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Friday, August 13, 2021

Here is our streaming schedule for the upcoming Gen Con Online, September 16–19, 2021. All shows will be hosted on the channel. You can register your interest and sign up for Paizo Organized Play games on Gen Con’s website, then join us on the Paizo Events Discord during the event

Thursday Shows
Friday Shows
Saturday Shows
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Thursday, Sept 16

Thursday 11 a.m. EDT (4 hours): Hands to Hilts Pathfinder First Edition Liveplay by Fiend & Foil

Adventure with our determined yet ever-wayward cast as we press on into the Pathfinder First Edition Adventure Path Rise of the Runelords with our GM, Luke! Will our adventures lead us to glory... or death? A few things are certain: our journey is bound to include ancient wizards, wicked fiends, and towering ruins! Fiend & Foil aims to create interesting, thought-provoking, and fun content. With over a dozen years of experience in different systems and diverse backgrounds in role-playing, we elevate our production with sounds from Syrinscape, good audio quality, interesting artwork, and evocative descriptions. We nurture a supportive and welcoming community, where anyone is free to express themselves without fear of facing hatred or backlash and express that through our time at the table. We also produce Dread Air, a horror podcast! Find Fiend & Foil on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thursday 3 p.m. EDT (one hour): Paizo Keynote Address with Publisher Erik Mona

Join Paizo Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Erik Mona for a peek at upcoming Paizo releases!

Thursday 4 p.m. EDT (one hour): Pathfinder Designer Showcase: Guns & Gears

Join Paizo Design Team members for an in-depth discussion of the upcoming Pathfinder Guns & Gears rulebook, releasing October 2021.

Thursday 5 p.m. EDT (one hour): Catching Up with Paizo Organized Play

Paizo Organized Play developers and program staff discuss upcoming storylines, convention appearances, future plans for the Starfinder Society and Pathfinder Society organized play programs.

Thursday 6 p.m. EDT (one hour): Beyond the Stars: Starfinder Galactic Magic

Take a sneak peek into the contents of the upcoming Starfinder RPG rulebook slated for release in December 2021, as presented by the Starfinder editorial team!

Thursday 7 p.m. EDT (4 hours): Circus of The Broken Chain Pathfinder Second Edition Liveplay by GoblinCaveTV

Roll up, grab some popcorn, and join the crew of GoblinCaveTV as they twist, tumble and maybe succeed at an Acrobatics check while exploring the Extinction Curse Adventure Path. Ringmaster Karsh the Goblin (a 15+ year circus professional) guides the Circus of the Broken Chain. Join Azzy the Hydrokinetic Kobold, Lieriel the Liberated, the Virtuous Jojyre Vanreak, Jake “Blazing” Fury, and Leafy the Leshy (alongside performing partner Blueberry the Bear) as they stumble and flounder their way through the demanding life of a performing troop, often getting caught up in unanticipated and unusual events!

Our diverse cast is brought together by a love of shared storytelling and includes Emi Rabbit, MrLiveProducer, and Karsh (Australia); WillJF and Del (US); and Lorian Ross (UK).
GoblinCaveTV is a Twitch Actual Play Channel whose unique “pink mohawk” playstyle encourages our inner goblins to come out to play, leading to hilarious results, as epic fails often bring more joy than critical success! If you think this zany crew is for you, please check us out at Twitch.TV/GoblinCaveTV.

Thursday 11 p.m. EDT (4 hours): We Run the Stars Starfinder Liveplay by Atomically Awesome (TBD)

Join cast members Ferix, Ted, Sonni, Auto, Denver, Domino, Xurat, and Thrawn as they travel through the stars. Enjoy the escapades of eight new space travelers as they explore the galaxy! Our players are new to Starfinder, so we often walk through some of the rules that might be difficult for new players or groups! We're all about telling a great story and having a good time doing it!

Find us at:
Also available via podcast.

Friday, Sept 17

Friday 9 a.m. EDT (4 hours): Abomination Vaults: Hands of the Devil Pathfinder Second Edition Liveplay by Recall Knowledge

Recall Knowledge is playing through the Pathfinder Second Edition Abomination Vaults Adventure Path. What devilish things await them beneath the vaults? We are a group of 5e vets, crit fumbling their way through learning Pathfinder! We are all friends from Southern California who have been playing TTRPGs together for years, and we've started taking a teaching (and learning!) approach to Pathfinder. We provide both a playthrough of the Abomination Vaults Adventure Path, as well as GM Prep videos to help others feel comfortable in running the game themselves.
Our game is proudly played on the FoundryVTT!

