DM Brainiac's Seven Dooms for Sandpoint Table 1

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The dooms are soon to commence...

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Female Human Aiuvarin Flexible Magus 5 | HP 63 | AC 22 | Fort +12 Ref +13 Will +9 | Perc +7 (+11 for initiative) | Spell DC 20

Six Months Before ...

Vyana pulled her cloak tighter around her shoulders as the wind off the sea picked up sending a chill through her body. In truth, she did it out of habit, hearing her mother's gentle voice warning her of the dangers of the cool air off the water as the sun set. Reaching up she wiped the drying tears from her cheeks. The ground was hard and stony beneath her as she sat on the cliffside, but it was something else she only felt as if it were being told to her in a story. Nothing felt real.

She would have given everything she had to hear soft words in lilting Vadruni explaining that it was her duty to remain by the grave until the last of the mourners had paid their respects.

"I'm sorry, Mama," she whispered in a choked voice. "I just couldn't stay. I know they'll mutter about me, but I just couldn't face another pitying glance. You were always stronger than I was. I guess I let you down." She forced a smile to her face. "You would have loved the service, though. Father Zantus gave a beautiful eulogy and Viv wore her nicest dress. Even Ser Helmut polished up his gear." The smile faded. "Von couldn't make it, but that wasn't her fault. She's in Magnimar, studying at the church there. I sent her a letter, but ..."

The edge of the sun dropped below the waves and Vyana began to finally feel the cold seeping into her bones. Pushing up from the ground, she brushed the dirt from her hands and pulled the rough cloak even tighter around herself.

"Goodbye, Mama."

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Nine Years Earlier

"... Or are you too chicken?"

Little boys are not known for their maturity and when Danny Barret found himself knocked into the mud by a girl he scrambled to reclaim his dignity in the only way he could - boasting.

"We've been in there." He said, gesturing to his three friends (whose friendship hadn't extended to helping him in the brief scuffle). "But I bet you wouldn't. It's too scary for girls. You'd probably see a spider and scream, or get dust on your dresses and run home to mummy. Oh wait..."

The cheap shot landed and Danny got a moments satisfaction before an angry blonde cannoned into him and planted him firmly in the mud once more.

"I am not chicken." Siobhan declared, uncaring of the mud staining her skirt and she knelt astride Danny and glowered. "We'll go into the Valdemar house and we'll stay the night. Then you're going to apologise to Viv and Vy. Or I'll tell everyone how a girl beat you up and then you pissed yourself."

"But I..."

As Siobhan clambered up she kicked the puddle and splattered Danny's britches with muddy water. "Then why are you trousers wet?" She asked with a grin before turning her back and skipping back to her sister and her dark haired best friend. "Come on! We need to get provisions for tonight! Maybe Helm would like to come?"

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Female human cleric 5 | HP:58 AC: 19: F:+11 R:+9 W:+13 | Speed: 25' | Perception:+13 | Resist: Harm Spells 5 ↻: Protector's Sacrifice

Nine Years And One Day Earlier...

By the age of ten, Viviana had already begun embodying the core principles that would define her character and guide her throughout life.

Firstly, her boundless passion for the arts was unmistakable. Viviana wasn't just interested in exploring every artistic avenue—she excelled in them! Whether it was singing, dancing, painting, sculpting, or drawing, she showed remarkable proficiency. Among these, her voice stood out as her most cherished gift.

Secondly, Viviana possessed a natural charisma that seemed to bend the world to her will. Whether she was mediating disputes, championing a cause, or simply expressing her desires, things had a way of working out in her favor. On the rare occasions they didn't, she was not hesitant to subtly weave her magic into her efforts, ensuring the outcomes aligned with her goals.

Finally, Viviana felt a deep-seated obligation to be the shield for the defenseless. Even at a young age, she was instinctively drawn to confront any manifestation of bullying, oppression, or injustice. This resolve would later crystallize into what she identified as her "sacred duty"—a commitment to protect those who lacked the means to protect themselves. She would heal those that she could, even at the expense of her wellbeing, if it were required.

But things didn't always land in her favor, especially with Danny Barret.


Viviana had to do something about the complete disrespect during the festival. When the performances were on stage, this boy heckled, threw things, used mirrors to shine light in their faces, and generally disrupted the performers, causing them to falter. After the show, she trekked throughout the town in search of him, finally finding him in the market square.

It was here that ten-year-old Viviana found herself face to face with her most challenging adversary yet: twelve-year-old Danny Barret. Enough was enough; Viviana resolved that today would be the day she stood up to him. Gathering her courage, she approached Danny in front of a crowd gathered around a puppet show, believing the public setting would discourage any foul play. She climbed atop a large crate nearby and took a deep breath. Her heart pounded, but her voice was steady as she called him out.

"DANNY BARRET! You need to apologize to all those performers right now! You were so rude!. You nearly ruined the show!"

She continued on accusing him of his misdeeds and demanding he apologize and make amends. She didn't mean to scream so loud that nearly everyone in Sandpoint heard her; she was still trying to get control of these magical powers of hers.

For a moment, the market fell silent as the puppet show stopped. People stopped in the street, and doors and windows opened to see what was the matter as all eyes turned to the confrontation. Danny, caught off guard, flushed with anger. Instead of backing down, however, he sneered, finding amusement in Viviana's brave stance. With a swift, cruel motion, he pushed her off the create into a nearby stall, sending her tumbling into a heap of the containers of inks, paints, and dyes that fell atop her, bruising her and turning her into a multi-colored palette of embarrassment.

That day, Vivi learned a hard lesson about the complexities of standing up to bullies. It wasn't just about bravery or righteousness; it was about strategy, timing, and sometimes, having friends that help confront the Danny's of the land.

Male Goblin Thaumaturge [Eldritch Researcher] 5 HP 53/61 AC(T) 21/22, Fort(E)+12, Ref(E)+13, Will(E)+8 Perception(E)+8 Darkvision

Nine Years And One Day Earlier...but like 30 seconds later (Time is so weird, right?).

