  • Urban Bloodrager (Barbarian): The ability to stay more in control while raging expands the possibilities of barbarians into more areas of expertise. The Bloodrager version is better, though, as it doesn't trade away its Fast Movement ability.

Scaled Fist/Tortured crusader/Sage Sorcerer/Eldritch Scion: I love archetypes which alter a dependent ability scores, as they can aid in non-standard multiclassing (such as monk-magus, or sorcerer/alchemist) to ajm for novel builds.

Eldritch Scoundrel and Child of Amaznen and Acavna: Giving casting to the muggles is good, in my opinion, as fighters in PF1E were possibly a little too straightford in play, abd casting gave them something to think about.

Guide Archetype for the ranger is cool, but kinda got superceeded by the Slayer, but was an interesting exploration of a varient on the ranger.

Virtuous Bravo: while getting 4x level to damage was certainly problematic, the VB was very cool as it was still a paladin, but traded out the 12th/13th century knightly aspects for a renaissance fencer.

Qinggong monk: "Monk as ascetic magician" was a very cool idea, allowing players to build a monk less focused on melee combat, and it opened up some nice build options for a class which was a little threadbare.

Bladebound (Magus): I love the hell out of this archetype. Not only is it just one of the best Magus archetypes given that it swaps out a mere one Arcana, a couple Arcane Pool points and the ability to gain a familiar for an amazing scaling magic item, but I love it as a story seed. I've put the Black Blades in every Pathfinder game I've run since Ultimate Magic came out. I know it's not core, but I a can't let it go.

Grenadier (Alchemist): I got really into Shovel Knight back when the Treasure Trove bundle came out, and I really liked playing as Plague Knight. That is all.

Chosen One (Paladin). Back in the early PF days, I played a Paladin who didn't know he was a Paladin. He didn't have an animal friend or anything; just a promise he made to no one in particular, a sword he picked up in the woods, and a scarf his mom made him. I liked that kid, and I'd love to have a chance to play him again.

Counterfeit Mage (Rogue): "Fake Mage who uses sleight of hand and carefully hidden wands and scrolls to keep up the illusion" is a character type I've liked for a while, and I'd like to see it represented well.

Armored Hulk (Barbarian): I just really like Berserk.

Edit: I thought of another.

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Titan Mauler - Barbarian
While I don't like how the mechanics work on the current version I love the concept and would love to see the kinks worked out.

Lore Warden - Fighter
I really loved playing my lore warden and enjoy the idea of a fighter that uses his knowledge as much as his weapons to overcome an enemy. I would also love a clearer system on what is learned with a knowledge check.

Phalanx - Fighter
This was my first Pathfinder character and what made me fall in love with the system.

Beastmaster - Ranger
I like how the animal companion options are opened up. I still want to play a halfling ranger with an ape companion that carries the halfling on his back.

Knife Master - Rogue
I love the concept, and would love to see it taken a bit further. Not just more damage with knives, but knife tricks and special attacks.

My top 5:
1) Arcane Duelist (Bard - APG)
2) Drunken Master (Monk - APG)
3) Weapon Adept (Monk - APG)
4) Lore Warden (original Fighter archetype)
5) Oathbound Paladin (Paladin - UM)

1) Sword Devil - I have a soft spot for spell-less options for classes that are partial classes.

2) Sohei - It's a nice change of pace being able to have an armored monk.

3) Lore Warden (The old one) - Lightly armored fighter with brains, couldn't get enough of it.

4) Scaled Fist - It's just cool.

5) The non-existent archetypes that lets sorcerers and wizards cast in heavy armors. A guy can dream!

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Okay, already gave my five core... but there is one more non-core archetype who's concept might be nice to see in some form at least; Living Grimoire from the inquisitor.
The idea of a priest who uses just his scholarly knowledge for his magic seems cool!~

You know, I really hate the "100% Lawful Good or become an NPC Class forever" Paladin with a passion... but I hate the "Gray Paladin" archetypes/PrCs so much more.

