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Council of Thieves

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We have just finalized our group for our first session tomorrow. I don't have all the names in front of me but we have a

Human Spirit Binder (from Secrets of Pact Magic)
Human Rogue (going to Master of Masks)
Hellbred Paladin
Tiefling Sorcerer
Halfling Ranger (going Arbalestier from Master at Arms)
Half Orc (or Dwarf) Cleric of either Torag or Milani
Half Elf Bard (going Urban Savant from Cityscape)

We've decided that Tartini's "The Devil's Trill" will be the theme song for the game =p

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Dahlia Wardroxen. Female Human Wizard (Evoker)
Lanliss Vernaliss. Male Elven Cleric of Calistra
Gruber Dane. Male Half-Orc Bard
Henric Jenare. Male Human Druid of Gozreh
Maouhurix. Male Tiefling Fighter
Viana Heatherhill. Female Halfling Rogue

Let's see who I can remember...

Hector Galonnica, LG Human Paladin of Iomedae who's parents run a secret, basement church (think early Christianity) dedicated to the Goddess. His character traits (he took the additional traits feat) are Westcrown Firebrand, Indomitable Faith, Reactionary, and something else I can't remember. Focusing on a protecter aspect of paladining.

Rizzo Ratso, LN tiefling monk orphan who was raised to be a temple whore; got bought at 12 by an elderly, compassionate (in Ratso's eyes) wizard who taught him to read, write, and the basics of magic. One day he got caught out in the open at night fall and was almost eaten by the shadow beasts that stalk the streets only to rescued by a beautiful dark haired swordswoman, who gave him a token to remember her by. The character will go into the Enlightened Fist PrC.

Unnamed half elven rogue, son of a Kyonin spy and a Chelish noblewoman who's thinking about being a bard one day. He's got half of a supposedly magical lute given to him by his father, smashed by his mother.

Unnamed half elven LG sorceror (bronze dragon lineage) from the coast. His dragon elder has taken it upon himself to 'hand raise' any of his supposed progeny, so the character has the Adopted and Magical Knack traits.

We've got 2 more players who need characters. One will be a tank I'm steering more towards a rogue/fighter friend of the half elf's, and the other who will probably be a cleric.

Everyone's really excited to play this campaign and I'm super stoked to run it!


No way near finalized, our party is shaping up to be:

Gnome Bleachling Wizard (Evoker)
Gnome Sorcerer (Dragon Bloodline)
Human Bard
Human Paladin of Iomedae
Dwarf Cleric of Sarenrae (may end up being druid or another divine casting type)


Man every has big parties.

We are already halfway through the firs council of theives (BoE)

Roan Darkstrider Female half elf Barbarian 2/ draconic sorceror 1 NG
Serena ShadowLeaf an Female Elven Ranger 1 who hunts outsiders and is going for arcane archer N
Covax GrimHold Dwarf Wizard 1/druid 1 (going for theurge) N
Grivaldo "Griv" Doomstroke halfling Fighter 2 who, again has an AC so high no one can hit him (22) he is NE (selflish, doesnt care about others)

We were almost a TPK with the Hellknight fight in part three.
But the barbarian dropped her two handed sword and hefted a shield a a kukri (which made all the difference) and took on 6 hellknights to save the day! (including the leader) The halfling fighter wasnt part of the group at the time or I sense the fight would have been very very different. Elf ranger tried to fight with her curve blade instead of bow, which I think (because of starting gold restriction) was a SERIOUS mistake as she could only afford padded armor!


The hellknights ACs make them REALLY tough!

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So far, our group is small, but adequate:
An Elven Rogue, female
A Halfling Monk, male
A Human Fighter, male
and a Tiefling Ranger, male

I've considered running a Tiefling Sorcerer as an NPC to help them out, but we'll see. If the Halfling Monk dies early (which seems likely), I'm going to recommend a Dwarven Paladin of Iomedae for the player. He likes to play stunties and Iomedae is both perfect for the storyline and fits his style of character.


My group is almost done with the first book. We have:

Kyoku - Tiefling Monk (Oni-Spawn, hermaphrodite due to table roll)
Garel Balsten - Dwarven Cleric of Iomedae
Kieren - Elven Diviner (paranoid street person)
Nai-Voshell - Half-Elf Fighter
Reinhold - Human Rogue

The highest charisma we have in the group is a 12 (go monk). Fortunately, he/she has a rank in perform (acting) as her character found work in the city assisting in street performances..

This is definitely a strange party, especially for this campaign..

Hopefully I'll make it all work out ok. I expect some improvising, but if I can pull them out of their comfort zone just a little with the whole performance thing, I'll be happy :)


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Let's see:

Lady Elese Thrune - LN Cleric of Iomedae, outcast from a minor off-shoot of House Thrune. She fled her family's home near the Whisperwood to seek kindred spirits in Westcrown. Fascinated by the occult (not devils, which she loaths, but the weird stuff like Mwangi artifacts), but devoted to her god, this is a confused young lady that could go either way as time progresses.

Raugfaril - Elven Ranger from the Barrowwood that moved to Westcrown about thirty years ago to keep an eye on the new power structure. Sly and observant, he has worked as an investigator/bounty hunter for many factions in town over the years. As such, he has contacts at several layers of society.

Nokal - Halfling Rogue and Robin Hood writ small. Sees it as his duty to liberate excess wealth from the nobility and help provide for the poor and downtrodden of Westcrown. Uses his slip contacts throughout town to facilitate his activities. Grew up in the theater as a child, he was left homeless and alone when authorities forcibly shut down his parent's little theater on thin charges.

