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As someone with no real horse in this race, a few thoughts. Firstly, some of the options being asked for might be intended for the full final classes, but they couldn't get it all in the playtest. Secondly, the issues of evolution points. While in general I think that having some built in customization that you could choose to invest feats into is a good idea, I honestly don't feel like evolution points are going to be a thing, by which I mean that I feel the entire system might be better off if evolutions were all roughly balanced against one another and you just picked x amount, prereqs allowing, without the whole 1 point, 2 point, etc. that feels out of place to me. Pretty much everything else in 2e is a choice of one from a menu. And the summoner was always kind of a problem class in 1e anyway, both in terms of power (synthesist) and taking up a lot of time, and I think Paizo is understandably wary of falling into the same issues again. It also bears mentioning that the Champion is vastly different from its original playtest when it was still only the LG paladin. As this is probably all the more I'm going to talk about the summoner I will also state that I am.... confused about why they changed the iconic away from Balazar, but I also really don't care about the iconics that much

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AM I the only one hoping for leprechauns as a sprite or gnome heritage?

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I seem to recall reading somewhere that in golarion, goblins have a really poor sense of taste, allowing them to survive by eating undesirable stuff. meaning that foods that are extremely sweet, salty, or sour became quick goblin favorites, since they could actually get some real taste. pickles keep, and are relatively easy to make/steal, plus they can drink the brine and enjoy that too

I'd kind of like something along the lines of Everyman Gaming's Vessel. Its a cool concept that doesn't really fit neatly into any other class

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This may be really out there, but I could see a TN Champ being nature/druid-y themed. Nature has no alignment, and a protector of the wilds as a more defensive rather than a ranger's offence focus seems a natural fit (pardon the pun)

What the title says. This is all of course completely wild speculation, but hey, why not.

Firstly, ancestries and heritages

So, the first thing I wanted to consider is the way the planetouched/geniekin/changelings, dhampir, and skinwalkers could work. Namely, in addition to the standard stuff I'd like to give them some kind of feature that lets them pick an ancestry/heritage that they count as for the purposes of taking ancestry feats, since I've always felt like they never got anything from their parentage or upbringing, I feel like an elven aasimar should have the option to draw on the elf part as well, for example.

Another invariable topic is playing as more powerful creatures, minotaurs for instance. The way I see it, this could be gone about in a number of ways. Givning out ancestry feats that are way more powerful than those given to others seems really wrong, but I could see giving them the option to take special "paragon feats" in place of standard class feats or as a kind of multiclass path.

Now to some thoughts on classes

The champion has potential for lots of cool stuff, I know one of the devs (I'm sorry I can't remember who) said they feel its likely all alignments will get an order eventually, but I would pose that we could also see multiple orders per alignment. Kind of obvious, but just spitballing.

The hunter, inquisitor, kineticist, magus, medium, mesmerist, occultist, oracle, psychic, shaman, spiritualist, summoner, and witch all feel like they should be their own thing(s)

The next idea I had for at least some of the hybrids is some kind of feat that you would take after multiclassing to bring together features of your base class and whatever you've multi'd into, which I feel covers the arcanist, bloodrager, brawler, and skald

The slayer and ninja can just be wrapped into rogue paths. much less confusion than 1e

I know that some people feel like the investigator should just be a rogue path or something but I'd really like to see it be its own thing, what with the Int based combat, and I'd personally like to see them as the class who's picked up lots of little tricks here and there, a little alchemy, a little magic, some fighting skills, any combo really.

So another one where I've seen a little discussion is the vigilante and gunslinger. While I agree that they both got archetyped into most other classes, or vice versa, I have to disagree with the idea of them being just a generic archetype, since, unless something changed since the playtest you couldn't have an archetype at level 1, which both classes feel to me like concepts you should be able to start as.

Another shot at the shifter would be appreciated, beyond just a more appealing kit, I'd also like to see an expansion of fluff, mainly make the druidic paladin idea an option, but also have the option to be mad science, lycanthropic blood etc.

I'd like to see cavalier stuff broken into two, one part mounted stuff, most likely a general archetype, and then the teamwork/banner/combat leader thing which could be an archetype it could be a class, I really don't know, similar thing with the samurai (alt classes and all)

I'd don't really know what to make of the swashbuckler, the grit/panache/luck thing feels like it could be an archetype or a class, or just a path for some classes.

