Which indexes into a season are most useful?

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I've been learning book binding, and one project I've been planning is binding each season into its own hardback. Currently trying to figure out how I want to handle table of contents/other lookup aids. Especially given that their won't be a running page number across the entire volume.

Currently I'm thinking I'll have a ToC with the numerical listing of scenario title and level range.

I should have 2-6 more pages I can add based on page layout issues. I think the most useful secondary listing is grouped by tier. Tertiary would be by region or Venture-Captain? Any other axes that you think would be useful?

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Chronology would be most useful, I think. Maybe after that, tier obviously, and how about metaplot orderings? As in, things that directly contribute to the plot of a season?

There was a thread that listed several "paths" from level 1 to 12 all involving a certain theme, such as never leaving Absalom, all the Aspis adventures, all adventures involving Drandle Dreng, and so on. That could be a fun one.

I'm not sure how much time you're willing to put into this, but how about some iconography on the right? I'm sure there's an actual word for it, but I'm blanking on it at the moment. You know, like Starfinder has, where you can immediately see which chapter you're on. If you give each ordering their own symbol/colour, you could put them on every page and immediately know which themes it contains. Downside is that it'll be a hassle to put icons on each and every page, of course.

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Faction definitely.

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I keep a running list of who assigned each mission. So, perhaps an index of VCs?

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I've never seen much pattern in who VC'ed a mission or what region it takes place in; a given metaplot thread tends to snake all over the map instead of staying in one place.

Indexing by faction interest makes some sense. But keep in mind some scenarios are officially of interest to a faction but not all that relevant when you actually play them (and then you earn a forgettable boon); and some others are perfect fits to a faction but don't have an official tag or boon. (Factions didn't get official tags until S5, and they're not always perfectly there in the catalog.) So it's a bit subjective.

Plotlines are also good to index, but they can span multiple seasons, a scenario may serve multiple plotlines, and sometimes a scenario that seemed standalone gets a sequel two seasons later.

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