Steve: Our Fearless GM
Ninna: Nulara, the Duskwalker Human Fighter
Rick: Halarmony, the Human Maestro Bard
Richard: Mukta, the Desert Ysoki Rogue
Mike: Clovis, the Half-Elf Leaf Druid, with his leshy companion Mooshy

Find us at:

Friday 1 p.m. EDT (1 hour): Know Direction Interview: Jason Bulmahn

Join Know Direction staff as they interview Paizo's Director of Game Design about upcoming projects, streaming games on Twitch, and his decades of involvement in the TTRPG industry.

Friday 2 p.m. EDT (1 hour): Know Direction Interview: John Compton

Join Know Direction staff as they interview Starfinder senior developer John Compton about being a Paizo staffer, his experiences as a freelancer, and future projects he's involved with.

Friday 3 p.m. EDT (1 hour): Pathfinder Tales of Lost Omens: What’s Next

Delve into the world of Golarion through the Lost Omens campaign setting for the Pathfinder (second edition) RPG. Come learn about upcoming projects and ask questions about prior releases.

Friday 4 p.m. EDT (1 hour): Pathfinder Designer Showcase: Upcoming Projects

Pathfinder Design Team members talk about upcoming releases for the Pathfinder RPG, including Book of the Dead and beyond.

Friday 5 p.m. EDT (1 hour): Paizo Adventure Roundup: Print & Digital

Join Paizo editorial staffers as they take a peek at 2022’s stand-alone adventure production for the Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs.

Friday 6 p.m. EDT (1 hour): Industry Spotlight: Engaging Diverse Voices

Paizo editorial staffers lead a discussion on finding and engaging creators that embrace diverse viewpoints to work towards a more inclusive industry.

Friday 7 p.m. EDT (4 hours): Far Beyond the Stars: Junkers Delight Starfinder Liveplay by Fantastic Worlds Productions

The Fantastic Worlds Crew journeys into the Paizo’s Starfinder adventure Junkers Delight! What sort of antics will this crew get into? Join Galactic Mistress Abbie Lammel as she guides the crew of the Spaceship Calamity, played by Dustin Alexander, Heidi Owens, Jess Negin, and Logan Mayne-Rizzi, as they search for treasure buried amongst a graveyard of crashed starships on the red planet of Akiton.

Fantastic Worlds Productions is a fantasy and science-fiction-focused podcast network and production team whose mission is to create engaging, nuanced, and thoughtful entertainment about the subjects we love most.

We produce three actual play podcasts: Fantastic Worlds (Pathfinder Reign of Winter AP), Far Beyond the Stars (Starfinder Fly Free or Die AP), and our Patreon exclusive, the Greatest Show on Earth, (Pathfinder Extinction Curse AP) which you can join today at You can find out more about all our shows at

Fantastic Worlds Productions is a licensed partner of Paizo.

Friday 11 p.m. EDT (4 hours): Understories: A Leshy Adventure Pathfinder Second Edition Liveplay by Hijinks

When Druid Gammonfeather’s prized crop is mysteriously stolen from his cottage garden ahead of the Dandybreeze country fair, his leshy garden keepers must leave the safety they’ve always known in order to save the day. It’s up to its smallest denizens to set it right! Plant-based hijinks ensue in this all-leshy one-shot. Join an all-queer cast of Ebony, Claire, Regan, and Tom for this original verdant adventure with a party that will really grow on you!

Hijinks is a group of Australian creatives that believes in bringing people together through sharing stories and playing games. They aim to produce engaging and inclusive stories with a heartfelt feeling and exceptional quality. Hijinks creates Re:Alignment, a Pathfinder Second Edition actual play series on YouTube.

See more at

Saturday, Sept 18

Saturday 9 a.m. EDT (4 hours): The Alpha vs the Omega Pathfinder Second Edition Liveplay by WafflesMapleSyrup

The last battle of worlds has been prophesied. Treerazer vs the Tarrasque at the world’s end. Yet, there may be a chance. If anyone can do anything to prevent the pending apocalypse, it would be these four adventurers. Four level 18 adventurers will be sent on a mission to save the existence of the Material Plane from the inevitable devastation this cataclysmic battle will cause. As the Tarrasque and Treerazer fight, the player characters must complete several tasks in order to even be able to stand a chance against these terrifying foes.

WafflesMapleSyrup is joined by Anne Hearthsinger for this high-level race against time! WMS is a group in which TTRPGs have literally saved lives and continue to do good. WMS strives for inclusivity and mental health awareness, doing so by providing a community where everyone is welcome and telling meaningful stories for your listening pleasure.

Anywhere you get podcasts and all social media platforms.

Saturday 1 p.m. EDT (1 hour): Know Direction Interview: Avi Kool

Join Know Direction staff as they interview Avi Kool, Paizo's Senior Editor for the Pathfinder RPG, about upcoming projects and working in the TTRPG industry.

Saturday 2 p.m. EDT (1 hour) Know Direction Interview: Jenny Jarzabski

Join Know Direction staff and Jenny Jarzabski, Line Developer for Paizo’s Starfinder Society Organized Play program, as they discuss the future of organized play, upcoming projects, and working in the TTRPG industry.