Cylena Cisali - Infernal Sorceress and actress. A striking beauty, Cylena is from a rising merchant house that seeks noble status. She, personally, is on the rise in Westcrown's theater scene, much to her father's dismay. She has left her family to seek her way on her own, and doesn't like the strictures that society places on people. Her infernal sorcery stems from an unknown family past. I'm substituting her into Calseinica's role in the Six-fold Trial.

Nicolo Barozzi (nicknamed Magnus) - Half-orc Fighter who has worked as a guard, bouncer, enforcer and muscle all around Westcrown. Strangely enough, Magnus is a kind-hearted soul who loves the theater and would do anything to help someone out. He tends to get taken-advantage of by people of sharper wit and crueler intentions.

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(classes are after leveling once)

Gardal Glormek, drunk monk (dwarf monk 2)
Guiseppe Valtresi, fallen noble (human Infernal bloodline sorcerer 2)
Milar Rondival, former Mendevian crusader (human ranger 1/bard 1)
Siler, Varisian dancer (human bard 2)
Thomas Barker, philosopher of Will (human priest [Tome of Secrets] 2)
Tordenhulk, sewer druid (dwarf homebrew variant druid 2)

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The current group kept up a fast pace, hitting 2nd level by the end of the first session:

  • Ineptus' Cloistered Cleric 2
  • Torsin's Paladin 2 (Iomedae)
  • Da Fighter's Monk 2
  • Da Pimp's Rogue 1/Wizard 1
  • Jade's Fighter 1/Sorcerer 1
  • Maximilian, Jade's "hireling" Fighter 2 (heading to Pathfinder Chronicler - basically a GMPC)

Scarab Sages

They wanted a high charisma party and ended up with a ton of bards:

1) male human bard - planning on pathfinder prestige class

2) male human bard: lost nobility & rich parents as traits

3) male halfling bard - planning on paladin: he is a slave to #2 and plays a buffoon paladin on stage - eventually becoming one.

4) female tiefling monk - multiclassing into paladin (incredible stat rolls!)

Everyone took a rank in perform act.


NPC spoilers:
I will be using Janiven or Arael for major NPCs, adding whichever of the Children they get attached to. Arael can handle the higher level cleric spells if needed, for the first part, at least.

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Only got two characters statted out so far; dunno what else we'll have going on in the group. But here they are:

Cheng Wen: My PC for this game. CN Male human (Tian) bard 1. Amazing actor, great singer and dancer, can't fight his way out of a paper bag. But he dresses nice! And he can inspire others to fight all good and stuff! And next level, he'll be an amazing liar and disguise artist!

Character info can be found here; character art is here.

Aloysia Zarella: The lady-friend's PC. N Female human (Chelaxian) rogue 1. Last scion of the Zarella family, a (now-defunct) minor noble house. The rest of her family died under mysterious circumstances that might have been "accidents" and "rare illnesses," but Aloysia knows better, and she's looking for revenge.

No character write-up available yet, though I'll see if she wants to put one online for folks to gawk at. In the meanwhile, you can gawk at her character art here.

A party of five so far. I use True20, but converting from PF to it is a breeze.

Massimo Rufano: A younger member of the Rufano noble family, this young man gave up his social position and has become a cleric of Gozreh. He takes care of the small shrine that is visited mostly by foreign sailors.

Vincenzo Rufano: Cousin to Massimo, this dilettante spends most of his time either honing his skills with his blade, or studying the genealogy of the noble families, looking for fiendish blood. He is obsessed with finding from whence the fiendish blood has come to the nobility of westcrown. He is a well known poet, reknown for his cutting tongue, even sharper than the edge of his blade.

Arcturius Uk'Bektar: Half-orc bodyguard of Vincenzo, he was born in Westcrown, the son of the famous pugilist Bektar. He aims to be as famous in the pugilist cirquite as his father, the ten year Campionni. Very calm and controlled, he enjoys the reputation he has earned as an up and coming fighter.

Maliria: Orphaned tiefling, raised by the spymaster of House Phandros. Bred to be a spy and assassin. She acts out the orders given to her by her master, and spends most of her days tailing and observing the other noble factions.

Jamjey: A second generation Vudrani immigrant, he lost his parents. A slave to house Phandros, he is a self defense tutor to the young heirs. He lost his master one night to whatever creatures stalk the nights, and he has spent his time since in training and meditation, working towards the day he will strike at whatever was responsible

I'm going to work out ways that they meet with Janiven beforehand.

I'm thinking that Massimo runs afoul of Shanwen, who simply cuffed Morosino, who had accidentally bumped into him. Hopefully Massimo will step up and stop him from brutalizing the lad. It'll help add some animosity to the future encounter.

I think I'll have Massimo run into Thesing Umbero, and play up the social affront there. Probably have him hitting on a barmaid that was flirting with Vincenzo. I'll make Thesing a noble as well, who'll probably back down when Vincenzo threatens him (I know my player ;)).

I'll have Arcturius deliver a missive to the country estate of some friend of Vincenzo, and be acosted by some brigands. Mistake!

Jamyey and Maliria I haven't decided yet. I'm thinking I'll have her be following Arcturius, and aid him during the battle. Him, he will probably have spoken out about his interest in fighting that which stalks the dark.

