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Neadenil Edam wrote:
Nightdrifter wrote:
Maybe it's just me, but Kingmaker has always seemed like an appropriate subtitle for PFO.

Except Kingmaker was the name of the final expansion pack for Never Winter Nights II.

Aside from the name already being taken and hence confusing, the NWN Kingmaker was a rather dodgy repackage of a fan created mini-campaign that added pretty much nothing over and above what you got with the free version.

Not an auspicious choice of names.

If you aren't tabletop savvy, Kingmaker is also the name of the Pathfinder Adventure Path that takes place in the river kingdoms. If anyone hasn't played it but wants to play tabletop I highly recommend it. If for no other reason than to find out that centaurs are terrible abominations of man and horse and must be slaughtered for the atrocities they've committed to horse-kind.

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"Hold" is just the name of the new bug where you can't move when you login, as if under the effects of a hold person spell.

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KarlBob wrote:
I do hope that. While they're dropping out of the regional agreement, they might want to drop the local alliance, too. I dunno.

Ah! Well I don't want to speak for them, but I'm pretty sure the goal is for us to all become closer in the days to come, not the other way around.

Talonguard never joined the highlander pact, but no worries, we still love you. TEO's NAP covers what were the important parts of the highlander pact for us, and our local agreement covers everything else. It's probably the same for Kabal.

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KarlBob wrote:
<Kabal> Pexx wrote:



Fair enough. Good luck to ya.

(Personally, I hope that at least Tavernhold and Stoneroot Glade maintain good relations, because I've been planning to train cleric and rogue.)

With the 3 of us in an alliance, I think you have nothing to fear there.

Edit: May have misunderstood context. I originally read that as you hoping Tavernhold maintains good relations with Stoneroot glade.

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I walk a lot of new players through the alpha from my settlement.

Things we've heard less that are just as frustrating to new players:

Having no idea what feats to train without reading an out of game guide thoroughly
- This is fine for the minority that keep up on the forums and read things every day. Not great for bringing new people into the game. A "role help" screen with basic descriptions of what feats do (in layman's terms) that you could bring up in game would go a LONG way.
The lack of decent tooltip information
- "What's streak mean on this ability?"
- "What does leaving yourself "open" do?"
- "When do things have opportunity and how do I tell?"
The lack of any notification for what you've looted
- This makes killing things feel less rewarding and makes you check your inventory constantly in the hope that you can tell what's new.

So many people on the forums have already brought up:

The auction house UI, no one I know likes it, some people moderately tolerate it while others just avoid it.
- People want to search for something and have the results show up, not have to click on each item to see if it is in stock, in all of its different forms.
- It'd be nice if just clicking on "Heavy Armor" brought up all of the armor results.
Teleport bugs
Heavy Armor Mages
- I was hoping to one day play a magus, but this isn't exactly what I was going for
Also Teleport bugs (desynchs or whatever you want to call them)

The most common question I get is "Do you think this game will be good, you know, like a year from now?".

I've seen the improvements from patch to patch and I have a lot of faith that the game could be good in about a year. I'd love for there to be more to do in Early Enrollment than there is now.

A better tutorial might be a good thing. Maybe even role-based tutorials that are far more in depth and don't make permanent expenditures of your experience that you don't want to make. The main complaint from people (other than crafters) has been "I really just have no idea on direction or what to do in this game."

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Talonguard is excited to have you, and all of Elysian, settling with us. We look forward to fighting along side of you in the battles to come! I might have to go find something evil to poke at this rate.

P.S. It looks like the twins will stay together after all...

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Talonguard Council
- Contact can go to <Magistry> Athansor, or <Magistry> Toombstone if needed

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Okay, I'll catch you tomorrow. The Ash Knights don't yet exist, unfortunately, as they cannot until the full company system is instituted. They are intended to be a non-chartered company primarily used for communication. Generally people in the ash knights will also be in another company within Talonguard.

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Neadenil Edam wrote:

Or simply uninterested leadership.