Today was the bestest of days! The sun was brightly shining. The birds were cheerfully chirping. The wind happily whistled through the welcoming cracks in the fences along the smiling goblin's path.

Today was the day that Ser Helmut would finally confront that bully--Danny Barret!

Too many times to count (besides counting hurts ones head), the small wiry green Goblin was the toast of that boys taunts! Pulling on his too large ears! Smacking his too large nose! Using his perfectly shaped head for an American football!

Danny Barrett was the worse!

Luckily for our currently smiling Goblin, he had finally found the fortune of being in the right place at the right time!

As Siobhan clambered up she kicked the puddle and splattered Danny's britches with muddy water...

Ser Helmut picked up a muddy rock that just happened to be sitting there and chucked it full Goblin force at the wet pants bully!

And (without seeing if he actually hit) Ser Helmut runs really fast away...
Showed him! Mess wit me will he!

Female Human Aiuvarin Flexible Magus 5 | HP 63 | AC 22 | Fort +12 Ref +13 Will +9 | Perc +7 (+11 for initiative) | Spell DC 20

Nine Years Earlier ...

The alley behind the Rusty Dragon frequently played a role as the meeting place for some of the young miscreants in town and Danny Berret was no stranger to the dimly lit area. It was known that him and his friends would gather there every Moonday morning to plan out their adventures.

Usually being the first to arrive, Danny was surprised to see a slender dark-haired girl sitting on one of the empty crates adjusting the string on a crudely fashioned bow.

"What you you doing here, Knife-Ear?" he challenged with a sneer. "I thought you and your friends were supposed to be staying in the Valdemar House? Whasamatter? Get scared?"

Vyana hopped down from the crate and rolled her shoulders. "We did stay the night," she replied raising her chin in defiance. "And we came out of it alive and richer." Shaking a pouch at her belt that jingled with coin, her lips curl up into a smile. "Oh, and we brought a friend." She gestured towards one of the many alley openings that joined the small space behind the inn and the red-headed boy turned to look. He stumbled back at the sight of the infernal looking amalgamation of horse and bat that loomed from the shadows.

Both a scream and a whimper struggled to escape the boy's lips as he fell to the ground. After a couple of ragged breaths, he managed to spit out, "D-d-devil! S-s-sandpoint D-devil!" Without another word, he scrambled to his feet to dash away towards the main street followed by the sounds of laughter.

Vyana watched as the boy vanished from sight and her friends emerged from behind the monstrous stuffed creature, giggling and guffawing.

"See, Von? You didn't even have to throw muddy water on him this time," Vy can't help but add with a giggle of her own.

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"You're a genuis Vy!" Siobhan declares, grabbing her best friend in a hug. The whole scene would have been touching - if she wasn't wearing a taxidermied horse head over her own. When Danny's friends arrived for their 'meeting' they promptly turned tail and ran, screaming that "The knife ear's getting eaten! The knife ear's getting eaten!"

It was hard to say if they were delighted or terrified, but Goodwife Tallow, whose husband owed his life to Shalelu Androsana some twenty years before heard them and after a vigorous application of her switch they were screaming for a whole different reason.

That day might just have been the friends best day EVER!

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| HP: 65/73| AC: 23[25] | F: +12, R: +6(9), W: +11 | Lore +7, Med/Perc +9, Rel +10, Dip/Itm +12, Ath +13 | +14, 2d6+4 | Speed 25ft | HeP: 2/3, Focus: 2/2 | Active conditions:


Letter to a Friend:
Hey Vy,

I miss you. Magnimar is big and noisy and busy but it's not the same without you here. There's loads of old ruins and lots of wizards and people around and they're always talking about 'Runelord This' or 'lost wonder of magic That'. I bet you'd understand it all, then you could explain it properly and I'd get it too.

Is Viv ok? She hasn't done anything really stupid has she? I know Father said that she'd stay out of trouble now she's older but she's sneaky and he's too nice. Can you look after her? Make sure she doesn't get in any trouble while I'm away? If Danny Barrett comes after her make sure he knows I'll be back for the festival. Gonna bring the best festival presents this year! I've been making some money cleaning up the temple so I've bought you all your own gifts! I'm excited!

Anyway, miss you. Don't let the boys be mean to you and if they are, punch them in the nose! Sarenrae says we have to give them a chance so ask them to apologise and then punch them in the nose. Sister Ruthwen says I can't write that. No punching.

See you soon!
Your BEST friend.

P.S. Give this to Viv please?

Note to a Sister:
Hi Viv.

Hope you're doing well. Remember to study hard, make Father happy and practise how to sing. Stomach. Instep. Nose. Groin. Then the boys will leave you alone.

If you can come to Magnimar some time we can go to the market together. There's lots of stalls you'll like and some really good food too.

Say hello to Father and Mr Vosk for me. I'll be home for the festival. Be good and don't get in any trouble until I get back.


Female human cleric 5 | HP:58 AC: 19: F:+11 R:+9 W:+13 | Speed: 25' | Perception:+13 | Resist: Harm Spells 5 ↻: Protector's Sacrifice


At fourteen, the world opens up to Viviana as she begins to truly understand and embrace the concepts of love. Viviana devours the content of libraries of Sandpoint and through the teachings of the Church of Shelyn. She immerses herself in poetry, literature, and philosophical texts on love, seeking to understand its different forms and expressions. With her adopted sister away, poor Vyana and Helmut are subjected to her singing them endless love songs.

Though sometimes life for her goblin friend is hard, Viviana has never shown him a harsh word. She often tells him "Helmy, everyone has something beautiful to share. Most everyone just doesn't know what beautiful things you have for us."

Viviana begins to rely on some other magical abilities more and more and is never afraid to use them to get what she wants. She reaches out and places a hand on Helmut's shoulder, asking "... Speaking of beautiful things, any luck finding those new dyes I was talking about?"