First off my players hate me
secound off my players hate me

So we get a feral halfling barbarian Anathasia(right now is chomping off the hand of a hellknight to eat as jerky), who talks like a valley girl.

Flint Northwood, who looks and resembles clint eastwood, human envoker. He squints allot.

Alexia Baldwin Cleric of Sheyln. Her uncle was a famous actor named Alexander Baldwin.

Than just an elf rouge named Lanliss..... yeah nothing special here.

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Rest of the group is finished. Here goes:

Jonathan Whiteling: Benchak's DMPC. Middle-aged (he's in his 80's) half-elf druid, yet still tough as nails. Tools around with a wolf companion, whose name eludes me at the moment.

No write-up available, but you can probably get a feel for him once I get my campaign journal started up here. Current character art here.

Slappy Wet-Trousers: Our friend Dustin's PC. Male human fighter. He's also, at 5'2", the shortest guy in our game.

Also no write-up available, but like Jonathan, you can probably figure him out once the campaign journals start. Current character art here.

Gellius Montreve - male Human Bard, Neutral Good - Up and coming member of a family acting troupe from Galt. Lip service devotee of Calistria
Has begun taking to the notion of moonlighting as a "black clad avenger of the night" to livening up his evenings.

Petronicus Alazario - male Human Chaotic good Fighter - From the very pits of the lower classes and violent about it; Trained as a carpenter but by profession a pugilist who fights in underground boxing rings. Father was a soldier and tries to live up to his memory. Full of revolutionary zeal. Initially paying lip service to Cayden Cailean but beginning to take that a bit more seriously.

Alexite Marius Pandeloric male Human Chaotic Neutral Sorcerer (Infernal bloodline). Bored. Raised by aristocratic family of diabolists. No loyalty to anyone or anything save what's getting him off. The very platonic ideal of immature.

Boram Hearthstone - male Halfling Neutral. The leader of this den of thieves. Rogue (He would prefer "Thief.") Theoretically in it for the money; rather reminiscent of Badger from Firefly, at least on the surface. Revolution? Might be in it for the money there too. Mother was a slave in one of the Noble's houses and has thus come to bitterly resent the upper classes. Grudge against the aristocracy. Constantly tempted to do evil but so far resisting.

Velvetlinedbox wrote:

Alexia Baldwin Cleric of Sheyln. Her uncle was a famous actor named Alexander Baldwin.

Yeah, but did he call her a pig? Sorry, couldn't resist.

You've certainly got an interesting group there!

So far its looking like....

Sirix - Tiefling Paladin.
"Crow" - a large, angry, overprotective (of Undiniele), old Human Cleric of Iomedae.
Undiniele - Human female Sorcerer (Elemental Water Bloodline).
Jade - Halfling Rogue.

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Well, I think we've just about stumbled our way through most of the first module. The group consists of:

Gelli: Human Cleric of Shelyn -High Cha, Actor, The Face
Andwise: Halfling Rogue -Street Urchin, The Sneak
Targar: Half-orc Barbarian -The Muscle
Movius: Human Conjuror -The Tactician(replaces half orc ranger to fill in lack of arcane firepower)

The players are still getting used to playing together as we don't know each other really well, but we're starting to work out a comfortable dynamic. We've struggled through a few sessions due to truly abyssal dice rolling and the aformentioned newness of the group, but have managed to scrape by so far.

Ok, my party, just starting up at the moment (we're doing a lot of email RP)consists of;

Shadara, Andoran human female Paladin of Iomedae LG (Crusader)--Unwittingly fooled into being a sort of assasin as a child, now trying to make amends thorugh a life of pious devotion.

Sebastian, Chelish human male Wizard LE (Power Hungry)--Born and raised in Westcrown, Sebastian is the star pupil of his Mistress (name I can't recall, Chelish LE Conjurer). He lives in her estate with two other apprentices who are both plotting against him, jealous of the mistresses attention.

Unnamed Osirion female half-elf Cleric of Sarenrae, lawful good (Peace Keeper)-- Sent by the church of Sarenrae to enforce a mystical truce between Shadara and Chane (a paladin of asmodeus)while promoting a change of the current regime.

Chane, Chelish human female Paladin of Asmodeus LE(Vengeful Justiciar)--Learning of her mentors death, she inherited his small home in Rego Coina. An aspiring Hellknight, she recieves a message telling her that her master was assassinated by a member of the Order of the Wrack...

Nadia, Andoran Gnome female Druid of Desna and Boris (the bulletdodger), her polar bear cub companion NG(Freedom Fighter)-- After helping the others to save Absalom (ran the Silent Tide adventure) she was dispatched by the Druidic Circle to aid the resistance in Westcrown and to help free slaves whenever possible.

(can't remember name) Qadiran Gnome female Sorceror (elemental bloodline - Air)CG (good natured miscreant)-- Qadira wants, BADLY, to be able to trade more freely with Westcrown. The people are frightened to death of dealing with them because of the actions of Hellknights on the floating markets. The Gnome has been sent to infiltrate Janiven's group, encourage revolution, and (profession-drugdealer) to peddle her various "wares" to the people in order to get an economic foothold.

Here's my disfunctional group:
1) a male LG dwarf cleric of Torag who would actually make a better assassin than cleric by the way he acts (he wanted to pass my curse off onto an innocent beggar or dying person)

2) a female half-orc monk

3) a male half-elf rogue

4) my charcater- a male human wizard specialized in evocation, who is obbsessed with learning. At one point he was cursed and would die in three days. His party members had to talk him into spending money to get rid of it, because he wanted to buy more scrolls to add the spells to his spellbook.

