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5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

Jason Rapp wrote:
Amanda Plageman wrote:
Jonathan Carroll wrote:
Have you received the Scenarios as a VA yet? I haven't.

Nope, me neither. Though they are available for purchase already- they just haven't been sent out to the VOs who kinda need them.

But hey, priorities, right?
I wonder if we'll get the emails tomorrow evening. It would be nice to have them early enough to read them before we start offering them on Tuesday.

Not to mention the trouble we'll have downloading them if we do get them, since the site always implodes during GenCon, especially with the traffic 2e will inevitably create. I expect to spend a lot of the day hitting 'refresh' and hoping for the best.

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

Jonathan Carroll wrote:
Have you received the Scenarios as a VA yet? I haven't.

Nope, me neither. Though they are available for purchase already- they just haven't been sent out to the VOs who kinda need them.

But hey, priorities, right?


Hmm wrote:
Paul Crotteau wrote:
Only at third

We do not know this yet. We have not seen the chronicles for it. For all we know they apply at tiers 2-4, as they did with one of the WBG sequels. We won't know until they post the chronicles for this -- something that traditionally happens a few days before the Gameday.


Hey Paizo,

Can we get clarification on this? The chronicle sheet says it can be applied to PCs level 3-4, which is fine, but doesn't say anything about being able to play your PC skittermander instead of a pregen if you have one in-tier. In fact, it says that you have to use one of the included pregens.

Just seeking clarification before the event tomorrow.

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I'd just like to point out that Lumketul was a major jerk. Bravo to Adrian Ng for creating such a horrible character! lol

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spectrevk wrote:
emky wrote:

Goblins shouldn't be core. Goblins shouldn't be core. (I don't like core alchemist either, but I can far more easily accept that.)

I hope you guys are balancing PF2e with the assumption that people will be banning goblin as a playable race at their tables!

Why does it matter if they're core or not? It only affects whether you have to buy a new book to use them or not. The more core races the better, IMO.

Why does it matter? It matters because PFS is a major aspect of Pathfinder gameplay, and if Goblins are in Core, it will be difficult or impossible to keep them out of PFS.

Goblins have no business being regularly available as PCs, but if they're in Core GMs won't be allowed to ban them from the table.

PC Goblins are a deal-breaker for a lot of players and GMs alike. Shoving them down our throats is one of the things making people hesitant about 2e.

Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
Elegos wrote:
He also joked during a panel that archetypes never made it into novels and that if they did they might have sold better. Which implies sales figures might be part of the reason that the lines in limbo atm.
In at least one book, there was a very recognizable archetype quite front and center: an Urban Druid. Not only was she clearly an Urban Druid, in a couple instances you could tell precisely when she gained a new level, as she displayed new abilities.

I loved that! I realize that the Tales are intended to have appeal for generic fantasy readers, rather than just Pathfinder fans, and therefore actual mechanics have little to no place in them, but I still loved that. It was like a little 'in joke' for the fans.

Really, that was about the only thing I would change about the Tales line. I'd love to see something like an appendix in the back of each book, giving a character sheet for the main characters. Actual new content, like the stuff in the comic books would be great, but would probably be a big hassle, so I'm not asking for it.

But how cool would it be to see Radovan's sheet from Prince of Wolves, then see how it evolves through the series to Lord of Runes? Or, the sheets could even be a downloadable thing, like the Tales chronicle sheets for PFS- maybe even part of the same document? Call me crazy, but I suspect that even if the various authors haven't actually made sheets for their characters, they probably have a pretty good idea what the sheets would look like....

Jhaeman wrote:
Yes, I have a player looking to run the Shifter pre-gen too. Any updates?

Still hoping for a Shifter pregen. I know we only have 1 more year of current PFS, but please give us the Shifter pregen! Please?

Cangaceiro wrote:
Still no iconics on oficial ?

Nope. Still no official word of any kind.

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GameDesignerDM wrote:
I welcome all the nerfing. It's more in line with 5E and other recent trends of getting away from all the absurdly ridiculous high power nonsense that is from a dated age of design

..... But.... if I wanted to play 5E, I'd play 5E. It already exists, and is lovely in its own way.

Maybe I should have expected this, but I didn't. Pathfinder 1E was effectively D&D 3.75. But somehow I didn't expect that Pathfinder 2E would be D&D 5.5.