Saturday 3 p.m. EDT (1 hour): Telling Tales: Paizo Adventure Paths

The Adventure Path development teams take a close look at upcoming campaigns and answers your questions about Adventure Paths past, present, and future.

Saturday 4 p.m. EDT (1 hour): Industry Spotlight: Freelancing for Paizo

Paizo editorial staff discuss how to get started as a freelancer in this informative seminar designed to showcase tips and strategies to help you get your foot in the door as an author.

Saturday 5 p.m. EDT (1 hour): Ask Paizo Anything: Pathfinder Edition

Got a question about Pathfinder rules or lore? Want to know what it is like working on TTRPGs? Paizo’s editorial staffers provide answers in this open-ended audience-participation Q&A session!

Saturday 6 p.m. EDT (1 hour): Ask Paizo Anything: Starfinder Edition

Got a question about Starfinder rules or lore? Want to know what it is like working on TTRPGs? Paizo’s editorial staffers provide answers in this open-ended audience-participation Q&A session!

Saturday 7 p.m. EDT (4 hours): Pathfinder One-Shot: Sundered Waves Liveplay by Penny for a Tale (Pathfinder Second Edition)

Join Penny for a Tale as they explore Pathfinder Second Edition’s Sundered Waves.

They say that dead men tell no tales. How, then, are we in possession of this message from a dead captain? Join Gamemaster Ian as he leads Daniel, Jennifer, James, Sam, and Mister Smith through the Shackles and toward treasure, peril, and perhaps something much more sinister. Will fortune favor the bold?

Penny for a Tale is a variety Twitch channel with a long-standing Age of Ashes campaign. The group focuses on narrative storytelling and collaboration with a constant eye on safety at the table and creating a welcoming space.

Ian at Penny for a Tale has been writing, GMing, and organizing Pathfinder actual plays consistently since 2018—all connected through the evolving canon of Pathfinder in an anthology of player stories designed to cultivate a “living world” with over 35 players across more than 70 PCs.

Saturday 11 p.m. EDT (4 hours): Heck Knights in Space: A Starfinder Liveplay by Dungeon Dive Bar

Join the Dungeon Dive Bar crew in a homebrew Starfinder adventure, as our Hellknight afficionado Megan extrapolates Golarion Hellknight lore to enhance Starfinder canon and we all get to embody the law... but in space!

The Story So Far:
The Hellknight Order of the Godclaw, lost during the Gap, held valuable technology within its mobile Citadel: war machines that were said to embody aspects of each of its patron deities. For centuries, the machines have been inactive and undisturbed, accessible only by those with the privilege to know of their existence: the upper echelons of the surviving Orders. A few days ago, though, the Citadel’s alarms were raised. Someone has found their way into the Citadel’s private demiplane, survived to trespass within… and stirred the machines to life. It is up to a strike team of Paralictors from the surviving Orders to find out who.

Dungeon Dive Bar is an actual play podcast running the Emerald Spire Superdungeon, where we entertain listeners with a good story, great roleplay, and a solid grasp of mechanics and lore.

Find more about us at

Sunday, Sept 19

Sunday 9 a.m. EDT (4 hours): Free Zach Starfinder Liveplay by Natural Pengu

Chief Zach has gone AWOL. Droids are acting strange. A Lashuntan intern has stolen codes needed for water mining. Star City 5 prepares for war.

We stream stories of characters at the limits of human experience using Starfinder as our playground.

“An exchange student, who stole sensitive Tech League property, had intimate relations with an UNSCARF officer, now AWOL. What we call a ‘Cluster-F###’ in diplomatic circles. However, the politicians will scream: “An act of terror!" on Mira-Vision by morning.” Ard Basst-The Service-Star City 5 Vex acts as security for the Lashunta-Human Relations Liaison Sefuro. Meanwhile squadron battle droids Carnage T9 and Slayer i28 experience a neural network onslaught. As the artificial night sky over Star City 5 Zone 1 darkens, mysterious forces collude to implicate the Commander, Sefuro, and the droids in a terrorist act against the whole population of the behemoth starship.

An exchange student, who stole sensitive Tech League property, had intimate relations with an UNSCARF officer, and is now AWOL. While this is a mess in all diplomatic circles, it’s inevitable that the politicians will proclaim this “An act of terror!" on Mira-Vision by morning. Ard Basst-The Service-Star City 5 Vex acts as security for the Lashunta-Human Relations, Liaison Sefuro. Meanwhile squadron battle droids, Carnage T9 and Slayer i28, experience a neural network onslaught. As the artificial night sky over Star City 5 (Zone 1) darkens, mysterious forces collude to implicate the Commander, Sefuro, and the droids in a terrorist act against the whole population of the behemoth starship.