Especially when they say your Paladin can get away with "90% Lawful Good" but then allow characters to be Neutral Evil most of the time "for the greater good".

Just fix the g*#$$~ned class/alignment issue already.

My Top Five:

  • Archaeologist Bard
  • Make Magician Bard or Pathfinder Savant a generic archetype.
  • Gunslinger Fighter and a weaker Gunslinger for non-Fighters.
  • Make each Sorcerer Bloodline into a separate archetype with more diverse abilities.
  • Shapeshifter as a generic.

Mutagenic Warrior. Because it was fun to have your Strength going to uncharted territory.

Flowing Monk: Tough choosing between Zen Archer and this one. But to be honest Monk archetypes are really well designed and should serve as ground work for PF2.

Chronomancer: This is my favorite archetype. Wonderful support abilities, wonderful flavor and works well with Transmutater Wizard which is a good and fun build.

Kensai Magus: My first dexterity to melee build. Very strong and fun.

Elemental Ascetic: This archetype is weak. But I put in here so that the dev know how much I want to play a strong character from Avatar.

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Constructed Pugilist, for the Brawler. I just really liked the overall feeling this archetype gave, in a way that nothing in the game could match. Go go gadget grappling hook fist!

The Vivisectionist, for the Alchemist. God, what's NOT to like here? Sneak Attacks? Death Watch? Baleful Polymorph? It's loaded with flavour, and it's got some really powerful options to boot.

Tattooed Sorcerer, for (surprise!) the Sorcerer. Same as above- powerful options and a TONNE of flavour, which is what I love most in an Archetype.

Virtuous Bravo, for the Paladin. It really gave some intense fun stuff that meshed well with the paladin, and the ability to have a nimble paladin was just really fun. Same goes for the Holy Gun (haha, 6 fave archetypes!)

Skirmisher, for the Ranger. I've never been super into the spellcasting Rangers got, so the combat tricks this archetype gave made a much more earthy feeling ranger. Loved it!

1.Nature Fang (druid) sometimes you don't want to turn in to an animal and instead be an archer or something.
2. Archaeologist (bard) rogue+bard=awsome. And sometimes you want to be the awesome one instead of making your party awesome.
3. Vivisectionist bombs are not for everyone and this one works great for melee alchemists.
4. Flowing Monk controlling the battlefield with aoo combat maneuvers.
5. Eldritch Scoundrel and Sylvan Trickster they sadly don't stack. But they give nice things to the rogue.

1. Asmodean Advocate (Cleric). Lawyer with viper familiar. It's thematic and effective
2. Tattooed Sorcerer. Familiar tattoo and related effects are great.
3. Sacred Servant (Paladin). Having the ability to call planar allies is cool. It's a pity it's too little too late.

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Hmmm great question!!

Honestly, I don't think there are any archetypes I can't live without. But for sheer fun factor, I really like Bloodragers as a class. So any archetype that either adds a similar style to sorcs or barbs.

Also can we please have something to allow us to use large weapons? Any sort of archetype like Titan Fighter/Titan mauler (sorry to say but Titan mauler was executed horribly but the idea was cool).

Other than those I would like to second the requests already for Knife master and scout rogues.

Thanks for the opportunity for input. Can't wait to get my hands on the play test!

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1) Arcane Duelist (Bard)
2) Archaeologist (Bard)
3) Chiurgeon (Alchemist)
4) Storm Druid (Druid)
5) Virtuous Bravo (Paladin)

1) Martial Artist (Monk) Physical perfection without the mystical bits, and so much knowledge of how a body works that they can exploit an enemy's weak spots.

2) Lore Warden (Fighter) (the original one) A smart fighter who knows where to hit for maximum effect, and where to apply leverage to take down an opponent.

3) Skirmisher (Ranger) Nature's fighter without the magic

4) Sound Striker (Bard, some abilities definitely need a rework) Complete control of sound for maximum effect. Who needs physical weapons?

5) Cryptbreaker (Alchemist) Changed mutagen, and an expert against specific enemies

From my very limited knowledge of 2e I can't say much, but in general I'd love to see:

1)Bladebound Magus. It doesn't have to be for Magus, but just an archetype where the main thing is you have a magical weapon with you that grows alongside you.