I guess I'll try to change my expectations and start going over it again....

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IceniQueen wrote:

So I got the email about Amazon shipping. Funny. I got an email back on July 13th that said this

Shipping Method Amazon Standard Delivery
Package Tracking Shipped Fri, Jul 13, 2018 (package 1110509)
Not trackable

SO... Who is telling the truth.

Still not gotten mine so Paizo jumped the gun?

I also got an email from Amazon, saying that the books had shipped (July 16th, in my case).

At this point, I think Paizo should press Amazon for free expedited shipping.

I appreciate Paizo stepping up and keeping us updated, but I expected much better from Amazon.....

Glenn Elliott wrote:

These are on the same production timeline as the three other packs, so should be on sale at GenCon and should show up in retail stores later in August.

They're in manufacturing right now and we have both seen and approved minis coming off the production line. We had a full set of all 4 packs at PaizoCon for display, along with 25 minis from the unpainted Masterclass line (the Kickstarter minis) that constitute the May and June shipments to backers.

There's still nothing on the website that even hints that these will be available anytime in August. Or indeed, anytime at all.....

Marco Massoudi wrote:
Jim Butler wrote:

Greetings, all. Here's an update for you.

All pre-paint sets (Iconic Heroes 1 and 2, Corpse Fleet, and Pact Worlds Fleet) are approved and in production. They'll be releasing on August 2nd at Gen Con and should be at your favorite local game store at the same time.



unfortunately it doesn't look like these are gonna release in august atm.
Do you have any news?
Thank you for your time. :-)

Oh, look. Still no Starfinder minis....

At what point are we just going to give up on these?

Sorry, but a year late is utterly ridiculous. There's absolutely nothing on the product page to imply that these are anywhere close to being released.
Paizo should just cut their losses and cut all contact with Ninja Division. >:-(

Any idea on when this (and the next three) will be sanctioned for PFS?

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

I keep a running list of who assigned each mission. So, perhaps an index of VCs?

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

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I've kept every one I ever filled out (except for what I turned in at conventions).
It seems a little excessive, but I'm a little obsessive about record-keeping. At this point, I think I could wallpaper my entire house in sign-in sheets..... #MaybeIHaveAProblem

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

Rosc wrote:
I'm considering creating my own personal rep sheet, ITS style. A sheet of three part brackets that let me track each individual reputation gain by faction and chronicle.

If you do, I'd be very interested to see it. Share, please?

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

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Biter. Harsk can come along too, if he wants. ;-)

Also, Gom-Gom, with Yoon to carry him. With that owlbear's thousand yard stare, you know he's survived a bunch of tough spots.

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Marco Massoudi wrote:

The minis now coming out on august 2nd 2018 (1 year delay) ARE the second product run (actually the first, since the others were prototypes).

The problem with these will be the price ($40 for four characters & $36 for three starships) & the non-availability for single starships of which more than one can be used (the tiny, small and medium ones).

It would be nice if these actually come out at GenCon, but considering that they're already a year late as well as being woefully overpriced, I'm not holding my breath.

I know WizKids isn't an option, but surely there must be some other company, somewhere, that can actually deliver products on-time and with tolerable customer service. I don't know how Ninja Division is even still in business. (I actually have a pretty good idea, but don't want to be ruder than I already have been.)

Like a lot of other folks, I'll believe these minis are available when they're actually in my hand with cash on the counter. And if I didn't think I owed my players the best possible experience when they play pregens, I would refuse to buy any NJ products ever, just based on all these issues.

Oh, neat!
Last time we went there we kinda...

Started a civil war by telling waaaay too much truth, then ran.

What could possibly go wrong???? :-D

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

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Harold Ervin wrote:
The game goes by so much quicker and smoother when you can file the first 33-50% of the game session off and get to the good stuff. ... I recommend it - if only for the look on everyones face when your wizard doesnt even roll a die when the knowledge planes check comes up.

While I'm not going to get involved in a #WrongBadFun argument here, please don't encourage other people to follow your example of ignoring a large portion of what being a Pathfinder is all about. The in-game Pathfinder Society is a group of people who, ultimately are seekers of knowledge.

To purposefully not only ignore but utterly dismiss a significant portion of that mandate does a disservice to the other players, the GM, the developers, the campaign coordinators, and ultimately the game itself.