The settlements that are currently active and involved in Alpha are the ones that will be in the game for the long term. The ones where the leadership are "waiting for EE" and off playing TT or other MMOs and relying on high landrush numbers to see them through may well, as you say, just disappear.

Some of the inactive larger settlements may get a shock and take action and recover but many will not. It will be interesting times.

I wouldn't count on this being true. I've been in alpha almost every day for several weeks, but I'm just one person in my settlement. Others have come and gone and reappeared throughout with little interest in playing through the bugs and desynchs. Ultimately though you'll see a much different turnout for Early Enrollment than you do for alpha with participation in alpha having little to do with the success of settlements. Some of the most active players I know from previous gamse just gave up on the alpha since they were never able to get to and stay with us very long. Even the "restart from patcher" trick didn't always save them from teleportation to a location 20+ minutes away.

If the servers can't handle the influx of players and these desyncs become a regular thing then what you say might be right, but it'll be because of a massive drop in the number of people playing the game. A lot of hardcore players just don't want to play in alphas due to bugs and/or lack of any real progress. These people have bought into the game, I think it's reasonable to assume they'll be playing it when it hits EE as long as the majority of kinks are worked out.

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Xeen wrote:
<Magistry> Athansor wrote:

Aren't all of the NPC settelements getting wiped except for Thornkeep?

They were supposed to, Ryan made a post recently that said they are not.


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Hey Xev,

When are you usually online? The escalations are quite a hassle to work on but I enjoy killing things so wouldn't mind getting together if you're around. We'll have more concerted efforts to clear escalations once the alpha ends.

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Nihimon wrote:

I've said it before, but I hate combat that feels like "chopping wood". There's no real risk - unless I make a stupid mistake - but it takes a long time to grind through the mob's hit points. I had kind of assumed the Goblin Ghouls we were facing in the Escalations around us were Tier 2 mobs since they were so hard to kill.

I want my challenges to come from other players. They'll do things I never expected, and there's no guarantee at all that what I did last time will be effective this time.

PVP certainly makes it easier, and is probably the most enjoyable repeat content. Unfortunately in a lot of games that becomes repetitive as well. You recognize names, what they're capable of and what they're likely to do. You also learn common tactics for different roles, what the most effective means of locking people down are, etc. In a skill based game it'll be better as there are more possible surprises, so I'm looking forward to that.

As far as PVE, it doesn't have to feel like chopping wood to have a challenging encounter. There's no reason it has to be long and tedious. Some of my favorite encounters from games were short. I've done a lot of PVE and a lot of PVP across a ton of games and I just appreciate well designed content.

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Aren't all of the NPC settelements getting wiped except for Thornkeep?

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Nihimon wrote:
It's fun to run around and kinda dominate stuff.

I'm actually on the other side of that coin. Dominating things just gets boring fast, and I like a challenge that can't be overcome simply by throwing more people at it. Maybe it's because I have a background in "breaking content" in theme park games. The most enjoyable moments in those involved dying repeatedly to find and perfect tactics that defeat the encounter. In a sandbox game I don't imagine that experience coming up, but I at least want a challenge, and again, preferably one that can't be overcome just by throwing more bodies at it.

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Blacklight overlay in my opinion.

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Back on topic... If we're seeing desynching issues from there being too much server activity now, there are going to be 3x as many people (if not more) as soon as early enrollment goes live.

I just really want people to stick around and for the servers to be active and healthy when the game goes live.

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Jakaal wrote:
I'm ok with no delay, even without a single other thing added, if the baleful teleports, rock to mud spells dropping me through the world, and ethereal filtchers are all caught and killed.

^ - That. If we have to wait 2 weeks before that's fixed, I'll gladly do so. Had another guildmate experience a rollback as well.

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For Magistry members in alpha, the company has been setup. You can find it in the company search and send in your application.

* This is also a good excuse to bump this thread.

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We have a lot of companies in Talonguard, and should have a few setup in EE but not sure how many will make it into Alpha. Certainly Steel City Knights with Malfaetor, and Magistry. The Ash Knights are intended to be a non-chartered company that will be made up of members from many of the different chartered companies at our settlement

Feel free to register on our forums at:

Feel free to message me with any questions you might have.