2) Tortured Crusader Paladin. Love having more option than just Charisma for a Paladin, and the motif of a person who has just seen too much and needs to maybe open up again to others is cool. Maybe just make it more generalized, like a non-LG paladin. Oath of Vengeance Paladin from 5e is an example of what I mean.

3) Dancing Dervish. More dancing bards in general.

4) Lore Warden. A real intelligent Fighter for those who like Fighters, but also want to have more options with them rather than just ''good at X weapon''.

5) Mooncursed Barbarian. Change the way it is currently written, make it a basic ''Totem'' barbarian where they can shapeshift and gain advantages like the Animal Focus from the Hunter or the actual totems we have no.

So glad to see this. I love it when devs go straight to the fans to see what they like. Here's my top 5 (in no particular order)

  • Archaeologist (Bard)- Bard has a unique blend of magic, combat, and skills, and the archaeologist lets you have that without also having to be a performer, while also allowing you to fill the rogue role in a party.
  • Ecclesitheurge (Cleric)- Makes the cleric closer to a divine wizard.
  • Tattooed Sorcerer (Sorcerer)- Gets you a unique familiar and some nice abilities, plus really nice flavor.
  • Carnivalist (Rogue)- Not a big fan of the weakened sneak attack, but the concept of a rogue using a familiar to distract enemies and marks is really cool.
  • Winged Marauder (Alchemist)- Have you ever wanted to be your own B-17? This archetype is all kinds of cool. It would be nice to see it get a bit more unique abilities, as well as possibly losing the race restriction.

* Monk of the Four Winds (Monk) (Also include more aspects for 17th level!)

* Trapfinder (Rogue) (Also the Snare Setter kobold racial archetype)

* Shifter (needs to be an archetype of the Druid that trades spells and animal companion for upgraded shapeshifting, or is otherwise somehow closer to D&D's 3.5 Shifter)

* Swiftblade (never got moved over from D&D, but would be an interesting archetype of the Wizard or maybe Rogue)

* Warlock (could be a decent Sorcerer or devil-based Summoner archetype, trading fewer spells available for at-will use of them. A sorcerer is almost literally a watered-down-by-bloodline warlock, anyway.)

I don't usually play core classes, unless its a means to get into a prestige class.

Scaled Fist Monk - Dragon asteic aside, I like the flip from wisdom to charisma.

Halcyon Druid - I love masks (in roleplaying games) and any ability to cheat spells from other spell lists.

Eldritch Scoundrel Rogue - A much better path for a sneaky spellcaster, rather than Arcane Trickster

Steelbound Fighter - I love sticking to one kind of weapon on my martial types and having the ability to transform any weapon (of the same kind) into my unique weapon is right up my ally. It being intelligent is just a bonus.

No fifth. Like I said, I generally don't play core classes because they don't appeal to me. I mean, archetypes like the Blade Adept could easily be a wizard archetype but that isn't what your'e asking.

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Weapon Master Fighter
Urban Barbarian
Goliath Druid
Arceologist Bard
Freebooter Ranger

1) Titan Mauler/Titan Fighter: It's a cool enough concept that it was used for the background for Amiri, but it never ended up working particularly well, a new edition is a great time to remedy that.

2) Archaeologist Bard: It manages to feel like an entirely different class by losing bardic performance in exchange for other goodies, but works well thematically and mechanically.

3) Oathbound Paladin: Not only versatile with the multiple oaths available, it's also one of the few archetypes that's essentially founded on Roleplay. More of those in general would be great!

4) Scrollmaster Wizard: I wouldn't be surprised if this is the only time this archetype appears in this thread, but it remains a boldly unique archetype that has interesting synergies with the Eldritch Knight type builds. It's mostly just hampered by the increasingly high gold upkeep at higher levels.

5) I was going to put Crossbowman Fighter here, but I'll forgo this one in favor just asking for crossbows not to be strictly inferior to bows in all respects.

