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Hey guys. I haven't posted in here in a long time, but I'm back into playing the card game, and hopefully doing some homebrew stuff because it's fun!

Just recently (this PaizoCon) got my hands on the occult class decks, and while I'm happy that they are there, I'm a little disappointed that it is just the 6 iconics. That's when I realized that hey, I have some PFS RPG occult characters (one for each class, except the medium) so I could do rough conversions of them.

I've just gotten roughly back into the card game, so my cards might be a bit off, but I'd appreciate some input.

It's late, so I'm only going to start off with the occultist (my favorite class, so much so that I made an RPG class guide to it!). But I hope to add in a mesmerist, psychic, spiritualist, and kinetisist. And maybe my friend's medium. Even though powers don't have names in the card game, I've provided names for them here, primarily so that people can see where I'm coming from.

Jannica Doe
Female Angelkin Occultist
Str d8 [] [] [] []
--Melee +2
Dex:d6 [] []
Con:d8 [] []
Int: d8 [] [] [] []
--Knowledge +2
--Diplomacy +1
Wis:d6 [] []
Chr:d4 []

Hand Size 5 ([]6)
Proficiencies: Light armor, Heavy armor, Weapons

Magic Item Skill When you would banish a spell because you do not have the arcane or divine trait, discard it instead ([] Or you may attempt to recharge it using your knowledge skill as your arcane or divine skill)

Legacy Weapon:Bane Once per turn, discard ([] or recharge) a card from the top of your deck to name a monster trait other than basic, elite, or villian. For the rest of the turn, your combat checks against monsters with that trait add the current adventure deck number to their rolls and gain the magic trait.

Item ReadingAdd 1d6 ([]+1) to checks to acquire boons with the magic trait.

Cards, Favored Card Type: Weapon
Weapon: 3 [] []
Spell: 2 [] []
Armor: 2 [] []
Item: 3 []
Ally: 2 []
Blessing: 3 [] []

Janica is a far cry from Mavaro, and she is very combat centered, running into combat with a sword (actually Gamin) and shield in hand, wearing breastplate, and generally being on the front line. She has a trait letting her use her INT for diplomacy, and is really quite fun.

Speaking of:

Gamin the Misforged:
Weapon B
Owner: Jannica)
For your combat check, reveal this card to roll your strength or melee die +1d8+the current adventure deck number. Add another d4 if the bane has the devil or lycanthrope traits. If you are not proficient in weapons, the difficulty of the check is increased by 6.

You may recharge this card to add the adventure deck number to any combat check by another character at your location using a weapon.

Scarab Sages

Well, I know I said I'd get back to this thread, and it's been a while, but by gum, I'm back. I thought I'd do my Kineticist next. I actually have two, but one is a multiclass monk 1/kinetisist, and is a joke character based on a popular anime. So I'll be running with my other one . . . who's actually also a joke character. He's a void kineticist, and is just a massive Goth Poser. Like . . . THE worst.

Janus "Bloodangel" Penterghast
Male Human Kineticist
Str d6 [] []
Dex:d10 [] [] [] []
Con:d8 [] [] [] []
--Fortitude +2
Int: d8 [] []
--Craft +1
Wis:d6 [] []
Chr:d4 []

Hand Size 5 ([]6)
Proficiencies: Light armor

Kinetic Blade: For your combat check, you may reveal a weapon with the finesse trait ([]Or blessing) to roll your acrobatics skill +1d8 and add the Magic, attack, melee, and finesse traits. You may additionally discard that card to add another 1d6 ([]Plus the discarded card's Adventure Deck number)

Kinetic Blast: You may recharge a card to add 1d4([]+1) to a combat check at another location.

Emptyness & No Breath: Recharge a card to ignore a non-villain bane that has the Undead trait's power that happens before or after you act.

Cards, Favored Card Type: Weapon
Weapon: 4 [] [] []
Spell: 1 []
Armor: 2 []
Item: 3 []
Ally: 1 []
Blessing: 4 [] [][]

Scarab Sages

Continuing on with more occult characters, next is my Psychic. She's a Rebirth Psychic meaning she's charisma based (not Wisdom based like Rivani). She's a stage performer and an illusionist who uses her magics to inspire people to follow their dreams, especially if their dreams are to pursue magic in any way, shape, or form.

