Good adventures for kids?


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After 20+ years of not playing RPG's, I have started playing some with my two boys, ages 6 and 10. We have always played a lot of board games and some CCGs so they pick up rules pretty fast. We went through the Beginner Box adventure and they loved it. Now we're on Smuggler's Shiv. In the last session, they were losing interest with the freeform exploration and a couple of repeat encounters. I may have to skip them along to some of the highlights. This is a learning experience for me as a GM too so something a bit more linear might move along better. Anyway, I'm looking for good adventure suggestions, wondering if I should get the next one on this adventure path or try something else.

Bonus points for:
Age-appropriate/not too dark (I can tone down some things)
Easy to run


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We be goblins. Easy and fun.

The Pathfinder Adventure: Crypt of the Everflame is a good 1st level adventure for people of all ages. I've used it several times at cons to introduce players to the game. It has most of the typical 1st level baddies (Orcs, wolves, skeletons), some lethal and non lethal traps. The story is not very dark at all.

Plus, if you want to continue, it is also the start of a mini campaign. Crypt of the Everflame is continued by Masks of the Living God, and then by the City of Golden Death.

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Those sound good. Keep 'em coming. I've been planning to do We Be Goblins--I think they will have a blast with that.

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Played like a Tom & Jerry episode, 'We be Goblins' is a blast. 'Master of the Forgotten Fortress' is also pretty good. In general, Paizo's Free RPG Day stuff makes for good intro material.

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