5) up untill yesterday, this spot was filled with a human fighter who called himself "the red dragon". he died, and the player wanted to make a new character, so now we have a male orc (full orc, not half-orc) barbarian.

Oki.. Meet the Testosterone gang!

The party consist of four players

Drake Ravenscroft Here Human cleric of Gorum, CN Str18
Malefic Here Human Sorcerer with the Draconic bloodline, LE, Str17
Travis Here Human fighter, dual-wielding scimitars, LN Str20, dex16
Roberre Ando Here Ranger with humans as favored enemies, NG, Str16, and oviously the whimp in the group! ;P

They rolled them and we've just had our first session and it looks very promising... They can beat up most things but social skill? What on earth is social skill? Hehe... they'll be... tested, in the future, let's just put it that way ;)

Bruce 3rd Level Human Monk
Brillo 3rd Level Human Rogue
Ricco Dun Jock 3rd Level Human Fighter
Curu Finn 3rd Level Cleric of Gorum

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My group is 4th level and are already in the Asmodean Knot of the second book. I had them actually roll for their hit points and they have pretty good stats.

Pharoantray Elf Sorcerer 4
Rhali Broadsword Dwarf Fighter 4
Eril Half-Elf Monk 3/Cleric of Nethys 1
Gremmel Darkstone Dwarf Cleric of Gorom 4
Fred Halfling Ranger 4
Pierre Halfling Rogue 4 (GMPC)

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My CoT group in its entirety. *ahem*

2 Human Bards: Pasper and Jasper, the wandering con-artists.

Liberty's Edge

Darius, Human Monk
Lucius, Human Wizard (Evoker)
Albindus, Human Cleric (Sarenrae)
Loric, Elf Rogue

We decided to go with a pseudo Roman feel for the city. Our first session was last night and we made it through the rescue. The monk and rogue are both Dex monkeys and don't have finesse yet. As a result, there was a bit of a wiff factor that caused combats to stretch a little longer than we would have liked, but this should be a short term problem so I'm not too concerned.

I wish I would have checked these forums and learned about the XP issues before diving in. The characters are all still first level, so I'll need to throw in some side treks to catch them up.

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Danflor wrote:

My CoT group in its entirety. *ahem*

2 Human Bards: Pasper and Jasper, the wandering con-artists.

That sounds like a lot of fun.

We just started. Backgrounds are still being fully fleshed out.

Rayce - Dwarf Rogue, two-hands a warhammer, works as a brewer, has completely tanked charisma

Bernardo Carcano - Human Fighter, comes from an infamous acting family, and is keen on conspiracies, likes to trip things

Doran - Gnome Cleric of Sarenrae, fire brand from a wealthy family, frequently avoids being arrested because Bernardo convinces the guards that Doran is simply helping him practice for a play

Avantae - Gnome Wizard specializing in illusions, also keenly interested in conspiracies

I made Bernardo last, and picked up some of the skills we were short on, perform (acting), bluff, intimidate, and survival. He makes his living acting, doing fight coreography, and theatre security. His uncle used to take him for hunting trips, and the infamous death involved something while out hunting, but even the vauge details shouldn't be posted on a public forum ;)

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I started running Bastards last night with a group of one experienced D&D player who beta tested Pathfinder with me, a fairly skilled player who was our former Shadowrun GM, a player who will know every rule by the next time we play in order to tweak out every potential point of power possible (ooh alliteration), and a player who likely will need a fair amount of support throughout the campaign.

The backgrounds of the party are a work in progress, but here's what they've come up with so far.

The Experienced One:
Female half-elf ranger (eventually ranger/fighter multi-class) who works professionally as a bounty hunter. The ranger is not originally from Westcrown but chose to use the city as a base of operations for her profession. She has agreed to a hefty 50 gp a month stipend to assist Janiven for the time being. The ranger dual wields a longsword and shortsword and is easily one of the beefiest of the party in general.

The Former GM:
The male human paladin to Iomede named Lift. Lift is the beefcake of the group and the primary source of healing prowess. A bit brash, he's still trying to find his place in the paladinhood and has come to Cheliax to spread the word of his God. Upon the mention of restoring the church of Iomede to its proper glory in Westcrown Lift immediately joined Janiven without question. The Paladin obviously commands a lot of authority in combat but may quickly find himself outclassed when it comes to the requisite healing.

The Rulesy One:
The group's resident rogue is a male human con-artist who has direct ties to the cities old money (and an uncle who was an actor of some great renown). He showed up to the first meeting in full disguise and an assumed name even after invited by Janiven. The character with the least likely ties to this kind of adventure, the rogue would like to remove the Hellknight influences in the city in the hopes that it might re-instate a more lax set of security procedures within the city. The party's rogue is social beyond imagination but lacks in any serious combat skills.

The New Player:
Our newest player has the female gnomish sorcerer with a celestial bloodline. A Wescrani herself, Janiven required little fast-talking to obtain her services. Fearful of the night and what it brings and more than willing to bring Westcrown back to its full glory, the sorcerer is one of most willing to assist The Children. The sorcerer currently acts as the party's backup healing mechanism but currently feels a little outclassed by her melee oriented allies.

Currently 4th Level. They survived the six fold trial by completing all the acts. Instead of getting in the belly of the beast the party destroyed the prop/death trap! I guess the show must go on.....

