Starfinder Class Playtest: Last Call!

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Starfinder Character Operations Manual Playtest is just about to wrap up—but if you haven't yet made a character with these playtest classes and given us your feedback, there’s still time!

The open playtest period for the biohacker, the vanguard, and the witchwarper classes ends on Wednesday, January 16. So if you'd like to help us provide the best new classes possible for this late 2019 release, grab the free playtest PDF, make a character or two, and run them through their paces.

Then, share your thoughts via our surveys or playtest forums. More information about participating in the Character Operations Manual playtest is available here! And if you'd like to read our thoughts about some of the feedback we've already received, including a few design aspects we already know we’ll address, check out this previous blog.

With your help, the stars are the limits for these new classes. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

The Starfinder Team

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So far, the playtest is going very well here!

The bantrid vanguard of our party is shining all the time!

Survey in. Played a lot of level 4 biohacker, ran for a LOT of vanguards, haven't seen many witchwarpers though.

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Both times that I ran, I had two witchwarpers at the table.


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GM'd with a witchwarper at lvl 8 last night! Mechanically it did well, with some great debuffs and utility, but what really shone for me was the flavour. It's great when a Mystic says "I use my mystical might to hold the monster with magic!" to paralyze it, but it's great when a Witchwarper says "I transpose that frog-monster's cerebrum with a less capable brainstem from a metaphysically nearby reality!" to stagger it.

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