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GW: Fix the link! Patcher failed for me so I need to redownload. :p

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As for actual early enrollment, will we still have a week or two after it goes live before the War starts or will it begin as soon as EE does?

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I'm going to agree that another month delay would be beneficial to the game. The patches do seem to have a real impact on the game and I feel like they can get a lot sorted in a month.

My biggest gripe is honestly with the combat systems. Animation, ability timing, etc have all been a big turn off for people I drag into the alpha. Everything you do in the game just seems to have a delay. Some sort of signifier that an ability is "queue'd" might help.

Not being able to read tooltips that flow off the screen is incredibly frustrating for people trying to learn how abilities pair together.

Another +1 on company management functionality being important.

I'd rather keep waiting for a solid MVP then have players driven away from the game before it has a chance to really get going.

Also, just a small graphics suggestion... Turn down the gloss! Everything in the game is just too shiny. Some trees and rocks look like they're made out of balloons depending on the angle you're seeing them from.

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I'm not sure if this has been addressed in other threads as I'm just getting caught up on a lot of things.

Is there a chance we can have the main road outlined better on the in-game map when it's updated?

Are the guards that are currently implemented in the game the extent of what we'll be seeing in Early Enrollment or will there be more/better ones along the main road?

I've been guiding people around a bit and these 2 things have popped up as questions a few times.


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Toombstone got a new apartment recently and you should start seeing a bit more of him soon as he gets settled into the new place and a routine with the new job.

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Yeah, I was on earlier, but I've still been using alpha just to try different builds and do some exploration, I have a character logged out by Talonguard, but they're mostly gathering skills. I'll have to run off to trainers nearby before facing escalations with them.

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I updated your access to the forums RHMG, the Magistry mumble information was posted in there for Talonguard members to use for now.

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Just a bump, as we get closer to EE we'll be coordinating some more on our own forums and I wanted to bring attention to those looking over these boards.

See the post above for a link to the Talonguard forums.

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Hi Xevious,

We'd be happy to talk about your interest in the game and offer you a home. You can follow-up with us on the following forums; you'll have to register for access:

Talonguard Forums

RHMG mentioned us becoming a crafting settlement which is true but kind of misleading from our end-game goals. We've chosen crafting as our settlement type for the War of the Towers to round out our involvement with our neighbors. Since we're on the crossroads we have quite a few Taverns going up around us and the auction house will suit our location. We have Fighter/Wizard/Cleric/Rogue training all available from close-by neighbors that we have great relationships with so all "role" training will be covered for our members. The auction house lets us offer our neighbors something worthwhile in return.

War of the Towers will only last so long though, and once settlements offer a better level of control over the buildings within them Talonguard will offer class training. Post-War settlement focus will stick to our original plan for development of those things best suited to protection of the settlement first, class training with a focus on Fighter/Wizard and the auction house will probably remain a staple of our settlement just based on our location near the road.

Andius: Thanks for looking out for us!
Jazz: No worries!

You can delete or ignore this. All of my ordering has been worked out. :)


My bank authorized the transaction for my subscription shipment but I got back an email from your system saying it was declined. I included a screenshot in a reply email I sent to customer service showing it was authorized. I checked with my bank and they say everything is fine on their end.

Also the other orders I made haven't come out yet. Sorry to hassle you so much, just want to get to the bottom of these orders!


I think I have every subscription, so good question! It looks like everything is there though.

The only question would be about the multiple orders I had shipping out with this one. Will those be charged soon along with the subscription order? It was about $1000 worth of stuff, maybe my big order broke the system. :D

I just wanted to follow-up on this real quick. For the past few days the subscription for July has just disappeared from the my subscription page altogether. I haven't received any email for the order yet but I'm hoping that means I'll see one soon.

Thanks for always being on top of things Sharaya. I appreciate the responses you've been able to give me over the past couple of weeks for various issues!

Right now I show as having 60 something tables of credit, which I'm fairly certain is short about 10 or so tables, but only 2 GM stars. I know I was at 3, working towards 4.