Bruce the Monk. Quick to pick a fight and has the tools to back it up. Likes to grapple and eventually beat his enemies into submission.

Brillo the Rogue. Calm and collected. When not weilding his rapier/dagger combo uses his trusty wand of magic missle...when he can make it work. Current "owner" of Bladestar

Ricco Dun Jock the Fighter. More of a swashbuckler he loves to ham it up with dazzling display. Would rather do something totally unorthodox rather that hack and slash with his long sword.

Curu Finn the Priest of Gorum. Its hard to miss this guy when he is weilding his keen great sword. The life blood of the party.

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OK, here are "my" players - respectively their characters. We got started on 10/13/09 and are heading now towards the end of the first adventure, getting rid of the Bastards.

  • Aula Ghival: Female human ranger 2 [FE Humans, TWF], NG, Lost Nobility, Westcrown Firebrand. She's "fery" strong, but is a bit off on the nice side. She's the eldest daughter of a minor noble, hates filth and has a knack for the shadow hunters. She always screamed in the sewers because of the filth and garbage, cleaning her blades with a towel after every encounter.

  • Caleb: Male halfling rogue 1/bard 1, CG, Armor Expert, Westcrown Firebrand. Caleb is "extraordinarily" agile and has a knack for merrily singing. He was raised as an orphan by dwarven parents [and is anxiously waiting for "Dwarves of Golarion" to retroactivly take the Adopted trait]. He works at the Imperial Marina as lower security staff, scanning the ships' crates and barrels for illegal contents. He's wondering why nobody lets him get in the first row of exploring... ..."but, I'm the thief, ain't I?".

  • Dorian Davarius a.k.a "M": Male human monk 2 [Grapple], LG, Child of Infamy, Rich Parents. He's "super" agile, too, but as Aula a bit slow at social interactivity. Nobody knows, he's the son of a once famous family of Westcrown, living at the cliffs in the south part of Rego Sacero. He always wears his costume and his mask [and I asked myself, if someone took a little sneak preview into the adventure before the creation of the character ;)]. Dorian, as a grappler, took the most damage from attempting to come closer to a shadowgarm found in the sewers. *ouch*

  • Lucifero Scaevola: Male human sorcerer 1 [Elemental (Fire) Bloodline]/wizard 1, LN, Diabolist Raised, Rich Parents. Lucifero is an agile and handsome young man, living in Miratanza in a luxurious lodge, who likes to smoke his cigars. As a sorcerer, he was condemned to 10 months of studying at Niclod Starweather's School for Young Wizards as a result of an intrigue gone awry. He's a little conservative and shares an ex-lover with the cleric [see below] - just for the embarrasment of all three involved.

  • Servius Quintus Basilius: Male human cleric of Abadar 2, LN, Conspiracy Hunter, Reactionary. He has a great insight on things mundane and divine, and is kind of nice to behold. Servius works at the Great Bank of Abadar in Rego Aerum, and is a sincere and straight young man. Still refraining from fighting, he gives inspiration to his comrades and acts as counselor to the group. Servius is very embarrased to know that he shared a lover with the sorcerer/wizard [see above].

  • Ursion Albus: Male tiefling rakshasa-spawn [DR 2/cold iron due to roll on Variant Tiefling Abilities table] paladin of Sarenrae 2, LG, Armor Expert, Conspiracy Hunter. He is strong, dextrous, and "really cute" due to his tiger-like tail [as the ex-cleric lover/ex-sorcerer lover/now-paladin lover thinks]. Ursion tends to the wounds of the slaves on the great market in Rego Crua. He's timid and a little afraid of his newfound companions. He's getting pushed and shoved around a little by the group's cleric and Arael [to be honest].

OOh a raskshasa teifling, cool. I saw that one in the book and thought it would be mighty cool.

I was thinking oni spawn eventually someday too (think half orge magi)

Anyway our Group has been progressing slwoly due to the material being released slowly and we are actually going to veer off into tower of the last baron until the AP catches up.

6th level half-elf female barbarian 2/sorceror 3/ dragon disciple 1 who weilds a greataxe called "hell razor" (named it after she got three consecutive crits fighting hell knights)

5th level male dwarf druid 2/ wizard 3 with a +1 Flamming Keen Scythe, which without the scythe would be a pretty useless character. I have to say this is our groups second time trying a mystic theurge and it is rough going! I pretty much kill things with the scythe. which makes me a weak BAB fighter. (my best spell so far has been ray of enfeeblement)

5th level female elf ranger. Oddly enough specializes in archery but kills everything with her +1 Keen Elven curved blade. She's a crit machine! She started out with scabby as a animal companion, but he got killed by a worg. So she eventually tamed a hyena pet from an ogrewe killed. Her hyena is called Chuckles.

4th level psychopathic halfling male fighter.
This guy is DEADLY! Hard it hit (AC islike 23 i think) and has a +14 to hit! he weilds a +1 lycanthrope bane shortsword (small sized) that we found in the lair of a barghest, and since no one wanted a magic "dagger" he got it. (we always play keep away with magic items and this character I dunno why, he's so grabby, we all automatically try to keep things from him.)

Anyway, I have to say pathfinder has really put alot oflife back into this game, the choices for charcacters are really varied without any home brewing so far.
The characters are really comming out cool and we are excitied to level because we want the next power, skill, spellor whatever, before it was "ho hum I got another d8 hps"

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... and if someone likes to see the slideshow of the minis at flickr go here:
Bastards of Erebus and Children of Westcrown

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Starting to run CoT soonish (as soon as time permits), but we've made the characters and began the process of getting into the mood. I've pushed my Westcrown a bit further into a decadent renaissance Venice where the memory of the Fall of Rome is just a generation away, so for example the character names sound Roman.