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

Shifty wrote:
We aren't offering it locally on Free RPG Day as each year we hit the same obstacles of getting the scenario moments before (10 mins to an hour) we end up running it, or worse, it not arriving on time.

That's a very good point. I avoid running cold whenever possible. Fortunately for me, I'm playing at at Paizocon, which should make 'speed prepping' much easier on Free RPG Day.

IIRC, the various WBG scenarios had semi-official (or even all-the-way official) 'extra' Goblin pregens made available, sometimes by the developers, allowing up to 6 people to play at once.
Any chance of that happening here?

Mainly asking for SFS, since obviously GMs can make their own extra Skitters in home games.

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

While I'm sure that the SFS chronicle sheet has already been designed, on the off chance that there's room for a suggestion....

With Skittermanders being the new 'chase' boon, it might be a nice thing to follow the example of a specific PFS scenario:

PFS Scenario Chronicle Sheet spoiler:
Season 06-99 True Dragons of Absalom. Could the chronicle sheet include the opportunity to take the skittermander pregen you played and play it once in a regular scenario?


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Amanda Plageman wrote:
John Compton wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Thanks, John! [/QUOTE

Out of curiosity, what does it mean when something is added to your downloads but isn't currently available for download? That's what Solstice C is doing for me.....

Arc Riley wrote:

Nothing is confirmed yet, we're waiting to hear back from Sara Marie who's understandably very busy right now.

I assume we can make Friday night work but lets see what she says first.


Silbeg wrote:
Kate I would love to take you up on that game. I would replay that, especially with you running, but I assume I have the VC dinner that night.

I'd love to take Kate up on this also, assuming it doesn't conflict with the dinner....

I'm still trying to find a link with details for the VC dinner. Has anything been posted yet? We're coming up on 2 weeks out...

Somehow I got something in the lottery that conflicts with when I'm GM-ing. (The Crypt of the Everflame Playtest Finale with the Glass Cannon Podcast). When I tried to open up the Event Trading button, it sent me to an empty page.

What am I doing wrong? I see the event is full, so it seems likely that someone will want to trade for it....

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BretI wrote:

What size (in squares on a map) are the vehicles?

Also, for those of us wanting to find/make special minis, do these vehicles have representation in the Core pawn set (It seems unlikely)? Can you share the basic structure of the vehicles, as well as their size: map squares?

Motorcycle frame perhaps? Dune buggys? Minivans? Forklifts?

John Compton wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Thanks, John!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

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Kalindlara wrote:
I can't speak for MadSci, but I know that I felt extremely uncomfortable at my store when they hosted The City of Strangers scenarios, both because of the scenario's content and the players' reactions.

I'm sorry that happened to you.

It's amazing how differently those scenarios are portrayed. When I was first exposed to Miss Feathers, I didn't interpret her as trans at all! Nor was there anything offensive or silly in how she was portrayed. I just assumed she was a female impersonator/performance artist- no different than Lady Chablis or RuPaul. I thought it was pretty great that Paizo had put in a character that was willing to do their thing without fear or censure. I viewed Miss Feathers as one of the earliest attempts by Paizo to be inclusive. I still do, in fact, regardless of people's online reactions.

I realize that many/most people don't view Miss Feathers that way, and I respect that my experience doesn't invalidate yours (nor yours, mine). I just wanted to point out that Miss Feathers isn't universally despised. I realize that with all the hate she's drawn, she won't be showing up any more, but I'll miss 'seeing' her in Kaer Maga.

Also, only 1 time have I ever had a situation where a player reacted in a phobic way to Miss Feathers. I shut him down hard, and the session continued. That instance was the only time I've encountered any Miss Feathers hate- outside of these forums.

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

Not that I'm complaining, but if Paizo wanted Starfinder's Big Deal to be somewhere other than GenCon, why not.... PaizoCon?

Just curious. ;-)

I'd love to see both portrait and landscape GM screens made available. However, if we can only have one, then I strongly prefer portrait.

I hear the folks who complain about being short and a taller screen limiting access to the table. I stand 5'2" (157.5 cm), and am always the shortest person at the table. I love my portrait-style GM screen and would never go without it! It would get in the way, if it was between me and the tables, but it never is.

