Anyone using MapTool?


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I've recently moved away from my gaming group, but want to continue playing using a VTT like MapTools. I am a complete idiot when it comes to virtual gaming, and have already hit my head against the wall a few times. Can someone get this noob through the initial learning curve?

I'm running Savage Tide, and have downloaded the maps from the online Dungeon supplements. I have used Photoshop to convert them into 1" square scale. Now I'm ready to import them into MapTools, but can't figure out how in the world I do that.

Someone rescue me, please...

Open Maptools.

Go to File->Add Resource to Library.

Choose the folder where your maps are and click Install.

You will now see a folder in your Resource Library. If you select that folder you should see your map images inside.

Right click the map image and select New Map and you're good to go.

To answer your specific question, you can drag and drop images directly from your file explorer into MapTools. More generally, make sure you watch all of the tutorial screencasts available on, and check out their FAQs and help forums.

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