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Hey there all,

Just to post up a clean thread, the official Paizo WoW guild is called Warlords of Paizo and it can be found on the alliance side of the Borean Tundra PvE server.

There are usually a few of us on most nights, but I am hoping to schedule regular events and increase options (maybe even getting up to raid level) in the coming months.

Come play with us.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer
Paizo Inc.

Paizo Employee Lead Designer

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Will be online tonight for those looking to join the guild. I should be on by no later than about 7:30pm PST.

Jason Bulmahn
Ezren on Borean Tundra, Alliance
Guild Master of the Warlords of Paizo

Silver Crusade Assistant Software Developer

It's a fun little guild. ^_^ Come join us.

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I've just gone through Weather Storm Juno, and now someone wants me to join a club on a glacier. :)

We're still looking for active players.

If you'd like to join us, message me. When I'm on, I'm usually playing my Paladin, Morgrym.

I will message you as soon as I upgrade my Paladin.

Sounds like fun! I wish that server & faction changes weren't so spendy. All my horde toons are on a dead server - an abandoned guild. It is weird logging on with my toons that are still in full raid gear from Wrath - like stepping back in time.

Still playing in this guild? I have my level 90 boost that I never used, just waiting for a good reason.

Alliance...ew.. For The HORDE!.. but seriously you guys get one on horde then let me know.

I miss my WoW days but I don't think I'm getting back to it. I started playing in the Burning Crusade and really enjoyed the game and storyline in WotLK but in the end of Cata the game really lost me and I quit playing.
I used to spend many hours in a day at it but I don't think I'd enjoy it now as much as I used to.

I just recently started my account back up, after five years of inactivity.

Although, most of my characters are in vanity guilds made for extra bank space, so I don't think I have any note worthy ones to join with.

My last guild of 5 years fell apart so I think I'm just done now.

I did get a character in the guild after all. Hunters are still easy to level (even more so with a boost for getting the most recent expansion). :P

Also a note: Due to realm linkage over the years, players on both Borean Tundra and Shadowsong should be able to join.

This guild is looking for the active players but for fun and enjoyment, one can easily join it.

I want no jpin this guild but first of all I need to boost my lvl up

Can I join this wow guild? It would be great to play together with all paizo gang. By the way I've got wow lvl boost to 750 for my account recently and I am waiting so much to play with somebody. Let's do it guys

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