Charlotte Lucidum
Female Human Psychic
Str d4 []
Dex:d6 [] []
Con:d8 [] []
Int: d10 [] [] [] []
--Knowledge +2
--Arcane +2
Wis:d6 [] []
--Perception +1
Chr:d8 [] [] [] []

Hand Size 6 ([]7)

Mnumonic Esoterica: If you would banish a spell because you do not have a skill, you may bury ([] Or discard) it instead.

Illusion spells: When you encounter a monster, you may evade it ([]And put it on top of your location deck instead of shuffling it back in) this counts as playing a spell with the Magic, arcane, and mental traits.

Will of the dead: When you encounter an undead, you may Bury ([]Or discard) a card to treat that creature as if it didn't have an immunity to the mental trait.

Cards, Favored Card Type: Spell
Weapon: 1 []
Spell: 5 [] [][]
Armor: - []
Item: 2 []
Ally: 4 [] []
Blessing: 3 [] []

Hello Vampbyday,

Thanks for sharing your creations. Not sure if you wanted comment but I thought I would share my 2cp since you took the time to share your work with us.

Jannica Doe:

I would remove the divine trait from her first power for both balance and thematic reasons. For balance, being able to use divine spells is a very big game changer in pacg. It might be a little much for how much she has going for her. For thematic reason, while occultist do get the cure line of spells, they don’t get many of the other staple divine spells such as Bless/Bane, Detect Evil/Good, Divine Favor, or Protection from Evil/Good, Shield of Faith.

Her second power needs to be retooled. Currently at tier 1, you are discarding a card for a possible +1 on combat checks. That feels bad. On the flip side, I feel this is too powerful at tier six due to getting a +6 to all combats vs a type that in certain scenarios can completely trivialize and overshadow your teammates. I would make it a d4, or consider making the discard/recharge for each encounter and bumping it to a d6.

The third ability I also feel is too good as a static bonus. Most characters with a similar ability get a +2 to acquire certain types of cards. The magic trait is a very broad descriptor that will apply to nearly all your items/armors/weapons eventually. Raznak (supposedly the best at acquiring stuff) only starts with a d4 and has to feat up after that. Granted his is all boons. I would put a price on this power, such as discarding or recharging a card.

Janus "Bloodangel" Penterghast:

Thematically it should be his fortitude that dictates his combat as I believe that is what damage all kineticist is based off of. I see what you are trying for. Making it finesse to base it off the dex. While it might be a stretch, I don’t think it is an issues balance wise.

Charlotte Lucidum

Lets start with skills. I feel she is STACKED. The three characters from Occult 1 Deck have: Estra: 3 powers with +5, Meligaster: 3 powers with +5, Rivani: 2 powers with +4. Your other two occult themed characters have: 3 powers with +5. I thought that was really balanced as most characters that have more would be rogues/rangers or something you would expect with heavy skills. Your girl here has 4 powers with a +7. I would drop her Diplomacy and Arcane to +1s.

As with Jannica, I don’t think she needs to access to divine spells. Thematically Psychics don’t get access to even the cure line of spells. Im not that familiar with Psychics, but the Mnemonic items in the RPG still didn’t allow you to jump spell list. If you really like the power and want to keep it, I would remove the powerfeat for discarding spells on her first power, or move it to one of her role powers that specializes and is thematic to getting to use divine spells.

With her second power, I would also remove the power feat and/or move it to her other role card (assuming you incorporate my first idea with a divine based rolecard) that would be focused on illusion magic. Top decking is an incredibly strong power. The only person I can think of off the top of my head that can do this pre-role is Qualzar. I feel this is kind of Qualzar’s sthick as he has a lot less going for him than your girl. If you want to leave it I would give it a cost. Something like discard a spell that can be power feated on her Illusion role to recharge.

If you do the changes above I feel she might have lost a lot. She would need a feat to replace the ones I suggested moving to role cards.

Anyway Great Job, Let me know what you think of my comments.

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