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Round 3: Revised Magus Playtest

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I played Pathfinder Society last night and I had a good time. Being second level, I used my spells sparingly. I used my spell points one battle at a time and I used them all up. Throughout the fights I had an AC of 17 with Spellstrike and Spell Combat, 19 otherwise. I use a Mithril Buckler which doesn't stack with spell casting. I always got hit but I had the hit points to stay up.

The first fight I used Spellstrike the first round and missed. The second round I hit and there was a little surprise for those of us standing next to the creature. Half the party suffered the same trouble the rest of the fight.

The next fight I used Spell Combat and had a Color Spray go off along with my attacks. The creature made its save but didn't last long against my onslaught. I use a Flambard and with a strength of sixteen along with Arcane Pool I can do a fair amount of damage and it went down.

The third fight I used Spell Combat with my 0 level spells. I tried to use daze then Acid splash to do a little more razzle dazzle. Against the daze the creature made it's save but didn't last long against the Flambard. I failed the consentration check and didn't get the acid splash off against the second creature but the creature didn't last against the Flambard either.

The last fight had a little more to it. Against the first creature's I tried Spell Combat with my Zero's to no effect again. They either made their save against the Daze, or I didn't get the Acid Splash off losing my concentration check. However, those creatures didn't last long against the Flambard again. I was going to use Spellstrike with Shocking Grasp but I failed a save and a Silence was centered on me. The archers took her out.

Over all I had fun. I should have used Enlarge Person the third fight instead of doubling up on the Shocking Grasp. It wouldn't have mattered either way. I will use Enlarge Person, Shocking Grasp, and Color Spray the next mod. Ciao

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Am I right in thinking one of your first feats was Exotic Proficiency in the Flambard? (I had to look it up on PFSRD).
If so, what other feats did you take, and did they come into use?

And did the buckler ever cause a spell to fail?

Next questions are for the developers;
Spellstrike is a viable tactic using a 2-hander, but not Spell Combat.
I'm assuming the Flamberge proficiency also allows for one-handed use (ie as a bastard sword)? If so, this could do with being explicitly stated in the description, rather than as a reference to another weapon on another page in another book. I realise that ship has sailed for the current printing of the AA, but this is something to avoid in future releases (see also the D&D3.5 'Acid Fog see Solid Fog see Fog Cloud' merrygoround).

Also; if the two weapons are so similar, that they reference each other, do we really need there to be two separate proficiencies for 'bastard sword' and 'bastard sword with a waved edge'?

huh...bastard sword, maybe a worthwhile weapon choice for a magus...tricky, light OR one handed weapon..... i guess it could be one handed on the round you wanted to cast a spell..nifty

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Bastard Sword is also an iconic weapon for any Mage/Warrior PC, if you're wanting to recreate the 'Elric of Melnibone' archetype.

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Snorter wrote:
Bastard Sword is also an iconic weapon for any Mage/Warrior PC, if you're wanting to recreate the 'Elric of Melnibone' archetype.

This is what I hate about microsoft materials. You hit a certain combination of buttons on your keyboard and everything disappears. It just happened to me. Anyway, about the Flamberg, it is a weapon used like a Bastard Sword if my memory serves me correctly. I decided to use it for two reasons. The first is it is a d10 weapon. It does a little more damage on average than a Long Sword or a Flail. It replaced the Arcane Strike feat I had and the other feats I have are the two half feats: Focused Mind and Threatening Defender. The next reason it is a trip weapon. I plan on getting the trip feats along with the Magus Arcana Arcane Maneuvers ability.

In Pathfinder Society, everyone has access to Mithril and Adamantine. As for the Mithril Buckler I have it does not have any Arcane Spell failure or Armor Check Penalty. Henceforth, it is kinda like a casters shield. The backdrop to this is you can not gain the shields bonus to AC when you cast a spell. Therefore, your AC goes down for one round. Around ninth level I plan on getting a Mithril Animated Light Shield. You do not lose the AC when you cast and has all the benefits of the buckler.

As for my Magus report, I played another Pathfinder Society mod. In the first combat, I didn't have any room to get around so, I sat back and shot my Acid Splash Ray. The second fight I cast Shocking Grasp and walked up to my target and used Spellstrike. I missed the creature for the two rounds I was fighting it and walked up to another creature after someone else killed it. I missed again and hit the second round. I was fighting around a corner and was shaken so, my penalties were minus six with a fifth level Bard Singing. Go figure, that is when I hit it. I did fifteen total hit points of damage and the creature was bloodied to use a 4E term. It went down with someone else's strike.

The next fight I got hit with a Fear Spell and when I came back the fight was over. The last fight I didn't do any spectacular I just swung my sword and lived. The mod wasn't over but the fighting was. You would think I would have all the knowledges a Wizard has. The more I play a Magus the more I wish I had all the knowledges. Not just for knowing the creatures, but all the little things having knowledges do.

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I don’t know how many individuals will read this but here it goes. I ran my fifth level Magus last night. I had a good time; However, all we did was run around and run into random encounters. The reason I guess is that two of us were not there. My feats are Threatened Defender, Focus Mind, Power Attack, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, and Combat Casting. I think that is how those feats are pronounced. My memory is only a 4K memory. Anyway, with Shield up and Combat Expertising I could get my AC to a 24. 21 normally and that is with a mithril buckler.

The first fight was a dousee. We went up against a Bestiary 2 Neolithid spawn. Whatever you call that creature. It had an aura of confusion and some neato spells. Most of the time the party spent its time fighting itself. I had three rounds in which to get to it along with the Monk. I used flaming and keen to boost my weapon. I hit it once and missed a second time. The third time I used Spell Strike. I missed the concentration check, but due to Magus Arcana I had a reroll with a plus four added to it so, I tapped it. With the combonation of 5d6 and 2d6 +8 I got the killing blow.

