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I'm not sure if this has been addressed in other threads as I'm just getting caught up on a lot of things.

Is there a chance we can have the main road outlined better on the in-game map when it's updated?

Are the guards that are currently implemented in the game the extent of what we'll be seeing in Early Enrollment or will there be more/better ones along the main road?

I've been guiding people around a bit and these 2 things have popped up as questions a few times.


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One quick note about the guards: These guys and gals aren't paladins, charged with protecting travelers. Their job is to maintain order in the city, and killing lawbreakers is all they do. (Except for the guards who've been dominated by mind-controlling wolves. They'll kill anybody who catches their attention.)

In other words, if you run to the edge of town with an Undeath Squad at your heels, the guards will just watch you die.

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The Security System has not been implemented for the Roads yet so travel from point to point is more dangerous than it will be when the Security System is deployed.

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