As Viviana pondered the virtues of being open and vulnerable, she decided to confide her feelings to Vyana for the very first time. The opportunity presented itself when Vyana surprised her with a book she had long desired. Overwhelmed with happiness, Viviana instinctively leaped into Vyana's arms, much like she often did with Siobhan. However, Vyana, lacking Siobhan's strength, couldn't hold them both up, and they ended up in a laughing heap on the floor. As their laughter subsided, lying there in a tangle of limbs, Viviana found herself captivated by the sight of Vyana's green eyes. The laughter faded from her lips, and the world seemed to pause around them. With a tenderness born of deep affection, she brushed Vyana's cheek softly with her fingers and whispered, "I love you, oh-so much Vy. Don't ever leave me."


Viviana writes her sister frequently, too frequently, according to the courier that takes her coin and delivers it to Magnimar.

Letter to Siobhan:


I hope this letter finds you well and thriving in your training in Magnimar. I can only imagine the adventures you're embarking upon and the new challenges you're facing each day. I find myself often picturing you in the midst of your training, strong and determined, taking on every obstacle with that fierce spirit of yours.

In your absence, I've come to realize just how much you mean to me, Siobhan. Your protection and guidance have always been my anchor, and without you here, I've had to navigate these waters on my own. It's been a journey of discovery, not just about love in the romantic sense, but also the love between sisters, between family. You've been my protector, my confidante, and my inspiration. I miss you more than words can convey, and I long for the day when you'll return to Sandpoint.

I've also found myself thinking a lot about the lessons you've taught me about standing up for those who can't protect themselves. I try to embody that spirit every day, in every action I take. I hope you're out there, making a difference, showing those "mean people" what it means to cross paths with a true warrior of justice. Your strength and courage inspire me to be braver, kinder, and more compassionate.

Please write back soon and tell me all about your adventures, the people you've met, and the battles you've fought. Your stories fuel my imagination and remind me of the strength of our bond, no matter the distance between us.

AND THE LOVE! Tell me of all of boys and girls courting you! I want to know all of the juicy details!!!!

With all of my love,


Male Goblin Thaumaturge [Eldritch Researcher] 5 HP 53/61 AC(T) 21/22, Fort(E)+12, Ref(E)+13, Will(E)+8 Perception(E)+8 Darkvision

Roughly 5 years ago....Time, right.

Standing staring stupidly, silence his only witness, the goblin recites. The stale aroma of dirt not cleaned off in weeks permeate his green skin. The crushed, cracked, corroded collection of curious objects he values seem adhered to his green flesh. The well-worn weathered Tome rests properly in its place on his green palm. Parched lips cracked dry continuously chant the words his blue eyes read.
It is done!

Ser Helmut grins.

The Green Goblin begins to dance, while holding his new prize!
Dus bees Da Tome ov Aristotle! Da knows and Da whatsnots bees mines!

Ser Helmut easily recalls the tormenting, taunting, tempting of those said to be his peers. The small, but solidly built Goblin laughs.
Mees bees da mostest ov smarts wit dis Tome!

The Goblin stops.
Two weeks ov digging, digging, digging ta finds it! Worth it!

The extremely excited Goblin races back to Sandpoint to tell his friends!
Betcha dere bees sumting fer dat Danny Barret!!

Though sometimes life for her goblin friend is hard, Viviana has never shown him a harsh word. She often tells him "Helmy, everyone has something beautiful to share. Most everyone just doesn't know what beautiful things you have for us."

Viviana begins to rely on some other magical abilities more and more and is never afraid to use them to get what she wants. She reaches out and places a hand on Helmut's shoulder, asking "... Speaking of beautiful things, any luck finding those new dyes I was talking about?"

Ser Helmut just looks up at Viviana. His blue eyes only on her.
Dyes? S~*&! Nope. Mees found mees Tome!

Female Human Aiuvarin Flexible Magus 5 | HP 63 | AC 22 | Fort +12 Ref +13 Will +9 | Perc +7 (+11 for initiative) | Spell DC 20

Five years ago ...

At Viviana's declaration, Vy felt a warmth in her chest that was new. She sat in silence for a moment attempting to analyze it like she did when she was learning a new bit of magic. Unfortunately, looking at it through the lens of all her previous experiences left her confused and unsure. And when that happened, she fell back to the familiar.

"Hey ... uh ... do you wanna come over for dinner tonight? You can sleep over like when we were kids," she said, feeling a burning on her cheeks.


Vari was chopping vegetables when her daughter came bursting through the door with her friend Vivian in tow. She turned to greet them and her eyes narrowed slightly.

"Vyana, what happened to your clothes? You're tracking dirt across my floor," she declared.

"Sorry, Mama. Viv and I ... we fell and ... and got dirty."

"Aren't you getting a little old for roughhousing around like that, young lady?" The woman's deep green eyes turned to Viviana. "And my dear Viviana, so lovely to see you." Vari's gaze moved from the book in Viviana's hand that she knew Vy had discovered in the bookshop to how Viv was possessively hold Vyana's arm. Her head tipped slightly, wondering if she was seeing what she thought she was seeing.

"Uh, Mama?" Vyana interrupted her mother's ponderings. "Would it be okay if Viv stayed over tonight?"

"A sleep-over?" Vari questioned, a note of surprise in her voice. Her conclusions narrowing and some pieces falling into place. She considered her options before replying. The small home only had two rooms. The living area and the small sleeping room that held two small beds and their private things. When Vyana was a child it was a simple matter for her and whichever of her friends slept over to share the young girl's narrow bed. But if what she was seeing was true ... "I guess that would be okay," she said finally. "But we're going to do it a little differently this time. Viviana, you'll take Vyana's bed and Vyana and I will share mine."

Vyana looked confused and Viviana's face reddened. "But Mama, that's not how we did it before. I don't want to share with you. Viv and I are perfectly fine in ..."

"This is the way it will be or Viviana will not be staying tonight," Vari's tone had shifted into the Mom voice that carried the message that this was not something Vyana could push back on. Vari sighed. "Vyana, you are at the same time, much too old and much too young to be sharing a bed with your ... friend."

"What does that mean?" Vyana questioned.

"I'm not going to explain myself any further. The choice is up to you." Vari turned back to her vegetables.

Vyana turned and led Viviana back out through the door.