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1. Sorcerer: Empyreal Bloodline

2. Ranger: Dandy

3. Monk: Zen Archer

4. Druid: Nature Fang

5. Barbarian: Urban

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its not a core class archetype but i dont think its hard to put it on a cleric: the living grimoire arhetype for inquisitor.

divine paragon clerics are fun

its not directly an archetype but it works similar, the bloodline familiar option for sorceror bloodlines where you get a familiar with a appropiate power instead of the first level power

high guardian fighter was really cool.

hrm, dont remember much more right now

5 total is far to little so I'm doing one per class (other than wizards. They don't have any good Archetypes, I would make picking an arcane school similar to picking an archetype).

Alchemist: Winged Marauder (who doesn't like a goblin bomber on a direct bat)

Bard: Arcane Duelist (there is nothing that I can say to express how much I love this)

Barbarian: Mooncursed is super thematic

Cleric: Cloistered

Druid: Goliath/Suarian (same reason: Giants/megafauna/dinosaurs make everything cooler)

Fighter: just make Eldritch Knight an archetype

Monk: Zen Archer

Paladin: Empyreal Knight

Rogue: Scout for being a gorilla fighter, knife master because daggers > shortswords

Ranger: Shifter should just be an archetype

Sorcerer: Tattoos were amazing

1.) Barbarian: Titan Mauler but would like better mechanics as others have said.I have a level 17 in PFS and he is awesome.

2.) Samurai: Sword Saint, love this for making the class have the ability to study this style for flavor and mechanics. For a speed class though it should apply dex to damage and attack for the katana. I had to dip swashbuckler just to get it.

3.)Witch: Winter Witch, like this archtype and Prestige Class, however it is kind of has underwhelming abilities. I understand not being able to take spells with the fire descriptor but there should be an option to change the descriptor to ice.

4.)Rogue: Knife Master because I just like it.

5.)Wizard: Sword Binder, just because Wizard with Great Sword... With a dip in Titan Fighter.

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If the archetypes are being "Fixed", then I'd include Ragechemist Alchemist and Trapper Ranger. Ragechemist because the idea of a character who gets stronger as they get harmed is cool, but the execution meant that a Ragechemist was more of a danger to themselves rather than enemies. Trapper because the idea of using traps to fight and outwit the enemy is cool, but requires setup time (which is rare), enemies have multiple chances to spot, avoid, or just save against the traps (which is common because the DCs are typically lower), and the traps themselves are pretty weak compared to ranger spells or just shooting a bow at them.

As for otherwise:
Gunchemist Alchemist: Good solid Alchemist archetype, pretty much functions as you'd want an Alchemist with a gun to function.

Scrollmaster Wizard: Because I like the idea of a Wizard smacking people with rolls of paper and books.

Master of Many Styles Monk: Because, quite honestly, style feats are probably the best content in the game and if possible I'd play a MoMS in every game to use them more.

Siegebreaker Fighter: It's just a fun archetype, being able to smash through people and actually do damage with it as a class feature, instead of one or the other while being forced into chains of feats to do it.

Vexing Dodger Rogue: I like the idea of being able to ride enemies and stab them like Shadow of the Colossus or Dragon's Dogma.

Words of Power Bard: Not really an archetype, but Words of Power should come back.

I don't play a ton, mostly Fighter or Alchemist as far as core classes go. So here is my list of stuff I'd like to see:

Aldori Swordlord: Really great dex physical tank. If it can get evasion in 2e that'd be even better. Really fun to play.

Mindchemist: Actually really cool thematically, and while it makes knoledge checks super easy, in reality it kinda falls flat in battle due to most thinks being geared towards physical. With higher proficiency in spells/potions, I could see this one working really well.

Chirurgeon: I just like the idea of variable healers or at least off-healing type classes, and an alchemist always seemed like such a cool idea for it. Its too bad taking an action to drink is horrible, and that you're fairly limited on everything. Would love to see them get some love.

