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The fish door is open! Ring the bell!


One of my favorite signs of spring, along with swamp cabbage (already several inches above water in the swamp) and redwings (heard one last week trilling in the marsh).

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Drejk wrote:
The real secret reason is that they simply redirect that input into an excel sheet and it turns anything that contains comas or slashes into dates.

So, so true!

Paizo's President, Jim Butler, has posted a request that everyone use the "Customer Service Portal" to create new tickets for CS.

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Paizo's President, Jim Butler, has posted a request that everyone use the "Customer Service Portal" to create new tickets for CS.

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Thanks for the post.

If you want people to use the Customer Service Portal, please make a blog post and add the link to the footer

Currently, when you click "Contact Us", there's a page with a column labeled "Customer Support".
The link under that heading for "Customer Service" creates an email for customer.service@paizo.com

This post is pretty obscure, so I'm not sure people are actually going to be using your "Cusomer Service Portal" until Paizo makes it visible to more people.


"F*#+ed up, Insecure, Neurotic, Egotistical"
Ruth Zardo

in any number of Louise Penny books.

For a long time, I lived in an apartment building that had 12 numbered floors (1-12), a ground floor (ground) and two-basement floors ('upper basement' and 'lower basement')

Floors G, UB, and LB opened to the outdoors without going up or down any steps.*

Balcony doors on floors 1-12 (the only floors with living spaces) opened between 20 and 140 feet above "ground level".

*steep slope of land parcel

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This thread has a couple comments that indicate that a prototype "support portal" page is still active

Steve Geddes wrote:

They were trialling a support portal a few years back (a couple of my tickets were run through there as a test).

Maybe they left the website up even if it never got formally rolled out?

slackernackt wrote:

I'm guessing they're not using the portal anymore but you can still see it at:


That's a frustrating story, and it's true that the customer service team is very backed up right now.

But there never has been a "support portal", so I'm not sure what you're referring to. Perhaps the "retailer portal" for people who own gaming shops? If so, that team can't solve problems for people who ordered directly from Paizo.

The phone number has not been in opperation sinde the Covid shutdown, so that's not going to help you reach anyone.

As usual with customer service queues, it's better not to start a bunch of new cases, since that will simply slow down their response when they have to spend time condensing all the cases into a single number.

Respond to the email you got with more details about the package your friend go not containing your copy of the book. That's likely to be your fastest option.

NobodysHome wrote:

we still lost about 20% of the bag cutting out rotten bits and eyes.

the green beans in the middle of the bag were rotten and we lost about 33% of them. The bread was OK.
But yet again, you cannot get decent fresh fruits or vegetables there,
the new owners can't seem to comprehend that decent produce is a foundation of a grocery store.

(And yes, I've mentioned it to the new owners, and nothing has changed.)

Let's assume that the store owners are trying to match their inventory to the local demand, so that they have satisfied customers and they make a fair profit.

If the produce is rotting on the shelves because your neighbors aren't buying it fast enough to keep it from going bad, then the store owners are losing money.

If they change anything, I'd suggest they stop providing perishable vegetables entirely. Obviously, they can't predict the occasional 'fresh produce' demand well enough to match the goods they stock with your neighborhood needs.

Even in big grocery stores, sales of fresh produce is down slightly. A small store with more volatile demand is going to feel that sooner. These days "convenience food" isn't fresh produce.

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Now that it's necro'd,

There's a whole book about Sandpoint
Sandpoint, Light Of The Lost Coast

And a complete introductory adventure
Seven Dooms For Sandpoint

And a lot of history
Meet The Doomvelopers

But 100%
Otari fits the description much better than Sandpoint does.

Seravix wrote:

rules for ease

Take Cover: https://2e.aonprd.com/Actions.aspx?ID=90
Tower shield: https://2e.aonprd.com/Shields.aspx?ID=4
Shield (says +4): https://2e.aonprd.com/Rules.aspx?ID=212
Prone: https://2e.aonprd.com/Conditions.aspx?ID=31


Take Cover
Tower Shield
Shield (says +4)

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I'm over joyed that we're getting a pawn set with this!

I'm also wondering if ther will be a battle-card set released with the new art and monsters?

Powers128 wrote:
Plus looking forward to all the new artwork of course.

And it's going to be on new PAWNS!

Pre-order Monster Core Pawns

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I am reminded of the Star Trek snippet from 1986
"The keyboard! How quaint!

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Can't wait!

Ed Reppert wrote:
Another option is player (or gm, for npcs) choice, but that seems rather arbitrary.

That's pretty much how it works IRL, so I don't see why it wouldn't work in Pathfinder.

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Megistone wrote:
Not only; in this case, typing up "Raise" on easytools (or some other PF2e specific search tool) is also quicker than asking an AI.