"I don't know why she's being weird," she said with a shake of her head. "But when she gets like this there's no arguing with her. Do you still want to stay?"

Female human cleric 5 | HP:58 AC: 19: F:+11 R:+9 W:+13 | Speed: 25' | Perception:+13 | Resist: Harm Spells 5 ↻: Protector's Sacrifice


With Helmut:

[b]"Dyes? S$!$! Nope. Mees found mees Tome!"

Viv blinks a few times, trying to process what Helmut just said. "Tome? What? No. I didn't ask for a tome, Helmy. I specifically said Vampire Squid Ink? Right? I remember what I said. I need it to complete this painting I'm doing for Siobhan. You said you'd look for it? Ok. Ok. Ok."

Viviana's mind briefly wanders... Why is it that Helmut is more difficult than everyone else? Others fall over themselves to help you, but it seems like he is moving at a different speed of life and is always distracted or on a different purpose not aligned with me.

She shakes her head and clears her throat as she tries to find joy in this situation. He got you a book instead. You love books!

The young cleric shifts weight and moves some of her golden hair out of her face as she smiles broadly, clasping her hands together. "You got me a tome. Wonnnn-der-ful! What's it about? Paintings? Romance? Hymns?"

With Vyana:

Vari wrote:
"And my dear Viviana, so lovely to see you."

Viviana curtsied with a beaming smile and presented nothing but kindness and appreciation. It was hard not to love the adoral Viviana, especially when she pour it on thick. "And you as well, Miss Yada! Thank you oh-so-much for allowing me to stay tonight. I love coming over here.

It's my fault she got dirty; I accidentally knocked her down. I'm a bit of a clutz like that. I'm sorry. Your time is too valuable, so I'll wash her clothes tomorrow, so you don't have to worry about it; I have to do mine anyway."

Viv sniffs a few times and tries to track down the scent of what's being prepared for dinner. "Is-is that your stew I smell? Lovely day! I am so lucky to be invited to stew night! Miss Yada, why, I tell everyone your stew is better than the one at The Rusty Dragon and that they should hire you to make their food!"

Clasping her hands together, she looks longingly up at Vari and says with heart-felt admiration, "I tell Vy all the time how lucky she is to have a mama like you. If my mama were alive still, I would want her to be just like you."


Vyana wrote:
"But when she gets like this, there's no arguing with her. Do you still want to stay?"

Viv giggles and pushes Vyana's shoulder playfully, "Of course I want to stay? It's not time for bed yet, and there is plenty of time to sit around and gossip about Siobhan's escapes right now!"

She scoffs and tries to hide her laughter, "And if you think you're kicking me out before I get some of that stew, you have another thing coming."

Viv reaches up and moves a lock of hair that has fallen over Vy's face and, with a softness in her voice and a warmth in her heart, says, "You know, every time I look into your eyes, I'm reminded of the first days of spring—when the world awakens with life and hope. Your eyes carry the serenity of ancient forests and the vibrancy of new leaves kissed by the sun. They're not just beautiful; they're a glimpse into a world where everything is possible. Being with you, looking into your eyes, I feel like I'm home, in a place I've always dreamed of but never truly believed I'd find."

As Viviana gazes into Vyana's eyes, a surge of young love courses through her, an intoxicating mix of admiration, yearning, and a profound sense of connection. Her heart races, and she finds herself lost in them.

Letter to Siobhan:

Siobhan might be busy training in the guard and trying to make a name for herself in Magnimar, but as usual, there is a near-daily onslaught of letters from her adopted sister back in Sandpoint.

The letter is colorfully decorated with hand-drawn flowers around the edges in multi-colored ink.

Dear Siobhan,

You won't believe this, but I found myself writing to you again, just a day after my last letter. Every day is a new wonder that brings beautiful things into our lives and I find myself running to my desk so that I can share them with you each day.

I had the joy of staying over at Vyana's house last night, and oh, Siobhan, it was such a delightful time. Vyana's mom made that delicious stew she's famous for, the one that warms you right to your soul. I wish you could have been there to taste it with us.

And Vyana, she was as radiant as ever. She misses you so much. I find myself more and more captivated by her every day. There's something about her green eyes, Siobhan—they're like the first leaves of spring, full of life and mystery. The way her eyes light up when she laughs, or the intensity with which she looks at you when she's really listening... it's simply mesmerizing. Every feature of her face tells a story of warmth, kindness, and the subtle strength of her spirit. I could spend hours just admiring her and never tire.

Speaking of things I wish I could forget, guess who reared his unpleasant head again? Danny Barret. Believe it or not, he's now working for House Scarnetti. I had the misfortune of crossing paths with him while working in the cathedral. In what he claimed was an "accident," he spilled a vial of ink all over a stack of scrolls I had spent all morning scribing. Of course, I had to redo them all. He laughed and said it was like old times. I was so furious, Siobhan. Moments like that, I really wish you were here.

But enough about me and my ramblings. I'm eager to hear about your life in Magnimar! Your letters are always so full of interesting tidbits, but you've been rather quiet on one particular subject—romance. Come on, sister, you can't leave me hanging! Magnimar is a big city, with so many people and so much excitement. There must be someone, or perhaps even several someones, who has caught your eye? Who are they? What are they like? I want to hear all about your romantic escapades and the people who are vying for the attention of my brilliant and beautiful sister.

And of course, I'm dying to know more about your training. How are you finding it? Are there any challenges you've faced that you're particularly proud of overcoming? Your journey is just as thrilling to me as any storybook adventure.

Please write back soon. Your letters are the highlight of my days, bringing a piece of you back to me across the distance.

Love Always and Forever,


Female Human Aiuvarin Flexible Magus 5 | HP 63 | AC 22 | Fort +12 Ref +13 Will +9 | Perc +7 (+11 for initiative) | Spell DC 20

Five Years Earlier ...


The half-elf's cheeks redden and she turns away with a giggle. "Viv, y-you've been reading too many of those books," she stammers, gesturing at the book of Varisian poetry in Viviana's hand.

"If you're staying then I'm sure Mama'll leave us alone for a little while at least."

