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With the playtest on the horizon I imagine the brain storming for products to be released at launch, or shortly thereafter, for Pathfinder 2nd Edition has already been in development. With the onset of the new edition I would like to petition for a landscape GM screen to be released based on roughly the dimensions of the WotC 5e DM Screens produced by Gale Force 9. The current specs of the PF1 GM Screens are slightly too tall and interfere with the line of sight to the average map, even when using an elevated platform. Hopefully other members of the community feel the same but regardless I thank you for your consideration in this suggestion. Thank you for your time. Game on everyone!!

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Yes. This. Yes. Absolutely this. Yes.

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I definitely prefer landscape (and am happy to pay the price of less content per page).

More controversially, I’d prefer useful player tables on the outside. I never really understood why that practise didn’t catch on. My players never look at the picture. I doubt they could even describe it.

Our primary DM is a man of 175cm height (5'9"), and our secondary is a woman of 165cm (5'7") and neither can see well over the screen at any of our tables.

I think they would appreciate a shorter screen.

Steve's idea of player-oriented tables sounds nice too.

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This is a great idea actually. I would also like to see this be a thing.

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I would prefer a landscape GM screen as well.

Chalk up another vote for a landscape GM screen. Even though I'm not currently planning on making the switch to 2e, I'd buy a landscape screen in a heartbeat. I'm still using my old 3.5 screen because the paizo produced screens are too tall.

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Landscape, please.

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Landscape is superior, without question. Yes, you fit less stuff on the screen, but I hardly ever look at what's on the screen anyway!

I prefer landscape as well


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One more for landscape.

Landscape cuts down on the amount of voice that is 'eaten' by a GM screen, which enables GMs to speak longer, louder, and also not have to do either of those because they aren't fighting the tools they're using.

Please go this route. Folks have been saying that information will be lost, but I suspect if it's done well the loss will be negiligible.

...and it will also leave TONS of room for the future screens when there's forty iconics...

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Another vote for Landscape. I never use my 1st Ed screen as a screen because it's too tall. When I put up a screen I use one from an older edition that is landscape but utterly useless for charts and tables.

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Id like to see a three panel landscape screen that the GM can slide inserts into on both sides, built much like a three ring binder. It would be more expensive, but the versatility would be fantastic.

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Please please PLEASE make a Landscape GM screen.

Yes. Shorter GM screen. Good idea.

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I would also prefer a landscape screen.

Definitely landscape, and definitely have useful tables facing the players instead of art. For Starfinder I currently use a plexiglass landscape thingy with an insert that has the ship combat rules facing the players and it helps a lot.

Landscape works for me.

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I will expand on Fuzzypaws idea. Useful charts and text on both sides preferably different so we get more info. Perhaps the outside stuff would be information less likely to give away meta-game knowledge such as weapon stats. With the inside being stuff on saving throws, skill checks like sense motive etc. Or not worry about that and make it reversible. Lastly make the text like an ancient manuscript so it still sets the mood for this setting/game. With the text being very easy to read.

I prefer the landscape idea as well.

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And another one.

Another request for a Landscape GM screen format.

In my past D&D/PF games I would create on a word document and print out the most common modifiers and "need to remember math stuff" that saw the most use by the players in combat, and I would tape that on the player looking side of the GM screen (covering up the art work). This was a better/more practical use of the player looking side of the GM screen for our groups. If this can be made "built in" by default, that would be better.

I'd love an official landscape GM screen! I had purchased several landscape, World's Greatest GM Screen and used Raging Swan's landscape inserts to create my own screen. I'd love one with wrapped Pathfinder art.

I agree with the OP!

the Haunted Jester wrote:
With the playtest on the horizon I imagine the brain storming for products to be released at launch, or shortly thereafter, for Pathfinder 2nd Edition has already been in development. With the onset of the new edition I would like to petition for a landscape GM screen ...


I'd love to see both portrait and landscape GM screens made available. However, if we can only have one, then I strongly prefer portrait.

I hear the folks who complain about being short and a taller screen limiting access to the table. I stand 5'2" (157.5 cm), and am always the shortest person at the table. I love my portrait-style GM screen and would never go without it! It would get in the way, if it was between me and the tables, but it never is.

I use a TV tray (any small, portable folding table would do), which I set up next to me at the table. The GM screen goes on that, with my dice, minis, notes, etc on the table sheltered by the screen.

Please, make everyone happy! Make both portrait and landscape screens available!
(But please don't take my portrait screen away from me!)

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