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eardianm wrote:
Also seeing what look like a bunch of minor errors/discrepancies in scaling for NPC blocks for this quest. Admittedly I'm normally running pre-made VTT packages or pdf imports in Foundry for these things so I may just not normally notice, but it had me questioning intent on multiple items.

Same here.

I am running into some strangeness with the encounter b1 (pg14)stat blocks. It has the "monsters" with 2 entries of the exact same attack ranged ranged. I assume it means one is ranged and the other is melee but looking at the 3-4 encounter(pg21) it has a different melee weapon so I am unsure but the same ranged weapon. For now since there are a fair amount of monsters I will run it with the melee version of the weapon but if that is too easy after a few runs I will switch it to the other melee weapon from the 3-4 encounters. Both are base core weapons with no bonus' attached to them.

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Congratulations Joel!

What scenarios were your favorite?


Driftbourne wrote:

Though I'd make hot links for you, but middle link goes to "Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist." Here's the two that work.

sign up to GM.


Thank you so much! The document can be found through the other 2 links.


Greetings Fellow Starfinders!

I am Belor McKraken and I run a discord server known as Sandpoint Station where we offer games for Pathfinder2e and Starfinder.

Last year we put together an event online McKraKON2023 and were able to get the Pathfinder 2-00 special and the Starfinder 1-99 to fire and it was AMAZING!. This year for McKraKON2024 we are putting on an event from Friday June 14th - Sunday June 16th and trying to recruit enough GM's to get all the specials to fire.

Right now, we have recruited enough GM's for the Pathfinder special 3-99 Fate in the future to fire on Friday June 14th 4-8pm PST . With Starfinder 1 winding down, we are trying to get two Starfinder specials to fire 2-00 Fate of the Scoured God (June 15th 4-8pm PST) and 3-99 Perils of the past (June 16th 4-8pm PST). We need at least 3 gms per special to get them to fire.

We have 3 slots a day to run games 10am-2pm 4pm-8pm & 10pm-1am PST on all 3 days. All types of games are open to run including ones you already have built and enjoy running. We have lots of "thirsty players" always looking for repeatables to level up their characters. This would also be a good opportunity for a review game or a GLYPH/NOVA game if you are needing those towards your 5th GLYPH/NOVA. Sign ups need to be in before 3/31/2024

Use this link fill out the Google form to sign up to GM for the specials or other tables

All details about the event in this google doc Ltgg/edit?usp=sharing

Feel free to join us on discord at if you have any other questions.


Elfteiroh wrote:
Katina Davis wrote:

The post you've been waiting for!

I've updated this product so you are now able to preorder the REMASTERED version of the Beginner Box! Our stock arrival is imminent, so we're collecting preorders and should also be contacting anybody who has an outstanding order for the Beginner Box in the coming days.

The cover image of this product has been updated, but any updates to the description text will likely come tomorrow. Also coming tomorrow: updated files! I'll be sure to send out an email when the upload is finished, so that anybody who already has the digital version will be notified once the new files are available for download.

Let the hype commence!


So the PDF will be updated which sounds awesome!!!!

Will our foundry modules be updated as well? or will a new module be available?

We run the BB on Sandpoint Station often so WE MUSTS HAVES THE INFOS!!

Thank you for your time!!

McKraken OUT!


Since I must ask for all my foundry users on my discord THAT I MUST CONVERT FROM PF2 TO SF2 MUHAHHAHAHA!!! ahem....

A. Will the PDF release on the same day?
B. Will a foundry module be available also on that day?(assuming foundry has a system to download to start play testing)
C. Will there be a plushie of the birthday....creature?
D. How do you take your coffee? :)

so many questions....

Stay awesome skittergoblins!


Leon Aquilla wrote:
Are there plans for a Foundry module release for this? And if so, how are you going to get over the fact that they are not supporting the old ruleset if it's designed with OGL in mind?

Same question for me. At least the first part. As a foundry user who runs a PFS/SFS discord server themed around Sandpoint I would love to give away copies of this as a foundry module during my event in June as a prize as well as run it myself after being done with the slithering.


This would be an awesome BOUNTY! I would run this as one for sure.

Hags are a special kind of lady :)


Hopefully there is one for the lvl 5-10 characters. I had planned to bring my lvl 7 to the special at paizocon this year.

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Ok. Paizo... You did a good job of making decision hard :P. I am flip flopping between Nykiti Lampadephoros & Aurora Everbright. Both sound like fun and the most interesting.

Wayfinders **

Man those are all so awesome but I know which 2 I have narrowed it down to. The artwork is perfect, I love the starfinder logos on everyone.

For no reason in particular will we have stat blocks of the seekers at some point???... could make interesting stories for homebrew.... or plot twists :)

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Hey there party people!