Vyana leads the other girl back through the main room and into the smaller bedchamber where she pulls the privacy curtain closed behind them. She finds a comfortable spot on her bed, pulling her knees up and wrapping one arm around them while patting the blanket next to her with the other.

Before Viviana can join her there's a rustle of cloth as Vari very forcefully opens the curtain.

"Let's leave this open, shall we?" she says with a smile before returning to her meal preparation.

Letter to Siobhan:

Hi Von.

Not much has been happening here ... other than Viviana behaving ... differently. Well, she still acts like Viv, but more so? She's starting to talk a lot more like the books she's reading. Lot's of things about the color of my eyes and such. I'll admit that when she talks like that I feel funny inside I don't know how to respond. Even Mama has started acting strange. When Viv and I are at the house she won't give us a moment of privacy. She even made me sleep with her in her bed when Viv stayed over. What's that about? I can't wait for you to come back and things can return to normal.

Your Friend Forever, Vyana.

Female human cleric 5 | HP:58 AC: 19: F:+11 R:+9 W:+13 | Speed: 25' | Perception:+13 | Resist: Harm Spells 5 ↻: Protector's Sacrifice

FIVE YEARS EARLIER minus two days


Viviana offers a gracious smile as Vari adjusts the curtain, her voice warm and genuine, "Absolutely, Miss Yada! It'll make the anticipation for your wonderful stew even more delightful! It smells DELICIOUS!"

After Vari retreats, Viviana scoots closer to Vyana, spreading out the blanket a bit more for comfort. With a playful twinkle in her eyes, she delicately pulls out a beautifully crafted brush from her sack. It's clear from the way she handles it, this isn't just any brush—it's one of those items that Viviana cherishes. She looks at it and smiles "Siobhan gave this to me last time she visited. It's a fancy brush. She said the person who sold it to her told her it was owned by a princess! Imagine that Vy, I get to brush my hair every day with a princess brush!!!"

She gestures gracefully for Vyana to turn her back towards her. As Vyana complies, Viviana positions herself behind her, the brush poised at the ready. She starts at the top, near the crown of Vyana's head, her movements slow and methodical, ensuring she's gentle to not pull too hard. With each stroke, Viviana's actions become a soothing rhythm, a silent expression of care and affection.

As she works through the tangles, Viviana's voice carries a hint of whimsy and curiosity: "Imagine with me, Vy, what the future holds. Ten years from now—where do you see yourself? Wrapped up in a grand adventure, perhaps? Maybe settled here in Sandpoint or somewhere entirely new? Do you see yourself sharing your life with someone, or perhaps you're nurturing a family of your own?"

Obligatory letter to Siobhan:

"Dear girl, you can't be serious. You have sent three letters to your sister this week alone. You do realize this is not a private service just for you, and it will be some time before these are picked up and delivered, don't you?"

"Yes, yes, of course, Mister Jankins. I understand it needs to wait. It's important I write her, though. Can't you know, just hold it until it's time to go?"

The man sighs and nods, taking the letter and the coin.


Dear Siobhan,

I bet you are so strong now with all of your training. I can't wait to see these huge muscles when you come home! Each day apart sharpens the image of your return, and though I long for that day, I'm buoyed by the thought of your adventures and growth.

Something remarkable has unfolded in my journey here, particularly with my healing abilities, which I feel compelled to share with you. It's as if Shelyn herself has blessed me with a deeper connection to those I aid, guiding me into uncharted waters of empathy and magic.

This new aspect of my healing came to light under dire circumstances. A man was brought to the cathedral, grievously injured from an accident at the mill. His pain was palpable, a shadow that seemed to darken the very air around us. As I laid my hands upon him, intending to channel Shelyn's grace to mend his wounds, I felt an unexpected pull, a merging of spirits. It was an accident, I think, but now, looking back, it was a blessing.

Without a name for it, I can only describe it as a linking of souls. I took upon myself a portion of his suffering, a shared burden that, remarkably, eased his own. This link, this intertwining of our spirits, allowed me to heal him more than I thought possible. Yet, the experience was not without its cost to me, leaving me weakened, a mirror to his pain.

The aftermath was a mix of fear-laced awe. To reach out and touch another's soul in such a way was both beautiful and terrifying. I've since pondered deeply on this gift, on the balance between healing others and preserving myself. I find myself wondering how you would handle such a responsibility, the weight of others' lives intertwined with your own. How do you maintain your strength, Siobhan, when so much is asked of you?

I yearn for your guidance, for your voice to cut through the fog of uncertainty that this experience has cast over me. Your perspective has always been my guiding star, and in moments like these, I feel the absence of your counsel most keenly.

Please write back soon. Your words are a comfort, a reminder of the bond that distance cannot diminish.

Take care, my dear sister, and may Shelyn watch over you as you walk your path.

Love Always And Forever,


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| HP: 65/73| AC: 23[25] | F: +12, R: +6(9), W: +11 | Lore +7, Med/Perc +9, Rel +10, Dip/Itm +12, Ath +13 | +14, 2d6+4 | Speed 25ft | HeP: 2/3, Focus: 2/2 | Active conditions:

Swallowtail Festival 4720 AR

"Hey Viv!" Siobhan exclaims as her younger sister leaps on her. Stronger and in better shape than she's ever been Von sweeps her sister up without effort and the pair twirl around, laughing delightedly. "I guess I can't call you little sis anymore." The older, and now shorter, girl says, planting her sister on the floor and looking (just a little) up to her. "Please don't grow too much more!"

Vyana is by no means immune and gets swept off her feet in turn by her best friend, who whirls her around and then gives her a crushing hug. "Missed you best friend." Von whispers, although Vy has always been taller than her so leaning up for that is perfectly normal.

As the festival continues and Von splashes out for meat skewers and then sweet desserts for everyone, and amid the continued chatter and updates on everyone (mostly Siobhan's) love life the girls reunite with Helmut and Von's eyes glimmer with a familiar sparkle of excitement.