I use a TV tray (any small, portable folding table would do), which I set up next to me at the table. The GM screen goes on that, with my dice, minis, notes, etc on the table sheltered by the screen.

Please, make everyone happy! Make both portrait and landscape screens available!
(But please don't take my portrait screen away from me!)

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

Kate Baker wrote:
I went with Monstrous Humanoid since the other aquatic creatures I was comparing to had that designation (kalos and wrikreechees).

Fair enough. :-)

Thanks for the quick response!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

Kate Baker wrote:
Hey, scenario author here! I'll definitely be watching this thread if there are any questions that I can help with. I'll be running this one many, many, many times myself, so I'll also chime in with anything I notice in my own games.

I have a minor question about their creature type.

Why are they designated 'monstrous humanoids'? I get the 'monstrous' part, despite their being utterly adorable. But outside of basic bilateral symmetry, which most mammals share, there's really nothing 'humanoid' about them. There must be a good reason for the designation....

(BTW, I tried to put that behind a 'spoiler' tag, just in case, but the How To Format Your Text button hasn't worked for me since the website update.)

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If any GMs are looking for appropriately-sized, unpainted minis similar to what is on the cover, this is the best (also only) one I could find.

(Tried to make a link out of this, but couldn't.)

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

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John Compton wrote:
The Additional Resources and Campaign Clarifications updates are now live, and we have numerous FAQs that should also be appearing shortly. These updates include all of the November products, including Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Wilderness, for which you should also see the Ultimate Wilderness FAQs. Most notably, though, these updates address two prevalent character options: the ring of seven lovely colors and the spell snowball.

Thank you so much for this!!!!! For all of this!

You've made my night! No, my week! No, my month!

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Steve Geddes wrote:

WizKids were approached about Starfinder minis but weren’t interested (as were reaper).

FWIW, they also had some scheduling issues and slippages early in PFBattles’ evolution.

See? I knew there was a good reason!

Thanks! :-)

Still no ETA on these. :-(

While the price is still painful, I really like the look of these ships! If I can justify the expense of buying starship minis, I'll definitely choose these over the Pact Worlds ships- even though Pact Worlds would probably see more regular use....

Of course, Bad Guys always have cooler-looking stuff....

Marco Massoudi wrote:
Moved to march 2018!

Here we are in March, and not even an updated ETA, let alone actual minis.

Gotta agree with the others re: high price. Especially considering the relatively small role starship combat tends to play so far in both the AP and SFS. In SFS, the starship combat is usually 1 encounter within a scenario, and occurs in perhaps 1 scenario in 3. The AP seems about the same. Of course, with homebrew campaigns, the ratio could vary wildly. Still, $35 + shipping for 3 minis is pretty steep, especially since you either will only use 2 for one-on-one combats, or will need more than 3 ships for more complicated combats. And again, they'll only see use every 3rd session or so, and almost certainly not for an entire session.

Any idea on when we'll see an updated ETA?

Marco Massoudi wrote:
No news about the release date of these...

Considering Ninja Division/Soda Pop's history, I can't say I'm surprised.

I'm sure there's a lot of behind-the-scenes business stuff that we, the end users, have little idea of. But would it be presumptuous and snarky to wonder if Paizo is taking these delays (as well as the aforementioned history) into account regarding continued relations with Ninja Division? I can't help but observe that WizKids doesn't seem to have these problems.... I'm sure there's a good reason Paizo isn't using WizKids for Starfinder?

Just downloaded this.
So amazing!
Can't wait to GM it!
Seriously, this takes everything I loved about X-Crawl, got rid of the 'meh' bits, then made it all 110% cooler.

Erm. I mean. This looks very nice.

Mark Moreland wrote:
Dragonborn3 is correct. Proficiency does not affect the weapons in which one is proficient. So you need to take EWP to get proficiency with the hornbow. Weapon Focus needs to be Weapon Focus (hornbow) to affect this weapon, because you normally need to take it twice to affect both long- and shortbows, while a fighter's weapon training would apply to the hornbow because bows encompasses both long- and shortbows.

Thank you for this, Mark!

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

HWalsh wrote:

I'll admit, it is very expensive to GM for PFS.

In person there is actually less set up than there is online, especially if you have access to the flip maps. Those things aren't cheap though.