Cicere - N Tiefling (Devil Spawn) Cleric of Calistria, horribly disfigured when an angry mob tried to burn him in a bonfire. He barely survived thanks to his Fire Resistance. Left him embittered. Now lives in the sewers and sometimes sneaks into the basements of theaters to hear a wonderful tenor called Cato Vicaris (who is a player-created background story character, and will be replacing Thesing in The Sixfold Trial) sing. Cicere has a huge, a bit unhealthy, stalker-like, celebrity crush on Cato. Close friends with Janiva (Janiven) even before the adventure begins.

Cornelius Adanti - LE Human Wizard (Enchanter), a very practical member of a small fallen-from-grace noble house. Has no problem with infernalism and probably is heading down the Diabolist PRC road on later levels. Wants social change and all the corruption gone. Social change where he and his family comes out on top.

Sabin - CG Human Bard. The bastard child of the Adanti family, half brother of Cornelius. An actor, smuggler and secretly a member of the Pathfinders (The Pathfinder's Exile). He owes his life to Cicere, who fixed him up after he got wounded when fleeing from the authorities. The blood of the dragons flows from his mother's side in Sabin's veins, so he might be multiclassing to Sorcerer(Draconic) or a Dragon Disciple.

Silva - LN Human Monk. A self-taught martial artist and a street fighter who was engaged to a wonderful girl called Drusa. Drusa was assaulted one night by a nobleman looking for some fun and was killed. Silva heard that a fighter had the next day beaten up the noble and his servants, and had been sent to prison for this offense. Silva never understood why the old man Severus (below) would want to avenge a crime he was no part of and now respects the fighter very much.

Severus Agripa - LN Human Fighter. A drunkard son of a prominent actress, Severus got forced out of his successful masonry business by one of the people in power who also worked in the same industry. Been doing all sorts of low-pay jobs since to keep his drinking habit funded. The two things keeping him from taking his own life are Cornelius, his best friend, and Drusa, who didn't die from the assault, just lost her mind, now being more an echo of a child than a grown woman she had been. Severus takes care of her and she reminds him how he could have acted sooner. Severus had seen the assault take place, but didn't have the courage to act until the next day when it had already been too late to actually help the woman.

So the group is less a group of adventurers who ride into town and take care of problems and more a group of local people who want to make the city a better place.

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Great backgrounds. Your players should be commended for working together top create a group.

Liberty's Edge

My group:

Rocar: Male halfling ranger, urban. The family that owned him was killed off. he swore never to be a slave again and trained to fight humans in the city.

Perry Ferrel: Male halfling rogue. Son of a disgraced actor that was killed. He acts the servent and slave to make peopel think he knows his place, all while thinking of ways to get back at the people that ruined his familys name.

Calib: Male human monk. Raised in a monastay who had to leave when he said he heard the voice of his god, Irori that he is needed in Westcrown.

Hyman Cohen: Male human cleric of Sarenrae. Looking to help the people of Westcrown.

Adoltiln Carter: Human male Sorcerer. From a noble Westcrown family, he has heard about the decline Westcrown has suffered, along with the noble families. He had vowed to do what it takes to make sure his family does not fall to the demonic influences like other familes have.

Dolgrin Ironhelm: Male dwarf fighter: His family runs a mine in the mountians near westcrown, he is in Westcrown to secure trade for his family. But he is appaled by the contitions he has seen in Westcrown.

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I got bored and decided to create a tailored party for the adventure path. 15 Point Buy with traits (one of which must be a campaign trait); tieflings allowed, but they must take Infernal Bastard and roll on the Variant Tiefling Heritages, Abilities, and Features tables in The Bastards of Erebus (the tiefling feats on pg. 66 are also allowed).

Manius Crispin, N(G) Male Tiefling Bard, Chelaxian (pale, slightly clammy skin, blue/green eyes, black hair); traits Charming, Infernal Bastard; feat Fiendish Facade (Human); Qlippoth Spawn, communicate telepathically by touch, Ears-Other; I had to think about this one a bit, but after remembering some of the background on marsh giants and Dagon I decided to have his family as originally coming (escaping?) from a small coastal town of demon worshippers (ears are fin-like). A budding actor (ranks in Perform (Act) and (Sing)) with a checkered past (ranks in Climb, Disable Device, Perception, and Stealth), Manius wishes to make Westcrown a beacon of art and beauty (worships Shelyn). A smooth-talker (ranks in Diplomacy*) who "keeps an ear to the streets" (ranks in Knowledge (Local)*), he may consider the Pathfinder Chronicler prestige class (possibly taking 2 levels of rogue for the extra skill ranks) and/or a political career. *-These ranks are from 12 Int and the favored class bonus.

Eudocia Lux-ex-Tenebrous ("Light from Darkness"), LG Female Tiefling Paladin (Iomedae), Taldan (bronze skin with metallic highlights, yellow eyes, brown hair); traits Deft Dodger, Infernal Bastard; feat Weapon Focus (Longsword); Demon Spawn, +5 ft base movement, Other-Androgynous. A foundling/orphan raised by the church of Iomedae, she wishes to reform Cheliax, starting with Westcrown, into a more just and tolerant nation. A healer (ranks in Heal) as well as a mighty warrior (16 Str), she is also a student of faith (ranks in Knowledge (Religion)) and people (ranks in Sense Motive). She may consider the Inheritor's Crusader prestige class.

