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I recently ordered some items and chose to have them ship with my next subscription shipment. My subscription, however, has changed the date of shipment 4 times since then and now lists the end of August for my next shipment. I don't want to wait that long for the items I've ordered if that is the case.

Can anyone tell me the real date for the next subscription shipment going out for me? If it is sometime in August, can we ship everything in my sidecart (including the "suspended" Emerald Spire book) in a separate shipment? I'll pay the extra shipping, I just don't want to wait 2 months from date of purchase. I'm not upset, just eager. :D

Much appreciated.

There's a subscription shipment going out this month between the 14th and 25th.

Or at least, there *should* be.

I would suggest waiting over the weekend for this month's order to spawn, until Sara Marie hopefully announces on Monday that it all completed without any errors (I'm tempting fate here, I know!) and giving CS a yell if you haven't had this month's order generated by that time, or if it does so but hasn't included your sidecart items.

If it helps, I'm still waiting for my own, so I figure it hasn't finished spawning at time of writing.

Customer Service Ray of Funshine

Hi Athansor,

Based on your subscriptions, you will have a subscription shipment this month, as link Matt shared says.

Our subscription order spawning for this month is taking longer than normal, and the system is still in the process of creating orders on accounts. In the meantime, the My Subscriptions page will look like it's confused until the order get generated to your account.

Once the system gets to you, you should get the email confirming what's on your order. If something looks off when you get that email, please let us know.


I just wanted to follow-up on this real quick. For the past few days the subscription for July has just disappeared from the my subscription page altogether. I haven't received any email for the order yet but I'm hoping that means I'll see one soon.

Thanks for always being on top of things Sharaya. I appreciate the responses you've been able to give me over the past couple of weeks for various issues!

Customer Service Ray of Funshine

Thanks for letting me know about this! It looks like yours is being stubborn and needed some extra coaxing. I fought the gremlins out of the way, and generated your subscription order manually (adding the items to the pending order for Emerald Spire).

You should soon get an email confirming the order information. Please let me know if anything seems amiss or if I overlooked a subscription line.

Also, you are very welcome! Glad to help! :)


I think I have every subscription, so good question! It looks like everything is there though.

The only question would be about the multiple orders I had shipping out with this one. Will those be charged soon along with the subscription order? It was about $1000 worth of stuff, maybe my big order broke the system. :D


My bank authorized the transaction for my subscription shipment but I got back an email from your system saying it was declined. I included a screenshot in a reply email I sent to customer service showing it was authorized. I checked with my bank and they say everything is fine on their end.

Also the other orders I made haven't come out yet. Sorry to hassle you so much, just want to get to the bottom of these orders!


You can delete or ignore this. All of my ordering has been worked out. :)

Customer Service Ray of Funshine

It sounds like Erik got you taken care of over the phone. Glad to hear everything worked out!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.


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