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super excited for this! going to mine it heavily for the Asian inspired part of my own setting hopefully each country gets a decent amount of pages for information . just wish we didn't have to wait till August for the character guide

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in case people don't know there's a recent YouTube interview with Louis Loza I think . one of the pf2e developers at any rate & they confirmed no no high tech stuff till after starfinder 2e release

I feel like out of everything the things that need to be done well & be unique are the wepons and items on the player side . give them new traits cool action economy menuvers etc really make it feel high tech .

monsters. same thing go out there go wierd a all destroying swarm of nanocytes a malevolent ai program that has to be fought with electricity & anti computer stuff give it unconventional unique actions

a living planet comet or asteroid

a monster that turns tech into magic or uses magic to fuel tech

I'm really excited but worried the wepons/ items & monsters won't feel scifi/sci fantasy enough

for creatures demon lords archdevils maybe some mythic versions of hydra & gorgans? items I'd love to see stuff that replicates wepons like mjornir zues thunderbolt or hades helm of darkness or maybe a wepon that refrances the god of war franchise like how they refranced castlevania in book of the dead .

immortal archetypes & capstone immortal feats

maybe a archetype that allows you to ignore vorpral ?
one that makes you similar to the norse gods . example your immortal except to one creature that has the potential to kill you or your immortal as long as you eat golden fruit.

upgraded philosopher stone for an immortal alchemist archetype

bard immortal archetype your able to cheat death by playing music so well like Orpheus

you find a shroud or sacrifice yourself to save others then come back in 1d4 as a refrance to Jesus

thoughts ideas?

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keftiu wrote:
Luis Loza has previously said that ship rules might take the place of a year's class playtest, if such a thing existed.

I would love a naval warfare/ ship rules playtest because currently thiers just not enough rules to do naval combat plus ship hp needs to be massively increased to be able to stand up to more than one canons worth of damage.

and bieng able to do a proper pirate campaign is something I want!

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to give a example from 1e my favorite wepon in the game was the monowhip & it had the severe wound critical effect which had a chance of you loosing limbs or an eye! not just con or bleed damage that's cool ! I hope that they keep or add similar cool traits like that in.

vorpral is only the head and I know wounded & persistent bleed are a thing . but the ability to loose limbs is something different !

I'm hoping pazio remembers the wepons are high tech & doesn't cheap out

since they're using the pf2e engine (which I will mention is my favorite d20 system period)

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I'm personally not super interested in sf2e I have to see alot more to get excited mainly ship combat item and wepon list especially the high tech stuff like a monowhip for example

I hope they add new traits and abilities or keep some frome 1e like the monowhips severe critical

my personal hope's (some are unrealistic but that's ok!)

1 a lost omens shackles book ! would love a more current & up to date book on Golarion pirates . with new archetypes weapons items npcs maybe monsters

2 lost omens red mantis or a red mantis ap

the red mantis are cool nuff said

3 lost omens land of the Linnorm Kings & ap to take out fafnhier.

vikings are cool + we haven't to my knowledge had a Linnorm king ap yet

4 Treerazer ap

it'd be a cool high lvl elf & nature ap

5 lost omens abbadon a book on daemons .

daemons are to my knowledge a unique pathfinder thing plus to me demons &devils are boring & overused due to d&d bieng around forever give us the other evil fiends paizo!

6 fey book in the style of book of the dead

fey are cool & kinda no brainer

7 tar baphon ap were we kill him
what are you hoping for?

super excited for the mermaid centaur & minatour ancestry & the werecrearure archetype just hope it's better than the undead archetypes also super excited for the included bestiary!

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master attack in alchemist wepons is a MUST!!!
& I'm hoping we see some mad scientist stuff like Frankenstein etc

title & just want to talk about what will be my new favorite class in the game!

some of my concepts right now & some I hope are possible for the full version

1. pretty obvious but I have to try & build kratos!

2 a nephilin hellspawn son of a contract devil wepon icon pactbound pistol body ikon scar of survivor worn Victor's wrieth as a crown of fire

3 a damphir exmplar with the scion of slayers background who's spark is the collective spirits of his ancestors looking to confront the horsemen of war for what she did to his wife

I want to see something in the land of the Linnorm Kings. a daemon ap taking on the horsemen & bound prince. a full galt ap not just one adventure

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willfromamerica wrote:
I’m veeeeery surprised we still don’t know what AP is coming in April 2024. We normally would have found out months ago.