Pellius Ambusta, NG Male Human Ranger, Chelaxian (pale skin, hazel eyes, dark brown hair); traits Armor Expert, Shadow Child; feats Exotic Weapon (Whip), Weapon Finesse. A native Wiscrani, he wants to restore safety and a strong sense of community to Westcrown (worships Erastil). Skilled with the bow, rapier, and whip (16 Dex), he's a hunter of beasts and monsters (ranks in Craft (Bows), Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge (Dungeoneering), Knowledge (Nature), Perception, and Survival) and a bit of a swashbuckler (ranks in Acrobatics and Climb*). He will definitely consider the Duelist prestige class. *-12 Int and favored class bonus.

Ostarian Alazarin, LN(N) Male Human Wizard (Conjurer), Chelaxian (pale skin, brown eyes, thinning brown hair); traits Diabolist Raised, Hedge Magician; feats Point Blank Shot, Spell Focus (Conjuration). A cynical, slightly greedy man, he wishes Westcrown to be more stable and conducive to trade so he can open a magic shop (worships Abadar and Nethys). A shrewd (16 Int) judge of value both mundane and magical (ranks in Appraise, Knowledge (Arcana), and Spellcraft), he's also a skilled arcanist (ranks in Craft (Alchemy), Linguistics, and Use Magical Device) with a tendency to browbeat others (ranks in Intimidate). He may consider the Loremaster prestige class.

I picked one of my players as Party Leader and let him pick the group (we have about 20 pathfinder players here at the store). The players have been picked and so far it looks like:

Human Urban Ranger
Tiefling Cleric
<unknown> Bard
<unknown> <unknown>

The Party Leaders requirements were you must have Stealth, and One of the following: Diplomacy, Bluff, or Intimidate

I think this is gonna be a blast.

About to start it this weekend - we have:

Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae (me)
Elven Witch
Elven Rogue
Gnome Alchemist (bomb thrower)
Halfling Summoner (and his buddy, "Crunch")

Just lovin' the fact that we only have one tank, and it happens to be our primary healer :)

Grand Lodge

Zoracht Heliodor: Human sorcerer, bitter son of disgraced old Westcrani nobility who were murdered/forced out of town by a Regidottari/Prelate plot.

Khaaliq: Elf rogue/bard, immigrant from Katapesh, pesh addict, underground poet, and womanizer.

Paritzio: Human inquisitor, native of Westcrown, homeless and maybe a little crazy. Helps kittens out of burning houses and old ladies cross the street. He worships Arodon, which is odd, but where are his powers coming from? Kind of a Robin-Williams-in-Fischer-King vibe.

Pan Treentinker: damanged juvenile Halfling Oracle (wind), daughter of Westcrown toy vendor/underground revolutionaries. Khaaliq is introducing her to Westcrown rave scene.

Theodred: Moron (INT = 7) human paladin/soon-to-be-Order-of-Scourge-Hellknight. The straight guy in the party.

The Exchange

We're all about 8th lvl now, but so far we're all still alive. Jollydoc hasn't managed to kill us yet.

Donal - Human Priest(Tome of Secrets)of Milani. Fat, old, cranky, flaming revolutionary. Has an Inquisitor cohort.
Dmitri - Tiefling Summoner. Angst-ridden noble bastard.
William - Human Monk. Likes to smash things.
Columbo - Human Fighter. A demon-infused ranseur with feet.
DJ - Elf Rogue. Now you see me, now you're dead.
Tal - Human Paladin. not-so-loyal Dottari.

We re-named the Children right off the bat, and pretty much took over the organization from the ground up...

The Wolfguard:
Lord Patrick Kinghawk IX: Human male cavalier 11. N. A middle-aged knight in a world without honor, he has dedicated himself to taking back the nights of Westcrown, aided by his strong and powerful mount, Boar the Handsome, who is a horse. Patrick's most famous action is demoralizing everyone at Mayor Aberian's party by constantly using his Braggart ability during dinner.

Rhytal Mountainfist: Elven male fighter 1/wizard 6/eldritch knight 4. CN. A conspiracy theorist who joined the party and is barely keeping himself back from performing incredibly evil deeds. Sometimes goes by the alias "Tal'ri Forestfoot." His catchphrase is "Mountainfiiiist" as he bursts through doors, which for the first three books of CoT, he did better than the rest of the party.

Scarlette Duskfang: Human female rogue 11. CN. Searching for her long-lost brother Ronan Duskfang and his trusty eidolon Skybreaker who disappeared suddenly just after our first excursion into Aberian's Folly. Scarlette knows how to murder! Her most famous line has been "Monks are lame!" as she laid unconcious on the floor after a flurry of blows brought her from full to -2 hp.

William Ravenarm: Human male sorcerer 11. LN. I've got no reason why he's in our party other than he was once part of the former Children of Westcrown! He hunts the night with his brother-in-arms Gustav Greenrat, his 9th level urban-focused ranger cohort who has intense nature-o-phobia and brought a grandfather clock with him into the Hagwood. William's most famous for never hitting or beating spell resistance, and Gustav is famous for pretending to be a player character.

