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Hiding an evil PC from a paladin at level 1

Stop Trying to Win

Gestalt Characters

Which weapon abilities are worth it?

Dispute with DM over a unfair trap

How do I solo Pathfinder?

"Ignore me!" Problems with an ultra high AC.

I need a ninja build

Should I / How should I punish this cleric?

How Do They Hold Up? A Comparative Build Thread.

Anyone actually play a Shadowdancer?

Help My Sorcerer Player

Warpriest, what is it good for? Post your build ideas...

How do you get your players to stop being munchkins??

What do YOU think MY character looks like?

Fist of the Heavens! A guide for the Champion of Irori!

A treatise on leadership (the feat)

Uncommon Yet Effective Spells

Are familiars a liability? Esp for a multiclass wizard?

AC 46 trip monkey - how to challenge him in PFS?

Fight Elven Racism.

Drow Elves and alignment

Q: is there a way to taunt or provoke enemies into attacking me?

Advice: Feral Combat Training

DM's house rules - frustrated

Help with overpowered character.

williamoak's guide to construct crafting

Profession - a skill point graveyard


How to deal with a half assed paladin?

Goddang Know-it-all!

Commonly Overlooked Rules

Roleplaying vs. Optimization

Best class in Pathfinder today?

magus overpowered

New Class Guide - Reach Cleric

What would you do? (Paladin vs. evil-PC)

Nerfed Crane Style

New player conflict- or - why are my ideas getting crushed and what to do

Make them Cry!! - The DM's Diabolic Book of Mean Mean Things

Would you like to help me build a sexy, confident, edgy, and seductive Paladin?

Polymorphamory - The Love of Changing Form: A guide to shapeshifting

I Am Vengeance, I am the Night: FedoraFerret's Guide to the Vigilante

Path to Mammoth Rider

How to make enemy spellcasters fear fighters?

John Smith, and his totally awesome Horse.

Is Armor Class useless?

Should I stop the Metagaming? How?

Evocation optimization?

Are Mounts Truely This Imbalanced?

How to measure the attractiveness of a character.

Spell Duel between two 20th Level Sorcerers

I don't want to tell you that you're doing it wrong, but...

Having Trouble Deciding What to Play in a Caveman Game

Whats the "point" of the starknife?

Concerns about Swashbuckler Power

Am I being fair?

You are a level 20 mythic wizard, with two daughters. You need to enchant them a dress.

Farewell, Jingasa.

How to Avoid Becoming a Murder Hobo

Help me pick the prohibited schools for my wizard

Archmage Variel's Guide to the Shifter

I know Leadership is broken; but why?

A humble request for some 3.5 and PF things to scare my optimizing players silly

Artificer legal?

Dealing with hardness

600+ DPR with a crossbow!

What's the Best Unarmed Non-Monk Build?

Player Gimps Own Character

A GM's Conundrum: To Kill or Not to Kill?

I want to make a mentally ill Paladin (Need help with alignment).

How many animal companions can you have at once?

Shenanigans, the movie, the game, but actually a thread.

Running a Game: Disallowed List?

Lawful Good VS Lawful Good

Good Magus, Evil Spell. This might be a silly question.

Help with a player who "Roleplays" on other party members... Too Much! Graps!

portraying gender neutral / agendered characters

Imbalance Via Rolls

Is this what they call 'player entitlement'?

Class that provides the most damage from archery

I have a crazy GM who wants to do a 3 class Gestalt game. Advice?

Good Player person in my group but loves being the powerful fighting hero (GM needs Help)

How to deal with dominating ranged char in a group as DM?

I think our DM's turning me into the final boss.

Nobody expects a guide to the inquisitor

Player feels encounter was "unfair."

Playing a character with 8 Int and 8 Cha

What Alignment is this guy? I'm perplexed.

Blasting - Screw the mortals and their victory!

Advice on how to treat the corpse of a fallen foe.

Pierce the Heavens! A Pathfinder's Guide to being a Mech Pilot!

Complete Wizard Guide [Ver. 2.0]

Making the Rogue Work 2: Unchained Vengeance!

At last, the feat we've been waiting for

Players rogue falling behind (I know, I know, he won't listen :P)

Two Hands are Better Than One: A Guide for Fighters using Two-Handed Weapons

Eldritch Scoundrel - Your thoughts?

Tank, scout and caster - MAYBE I am asking too much?

What is the strongest martial class. ( PLEASE keep full-half casters out of discussion)

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