One might even type the word into the search bar of the OFFICIAL ONLINE RULES DOCUMENT! Or the search bar of the PDF of the OFFICIAL RULE BOOK!

Imagine having such a powerful search tool at your fingertips.

In an ancient church in Germany, a 639-year organ performance of a John Cage composition is about to have its next note change.

Who knew that John Cage was writing dwarf music?

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Ok, how do we do this?

ChatGPT has entered the room

Is it currently possible for four people (or one person) to create and run a character in a Pathfinder game only using Chat GPT?

So could you create a character using ChatGPT?
Could you have ChatGPT make descions about what your character does?

Personally, I see it as a more advanced version of auto-complete and I don't understand how one could begin to trust its hallucinations and sentence writing skills to jump to asking advice about a rules set.

But here we are.

ChatGPT is now disrupting Pathfinder games

Algebra is back, baby!!

Apparently there are "math wars" in California

California ranks in the bottom quartile among all states and U.S. territories for 8th grade math scores.

Errenor wrote:
TTRPG sounds and music especially need non-streaming options.

Boosting this signal!

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Elric200 wrote:
Gods get a portion of their power from devotional power from their Flocks so are there going to be a mass wipe out of the gods followers to weaken a God?

Not on Golarion.

That's D&D, not Pathfinder.

From James Jacobs


You do not need worshipers to be a god. Your influential power as a deity may depend in part on the strength of your church... but your personal power as a deity does not. There are other ways by which the gods gain or lose power, and those methods are deliberately NOT quantified by rules.

So yeah... there's two things regarding a deity—the deity itself and the deity's church. Faith increases the power of the church, but doesn't directly impact the power of the deity itself.

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Wouldn't it be better to create something stupidly awesome?

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That sounds marvelous!

I'd like to suggest that you also create a sound product for the Beginner Box. Folks learning to GM could really use that kind of aid.

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Who is Shroud

Have you tried searching the wiki?

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VerBeeker wrote:
Never PMed here before, not exactly sure how it’s done so I’ll just spoiler tag it.

Click on the poster's name. That takes you to their profile page

At the top of that page, the second line says, "Send Private Message"
Click 'send private message'

That opens up a message page, with a text box for the subject line, and a text box for your message.

Type your message.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "submit post"

If you do not see the "send private message" link, it means they have private messaging turned off. (as you do).

If you allow people to message you on this site, and someone sends you a message, you will see a small red dot in your top header next to the "My Account" icon.

If you want to toggle the 'private messaging switch on your account, select "Account Settings" from the drop down menu under "My Account"
On the Account Settings page, scroll down to the bottom of the left column under 'Privacy Settings"
Check the "Members of paizo.com may send me private messages" checkbox
Scroll down further and click "save changes"

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James Jacobs wrote:
I do expect there to be a fan-driven internet resource at some point once more remastered books are out, but that's not something I have the time or energy or capacity to help produce.

I want to take a moment to give a shout out to all of those fans who create the sources that so many of us use.

It is awesome to watch people hyperfixate on the rules and the details, and spend so much time and energy into putting all of that intellectual work into a format that the rest of us can understand.

Thanks for making the fruits of your talents so accessible. And for adding so much to the conversations on these forums (and elsewhere). You all add so much to the game. I'm so glad you're part of our community.

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Kinger wrote:
While discussing what do to do with them, one to the party members executed one of the bound bandits.

You've got a player problem as well as a character problem.

It sounds like the group is discussing an in-world issue of right and wrong behavior by the characters.

But as the GM I'd be just as worried about a player who takes the plot into their own hands without consulting the other players.

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I, for one, would be grateful for a simple list of OGL terms that will not be used by Paizo in the future.

That, at least, would allow me to quickly verify where I need to make adjustments to previously published materials.

Because Paizo did not simply "file off the serial numbers", and there is no 1-to-1 correspondence between the off-limits OGL material and the new directions Paizo is going, I have no expectations that there will ever be a "name changes" list.

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It may amuse you to know that I can purchase "Polish Sausage" at just about any American supermarket.

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Kaspyr2077 wrote:
Mostly true, and yet, 100% irrelevant.

So, if I understand your belief system and world view correctly, people/corporations cannot be 'forced' to do anything.

They are always simply making a decision.

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Kaspyr2077 wrote:
decided to walk away from the OGL. That is a decision Paizo made.

Well, it's less "decided to walk away" and more "decided to try again".

The OGL was primarily drafted by the very same IP lawyer who stepped up again to try to create a perpetual license by drafting the ORC.

The ORC is a second attempt to create an open license to help standardise and stablize the TTRPG gaming industry. First attempt failed, so Paizo stepped in to try to create a second, more secure solution to the original problem.

That's not "walking away". That's sticking around to help fix a problem create by Hasbro. Again. Not just for themselves, but for hundreds of small creators who were going to be screwed if Paizo just walked away with their own IP.

