4th Level Feedback

Round 1: Magus

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Brief Description
Campaign is homebrew, with heavy inspiration drawn from the Zodiac.
Rules are Pathfinder, 3.5 material must be approved by GM.

Brief Info on the Party Setup (include at least race/class/level for each character, and any other info you think might be pertinent, especially if you were using anything 3rd party that you think might have changed the playing field)

Entire party was 4th Level.
Human Wu Jen (Complete Arcane)
Human Factotem (Dungeonscape)
Dwarf Cleric
Gnome Oracle
Elf Magus
+1 Elven Thin Blade (RoW)
Arcane Weapon bonus: Keen
Dex and Int of 18
Weapon Finesse and Weapon Focus
Warrior of Old Racial Trait
A Crit build

Series of Summaries of Battles/Situations with Analysis of Magus (give us a feel how the Magus contributed and how she compared to and interacted with the others)

Combat began by the main party opening a door to a large stable and seeing the Gnome and Magus cornered by some mooks with longspears, and two more heavily armored fighters. In front of the Wu Jen, Factotem, and Cleric was a Druid who had once been an ally.
___|__D __|_____________________

M= Magus, O= Oracle, W= Wu Jen, F = Factotem,
D= Traitor Druid E= Enemy Mook
S= Tough Samurai Flavored Knights

Being introduced in the middle perceived of combat I asked the GM if I could have already casted Shield. He granted the request. All characters rolled low on the initiative, and the enemies came over to assist the Druid and block the door. The Oracle engaged the Samurai while I dropped a Flaming Sphere to keep us from being surrounded. The Flaming Sphere was effective at hindering and killing a few of the mooks over the next few rounds. Meanwhile, I engaged the Samurai and failed to roll above a 7. The rest of the party was fairing much worse. The Wu Jen had been grabbed by the Druid's companion Monitor Lizard and was out of spells. The Factotem was burning through Inspiration points trying to fight off the equal level Druid. The Cleric was doing his best to keep the other two healty and fight off the other Samurai who joined the fray. My Magus attempted to cast shocking grasp but failed to cast defensively. After a few rounds the Oracle was dropped. I used a series of 5ft steps to position my Magus to take out the remaining mooks with Longspears and to be closer to the unconscious Oracle. I spent a full round applying a potion to the Gnome Oracle. At this point I was away from the stable walls and was no longer threatened by long spears, also the rolls were better. I cast Shocking Grasp and delivered it, critting the Samurai in the process for 44 total damage. (I elected to do this over two rounds instead of taking the penalty, I was having issues hitting him in the first place). Once the Gnome returned to the fight we were then flanking with the last Samurai on that side. Meanwhile..

The other side hadn't been doing so great, the Cleric was siphoning off damage from the other PCs but wasn't able to free the Wu Jen from the Grab of the Lizard. The Wu Jen finally was able to kill the companion with her dagger and 1hp to spare. The Factotem burned through all Inspiration points and was only fighting defensively. Once the Oracle took out the last Samurai on the south side of the fight, the Druid elected to flee the combat versus being surrounded in a doorway. The last samurai (chuckle) also tried this but was grappled by the Aristocrat...I mean Factotem. At that point the fight was effectively over.

Magus Summary:

Shield casted
Flaming Sphere to keep from being surrounded. (Also killed two mooks)
Lots of low rolls, and a failed casting of Shocking Grasp
*Switched d20*
Crit a mook
Crit a Samurai while delivering Shocking Grasp

Final Analysis, Thoughts, and Suggestions (any words of wisdom you learned from this scenario)

Being Surrounded was pretty terrifying, Shield boosted the AC to 23 (Was a blessing). I wanted the build to be very effective at hitting, which it is, but I don't get the chance to hit things with spells very often. The negatives to attack for something I can rarely do is disheartening. (I would have loved to been casting annoying 0th level spells at the mooks while fighting the Samurai, but as it was I wasn't hitting him) But I had a lot of fun. Critting while delivering Shocking Grasp was particularly exciting.

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