Bruce Whitetiger: Human male oracle 11. CG. A near-blind polytheistic devotee, he runs the Church of Aroden's day to day business as a general disciple of Sarenrae. Armed with his guisarme and full plate, as well as Calseinica Nymmis his actress/bard/beautiful cohort, he tries to keep the entire party from murdering everyone they meet. Bruce is famous for dying and rising from the grave on the eve of the 3rd day, and Calseinica is famous for having a kill count of 3 monsters that adds up to over 20 CR.

Together, we're awesome!

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We currently have:

The Claw - alchemist who goes by an alter ego known as the claw.
Brig - Rogue / Pathfinder Delver, the party skill monkey.
Darth - Barbarian / Fighter, standard greatsword fighter.
Alorim - Sorcerer / Pathfinder Savant, Blasting spells a specialty.
Ezio - Rogue / Assassin. Before anyone asks yes the player had just finished Assassin's Creed 2.
Korthan - Monk, mobile punching machine.

Not all of them always make it so we end up with a party of 4-5 eveery week usually. Fortunately the AP has been pretty rich with potions as they have (had, now that Alorim has picked up some healing spells from his prestige) no divine casters. Darth is a replacement for Giovanni, who died in an unfortunate incident (see the obits for details on that.)

Now if I could just break them of the habit of intimidating random NPCs and just threatening them for what they want.

Likely will just hit them with a loss of fame points if they do it too publicly.

Hopefully starting up in a few weeks.

The party will be smaller than our usual group with only three players due to not everyone being able to play as often as we'd like over Fantasy Grounds spanning three time zones, but I've managed to convince my fiancée of trying it out.

They have yet to be "tailored" to the campaign tying them to Westcrown and taking campaign traits, but that'll come before be begin playing.

A. C. the Wizard, conjurer, though alienist(dragon #330) in spirit, but won't take the PrC, with Cerebrosis feat.
While quite similar to Treantmonk's interesting guide, he was made made long before it was published ;)
Tactician, mastermind and rather scary (ie. plenty of mostly fun challenges as a GM).

A. the Sorcerer, draconic bloodline.
Bold, but clever warlock with lots of hit points (14 con and toughness) and voted as the group tank.

N. the Black Mage aka. sorceress, elemental bloodline (air).
Newbie, but dedicated damage dealer.

I will adjust the campaign for about 2,5 players since my fiancée, is brand new to roleplaying, having just played through Crypt of the Everflame as her first adventure.

I doubt it will be played as written, considering they love making decisions I'm totally unprepared for, but as long as we have hours upon hours of fun it's all good.

Everyone, all human, have a strength of 8 and charisma ranging from 13 to 20, so this will be fun. :)

We started a couple of weeks ago and have already had a couple of near deaths in the sewers due to a critical-hitting zombie. We have four players, and the party consists of:

Drugar, male dwarven barbarian, hunter of things that go bump in the night. (Also, nearly slayed by a zombie in the sewers of Westcrown). He has been living in an inn making his way as hired muscle to merchants and guilds.

Pautrick, male tiefling oracle, determined to heal everyone to show he is not evil. He has been living in the belfry of a local temple of Iomedae. He is, however, touched by his past, and things "happen" around him.

Pibbi, female gnomish summoner, whimsical yet cruel with a fiery temper. She has come to Westcrown from Varisia and is the daughter of a cartographer in Sandpoint. She is accompanied by a large snake-like creature whose pink scales match her hair.

Soriel, female half-elven sorcerer, still waiting to give me her backstory.

We got your Charisma right here. Funny thing, the Strength scores of the three casters adds up to one more than the raging strength of the barbarian.

Here's our PC roster after completing "The six trials of Larozad"

-Alario Jeggare: Human Rogue 1/Fighter 2/Monk 1
-Blaustein Aalfanger: Dwarven:Monk 4
-Leonora Dioso "La Fiamma": Half-elven Cleric of Calistra 3/Rogue 1
-Elias Lucca: Human Wizard Diviner 4

The Exchange

I've got a really strange group. We just wrapped up The Sixfold Trials and are all level 5...
Vladamir, Dwarf Druid 5 with an ape companion.
Harmen, Human Bard 5, our smoking hot Larazod with max ranks in Perform (Act) and who rolled incredibly well for every act.
Mo Fah, a Human Monk 4/Sorcerer 1. This player rolled flat-out amazing stats, and so to be a good sport he made his character in his late 60s, suffering the stat changes that that entails.
Sidskegg, my DMPC Dwarf Cleric 5 of Cayden Cailean. Drunk more often than not, he's basically a tank and buff machine who heals between fights and otherwise keeps himself busy with booze.

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We have a strange group

Myself Haladrel Shadowbow an Elven Ranger going into Arcane Archer

Ezeck a Tiefling (kyton) Summoner

Grumblebone Knockerbeef (damm random name generator) a Tiefling (devil) Warmage going into Force Missile Mage

Zypher a Tengu Rogue/Sorcerer going into Draconic Disciple

and a 5th member who dont know what he is playing (but usually standard casters)

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Joey Virtue wrote:

We have a strange group

Myself Haladrel Shadowbow an Elven Ranger going into Arcane Archer

Ezeck a Tiefling (kyton) Summoner

Grumblebone Knockerbeef (damm random name generator) a Tiefling (devil) Warmage going into Force Missile Mage

Zypher a Tengu Rogue/Sorcerer going into Draconic Disciple

and a 5th member who dont know what he is playing (but usually standard casters)

five casters... huh.

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Tikael wrote:

five casters... huh.

Yeah an no true healer yet hopfully the last player will play a healer or the it will be me with wands all day

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