Lore Warden: Absolutely love the original one because of how ridiculously strong it was as an intelligence based fighter. The idea of using your opponents weaknesses and anatomy against themselves really was an awesome feeling. Plus it gives a better option other than just a Str fighter.

Fungal Pilgrim: Really love the idea of a darklands druid infusing themselves and their pet with the fungus found throughout the darklands. Sadly it doesn't actually do too much thematically other than turn your pet into a plant type and give it more Str/Con. Would love to see it expanded upon a bit more, or any of the Darklands archetypes. But Fungus is just the coolest.

1. Fighter-Cad. Wasn't the best mechanically but I loved the "lightly armored, fights dirty" feel

2. Barbarian- Mooncursed. Different ways of expressing rage is cool and it's hard to beat turning into a tiger or your animal of preference

3. Paladin- Divine Hunter. Archer paladins are cool and the ability to heal allies from the back of the fight instead of tanking hits from the front while still being "paladin-y" is pretty sweet.

4. Druid-Swarm Monger. It's one of the archetypes I tell people about when I try to convince them to switch to Pathfinder, and I love how unique it is

5. Bard-Mute Musician. Cool roleplaying opportunities mixed with Elder Mythos powers, what's not to love? I personally really like archetypes that can be "lost" by breaking a rule or stricture.

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1. Qinggong Monk! I don't think there's any other archetype that fascinates me as much. That said, I would like it if it weren't quite so restrictive. Give them access to more spells, and let them cast just a little more. As it stands, they can burn through their ki pretty fast.

2. Goliath Druid! Become the giant rampaging monster you always wanted to be!

3. Pact Wizard! It doesn't really do anything, but it just oozes flavor. When I read the archetype, I immediately wanted to play an evil wizard slowly being redeemed by a celestial patron.

4. Empyreal Knight! If I'm going to play a paladin, I'm going all out. Bronzed angelic skin, a holy steed, and a celestial ally by my side!

5. Armiger! I think the Hellknights are one of the most interesting setting bits in Golarion, and anything that helps set you up to join them is a winner in my book. If you start the game under the conceit that you're an already an armiger in training, it helps circumvent that weird situation where this random guy just walks in and joins the order with no prior association. I just wish the archetype itself did a little bit more.

Zealot vigilante

Phantom thief rogue

One of the charisma based monk preferably nornkith

Urban barbarian/bloodrager

Eclesiastitheruge cleric

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1.Divine Hunter for Paladin, while the current version isn't really worth it, archer paladins very fun in PF1 so I would like to see this reworked.

2.Menhir Savant for Druid, mostly as an excuse to have more leyline lore but also for the flavor of a druid who hunts out the impure.

3.Something mechanically like Razmiran Priest for Sorcerer but re-fluffed to be more a deity following sorcerer who gains some holy-themed benefits.

4.Royal Alchemist for Alchemist as the interaction with with any new poison rules could be cool

5.A redesigned Crossbowman for Fighter so that crossbows can be good as a main weapon.

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The Eldritch Scoundrel Rogue. Magical tricksters will never not be fun.

The Drunken Master Monk. A dizzying flurry of blows that leaves everyone, even the monk, off balance is a great visual.

The Construct Rider Alchemist. I mean, come on. Who doesn't want to ride a metal dragon that breathes explosives?

The Thundercaller Bard. Stunning enemies with empowered cries of STOP BEING AN A@#&%$@ has been one of my more entertaining gaming experiences.

The Arrowsong Minstrel Bard. This is the only archetype that really caught a Robin Hood vibe in my opinion. Using a Tuned Bowstring to have my bow sing a song of battle is also just cool.

I always got my mileage out of mulit-classing but did enjoy some of the archetype designs. I gravitate towards archetypes that let me change the overall assumptions of a class and help me do what I envision.

Emissary Cavalier. This was the only way for me to throw down on cavalier. I was able to trade heavy armor for medium and get mobility out of the class. Also, helped not being so reliant on the mount.

Cloistered Cleric. Not the best trade offs but it gotsome much needed skills (knowledge in particular) to the cleric. It also synergized well with my muli-classed monk build.