Markku Lorentz-GM, Vanessa Poole-Commander Vex, Valentin Lundin-Sefuro Mononashi, Michaela Palmer-Carnage T9 and Joakim Johansson-Slayer i28


Sunday 1 p.m. EDT (4 hours): Hideous Laughter Productions Presents: It’s Always Frosty in Irrisen, a Pathfinder Second Edition Liveplay

Join GM Griffin and the HLP team as they brave frigid temps and fearsome foes in the icy northern reaches of Golarion for an action-packed rendition of Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-08: A Frosty Mug!

The neighbors of Irrisen, a frigid land locked in a seemingly perpetual ice age, put out a call. Communication from inside the frostbitten country ceased and it’s up to the HLP gang to uncover why and save the day. Come for the displaced Russian soldiers and cold-hearted winter witches. Stay for the laughter and adventure!

Hideous Laughter Productions is an officially licensed partner of Paizo Inc. and prides itself on providing rich storytelling, immersive characters, crisp audio quality, and an at-home-feeling experience to our listeners!

HLP produces several podcasts: Hideous Laughter (1sted Carrion Crown AP); Bestow Curse (2nded version of Curse of the Crimson Throne AP), The Zone of Truth(interview/reviews) and Linked Legacy (Patreon-exclusive guest GM playthrough of Pathfinder modules).

Find us at or on your favorite podcast platform!

Sunday 5 p.m. EDT (4 hours): Dice Will Roll: Dinners & Dwarves Pathfinder Second Edition Liveplay

Dice Will Roll plays Pathfinder One-Shot: Dinner at Lionlodge, where an invite to a lonely cabin in the mountains could spell doom for our new heroes! Join our gender nonconformist GM, Derry, alongside Dave, Ritz, Luna, and a brand-new cast of characters attending a luxurious dinner in a comfortable mountain lodge. Nothing bad could happen, right? Right?

Founded in 2019, Dice Will Roll focuses on telling the stories of queer early 20-year-olds from all over the world. Three years later, we're still going strong, earning the 2020 Audioverse Award for Best Improvised Production, and chalking up almost 200,000 downloads of our show.

Our shows feature Pathfinder Second Edition rules: Campaign 1 (Kingmaker AP) involves building the Kingdom of Kilcela and Campaign 2 (Extinction Curse AP) showcases a traveling circus preventing the end of the world, giant worm-on-a-string monsters, and strange snake familiars.

Come check out Dice Will Roll at or on your fave podcast and be sure to keep it rollin'!

Sunday 9 p.m. EDT (4 hours): The Truth of the Lone Jackal Pathfinder Second Edition Liveplay in a collaboration by The Adventurer’s Vault and Skald’s Tale Entertainment!

The Princess of Drustin is missing and propaganda for the Cult of the Lone Jackal appeared in her quarters. The heroes must find the Princess before panic erupts throughout the Kingdom. The cast includes GM Christopher Rondeau and players Rich Southard, Brad Wayne, Kiedra Gerl, and Cody Garett Wells.

The Truth of the Lone Jackal, based on the Age of Strife campaign setting, features folklore from creator/GM Rondeau’s mixed heritage, including new takes on uncommon races, bespoke religions, new advancement rules, and homebrew material.

Full-time GM Christopher Rondeau owns Skald’s Tale Entertainment, writes for Major Spoilers Entertainment, and runs the Wyvern’s Aria Podcast/City of Cynics Video Series. Find him at or @skaldstale.

The Adventurers’ Vault Actual Play TTRPG podcast broadcasts from the heart of the Ozarks and tells unique, impactful stories using TTRPGs as a medium. Through collaborative storytelling, we explore themes and ideas from multiple perspectives and tell a meaningful tale. Find us at or @tadvault on twitter.

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Thank you.
I am hoping these will all be recorded as well.

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GM Numbat wrote:

Thank you.

I am hoping these will all be recorded as well.

They will be.

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

So much goodness!

Hyped for new stuff being announced

I'm sorry, did you say "Leshy adventure"?

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Maximum over-hype!

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yay more guns & gears info! also please announce mythic rules for next year plz please plz!!!

Missed this til now, can't wait as I'm on vacation and can watch and chat with the team LIVE!!

Ha Ha


Is the Keynote where the new books will be announced?

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So excited for this. I hope we also get to chat with devs in discord, but I understand if there's no time or it's just not something that's going to happen. I liked that part of paizocon a lot.

I'm totally planning to be sick or at least forced to work at home for this. I can't wait! I love hype cycles.

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Gaulin wrote:
So excited for this. I hope we also get to chat with devs in discord, but I understand if there's no time or it's just not something that's going to happen. I liked that part of paizocon a lot.

Yes. Let me get you details.

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Looking forward to the Gen Con streams!

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