I'm at a convention right now but I'll take a closer look when I get back.

The normal hardback version would be fine, so no worries if that's all that's left. :)

The subject order contained everything else from the kickstarter print pack, including the emerald spire flip-mats, but my Emerald Spire Hardcover did not arrive. Others I know received their emerald spire book with their flip-mats and I just wanted to make sure mine was not forgotten!

Please advise and thanks!

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I just wanted to chime in a little bit for people concerned with the graphics.

A lot of the streaming I've watched looks worse than the game actually does as those streams drop the resolution quite a bit sometimes. Take a look at Paizo's video for a better idea of how things look:


The graphics are by no means perfect, but better than a lot of the streams make them out to be. I'd go as far as to say the models and most of the textures look just fine.

A lot of animation is missing but that's to be expected. Good rigging and animation is time consuming. The overall graphics will look much better when some of the quarks in the animation are dealt with:

Animations don't always trigger right away so people look like they're sliding when they back up or strafe.
Idle positions for weapons are often awkward. (An animation for holding weapons when idle would help quite a bit with this. As is people tend to look like statues holding out weapon and pivoting.)
Many attack or casting animations are basic or just missing.
The stow animation for blunt weapons (like a mace) looks like the character is trying to insert it into a sheath.
A slew of missing animations that they know of and are listed "to do".

The problems with animation are more apparent when you have more players on the screen as opposed to NPCs, since player movement is generally less predictable and requires far more animation.

They have a lot of different aspects of the game to test and work on and that's really what alpha is about. I'd be surprised if nearly all of the animation in the game doesn't get revised in some way or another before open enrollment.

SWTOR didn't have exceptional graphics, but the animation was amazing and that's really what made most people love the visuals.

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Ah, it appears CrowdClarifications are a no go.

Still wish to discuss this issue, just ignore the link to the tool.

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Thanks Quietus, I did a quick skim using Virgil's green post tracker but didn't see it.

I'm not sure what Ryan's reply was, but it is still an issue and I'm hoping we can convince them to send something out.

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As one of the many people recruiting for the land rush, I've noticed there are a great number of people that don't fully understand the land rush mechanics. Could we get clarifications on some various points sent out via a kickstarter announcement? The following are all issues I've seen:

1. People believe that their guild pack bonuses require them to stay together. Many of these packs won't disband because they believe they might lose some of the benefits they've paid for.

2. Many people still believe this is just about their "guilds" and not about settlements. They have no idea that the land rush is really about "shopping for a home" if they don't intend to compete with the larger settlements.

3. Many people believe that the Land Rush website will convert to in-game guilds. They are not aware that they'll still have to create those guilds once they are in-game anyway.

The word guild is used throughout this instead of company because that is how all of the people who do not follow the forums perceive their organizations still.

Can we get a clear and concise message sent out to people to clarify these points? Concise being the key word to avoid the "TLDR" issue.

I put up a new post using the crowd-forging site here:
Vote Here

This perhaps isn't in the true spirit of crowdFORGING, however crowdClarifications should be a thing too.

Recruiting has gotten to the point that every leaderboard listing that has a website has the same 5-6 people posting to pull new people in. It made me feel like a vulture so I just stopped doing it. I do however want these people to at least know what is going on right now and how it could affect their future in the game.

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Talonguard has always intended to be PVP, and more specifically, protection minded. We want to create an environment where enough of us are skilled at, and focused on, PVP that not everyone has to be. The requirement for a strong PVP presence has shown up much earlier than anticipated with the war of the towers but Talonguard welcomes this addition to the game and prepares its forces to combat the coming chaos.

Regardless of where you settle in PFO there will be danger, action and PVP. I urge those still on the fence about what to do in the game to take up arms (be it blade, pen, crafting tools or whatever your weapon of choice might be) in defense of Talonguard and its goals for the greater good. Help us build and protect a haven in the North-West of the early enrollment map. Help us prepare for the expansion of the map where we'll be able to influence the play experience for starting good-aligned players. From a meta standpoint we are trying to create an opportunity to positively affect the growth of PFO and the type of players we will see in it. Help us prepare for open-enrollment by getting in on a great cause from the beginning.