"I overhead Father speaking to Sheriff Hemlock when I got back." She confides, as the swallowtails are released overhead to the ooh's and aah's of the crowd. "There have been reports of a necromancer out beyond Sandpoint. I bet you could track them down Vy! Then we could arrest them and be heroes for the town! I bet there's a big reward and Father would be really proud."

The prospect of them not finding the necromancer, or not being able to arrest them never seems to cross her mind. Siobhan has changed, grown in both strength and confidence, but her unwavering optimism hasn't dimmed a bit. Of course things will go well - she's home, with her sister and her best friend. How could they not?

Female human cleric 5 | HP:58 AC: 19: F:+11 R:+9 W:+13 | Speed: 25' | Perception:+13 | Resist: Harm Spells 5 ↻: Protector's Sacrifice

Swallowtail Festival 4720 AR

"SSShhhhhi-VONNNNNNNN!!!" Viviana's voice rings out, her joy uncontainable as she sees her sister. Laughter bubbles up from her as Siobhan twirls her around, a whirlwind of happiness in their reunion.

Holding Siobhan tight, she cherishes the moment, the connection between them as tangible as the air they breathe. Eventually, she steps back, allowing Vyana to share in the warmth of their sisterly bond.

As the festival's delights are enjoyed and the trio exchanges stories and laughter, the conversation shifts to the shadow of danger looming over Sandpoint. Viviana listens intently, her excitement mingling with a sense of duty.

"I'm all for doing what we can to protect the town, but I don't think we should do it because we want to be heroes. You all are already my heroes. And Father is already proud. Especially of you, Von, he's so VERY proud of you!"

Her enthusiasm for adventure momentarily gives way to a heartfelt plea for presence and connection. "Can we, uh, vanquish evil tomorrow, though? Puhhhhleeeez? It's not that I don't want to stop an evil necromancer; I do, really, REALLY. They are so, so bad and definitely need to be stopped. But it's, uh, you know, I miss you so much I want to spend some time with you now that you are here because we skip off to all serious business. Let's enjoy the festival and catch up!"

Taking a moment to catch her breath, she turns to Vyana, seeking her support. "We have SO MUCH to tell her, don't we Vy? VY?" With a playful nudge and a conspiratorial squint, she urges, "Vy, tell her we'll go tomorrow."

Leaning in, with a look of secrecy and a whisper of camaraderie, Viviana adds, "Like we discussed, right Vy?" Her eyes sparkle with the blend of excitement of being together again.

With Vyana hesitating, she turns to Helmut. "C'mon Helmy, tell her tomorrow!"

Male Goblin Thaumaturge [Eldritch Researcher] 5 HP 53/61 AC(T) 21/22, Fort(E)+12, Ref(E)+13, Will(E)+8 Perception(E)+8 Darkvision

Roughly 5 years and 2 full minutes ago...kinda...ish

Ser Helmut just stares at Viviana....

The Goblin clutches his Tome tight!

Thefaints sound of words repeat from the goblin's mouth, as he pages through his Tome.
Vampire Squid Ink, Vampire Squid Ink, Vampire Squid Ink..

Stopping suddenly, the excited Goblin grins.
Vampire Squid Ink! Ok!

And he runs off holding his Tome.....

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Three days after the Swallowtail Festival, 4720 AR

"That was extremely irresponsible of you." Father Zanthus says sternly. "I expected better from all of you, especially you Siobhan. You were sent to Magnimar to be trained as a member of the church, not to become an adventurer! And then to lead your sister into danger too! Thank the Gods that the Prismatic Ray watched over you."

Siobhan, now clad in an ill-fitting but still impressive suit of armor, whether the storm of his father's disapproval - nodding solemnly and looking suitably chastised.

"You're right Father, I was impulsive and acted without thinking. It was foolish of me. In future I promise to be a better sister and leader." She nods and then looks up at her father with a half smile. "We did defeat a ghoul though Father. We might have saved the town in fact... and Viv was wonderful. It summoned some skeletons and she laid them to rest at once. We couldn't have done it without her. Perhaps its time to give her some more responsibility. She's quite capable now."

Von emerges a few minutes later, without the armor, to find her friends waiting outside.

"He was a bit upset." She says with a grin. "But I reminded him that we did save the town and he calmed down. Sheriff Hemlock posted an official bounty so we'll get a good bit of coin soon too. Drinks are on me!"

When Danny Barett and a couple of his friend turned goons approach Siobhan looks in his direction and neighs loudly. The sound is enough to stop the young tough in his tracks and Siobhan continues right past him without a second glance. Maturity - it comes to girls quicker than boys.

Or maybe Danny is just looking at her arse. Could be either.

Female human cleric 5 | HP:58 AC: 19: F:+11 R:+9 W:+13 | Speed: 25' | Perception:+13 | Resist: Harm Spells 5 ↻: Protector's Sacrifice

The day before the Necromancer encounter, 4720 AR

Violence has never been Viviana's first choice for problem solving. She's found that she generally gets what she wants by simply asking for it. When that doesn't work, she's not afraid to employ the use of some of her gifts to move the needle in her favor. But picking up a weapon and then hitting someone or something else with it has always felt a bit, well, beneath her. She doesn't mind sending blasts of divine energy into creatures, mind you. Some creatures need to be dealt with, but doing it by hand, well, that just feels barbaric.

That is until their recent expedition in the hunt for the necromancer. Viviana found herself the target of a silence spell, rendering her unable to support her companions. It was in this moment that she made a promise to herself If I make it out of here, I must learn how to handle a weapon! I won't be caught off-guard again!

The day after the Necromancer encounter, 4720 AR

Viviana rose with the dawn, her spirit set on a singular task. She arrived at Savah's Armory just as the first rays of sunlight began to chase away the shadows of night. As Savah Bevaniky unlatched the door, Viviana greeted her with a radiant smile, "Good morning, Miss Bevaniky! I'm here to purchase a weapon. I assure you, I've brought enough coin."

Savah, leaning against the doorframe with a knowing smile, replied, "And what brings our local peacemaker to arm herself? I've always heard your kindness was weapon enough."