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I will readily admit that I haven't played too too much of the core classes other than paladin, and since the Gunslinger, Brawler, or Vigilante aren't in the playtest, I suppose I can go on a bit about my favorite Paladin Archetypes, which admittedly isn't that many. Too many fall into the trap of getting rid of Divine Grace, and in return give something that isn't all that good.

1: Oath of Vengence. OoV is a good paladin oath for those more interested in destroying evil. It gets rid of Channel Energy, something that I've never once used when playing my paladin save for one rare circumstance when it was useful.

2: Chosen One. Functionally you're only losing Divine Bond at 5th to gain a familiar at 1st, who grows in power over time. I did enjoy the one-shot I played with my angel-disguised kitty cat.

3: Tempered Champion. Paladin Spellcasting sucks and I often forget that I have spells, and since they have to be prepared ahead of time more often than not I don't have the right spells prepared at the time. That and being in a party with multiple magic users, I'd rather play with bonus feats and scaling weapon damage.

4: Shining Knight- Cool little Cavalier-like archtype, nothing more nothing less.

5: Warrior of the Holy Light- I like the fluff behind this one, however the mechanics of it aren't really that good unless you have a large party, or are bringing an army.

Now for 5 that either need to be re-done, or scrapped entirely:

1: Silver Champion: All around bad, gives up way too much for a mount that doesn't scale.

2: Holy Gun: While the ability to wield guns efficiently isn't a problem, what is a problem is the gimping on Smite Evil, having it go from an "until combat ends" to "one attack a day" until Divine Grit kicks in, and even then it's still bad."

3: Grey Paladin: Most DM's houserule the paladin's don't need to be Lawful Good, and even if that isn't the case, this archtype is just terrible all around save for the ability to smite non-good creatures.

4: Empyreal Knight: Trading Divine Grace for the ability to speak Celestial is a horrible trade and nobody should ever make it.

5: Hospitalar: Seperating Channel Positive Energy from Lay on Hands does not help the fact that channeling at -3 is horrible, and is not worth losing smite, mercy, and Aura of Justice over.

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These are just off the top of my head, so I don't know if they're really my Top Five. In no particular order:

1) Tattooed sorcerer (sorcerer, Inner Sea Magic) - I adore the aesthetic and flavor this archetype brings.

2) Divine paragon (cleric, Divine Anthology) - The cleric may be effective, but it's boring as sin and feels the same regardless of deity. This archetype makes clerics of different deities actually feel different.

3) Vivisectionist (alchemist, Ultimate Magic) - I love the idea of an alchemist focused on (sometimes violent and nonconsensual) surgery. I'd love to see it get more of a "doctor" spin, especially with the new healing options that have been hinted at.

4) Sister-in-arms (cavalier, Adventurer's Guide) - Yes, I know it's one of mine. The mundane commander/protector role is one of my absolute favorites (see 4e's warlord class), and I'd like to see a new form of that.

I haven't come up with a fifth yet... I may return after some research (and sleep) with better answers. ^_^

EDIT: That was fast.

5) Oath of loyalty (paladin, Ultimate Magic - I love acting as a shield and protector, rather than using the raw destructive power of smite evil.

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Those are cool. But as for your number 2 I’d almosr rather deific differences were somehow baked into the cake so to speak. In the base class.

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Arssanguinus wrote:
Those are cool. But as for your number 2 I’d almosr rather deific differences were somehow baked into the cake so to speak. In the base class.

Agreed - that's a big reason I mentioned it. The more that PF2's base cleric resembles the divine paragon, the happier I'll be. ^_^

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1) Vivisectionist: What's to say, it's the perfect mad surgeon archetype.
2) Promethean alchemist/homunculist: i list them together because they occupy a similar conceptual space. I love the pssibility of creating your own creature via alchemical experimentation. They could also be made in an intelligence-based archeype for the summoner.
3)The animal shaman archeypes: fun and thematic, they really make every druid feel unique.
4)Chosen one:magical girls paladins. Enough said.
5)Lore warden:because i want to be able to play a smart fighter build that is both fun and performing.

