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Pathfinder 2nd Edition:
Quest #9 Wayfinder Origins
Scenario #2-09: The Crashing Wave
The Grand Bazaar
Guns & Gears

Everybody Games: (Pathfinder 2E)
Skill Feats for Everybody
Acrobatics Feats
Stealth Feats
Medicine Feats
Arcana Feats
Athletics Feats

Cards for Everybody (Pathfinder 2E)
Core Fighter Class Feats
Core Cleric Class Feats
Core Rogue Class Feats

Rogue Genius Games: (Pathfinder 2E/Pathfinder 1E/Starfinder/D&D 5e)
52-in-52 Project:
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: Household Magic
Marked with an Unholy Sign—Birthmarks, Sigils, and Tattoos
Playable Ancestries: Headless—Cranially Challenged Player Ancestries
Playable Ancestries: Sphinx