Viviana's smile wavered for a moment, replaced by a determined gaze. "That may be true for most, Miss Bevaniky, but there are shadows against which words falter. I need something... more tangible for those moments when neither words nor spells can prevail. You're the best person to help me with this, aren't you?"

"Indeed, I might be." Savah conceded, stepping aside to let Viviana enter. "Tell me, what exactly are you looking for? A nice dagger, perhaps?"

As she outlined her request, Savah's eyebrows rose in surprise, her arms folding across her chest. "Viviana, dear, there are far more suitable choices for someone of your experience. I wouldn't recommend this path to a novice."

Her resolve was unshakable. Seeing no immediate way to sway her, Savah sighed, "I suppose I can-"

Viviana, sensing hesitation, interjected smoothly, "I understand if you're unable to assist, Miss Bevaniky. Das Korvut did suggest his smithy might be more suited to my needs. Perhaps I was mistaken in coming here first."

Savah's eyes narrowed at the mention of her rival. "Das Korvut said that, did he? That old coot thinks he can outmatch my selection? We'll see about that." Muttering under her breath, Savah stormed off to retrieve exactly what Viviana had requested, her pride stoked by the challenge.

Four days after the necromancer encounter, 4720 AR

Late in the morning, Viviana arrived at Siobhan's door, covered in sweat and her clothes completely a mess. She knocked twice before leaning against the wall, visibly out of breath. As Von opened the door, Viviana knelt, holding up a finger as if to say, 'Just a minute.'

Once her breath returned, Viviana straightened up, towering over her adopted sister, and exclaimed, "Von! Guess what! I decided I'm going to fight with a blade, just like you! I've already got my blade; now I need you to teach me how to use it!"

Siobhan's eyes searched for any sign of a weapon but found none. Before she could voice her confusion, Viviana reached around the corner, pulling with a grunt, a beautifully decorated, gleaming silver glaive over two meters in length into view. Holding it with evident pride, she announced, "I got it from Savah! It's it the most amazing thing you've ever seen?! Oh-Oh! Watch! I taught myself this cool defensive maneuver!"

Stepping back for space, Viviana attempted to twirl the glaive. However, it slipped from her grasp, launching into the wall as she tumbled to the ground.

She looks up from the ground, embarrassed. "I'm, uh, still working on it."

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Training with Viv

Siobhan watches her little sister with a smile that speaks of years of tolerance and cleaning up Viv's enthusiasms.

"It's gorgeous." She says genuinely. "Now put it down and take this." She slips back inside for a moment and returns with a broom. "We're going to practise until you can do everything with the broom. Then you can use an actual blade."

Three hours later Viv finds that fighting is a lot more boring and repetitive than she ever thought as Von calmly steps forward and brings her own broom down in a measured arc. "And go!" Her big sister says, returning to her starting position with a twirl of her make-shift weapon. "Don't whine Viv. Weapon training is boring. Do you know when I first got to use a real sword? A year ago. Everything before then was wooden practise blades weighted with lead. Years of wooden blades! I've had bruises everywhere. Now, remember your grip, its got to be gentle, but firm. Like you're holding onto a boy's member - you want him to feel it but don't squeeze so tight you hurt him. Better. Now, again."

The champion seems unaware that her simile might be at all untoward and repeats the series of drills she's been demonstrating. "Come on, together. See if you can keep up with me."

Female human cleric 5 | HP:58 AC: 19: F:+11 R:+9 W:+13 | Speed: 25' | Perception:+13 | Resist: Harm Spells 5 ↻: Protector's Sacrifice

Four days after the necromancer encounter, exhausted and developing blisters on her hands, 4720 AR

Viviana and Siobhan continue their dance of repetition and instruction. Despite the initial thrill of wielding what she perceived as a weapon of valor, Viviana's spirits began to wane under the monotony of drill after drill. Yet, as she watches Siobhan, something shifts within her. The grace and assurance with which her sister handles even the most mundane of tools (like a boring broom) instill in Viviana a newfound respect for what her sister has been doing all this time in Magnimar.

"Okay, again!" Siobhan encourages her voice a blend of sternness and support. Viviana resets her stance, mimicking the grip Siobhan described. Her focus narrows to the feel of the broom in her hands, the position of her feet, and the balance of her body. With a deep breath, she mirrors Siobhan's movements, the broom cutting through the air with a whoosh that matches her sister's.

Siobhan is there for every misstep, with correction and encouragement. "You're getting it, Viv. Remember, every great warrior starts with the basics. It's the foundation of everything."

"Yeah, well, the basics hurt my hands." Vivia complains.

Later that day, Viviana collapses onto the grass, exhausted but exhilarated. As Siobhan joins her she says "I never realized... how much work goes into this, Von." Viviana pants, looking over at Siobhan with a mix of exhaustion and admiration.

Female Human Aiuvarin Flexible Magus 5 | HP 63 | AC 22 | Fort +12 Ref +13 Will +9 | Perc +7 (+11 for initiative) | Spell DC 20

Training With Viv ...

Vyana glances up periodically from the grass where she rests, reclining against a small tree. The book she's been studying held protectively in her lap.

When it seems that the labors have mostly run their course, she laughs. "It's a lot of work when you're depending on brute force," she says, giving Siobhan a playful grin. "There are other ways, you know?"

Vyana places a marker in the book and closes it before carefully placing it back into her bag. Grabbing a thin, fallen branch from the ground, she rises to her feet. Taking a dancer's pose with the branch held as a sword, she begins a series of pirouettes with the point of the branch leading her dance. As she moves, words of magic flow from her lips before she turns upon the tree she'd been resting against. The branch thrusts out to stab at the tree and there's a flash of fire at the point of impact, leaving the bark singed.

Dropping the smoking branch to the ground, she offers an elaborate bow to her friends before returning to her spot on the grass.

"Grace can substitute for strength. But all things being equal, I'd rather shoot them with an arrow," she says with a smirk.

