May 2023 Organized Play Adventure Previews

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Hello, Starfinders!

PaizoCon Online 2023 is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to usher in a new season of the Starfinder Society! Welcome to the Year of Fortune’s Fall!

We’re starting this year off in style with a trip to the Grand Museum of Qabarat on the planet Castrovel! The Starfinder Society has been invited to participate in the grand opening of a new exhibit showcasing civilizations of the Vast. Create a museum display using belongings from the Scoured Stars, network with esteemed archaeologists and organizations, and enjoy the gala celebration. When some unexpected guests crash the party and attempt to rob the museum, it’s up to the Starfinders to step up and save that day!

Starfinder Society Scenario #6-01: Intro: Year of Fortune’s Fall is the first adventure in the Year of Fortune’s Fall metaplot! This repeatable scenario is written by Mahpiya and is for 1st- through 4th-level characters.

A heavily armed human man fires a lightning pistol, while holding a heavy hammer in the other hand. He was definitely not invited.

Augmented Mercenary - artist Raphael Madureira

The Drift Crisis has come to an end! …Or has it?

In the wake of the Drift Crisis, navigational anomalies have emerged. Termed “Drift lanes,” these mysterious high-speed tunnels through the Drift are static, connecting distant locations in a predictable path at faster speeds that the Drift alone could enable. It’s time to hop into your starship, explore a Drift lane, and make nice with whatever people and worlds might be on the other side! No pressure!

What’s that? You want a clue to your destination? Well, just one... The people on the other end of this Drift lane call it “Jatembe’s Jaunt.”

Oh! And keep an eye out for pirates!

Starfinder Society Scenario #6-02: Drift Scars is an adventure for 3rd- through 6th-level characters written by Erin Roberts.

Zallia Heron, a well-respected, Black dwarf diplomat dressed in fashionable attire gazes off into the distance while contemplating the future of her world.

Xibion Councilor - artist Raphael Madureira

For those of you who’ll be participating in PaizoCon Online 2023, we’ve got one more adventure hitting gaming tables this month: Starfinder Society Special #5-99: Battle for the Bulwark! Join a fleet of Starfinders under the command of Ixthia the Unbreakable as they travel into the Vast to reclaim the Exo-Guardian fortress of Sangoro’s Bulwark! Conquered by mysterious forces in the wake of the Scoured Stars Incident, Sangoro’s Bulwark has languished for years beneath a shroud of magical darkness. The Battle for the Bulwark has begun!

Written by Lysle Kapp and Cole Kronewitter, this interactive special is designed for 1st- through 8th-level characters. For further previews, check out our previous blog post on this year’s Organized Play Interactive Events.

A massive, ancient being of stone with six faces, six arms, and six legs.

Alien Many Meined One - artist Felipe Fornitani

Happy gaming!

Jessica Catalan
Starfinder Society Developer

An orange-skinned half-orc woman, her dark hair on fire, raises a sword in triumph.

Mahja Firehair - artist Hannah Boving

Hi Pathfinders! As Jessica pointed out, we’re almost to PaizoCon, and while you’ll have to wait a bit longer than that to play our new season, we’ve still got some exciting scenarios to share!

With the coming of PaizoCon, permission has been granted by the Segadan Council to venture into the interior of Arcadia! Aware of the witch coven’s plans to steal the star gun, Pathfinder agents have been entrusted with its safety and with the knowledge of where to locate the mysterious star gunsmith and receive their help. The PCs will need to journey through the mountains with the help of their guide, and then protect the gunsmith against any possible attacks before eventually making their way to Niishan on Lake Starfall. This will be the second part of the two-part Star Gun metaplot arc in the Year of Boundless Wonder.

Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-13: Within the Prairies is an adventure for 1st- through 4th-level characters written by Marlowe Miller.

An alien-looking arquebus with a barrel of growing, crystalline bismuth that ends in curved prongs, nearly touching.

Hatahas - artist Josef Kucera

The triumphant return of everyone’s favorite genie: Safa! Having finally broken free of their binder’s chains, Safa appears to the Pathfinders in the Sedeq Lodge for a personal quest: help them capture Fasiel ibn Sazadin and see that he receives mortal justice for his crimes! The PCs must infiltrate the museum that Fasiel’s holed up in and help to free the other genies and mortals that he’s captured for his nefarious purposes. Unfortunately, Fasiel’s aware the PCs are coming and has prepared for them, with some help from his most mysterious benefactor. They’ll need to be clever, quick, and most importantly, thoughtful about each move they make in the museum…

Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-14: Shattering Golden Chains is an adventure for 3rd- through 6th-level characters written by Matt Duval.

Mehryar is a janni, sitting and playing a flute while dressed in loose colorful fabrics.

Mehryar Said - artist Kevin Sardinha

Shay Snow
Pathfinder Society Developer

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Blog wrote:
permission has been granted by the Segadan Council to venture into the interior of Arcadia!


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Woooot! These adventures look great!

Second Seekers (Jadnura) 5/5 5/55/55/5

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"Ooo I'm gonna get that arm."

1/5 5/55/5 **

Starfinder Society Special #5-99: Battle for the Bulwark!will also be available for play at PaizoCon@KublaCon.

Warhorn for PaizoCon@KublaCon

All these adventures sound like a fun time.

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Should we be worried about the CR 19 creature in the image? :'D

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I hate Safa!

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That's what happens when when you touch things at the museum when the sign says not to, you get unexpected guests. So, to be sure and avoid unexpected guests, we should not touch things in the museum, okay? ;)

All this awesome art! Especially Mahja Firehair!

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Maybe it is me, but the augmented mercenary looks a lot like 90s Marvel's Cable.

Dark Archive 4/5 5/55/5

Is Cable a Precog/ Soldier???

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Davor Firetusk wrote:
Is Cable a Precog/ Soldier???

<.< >.>

*innocent whistling*

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Have the subscription orders for May been generated yet? I have heard nothing from Paizo about this, but I have seen e-mails from people complaining about problems with their PDFs. And yes, I did just send an e-mail to Customer Service about this.

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