Whether you are PVP oriented, or not, take a look at Talonguard and what we stand for. We need people of all types to sustain growth and settlement functionality when the "mini-game of towers" is over.

Talonguard is independent and is made up of quite a few independent companies each with their own ideas. If you have no company, many of these companies are open to new membership. If you are part of a company that you'd like to settle somewhere, then come have a voice in Talonguard and help to shape the map and play experience in PFO for thousands of players.

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Though if they do add Teleport to the game I'd love to see the margin for error from the tabletop game added too. Nothing like ending up miles away from your intended location going "where are we?".

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I find myself agreeing with Andius a lot today.

My personal opinions lean toward eliminating instant travel altogether, though I've no issue with mounts. The problem with teleportation or other forms of "instant arrival" is that you'll just end up with a few big alliances and every battle will have the same people involved, just at a different location.

Making instant travel expensive doesn't dissuade the dominating forces from using it, only the lesser forces that need to more strongly consider how to spend their money.

There are probably solutions, but I also like things that encourage local play and make exploration a real choice.

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The Land Rush makes me feel like a vulture. There are about 5 people I see at every gaming forum with their usual pickup lines. I've just lost the will to operate that way.

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I really have to agree with Andius on this. PVP has a lot of "reflex gameplay" you build with practice. There are certain things that are crucial to success. Interrupts, debuffs, making the best intuitive decision for the moment instead of the best "rotation". Learning how to move, how to disrupt, etc, all come into play. It's partially pushing buttons and partially a mind-game.

There's a reason some players can take others on 1v3 and come out on top, even in similar gear, and it's not the RNG.

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KestrelZ wrote:

So long as the CR is adjusted for a smaller group, and resources are spent in healing (Cure potions, or wands if UMD skill is used), almost any class can solo with mixed results.

At low levels, martials tend to fare better.

At high levels, full casters tend to fare better.

The advantages to solo campaigns is that the GM can predict the capability of a lone character rather than a group. With groups, there's always the question of how well the individual PCs work together (are they greater than the sum of their parts, or do they actually impede each other?).

The biggest disadvantage with a solo campaign - one death is a TPK.

Still, classes that I find easiest to solo - Summoner, Cleric, Oracle, Ranger, Bard, Druid, Witch - in about that order.

You're talking about the tabletop, not the MMO. The MMO intends to make it hard to solo if not impossible and won't be making any such CR adjustments.

Even harvesting is an action you'll want to do as a group.

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If they think it's so dangerous we should just solo TOGETHER!


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Kromac wrote:

What I meant by a generic Talonguard company (or called something else, Freebooter?) is to have an option for independent players who are members of the settlement to have a no strings company that can be used to help out (like taking a tower, then maybe supporting a POI, or specific building for that matter).

I asked about the Alpha, because a friend and myself pledged Alpha and are leaning this way. Would be nice to try and meet up in Alpha as a group to "try" stuff.

We're certainly not against the idea, but it will need to be organized by one of the independents at our settlement since none of the members of other chartered companies can be a part of a second one. Seeing independent residents organize that way would be great and we'd have no problem chartering a company like that.

That company would still only be able to take over one tower though, per the war of the tower rules, so they'd have to be organized to some degree. This means there would be little difference between that and any other company at the settlement.

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I really wouldn't mind parts of the game being 12 hours of travel away. I think it adds an element of immersion and makes travel more meaningful.

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TEO Alexander Damocles wrote:
Doh, and the Keepers and Ozem's Vigil. Sorry guys, migraine slows down the old thinker. I owe you guys both a cookie once the game goes live.

Talnoguard would like a cookie.

White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Please.

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As far as I know we only have 2 alphas.

As far as a Talonguard company, we have something similar. Talonguard is currently made up of 5 companies, one of which is the Ash Knights. The Ash Knights are not a chartered company so that any resident can join regardless of other company affiliation.

The Ash Knights are dedicated to defense of the settlement or the settlement's interests, so in the case of early enrollment that'll be the towers.

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