Back 7 months ago I started a discord server and started running games for PFS & SFS.


Since then I have run 92 games personally and recruited a few GM's.

Now that I am off for the summer I & other GM's plan to run quite a few more games and hopefully a few of the special scenarios with multiple tables posted on warhorn (

. I keep trying to find a place to sign up to be at least a VA but I am missing it somewhere. The biggest reason I and my other GM's want to become one is to gain access to the special scenario recordings so I can facilitate the events and a few free pdf's for some of my gm's would be cool if we can swing that too.

I live in a very rural area( closest FLGS is over 1hr away ) so I have done the online server instead and am around 150 people so far.

Any info on what I can do in this situation would be invaluable to me and the members of my server. I thank any and all for your time addressing any of my questions.


P.S. if you like to run games especially repeatable scenarios and bounties I always have hungry players at most time zones. I always bless a GM after they run a game on my server. I will give you a voice channel if you want to run on my server or just use an open table.


nephandys wrote:
Would also be cool if scenarios could be bundled with their respective maps.

I would also like to see something like all the season 1 scenarios in a bundle.

This could be done after all the scenarios in a given season have been out for at least a month. Then the season bundle could be sold for those that missed a season or 3 (like me :) )


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Hey there party people!

In the last few months I have started running PF2e and Starfinder games on my discord server. I have acquired most of the repeatable content but there were two things I would like to see as products in the future.

1. (this is more of a website feature) Make repeatable tagged products for society play a thing that can be searched on the store. I was able to sift through forum posts to get a list from users but not through the store.(IF I MISSED SOMETHING PLEASE POINT ME TO IT :) )

2. Offer repeatable bundles. These are examples for PF2e that I have come up with.
The Quest quiver! ( q1,q4,q9 $7.50 50% off )

The Scenario satchel! (02-11, 99-1, 99-2, 01-01, 03-01, 04-01, 01-10, 01-14, 01-06
01-23, 02-06, 03-13 04-07 $50 35% off )

The Bounty Basket! ( all 21 bounties for $70 33% off)

The Treasure Bundle ( all bundles listed above + beginner box for an ultimate discount 50-??% off

Since everything listed has already been released for a little while, the PDF's just print money. This is a good way to get these in the hands of GM's that want to get a ton of value from their purchases. I personally already own them all so the only way I benefit is from MORE GM's so I can play tooooooo :P

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Thank you for this. I hit the refresh and it says...

You have 11.00 tables of credit for Pathfinder Society Second Edition.

You have 2.00 tables of credit for Starfinder Society.

You have 0.00 tables of credit for Pathfinder Society First Edition.

You have 186.75 Achievement Points - PFS(2ed).

You have 112.00 Achievement Points - SFS.

You have 2.00 Pathfinder Society (second edition) Replays.

I suspect my issue has to do with the replays. I have only run repeatable content so far.

The wording for Bounty #15

This adventure also grants the character 1 Reputation for a faction of
their choice.
The wording for Quest #1

Chronicle sheet as
well as 1 XP, 1 Fame, and 1 Reputation for any faction
associated with their currently slotted faction boon.

The wording for Beginner box PF2e

Each Chronicle Sheet gives 4
Experience Point(s), 4 Reputation with one faction, and
14 gold pieces. It also grants 8 days of Downtime. This
adventure is repeatable, therefore an individual may earn
a chronicle each time they play or GM the adventure.

This last sentence would make sense as both all the character will BB credit have been adjusted but not by 4 so it still a mess and confusing. I will email them now.

Ps. I have verified that, not a single character has credit for the the same repeatable bounty/quest/bb twice so it is not that either.

Thank you logsig!

logsig wrote:

The first thing to try if anything looks wonky is to hit the "Refresh Points" button on the GM/Event Coordinator tab.

If this doesn't fix the problem and something is still wrong, then email with the details.

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I have GM'ed 41 games so far! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! 39 PF2e and 2 Starfinder games.

Recently in the last week the fame on my characters has been adjusted. On one character in particular he has been given credit for over 14 games according to the sessions but only has 7 rep. This character has done a BB game (4), 1 scenario(4), and a mix of bounties and quests for the rest.(12)

On a starfinder character I have I gave credit from the SF beginner box to them and now they are back to 0 but they still have the session listed for them.

I have looked at the sessions to ensure they were filled out correctly and they are and I would understand if one or two were messed up but about 30-40% are showing they character did a lot of sessions but is not adding the amount of fame correctly.

If I am making a simple mistake and there is a guide somewhere to help please point me there.

Thank you in advance for your time if you respond. I really appreciate you helping me out.

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waltero wrote:
That is all. Carry on.



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