Advanced Race Guide Playtest

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Race Builder: Sample Races

Paizo Blog: Advanced Race Guide Playtest Wrap-Up

Racial Ability Ideas

Welcome to the Advanced Race Guide Playtest

Race Point Pricing on proposed ideas

Construct death

Dating outside of your creature type and the consequences.

Is this a GM-book or a PC-book?

The Iron Pony Contest

Why would anyone make their race slow? (20 ft, -1 RP)



Race Creation Pricing!

Playable Pure Blood Azlanti idea

Powerful Build

Ability score modifiers options are weird and a bit confusing.

Racial Points (RP) Question

Sigilites. Human race.

Aliquis: Aberrant Human Race (Feedback Welcome)

Undead Charisma is double powered...?

Why are there no clumsy races?

Azata race.What would this race's stats be?

Yaun-ti Pure Blood ARG Conversion Feedback

New custom race traits

Thoughts on Elemental Affinity


Rate my race

Nerfing the Drow.

Nekogami version 4.2 (no longer stepping on human toes)

What's the party need? Who cares! I AM the party!

Core Race RP Discrepancy

Jungle Snake People (seeking feedback)

Advanced Race Guide Playtest

Is there a link to the point system for building races?

The Races of Ivalice

Race Builder Excel Sheet

Why no ECL?

Different starting bonuses / penalties for different powered races

What about nonhumanoid races?

Nekogami Return (Complete with Tiers)

My changes to the Change Shape ability as well as new shapeshifting abilities

Inherent balance vs RP cost, or: how I fixed large and small.

What about subtypes?


Paizo Blog: Advanced Race Guide Playtest

Living Construct

Need more choices

Anyone else a little confused by this?

Elder Scrolls races PFized (my homebrew experiment)

Does this ARG look at lot like skills and powers?

10 Point Star Trek Races



Size Trait: Strength penalty and Dexterity bonus for Small and Tiny

Superior two weapon fighting...

Racially (culturally) based class archetypes in ARG?


Statted out the Predator at another player's request, interested in advice.

Krynn style Minotaur with optional racial traits

Pinocchio (working race name) / Clockwork

Orc bump?

Spell-Like Abilities and Metamagic

Suggestion: RP Cost Guidelines for New Racial Traits

Some commentary on my homebrew race?

Nice but what if you want strange?

Alpha Orcs

Damiyo Dragon

The Dwelf (or, strange bedfellows...)

Lookjudging the Race Builder rules

Will We See an ARG Beta test?

Play test doc?

So you went over the RP...

Homebrew Races

Star Trek Vulcan, Intelligent Cacti, and the Viaxar

Type and sub-type

Synergy Tax?

The Nephilim

A Fey race usable for PCdom.?

A request for some class maintenance in the ARG

Could we see support for other body types like merfolk, half-snake people, and THIS?

I'd rather see a frame work rather than point buy

Core races add up to 10?

Dragonic race [sample]

Just a thought...

Level adjustment

Spell like abilities

Acquiring additional RP with traits and feats.

Ability Point Disparity

Race Building Analysis & Suggestions

Comprehensive thoughts

Skill Bonus

Race Levels

What are aasimar and tieflings?

Why not make every new race Monstrous?

What is a feat Worth?

New Races: Gor, Noighulyen and Talor - From Fankör (Blood Lotus Campaign Setting)

re: Play testing the rules and the 1 / 2 Oni race i made

Spell-like Abilities -- can you take too many; are the points distributions right?

[Advanced Race] Numerian Machine-Man

Sample Half-Construct: Tonomode

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