With the champion existing and a warpriest cleric path confirmed, I feel as though the warpriest is pretty much dead

Some extraneous stuff

First, I've never really understood why the archaeologist was a bard archetype, but I feel like it could go general in 2e

more/better dragon/monstrous mount/companion stuff. Feels like class feats for classes that get an AC

Yeah, I got a little long winded, but if you made it all the way here, thanks for reading, and I look forward to your wild speculations as well.

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Okay, I've largely avoided paladin alignment threads because frankly nothing of value ever seems to get done. This is one of the most contentious this community has ever gone to war over. I frankly don't give a crap about what alignment paladins wind up with. I do have two issues with the current set up however, Firstly the mechanical roles of heavy armor dude and divinely powered non-spellcaster( spell points/powers, i don't really know how to word that one, but lay on hands, domains, you get the idea) are locked to one alignment, unless you want to kind of put the monk in that second, but that's iffy at best. I feel like that's bad design, those are both kind of wide concepts that I feel like should be pretty open to anyone from the start. The second is more to do with the way the decision has been handled. I went back and read the paladin blog again, and yes, I understand paizo claims to have listened to both sides of the argument. I really have trouble believing that. At this point I would love to see something from the devs at least discussing what considerations each side was given, because at present it kind of reads like they looked to the LG only crowd and kissed their boots, then turned to the people advocating for more openness, to varying degrees and said, eh, maybe someday we'll throw you a bone. That seems, disrespectful. It doesn't help that neither side of the whole mess has really acted all that paladin like through the whole thing. Frankly at this point I'd almost like to see the paladin not just removed from core, but from the game in general. The community just isn't mature enough to handle it. Sorry that the whole post went a little bit long and blocky, but hey, my 3 cents

Omitted to grant glorious suffering to his followers

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David knott 242 wrote:
deuxhero wrote:
How much of the mechanical parts of this book are female only?
Just the Changeling racial material, as best I can recall -- and that only by implication.

kind of makes me wonder what happens if a changeling (or other gender specific species) is affected by something that changes the gender/sex, does it create an otherwise impossible male changeling or female satyr (I think they're only male anyway) or does it fail or what?


One question I've thought of, the shifter has been stated to have the ability to manifest claws from the start, could they be able to instead have say, a minotaur-esque gore?

As per the subject, what kind of classes do you want to see in the future? The obvious alien pet class would be cool, and maybe a class based on being the hoverbike guy similar to a cavalier sounds fun to me.

Sorry if I managed to miss another thread like this

Yeah, ex-barbarian would be cool, but I think that'd be really out of place in this book, but maybe in a future one

MrCharisma wrote:

It's not dictated by the spell, but by who you're touching:

- Cure light wounds on an injured friend won't require a touch attack.

- Cure light wounds on a skeleton will require a touch attack.

(obviously your friend can decide to be an @$$-hat, but you get what I mean)

to be fair, thats not being an @$$hat as much as an idiot, since they stand to lose more from it, but your point stands

Well, samurai was printed in a paizo book, specifically ultimate combat, so yes, it is first party. that said samurai are a bit rare outside of the dragon kingdoms, but s traveler or wandering ronin could work fairly well. Since they are an alternate cavalier, they work fairly well for an urban/intrigue game, which CotCT is. Of course, the best advice I can offer is take the question directly to your GM, and if need be work with them to create a character that does fit

no, firstly, the hybrid classes are their own thing, what their parent classes can or can't do have no bearing on what they can. secondly, rangers are also divine casters. you can't cast arcane spells, so you can't become an arcane archer, without taking a one level dip, or some other means of picking up a way to cast 1st level arcane spells. that all said, you could ask your GM if they'd allow it (assuming you aren't playing pfs)

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Mr. Pilkington, Philosoraptor wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
And all the existing classes have small arms proficiency, in any case.
There's a T-Rex joke in there somewhere.

but its just out of reach

Prophet of Doom wrote:
Gnorman, Gneil, Gnathan, Gnatasha, Gnatalie, Gnancy.

these are good gnames

CoeusFreeze wrote:

I wonder what sense-dependent will mean. Is it the replacement for mind-affecting?

Also, the inability to apply feats to this seems odd. It prevents a lot of the creative uses for abilities I have come to expect from Pathfinder.

I'd bet it means something along the lines of requiring the ability to detect the user by some means and to be able to kind of tell what they're doing in some fashion, since a staple of space opera settings is creatures that sense the world with different senses than a standard human-ish character might, so it can kind of cover a wide variety of possible targets without having to take a bunch of options for a sense you might encounter once or twice.