A cheaper option that I use a lot is to get the Flipmat & MapPack pdfs instead of the real things. I can print 1 side of a flip mat onto 9 sheets of regular copy paper, then glue them together to make the full map (or not glue them, for easier storage).

If I want to conceal part of the map, I can use blank paper or a piece of cheap fabric. (I found fabric printed with a 1" checkerboard pattern that can double as a flipmat in a pinch.)

The MapPacks are even easier, since I only print the tiles needed for the given map that I'm building, and don't bother to print the extraneous tiles at all. (And it's amazing how often specific tiles get re-used in the exact same configuration. I swear, the same 3-4 tiles from Ruins, Magic Academy, Towns, and Starship Corridors have seen more use than some of the more popular Flipmats!)

PDFs are cheaper, never go out of print, never sell out at the FLGS, and limits the space needed to store them.

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

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Mahcahn, the Labradorite Sage

Name: Mahcahn
Alignment: Neutral
Race: Wayang
Class: Psychic (Pain) 9/Fighter 1
Description: Macahn is a spidery-thin, pale wayang with fever-bright eyes. She rarely makes eye contact, but her gaze gives the impression that she's cataloging points of physical or mental vulnerability. She is constantly making jokes, but no one else seems to notice. Or find them funny.

Despite her devotion to psychic magic, Mahcahn enjoys a good fight,
often confusing enemies by engaging in mounted combat, from the shoulders of a half-orc.

Mahcahn is supporting a family of half-orcs in Absalom by regularly hiring the patriarch, Zarq the Not-So-Tall, to serve as her mount. She pays him a decent wage, covers his medical expenses, and doesn't require that he identify a joke when he hears it. He mainly communicates in long-suffering sighs. When the inscrutable beings that run the world she lives in lack a sense of humor, she sends Zarq home and rides her dog, Badger instead.

Incidentally, this is what labradorite looks like:
Go to Labradorite.

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Jorsalheim wrote:
It's out. ** spoiler omitted **


Oh! Oh, my. This might be the happiest I've been since being unable to successfully beg a skittermander boon. This might even be better than a skittermander. Maybe. It's definitely bigger than a skittermander. Or even 2-3 skittermanders stuffed into a walrus costume. Well done, O Purveyor Of The PC Space Walrus!!!

I can't wait to run this, so I can post a proper review!

John Compton wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Thanks, John!

I'm considering scheduling this for a Con that opens 2 days after the scenario drops, but I'm leery of how little prep time that would leave the GM.

I know y'all can't give more adventure spoilers than the blurb already provides, but can you tell me 2 things?

1. What flipmaps/map packs does it use?

2. Does it use any unusual rules subsystems that a GM might need extra time to familiarize themselves with?


5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

Sabretooth Turtle wrote:
Which brings us to one of the problems with using Intimidate as a social tool in PFS: the GM rarely has the resources (in terms of encounter blocks) or the permission to deploy an appropriate response to PCs threatening the hell out of the locals. Yes, it would be better to include that kind of contingency response in scenarios, but it's not necessarily a good use of page count and developer time. Failing that, it makes sense, I think, to simply declare, as appropriate, that a straightforward use of Intimidate will not achieve the party's objective in particular cases.

That's a good point, and one that can be better handled in the Guide than in any individual scenario. A simple paragraph in the Guide giving GMs the resources needed to deal with PCs who disrupt the in-game social order. Probably the easiest way would be to list a couple of appropriate statblocks from the GMG or NPC Codex for appropriate CR town guards, militia wizards, etc. These NPCs can arrest or otherwise limit the interactions of PCs who behave in ways that would logically get the party arrested/kicked out of town/whatever.

You could even skip the statblocks and just have the Guide state that disruptive PCs are confronted by a group of town officials with appropriate numbers and skills to take the disruptive PCs into custody. No need for a combat encounter or die rolls. Assume <X+1> NPCs, where <X> is the maximum number of NPCs the PCs can handle.

5/5 Venture-Captain, Georgia—Savannah

William Donald wrote:
(An especially dick move: Ermias could attempt to take control of Sinuhotep with his Undead Mastery.)

That might actually be good for the players, since it would be a waste of action economy. Undead Mastery requires a save, and one of the Handouts (number 6, I think) says that all the Sages automatically succeed on all saves while in combat. So unless Ermias was somehow able to act outside of combat, Sinuhotep is immune to Undead Mastery. :-)

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