Reporting Sheets: How long should I store them?

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How long should I keep reporting sheets after I've reported a session online?

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Long enough to refresh and make sure it went through?

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I don’t store them at all. I report them and discard

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especially at conventions, I take a picture of the reporting sheet before turning them in.

Another thing I do when I GM is to put the reporting sheet on the back of my GM chronicle. That way I have the relevant data and store it.

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For my local games and conventions I organize, I scan them in and keep them forever.

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I used to hold on to them for years, but now I toss them as soon as they're reported and live on Paizo.

In almost 6 years and well over 300 games GMed I've maybe once or twice had to fix a sign-in, and it was usually just because the player put the wrong character number.

If you're worried about record keeping, take a picture or scan them so you don't need to hold on to physical copies. Google Drive or Dropbox are amazing for this sort of thing.

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I tend to keep them in my filing cabinet in case I need to decipher someone's PFS ID # or something, so I'll have something to reference, or to audit a session if I think someone's signed up to play something they've already played. I don't have as many games GMed as Nefreet, but counting sessions where I was just the organizer/reporter, I haven't needed to fix more than a couple either.

Maybe if I take a stay-cation sometime, I'll get them all scanned so I can get rid of the paper copies, but for now the newest are at the front of the drawer, and then roughly chronologically running back.

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My rule of thumb for conventions is to *scan them all* and add that file to my backup log of 'keep until the heat death of the universe'.

RSP events - keep them until end of season year.

Everything else - after reporting, but only until I get bored and clean up my workspace.

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I've kept every one I ever filled out (except for what I turned in at conventions).
It seems a little excessive, but I'm a little obsessive about record-keeping. At this point, I think I could wallpaper my entire house in sign-in sheets..... #MaybeIHaveAProblem

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Given how crafty you are, Amanda, I think you should make things out of them! Though if you wanted to wallpaper a gaming room that would be cool.

As for myself, as soon as they’re entered they’re recycled!



Running online we don't use reporting sheets. Instead I get my players to complete a google sheet with all of their character information, starting values etc that I use to fill out their chronicles.

To avoid that getting overloaded I copy the details into an archive sheet so I have the information to hand if I need it for any reason.


Thank you, everyone who responded.

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