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Top five archetypes that would help me 'port my homebrew campaign to PF2 would be:

Vivisectionist (alchemist) for medicinal perposes.

Evangelist (cleric) for preaching to folk.

Corsair (fighter) for being a Sea Dog.

Rake (rogue) for the ladies.

The fifth is for my wife:

Mad Dog (barbarian) for the animal companion.

I can't think of any good choices off the top of my head, but there's one thing that should be true of the archetypes in the first little bit.

You should focus on getting archetypes out for classes that don't have as many "swapable packages" built in. Like how the Sorcerer has bloodlines and the Wizard has schools and the cleric has domains, and the druid has a choice of a few nature bonds and so on, so those classes don't need archetypes as urgently as say, fighter or barbarian.

That's my 2 cents anyways.

Scarab Sages

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Alchemist - Mad Scientist (Horror Adventures) or Mindchemist (Ultimate Magic)

Barbarian - Mooncursed (Horror Adventures) or Titan Mauler (Ultimate Combat

Cleric - Blossoming Light (Adventurers Guide

Fighter - Mutation Warrior (Advanced Class Guide) or a Sanguine Angel (prestige class from Adventurers Guide)

Wizard - Thassilonian Magic type, for pure world flavour

Bonded Wizard With the attention magic items are receiving, it would be a crime not to extended this towards the most dedicated practitioner in the form of a wizard and his bonded item. So much potential with the new edition.

Goliath Druid Turns into giants, has an oversized pet, summons prehistoric monsters to fight for him ... what's not to love?

Herald Caller A faithful cleric specialized in calling a host of powerful outsiders to battle the enemies of his deity? Sign me up.

Mounted Fury If the mounted rules are solid in the PF2's first year, few things would lure me to a Shoanti Outrider than knowing his mount will fall into a rage right underneath him.

Phantom Thief What's not to like about an elite and already wealthy thief who will take on a heist just because it's a thrilling challenge? Great urban theme that contrasts against the wilder throws of Golorian.

Grand Lodge

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Nature Fang Druid
Evangelist Cleric
Freebooter Ranger I hate racism as a class feature.
Martial Master Fight martial flexibility was an amazing mechanic.
Wild Blooded Sorcerers Sylvan!

Grand Lodge

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Angelfire Apostle - Channeling is fun, especially when damaging undead or other enemies via cleansing flames.

Crusader - some people like the idea of the pure healer cleric, but I prefer to play the original concept of the warrior cleric.

Flowing Monk - All martial arts styles should be showcased for the monk and the Flowing Monk is an excellent example of what a soft style monk should be.

Tattooed Sorcerer - dripping with flavor and the living Tattoo concept is very cool.

Knifemaster - classic staple of fantasy books. Love it.

Grand Lodge

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1. Red Mantis Assassin - Rogue: This one is technically a Prestige Class, but it never really felt like it came into its own until UnRogue came out and made it more viable. The flavor is amazing, but the mechanics always felt a bit off. Making this a rogue archetype feels like it'd fix some of the issues with the PrC. On the other hand, this is an alignment-restricted LE class, so perhaps this doesn't need a place in the first few books. But I'd love to see it carry over to 2E!

2. Lore Warden - Fighter: This arechetype creates a nice alternative to the "big stupid fighter" character.

3. Feyspeaker/Skinshaper - Druid: I've always felt that druids and fey both have a sort of supernatural connection to nature and the world around them, yet druids have fairly little of that "fae feel" to them. I feel like combining these two classes into one would keep the feel of an intrigue-based druid that can transform into other humanoid shapes, while adding in a proper fey flavor to the class.

4. Freebooter - Ranger: I love archetypes that open up new ways to use the classes' main class abilities, and Freebooter fundamentally changes the Favored Enemy bonus to act as a sort of inverse inspire courage.

5. Master of Many Styles - Monk: Styles are a nice way to make a monk feel unique. MoMS opens up a viable alternative to only following a single style.

Oh, right, blossoming light. I knew I was forgetting something. ^_^

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