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I just wanted to make a few notes regarding the Adventure No Good Deed (which begins here).

I playtested levels 1 and 4 because there are some changes beginning at level 4 during scenario C. I figured the most challenging scenarios would be the lowest level for each version. I created a party of four new characters - Core versions of Merisiel, Kyra, Ezren, and Harsk, each playing with only their respective class decks (with the allowed Core/Curse substitutions for like-named cards).
For each level from 2-6, I "leveled them up", giving them a feat of each type per level and 3-4 deck upgrades per level - but not always of their most optimal card types - to simulate normal advancement. (Even though I only used the level 1 and 4 versions in this playtest, I saved versions for all 6 levels in case I need them for future testing.)

The scenarios were rough, but I didn't fail any. Scenario D was a bit easier because it uses the Raid the Stronghold scenario type, which I think is a bit easier for larger parties. I did make a couple changes to things I thought were too hard. I'd been leery since playtesting scenario A with a couple of other players who said they found it too hard. (That was at level 4.)

After completing both levels of the adventure with that foursome, I played them again with three of my characters - level 1 with three new characters and level 4 with three freshly-level 4 characters. These characters do utilize Ultimate decks or adventurer packs, so they may have been stronger. I had a bit less trouble completing the scenarios with these groups, but I still wanted more data points.

I tried to pick thematic wildcards. One could easily make the scenarios harder by picking worse wildcards. I thought the difficulty level was reasonable in the end, but if anyone plays it, I'd love a message sharing how difficult you found it!

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