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Kaspyr2077 wrote:
it's the legal process of two companies ending a licensing agreement.

Which no one would have minded. But the actual license included that pesky word "perpetual", which Hasbro unilaterally decided didn't mean "perpetual" after all.

And it wasn't "two companies". It was every TTRPG company that had ever used anything that Hasbro had put under that license. Most of the 3rd party TTRPG industry, in other words.

MurderHobo#6226 wrote:
Will there be a sketch cover special edition of this as well?

Yes, there is.

I have preordered mine from my FLGS, along with the errata'd Beginner Box.

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NobodysHome wrote:
you have to opt out of it.

My guess is that it's probably easier to hide the whole set of numbers than it is to spoof the main number for all the extensions,.

If you want to show the generic number (555-222-1200) instead of each individual number (555-222-1234, 555-222-1235, etc) it is either too complicated or too expensive, or perhaps not even tecnically possible with the telephone software package they buy.

And they probably want a group of people to be able to answer your call when you call back, not just the individual who place the initial call.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

that last part doesn't say that Pathfinder and Starfinder are separate canons, so that means that if one of those present in Starfinder dies, that deity will either be resurrected by Starfinder time, or be very craftily replaced by a divine Doppelganger.

Or, since it doesn't say whether or not Pathfinder and Starfinder are separate canons, they might actually be separate, and what happens in Pathfinder canon has no effect on Starfinder canon.

There is no data to prove either possibility.

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Blog Post
Mark Moreland comment

Mark Moreland wrote:
From the office of expectation management: yes, this series will run weekly until April. As the teaser mentions, we'll have a stream on April 16 that will answer (most of) the remaining questions, and reveal covers and release dates and product titles and iconic artwork and all sorts of other things related to War of Immortals, the death of ** spoiler omitted ** and maybe even some other announcements that are even farther off folks' radars. So tune in weekly, and make sure to mark your calendars for April 16 (exact stream time TBD).

Edit to add

More Mark Moreland

Mark Moreland wrote:
Project: J-ko wrote:

Oh my God...all 20 of 'em. So week by week is how we're gonna find o-WAIT NO!!

There's only 10 weeks until April 16th. They're only gonna clear half the names by the time that stream goes live, if I'm doing my math right (which is questionable).

Correct. There's enough teasing in this thread and campaign in general that I do feel a certain level of transparency and expectation management is warranted. This is a 10-part series, during which we will reveal 10 of the core twenty "safe" from the pending demise set to fall upon one of their number. This means that when we do our big stream on April 16—in which we'll reveal not only who dies, but a bunch of info on tie-in products and more—there will be 10 potential victims. We didn't want to narrow it down too much and ruin the fun of speculation!

And now back to being a cagey instigator!

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And, Welcome Back!

Are you talking about digital copies of the APs or about physical copies?

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James Jacobs said [November, 2021]
If you trap someone between two anathemas, then they should focus on the greater one as they interpret it, and then atone or apologize or make up for the other one.

Emphasis added

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I would really really love a soundtrack for the Beginner Box, pretty please?

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I am so very, very glad that you did not ask, "“How is everybody doing?” .

Themetricsystem wrote:

I think the disconnect here is that some people look at APs and Modules, to use an analogy like they're a finished and furnished home

You're getting something like 80% of what you need from the published AP or Module and that last 20% that remains is supposed to be handled by the GM, be it through changes to the tone of the adventure, tweaking the treasure, modifying encounters, or spinning the plot "off the rails" to help deliver an experience that is unique to the group.

That's not how those work for Organized Play.

GM DarkLightHitomi wrote:
There is a difference between "something that adds to net worth" and "something that brings you wealth." But people get the two confused because they try calling both categories "assets."


And since becoming a millionaire is strictly a "net worth" issue, it's good to keep that in mind.

If you want to be a millionaire, your house is one of your assets on your balance sheet. It adds to your 'bottom line' or 'net worth'. If your net worth is over a million dollars, voila, you're a millionaire.


I am using the more difficult-to-achieve definition of 'millionaire. Sometimes 'millionaire' is used for a person who has assets worth over a million dollars, without considering liabilities. But, still, that house is an asset, even under that definition.

A house is an asset. The loans against it are liabilities.

It may not be a good investment but it still goes on the assets section of your balance sheet.

Aaron Shanks wrote:
The remastered Pathfinder Beginner Box reprint will arrive late Q1 2024.

The Release Schedule page goes out through May, 2024 but I don't see the Beginner Box listed as an upcoming release.

Any updates for us?

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bugleyman wrote:
Furthermore, a PDF has a very low marginal cost of production,


But the cost of producing that first copy is astounding. I'm not at all surprised that Paizo spreads out the total cost over all the copies they expect to sell.

"marginal cost of production" is a pretty useless metric to use for digital pricing.

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