I don't think we'll get the war of Immortals ap till after the hardcover is out.

the ap will be mythic hence the need for the 2e mythic rules in October 2024.

everything but the dying rules

nor using this version using the old version

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alchemist needs master attack proficiency in bombs! if this doesn't happen they're still going to be broken

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Kevin Mack wrote:
Also could always revive that one in Katapesh (If memory serves they have been hinting it is already doing so.)

if you are talking about xolti the firebleeder his stats are in the last book of the age of ashes.

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price increase is disappointing but understandable but I'm definitely going to go pdf only from now on due to the price increase .most of my games are online anyway

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I don't know why alot of people don't like/ want to remove the demigod flavor? I think it's cool!

also why have pazio have other options in a sidebar the spark bieng from the divine is just flavor for the death of a God in the war of Immortals event.

I can immediately think of 3 other flavorful orgins for the spark 4 if you tie it into a heritage your playing

1 you tried training to become a monk but couldn't fully master the initial training so only unlocked part of your inner energy.

2 it's the spirts /spirit of a famous ancestor helping you from the afterlife . hell add some in-game roleplay and have the spark talk to the pc!

3 it's a the some secretly evil entity molding the perfect mortal vessel in the form of a hero

4 automaton exmplar . the spark is your soul/ mind /powersource
damphir hag tiefling/ angel it's why you're the heritage you are or it's the constantly shifting incert base heritage & your versatile one fighting for dominance
fleshwarp (if you go classic Frankenstein) it's the spark of humanity slowly growing

the spark bieng the giblets of a dead god is just flavor!

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Perpdepog wrote:
I can't quote it but I believe they said the mythic rules are more along the lines of stuff flavored from myth, not so much the full superpower subsystem from PF1E. Would be glad to be wrong though; I wanna see statblocks for level 26+ creatures.

we have to be able to fight higher lvl creatures or alot of the point of mythic goes away.

can't wait for next October! Exemplar will probably end up being my favorite class! that's saying something because I'm a huuuge fan of alchemist. glad they're getting rid of the spellcasting since i really only took those feats to eventually get the lvl 20 immortality feat . bring on Exemplar bring on mythic bring on the war of Immortals!!!


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Laclale♪ wrote:
I'm also here to yay parallel mythical is confirmed! (And azata mythical class/archetype too)

I would like a link

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we should be able to do both the people who only want narrative stuff should have it but the mechanics focused people should have thier stuff too pf2e is a mechanics & rules heavy game & I think & hope that this is reflected in the mythic system. we absolutely should be able to fight & have stats for cr 26-30 creatures & not just a mythic tag on cr 1-25 creatures thats boring if we're becomingdivine/ demigods / immortals we should be able to fight demigod /true demon lords etc lvl enemies. & for people concerned about the math why pf2e is balanced unlike pf1. I don't think we'll loose something that's lauded as one of pf2e best things a working encounter system even with mythic.

for narrative powers if I'm a mythic brawler my fights should look like the first kratos vs Baulder fight in god of war buildings breaking the earth cracking after a grapple check stuff like that

alchemist for me I love fantasy science then gunslinger because I like the idea of blackpowder guns & magic coexisting . Exemplar because it's literally a demigod class!

Keirine, Human Rogue wrote:

Maybe it's just the culture of gaming that I'm coming from, but do we need 'official' stat sheets for the gods and other divine/profane beings? Like, I understand if your homegame wants to slaughter the Four Horsemen and take their place or whatever, but what's stopping you from building them? We have instructions for building stuff like that, and we can throw out some of the rules about building creatures to represent their beyond mortal ken. There are things that just should not have stat sheets. If a character has a stat sheet it can be killed, if it doesn't then it can't (unless the GM wants it to for whatever reason).

I guess I'm having a hard time seeing how Mythic benefits characters more than standard leveling and magic items? If my character is level 20, with the appropriate skill increases I can leap so high it doesn't matter if I can fly, because I can control my landing so I don't take damage. With the right magic items I can survive in the hard vacuum of space, or in the depths of a volcano. I don't need Mythic to do that, we can already do that. It's been explicitly stated that the Mythic rules aren't going to be flat level increases, so we're not going to start levelling to 25, 30, or whatever. I just can't see what Mythic adds that isn't already in the game.