The next day we went up against Ankheads, if my memory serves me right that is how you spell them. I used fire breath, the spell that causes 4d6, then 2d6 the next round followed by 1d6 of flame. The party saved me cause it picked me up and started to go away.

The third fight is the least interesting cause all they were, were low level Drow. All I used was flaming on my weapon and saved the spells. Oh, I forgot, I got to use my improved trip in this fight. The first round I would trip an opponent then since they stayed down, I would get a free shot and just trip them again on my next turn if they got up. I would pummel them into the ground with my flaming scimitar while they were down otherwise. This worked great with the Monk and each round one of them would go. They had around 25 hit points, 19 AC, and used Drow Long Knives since we were on Xindrek in an Ebberon Campaign. There were six of them. About seven rounds of combat with tripping and pummeling.

The last fight was advertised as a challenge. We ran into two Yeth Hounds and two Drow. We all ran as we all failed at least one of the Yeth Hounds fear growl saves. We were left humiliated as our opponents made fun of us as we ran into a forest with a message with more to come.

Shows I don’t win all the time, and at least we all were intact when the Panic of fear fell away from us. So much for saving my spells, right. I could go with more offensive spells the next time. Till I play a Magus again…

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If anything, I would say a Magus needs his Int along with his level as opposed to his Int with half his level for the Arcane Pool. In dungeon crawls you have to conserve your resources so, you are sparing the Arcane Pool as much as possible. Not going full tilt on creature's is not fulfilling the possibilities of the class. This is just my two coppers, I'm just throwing this out there.

As for Monday night's game, it was a dungeon crawl and it started out pretty bad. Our sneaky Ranger advertised himself and alarmed the whole army that was spread out. We attacked again a week later and things went better. There was a lookout, an Ogre, and I figured since we were fifth level I could punch him out with a little Spellstrike using Shocking Grasp. I loaded a shock on my sword and walked up to him and my plan worked. I did enough damage with the Shocking Grasp that the rest was not needed. Someone else did about nine points if damage to him first. The next combat was with Minotaurs; However, the place had shifting walls and one round your enemy is in front of you then there is a wall instead with another enemy closing in on you from the right, all fresh. It was fun and I got through it.

In the middle of the fight, I used spell combat to use a true strike spell to trip the minotaur then the monk stunned him. Being out we just wailed on him till he was expired. With my low hit points I nearly came close to dying. A 20 was rolled, but not confirmed. I wasn't at max hit points and if you forget, a Minotaur uses an axe with times three crit to it. If they crit, any of us would be dead. Thus, it was a dangerous fight.

That is where we ended and the rest I'll tell you next week.

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You know what about the Magus, you don't need magical items to make the character. I had a human with a vicious great sword and he was the only one in the party doing real damage with a decent amount to hit. He died and the Magus was rolled up next. He does a decent amount of damage all his own with the help of spells for his defense and his offense. The only problem with the character is that it does tend to run out of Pool points for firing up the weapon.

The magus I played last Saturday, the 12th of February, was second level as I went through a PFS mod. I used my pool points for firing up the weapon sparingly. The character is second level with out a magical weapon but the weapon has a kick to it since it is a Flambard. The first fight I used shocking gasp with spellstrike and ended my opponent quickly. The rest of the party took care of the others, five to two ratio, of players to opponents.

The next fight I used enlarge person and was doing 2d8 plus six for damage. I was doing around 12 to sixteen points of damage each round with out firing up my weapon. I wasn't hit a lot and survived the fight even with a minus two to my AC, at that time was 17. I was using my pool points sparingly since I didn't know what I was going to fignt. After the first day of fighting I had one pool point left. I was going to use it if I needed a magical weapon to fight with.

Then the second day of fighting occurred and I went all out. I used shield the first round then escaped being grappled by a web spell. One of us went down that round and I was glad I could make it to that downed character. I used spell strike with the same spell and downed quickly one of the opponents. One thing I constantly did through the mod was use spell combat whenever I got a chance. I was using a zero level spell most of the time with the exception of using spell strike. I would miss horribly with the combat casting then hit with the Flambard even with a minus two. I would roll low with the first roll then roll high for the last roll. I missed just about every time I tried with spell combat except once and the DM made the save for daze. At least hitting was worth rolling all the combat casting. I leveled in the end of the mod.

Like I said earlier. I believe the pool points for the sword enhancement could be the Int + full level as opposed to Int + half level. That is the only real adjustment I would make since pool points are always rare and used up quickly, even sparingly.

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Last Manday, the 14th of February, I played my fifth level Magus in the grand finally of the adventure. I used two of my pool points to fire up the sword and made it flaming with shock. I cast shield and stepped forward for six. I fought the boss, an Oni Mage, and did twenty points with the sword and sixteen using spell combat. The spell was fire breath and my DM allowed me to spell combat the next two round finishing off the spell fire breath for the next two rounds. After all, it does take three rounds to fire all that the spell offers.

Note, I will start a thread asking if you can finish a spell that last three rounds such as fire breath and Elemental touch with spell combat.

After a round, I eventually got someone to flank with me and the Oni turned invisible and left on the third round. After the night's event the DM told me he had twelve hit points left. There was an awful lot of channeling for heals in this fight. No crits by the DM, it was a dangerous fight, with the high strength of the creatures and the little hit points we had per turn. It turned out the Oni had resist ten fire so I did less damage than I thought. When the Oni left the others bailed with scrolls of dim door or died that round. We raided the treasure room and we all got something for our troubles whether it was a permanent item or a one use item, and that was it for the night. The DM had to come up with more since we ended one of his bosses. The struggle continues on Xindrik next week. Ciao...

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