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Races & Classes

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Non-SRD Classes

CODzilla Concerns

What do you think a HIGH level fighter should be capable of?

New Fighter: Do Not Want!

Question about domain powers and wizard specialist abilities

Criticism: Halflings

Detect Magic

The Inclusion Of A New Core Race... What would it be?

Wizards should stay with D4

Bards: In Dire Need of an Overhaul

Specialist Spellcaster Concerns

Wizard's & Bonded Objects

A Wizard's Bonded Item

Player classes--Must add the Drow!

My Attempt at a "Pathfinder" Psion

"Born out of violence" half-elves and half-orcs pg 6

Clerics and energy channelling. P 44 - 45

Step by Step Playtest : The Races (Alpha 1.1 - pages 4 to 7)

Tweaking the Fighter

wizard specialist abilities...pp46-49

I've been thinking...

Humans p7 - Unarmed Combatants?

The Monk

Unnatural Beauty (page 5)

The ranger class. Taking submissions?

Concerning Elves

Sorcerers: A Proposal

Paladins and quests

A New Class?

Plane-touched, or, Planet-ouched =p

Pseudo reserve feats?

Turn Undead and Swarms

Rogue Pg13-15

Druid Pets.

Ideas for Druid

Conjurer: Best adventurer ever?

How about Archetypes for multi-classing characters?

Reduce / Rework the Sneak Attack! (NOW I get flamed!)

Class Talent Trees

Any hope for variant builds to the core classes?

Fighter Fix?

White necromancy

Why rework Domains and Specialist Wizards?

Concerns about the Paizo barbarian

Feeble attempt at fixing the fighter

Sneak Attack and Two Weapon Fighting

Necromancer Domain

Upcoming Barbarians and Hit Points

Pathfinder Fighter, does it really fill out those dead levels nicely?

Druid Animal Domain

On the topic of multiclassing

PrC / Flexibility idea

Playtest Report (4 / 14 / 08) – Races and Classes

Please vote: DC for wiz specialist school powers should be int-based not cha-based.

Half Orcs Pg 6

Clerics: Spells (p. 8-11)

What's the word on multiclassing?

A question of races

Lots of tiny bonuses from race: less is more.

Necromancers need an undead pet.

Cleric Weapons Proficiencies, pp. 8 and 10

Charcter X vs Monster Y arguments

wizard specialist abilities...

Szombulis' Sinister Alpha 1.1 Mix (Part A of B)

Step by Step Playtest : The Classes (page 8 - 19)

Points Per Day versus Class Feature Per Day

Gnome Ninja's Revised Specialties

Cleric Weapons Proficiencies, pp. 8 and 10

Alternative Names for Rage Points (Alpha 2)

Do specialist school powers need components? Strong effect on universal school

Wizard Familiars pages 16 - 18

Taming the Cleric: Spheres -- Classes: Cleric (Spells Known) N / A

Human bonuses p.7

Wizard specialist school power access: Caster Level, Class Level or Character Level confusion.

My observations: Classes pg 12-19

Races Commentary


Fighter Weapon Training - Alpha 1.1

The Rogue Test

Suggestions for Upcoming Alpha Classes

Sit Obu, Sit Good boy, (Druid Q)

Level Adjustment question regarding a Bugbear

Psion - Telepath

The Races

Hujman Racial Traits

Balanced Classes in Combat

Priest Class

Cleric: Turning -- COMBAT: 44 - Turn or Rebuke Undead

Human Racial Traits

Gnomes - suggestion

Clerical Domains

Question - 1st level specialist powers

Bards - April Fools

Suggestion: Two Sub-races for each race into the Core

Unarmored Fighters - Swashbucklers and Such

Fighter Suggestions [p.11-13]

Dwarven racial-cultural weapons


Petition for "Gygax, Lord of Games" added to Golarion Deities.

A whole new caster level / magic system :)

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