Maybe I'm short-sighted and not able to see trees for the forest, I am willing to admit. Mythic was my least favorite thing in PF1 and kinda meh in WotR CRPG. I just don't see any way for this to 'WOW!' me.

1 yes they'd be killable that's kind of the point. 2 no they're not build able because they are explicitly cr 26-30 biengs which isn't possible without mythic. 3 mythic in pf1 was a mess because balanced encounter math wasn't a thing like in 2e but I know its something not everyone likes. I do

I didn't mean 1 pc vs Treerazer my bad I meant party of 4 vs Treerazer & it be like any other 1 on lvl party enemy

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we absolutely should be able to fight cr 26-30 enemies. that's part of what mythic is those creatures have stats & only mythic could fight them . if 2e mythic can't do that a large part of the appeal of mythic is lost . I don't know how they'll do this on either the pc or monster side but it's an absolute core part of the mythic experience !

BookBird wrote:
Unicore wrote:

My guess for mythic in PF2 is that it will add about as much "power" to a class as free archtype does. The big difference will be that it will break through some of the narrative level restriction walls that define base game assumptions.

So your characters are going to be able to fly, teleport, exist without breathing, or walk into a volcano at much, much lower levels. Looking at both the animist and the Exemplar, your ability to just not die is going to get ratcheted up as well, but it is not going to help you slay an appropriately leveled dragon solo boss faster. I think that will be the general kind of power boosting you get from Mythic. But there is also room for there to be something like mythic surges added to the game as well, but that could even just be things like removing hero point or focus point caps and giving you more of those resources. The secret sauce of PF2 has been "give players more ways of solving problems, not more powerful ways of solving problems" and I think the developers are aware of how well that formula has worked for them.

So mythic, in my guess, is going to be about changing the types of stories we can tell in ways that blow up the fantasy to mythic levels, without really having to touch the underlying math. Characters who can be shapeshifted all day, fly to outer space, fight a dragon inside an active volcano, travel between the planes, and spring back from death over and over again all feel like they would fit in mythic, but not really require MOAR NUMBERS!!!!

I'm not sure I agree with that. To me, a Mythic character should absolutely be stronger than a non-mythic one. It's the system you use when you want your campaign to go for higher targets and scopes. I'm comparing it to the Wrath of the Righteous AP. Normally, entities like Deskari and Baphomet would untouchable, more fit to be worshipped than encountered. With Mythic, they're beatable bosses. That's the reach you should be able to grasp at max level with Mythic.

exactly with mythic we should now be able to fight Treerazer on even footing . fight enemy's like tar baphon & the 4 horsemen who have stats! that's what I want

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BookBird wrote:
This may be a bit unlikely, but I distinctly remember someone mentioning sometime that they'd like to do an AP which would release the Bound Prince. Perhaps with the new Mythic rules eventually coming, we could see some kind of adventure through Abaddon, fighting the Four Horsemen and eventually, accidentally or otherwise, releasing the big bad. Or that could just be me being way too hopeful for a big Daemon AP.

would love this daemons are my favorite enemy's in the game

magnuskn wrote:
Thanks, I hate it.

why? it's a big gap in the kind of stories & campaigns you can tell that's finally bieng filled

just incase anyone didn't see it in the playtest document. I'm hyped beyond words! how do we think they'll work this time? do you think war of the immortals will include rules for building cr26-30 monsters! what abilities are you hoping for? can devs chime in with ANYTHING about mythic?

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BookBird wrote:
I'm not concerned about Mythic potentially being very strong, as it'll most likely be an optional rule as it was in 1e, specifically for when you want to tell higher power level stories. With that in mind I desperately hope that after Mythic is out we receive stats for some creatures like Infernal Dukes, Demon Lords, Horsemen, Archmages, Empyreal Lords etc...

same & how to build them

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Calliope5431 wrote:
belgrath9344 wrote:
so does this mean that we'll get cr 26-30 creatures now & rules for building them
I really really really hope so. I maintain it's bizarre that some of the cooler critters of the Pathfinderverse like Sorshen, Tar-Baphon, and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse have known levels, but those levels literally have no mechanical significance.

ill be severely upset if not those creatures & fighting them is a big part of why I've wanted mythic especially the 4 horsemen

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so does this mean that we'll get cr 26-30 creatures now & rules for building them

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keftiu wrote:
The animist and exemplar will appear in the upcoming sourcebook Pathfinder War of Immortals, scheduled for Winter 2024, which also brings new legendary creatures and character options for a wide variety of classes and characters, as well as bringing new mythic rules to Pathfinder!
Happy birthday, belgrath.

ong yes we're is thus stated YESSSS!