This is of course, all complete speculation with no knowledge. Basically a wild guess

I am all kinds of interested in the mammoth lords stuff

So, have the Yaddithians been confirmed as playable aberrations? Just curious, and I didn't see any confirmation anywhere

So, host Shirren iconic?

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So much space mischief.... SPACE GREMLINS!!!!

Ah well, can't have everything

If I may ask, does the court fool replace or alter weapon profs, bardic knowledge, loremaster, versatile performance, well versed, or soothing performance? Just want to see if it will stack with juggler

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off hand, the musketeer cavailer archetype takes away your mount, but leaves you with a bunch of abilities that require one, which are removed by the luring cavalier. So that seems like almost an archetype of an archetype

throw a few ranks into profession (disguise maker)

Perhaps I'm the only one wondering, but what kind of animal companions do you guys think we're going to see out of this one?

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CannibalKitten wrote:
So there is no LA in pathfinder? I've always noticed no entry in the races obviously and nothing I read in ARG, not that I have read every word. So do Drow players get to play at the same level as everyone else in a normal raced party then? They just raise its CR?

Yep, the ARG, as mentioned above has guidelines for how much more challenging encounters should be for parties including more powerful races, since the extra power does drop off after a while, and it is honestly a less fiddly system than LA anyway

what happens is that the horse becomes very confused

I'm not sure everyone will like these ideas, but, some form of pet class that still has a "generic" animal, but, ya know, alien

Technologically advanced/improved outsiders- techno angels, demons, etc

Well, I typically go with whatever the deity's favored weapon is, in Kabiri's case that would be the flail, which can be fairly interesting what with the trip stuff and all

I don't really think it has any mechanical reasons so much as after conceptualization very few races fit +Str +Int as well as they do some other combo

An aurochs with the celestial template

Also, spells that can be undercast are all exclusive to the Psychic spell list

So, first, sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but I was wondering, because of an idea I had for an upcoming adventure involving the players getting stuck in a sort of limbo between two planes with qualities of both, but I'm not really sure where to go from there, or what sort of things to populate it with, I'm thinking between material and astral. Any help would be neat and appreciated

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Read the title slightly wrong... suddenly have the image of a minotaur monk.... my players may be in for a bit of a shock

The one thing I would question is why the penalty to dexterity? I could see intelligence maybe making a touch more sense

BigNorseWolf wrote:
The familiar totally needs a secret identity too.

And, presumably, an adorable tiny costume

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Get rid of favored enemy for something less situational. If its a class' core ability, they should be able to use it when they feel like

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Yeah, yeah, more giants and dragons and all, cool, however the important thing here is THUNDER COWS

So, This LOOKS awesome, and I love cerulean seas, leading me to the following question, will the relluk appear in a future CS book? I just prefer to avoid as many redundancies as possible, and I would be very interested in a tropical waters sourcebook, which these guys seem perfect for

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ANYTHING from The Binding of Isaac

Ross Byers wrote:
The image name for the rune-wolf thing says it's a golem. No idea what's going on with the frost giant.

Smash is going on

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I wouldn't call conflict inevitable, though it is, in my experience, likely. However, oftentimes, it can be resolved. If it can't we move on. Serious conflicts are a much rarer occurance, but still happen from time to time, but, that could happen in any group of people

I can see where Hell's Vengeance could include just about anyone seeing as Inner Sea Gods said Asmodeus has/will work with any other god save for lamashthu and rovagug. I'd guess that its focused on a party heavily tied to Asmodeus, but open to most characters. I could even see a good character covertly working for good ends in the party (What, good characters are allowed to use deception too)

Just found this thread, my 2 cp is that Rich parents and similar traits can make some builds actually viable for 1st level, since there are some that require a few levels to "Come online"

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Please, various deities of Golarion, let me have a flying monkey familiar

Ms. Pleiades wrote:
I also made a tiefling character that was scared of ducks for the purposes of the Buried Anxiety trait. In my opinion a lot more people would be afraid of ducks if they knew about their reproductive habits.

I consider them tied with swans for the title of "evilest waterfowl"

I'm liking the Devi name, we'll go with that for now, removing slap is a good idea too. I put the bonus to strength because it felt more right to me, kinda the first thing to come to mind when you think elephant. Scent seems like a good choice, dunno why I didn't think of that. I'm thinking a good flavor trait would be something like Survival and Knowledge (Religion) are always class skills. Paragraph/blurb to come later, once I clean up the details a bit

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