General player consensus G.P.C

Round 3: Revised Magus Playtest

Im trying to provide broad and general consensus on what players want from the magus class in a albeit eclectic fashion.

This is a discussion thread where players will post a thing they like about the Magus class (if any) a thing they dislike about the magus class (if any) and a thing they would like to be changed or added (once again if any) .

Discussions will be introverted meaning that in order to debate you have to post a like dislike and desired change /addition that defends your standpoint rather than a direct response (to maintain progression and make sure that the thread isnt locked on one discussion and keeps moving)

The goal is to have numerous replies from different people posting their 3 opinions .

If multiple people post then eventually one or two points will match and hopefully this will aid paizo in making a decision based on what the players and consumers desire.

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