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I'm guessing in the next year or two with the book title war of Immortals the ap were a god dies and the exmplar having a divine spark t.that we'll finally get mythic rules for 2e

keftiu wrote:

Our new rulebook is War of Immortals, with the two classes within the spirit-bonding Animist and the (Rare!) bearers of a shard of divinity known as Exemplars.

The “divine book” is finally upon us!

I'm betting in the next year or two we'll finally get mythic rules . based on the name of that book the upcoming qp and the exmplar now bieng a thing it seems everything is leading to that

Ezekieru wrote:
belgrath9344 wrote:
keftiu wrote:
Animist and Exemplar confirmed! Coming in a book called War of Immortals.
what's exmplar?
A folk hero with a divine spark within them! So, I was close with the Hero-God concept!


keftiu wrote:
Animist and Exemplar confirmed! Coming in a book called War of Immortals.

what's exmplar?

does that mean daemons have a high chance of being cut? because the daemons & the 4 horsemen that rule them are my favorite monsters in pathfinder

I'm hoping beyond hope it IS demigod because that means mythic rules is finally in the pipeline in the next few years!

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I'll be mixing and matching to make a cyberpunk home game in a great engine!

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Themetricsystem wrote:
The day player options for being a demigod is published this system will have officially jumped the shark, for real, power fantasy ego tripping characters is already enough of a problem now but enabling things with an official class would only multiply that issue.

why are you so against mythic/ pc demigod options? it's a fantasy genre people enjoy it has to come at some point if we have to fight certain enemies. it's also one of the oldest fantasy genres around greek epics. nothing wrong with it & something I can't wait for

can't be demigod that would imply mythic which would require its own playtest I hope to god I'm wrong & IT IS demigod because that means mythic is coming in the next few years!!

Jenny Jarzabski wrote:

Considering SF2 is introducing full casters (up to spell rank 10)...yeah, you're getting more space magic, not less. As for the comment about poor integration, I'd be curious to hear opinions about that. No promises that the team can address them or will even agree with the assessment, but it's always great to find out more about what people think of the game and setting. Personally, I think some of the weirdness with magic might stem from the fact that we didn't fully embrace it and integrate it into the game as much as we should have from the beginning. I remember being a baby Starfinder author waaaay back in SFS season 1 and writing a whole scenario that didn't include a single spellcaster or magic item! Frankly, when I wrote the scenario I didn't have a full grasp of the system yet and was wary of putting too much magic in a scifi game. Luckily, I've had years to play, read, and learn Starfinder since, and also to come to terms with the fact that Starfinder is a scifantasy setting, where magic is part of the fabric of the universe.

Here's hoping everyone likes the magic upgrade going forward, because while we're keeping scifi tech, space travel, and nods to real world science, it's only getting more magical from here. :)

my problem with magic in starfinder is if technology both mechanical and organic are so prevalent 1 wouldn't magic be no longer nessary? & 2 it feels like a odd third wheel & strange you've got lasers starship ect & then you have traditional fantasy spellcasters

if magic is going to be a thing make it unique the star power class in sf1e is something I like because it's NOT TRADITIONAL spellcasting it comes from the stars . lean in that uniqueness make the technomancer someone who literally manipulates technology & have it interact with technology or say magic comes from supernova radiation & have mages have radiation resistance or it comes from the stardust that eventually forms planets give magic a compelling in universe orgin & have magic users mechanics reflect that. from what I'm reading on the wiki magic in starfinder is still just traditional oh magic is just magic go wild but in starfinder to me I'd love to have magic have a better in universe explanation & integration than just its classic fantasy magic. think starwars & the force in that even the original explanation of its an energy field created by all living things it had some sort of explanation on how it fits in to the super advanced sci fi setting

I'm honestly hoping for less magic this time around or at least a better integration that makes more sense in a science fantasy setting was always my big gripe magic in starfinder felt so odd

I hope devils & demons stay as they are

it's not small but I hope alchemy items damage wise get a boost

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lost omens monsters of myth is literally a book focused on boss monsters for all lvls of play

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