Character Operations Manual Playtest General Discussion


Character Operations Manual speculation

Are we going to see 3 new core races as well?

Foxit Reader can't open the Playtest.

Report and Thoughts from 15th Level Playtest

Are the names set in stone?

Multi-Classing with new Classes

Aligning a shield (question / proposal)

What adventures are people playtesting with?

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Class Playtest: Last Call!

General Reportage from Playtest Sessions: Dec 23rd and 30th

Playtest session with Biohacker and Vanguard

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Playtest Launches!

Playtest Session with Vanguard and Witchwarper

Shield Bashing

Play test experience feedback (1-26 spoilers)

Shield Proficiency For Core Classes

Starship Skills & Playtest Classes -- do not 'pooh-pooh' our need for 'pew-pew!'

Old Classes Vs. New Classes...Literally

Something I'd like to see with Vanguard and Witchwarper

Sample Characters for the Playtest

Playtest Characters breaking scenarios


What setting elements do we see the playtest classes matching up with?

Playtesting the Vanguard with a Deinosuchus

How about a new feat?

Basic Descriptions?

Inspiration and Examples in Fiction

Riot Shield and Pistol, How To Do It?

New archetypes

Playtest NPC Class Grafts?

Playtest-compatible resources

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