Female human cleric 5 | HP:58 AC: 19: F:+11 R:+9 W:+13 | Speed: 25' | Perception:+13 | Resist: Harm Spells 5 ↻: Protector's Sacrifice

Viviana's erupts into applause for Vyana's demonstration. She leaps to her feet, overcome with excitement, and without a moment's hesitation, grabs Vyana, swinging her around in a whirlwind of delight. "That was incredible, Vy!" she exclaims, her voice brimming with enthusiasm as she sets Vyana back on her feet.

She puts her right hand to her heart, and with a thoughtful look in her eyes and a soft smile, she takes Vyana's own words and weaves them with her thoughts, "Where strength meets its limits, grace dances freely, and in that dance, love, and beauty find their truest expression."

She lets her gaze linger on Vyana's eyes momentarily before her eyes widen with excitement. "OH MY! And it just hit me—you've been weaving magic into your arrows all this time, haven't you? Combining the two makes you unstoppable!"

Her excitement subsides as she releases Vyana, "But, you know, today's lessons were about being ready for those times when magic might not be at our fingertips."

Viv dismisses the context and whispers "It's amazing to see what you can do, Vy. You have so much innate natural talent."

Viviana turns to Siobhan, her excitement still palpable, "And you, Von, with your strength and dedication, you remind us that every challenge is an opportunity to grow, to surpass what we thought were our limits."

Her eyes sparkle with affection. "Between Vy's grace and your resilience, I'm reminded that our greatest power lies not just in the magic we wield or the strength we've built but in our hearts, our courage, and the love that binds us together. No matter what lies ahead, with these bonds, we're already more than prepared."

Male Goblin Thaumaturge [Eldritch Researcher] 5 HP 53/61 AC(T) 21/22, Fort(E)+12, Ref(E)+13, Will(E)+8 Perception(E)+8 Darkvision

Ser Helmut sits watching the progress of our budding Glaive user. The Goblin is seen eating a bushel of red apples while drinking apple cider and following it up with an apple pecan pie.
Youses doings goods, Vi!

Female Human Aiuvarin Flexible Magus 5 | HP 63 | AC 22 | Fort +12 Ref +13 Will +9 | Perc +7 (+11 for initiative) | Spell DC 20
Viviana Rovinari wrote:
Her excitement subsides as she releases Vyana, "But, you know, today's lessons were about being ready for those times when magic might not be at our fingertips."

"Well, even without magic, I can still shoot 'em with arrows," Vyana mutters, glancing away as her cheeks redden. "I'm not completely helpless."

Female human cleric 5 | HP:58 AC: 19: F:+11 R:+9 W:+13 | Speed: 25' | Perception:+13 | Resist: Harm Spells 5 ↻: Protector's Sacrifice
Ser Helmut wrote:
Youses doings goods, Vi!

Viv beams with pride when Helmut praises her work. She forces herself to stand a little taller and wiggles her butt back and forth like a puppy does when it's ready to play.

Vyana wrote:
"Well, even without magic, I can still shoot 'em with arrows," Vyana mutters, glancing away as her cheeks redden. "I'm not completely helpless."

Viviana lifts a gentle finger to guide Vyana's chin, encouraging her gaze to meet her own once more. "You, helpless? I don't believe that for a second, Vy." she asserts, her voice imbued with sincerity and warmth. "You're the smartest person I know."

"And your strength isn't just in the magic you wield or the arrows you shoot—" she reaches out and places her palm on Vyana's chest with her left hand before continuing "It's in your heart, your courage, and-" she places her right hand gently on Vyana's temple, moving a stray lock of hair and finishes-"-that brilliant mind of yours."

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"getaroom! Uh-huh, uh-hum." Von clears her throat noisily and then glares at Vy with a mock stern look. "Are you quite done distracting my student or are we done for the day?"

She walks over and pulls her sister and her best friend into a hug. "I'm happy for you both." She adds. "Try not to have too much fun when I have to go back to Magnimar!"

Female human cleric 5 | HP:58 AC: 19: F:+11 R:+9 W:+13 | Speed: 25' | Perception:+13 | Resist: Harm Spells 5 ↻: Protector's Sacrifice

Viviana, unable to resist, rolls her eyes dramatically at Von's teasing and releases Vyana to face her sister. With a straight posture, she salutes Siobhan in a playful mimicry of a drill sergeant's demeanor. "Yes, ma'am! No ma'am! More training, ma'am!" she declares, her tone a blend of jest and affection, as she's barely able to hold back laughter.

She then stoops to pick up her broom, a soft groan escaping her lips as she grips the wooden staff once again. Glancing down, Viviana observes the sores marking her delicate hands, a testament to the day's hard work. Despite the discomfort, she bites back any complaints, aware of the limited time left with her sister. The sores, while painful, are a small price to pay for spending time with Siobhan, moments she intends to savor to the fullest.

Grabbing her broom, she salutes with her other hand and says "Viviana Rovinari reporting for duty!"

Female Human Aiuvarin Flexible Magus 5 | HP 63 | AC 22 | Fort +12 Ref +13 Will +9 | Perc +7 (+11 for initiative) | Spell DC 20
Siobhan Sable wrote:
"getaroom! Uh-huh, uh-hum." Von clears her throat noisily and then glares at Vy with a mock stern look. "Are you quite done distracting my student or are we done for the day?"

Vyana narrows her eyes at Von.

"Ha. Ha. Don't joke about stuff like that, Von. This town already has a rumor mill that rivals the biggest city. No need to feed it."

She sits back down and pulls her book out of her bag. Opening it back up to her bookmark, she finds that it takes a while before she can concentrate on the text within.

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One Year Ago

"They want us to what?" Nineteen year old Siobhan asks her best friend. "The old glassworks? But they're been haunted... forever, right? Who in the Dawnflower's name?" As the situation is explained she sighs and drinks deeply from Bethana's ale. "Well when they put it that way it makes sense. If Father isn't up for it Viv probably is the best person and there's no way we're letting her go alone."

Von hasn't grown more than an inch in the past three years. Her form has filled out, now resplendent with strong muscle and the occasional womanly curve but her height hasn't changed in the slightest and almost all her old friends apart from Helmy now tower over her. Still, and despite all the time she's been away they still look to her for leadership, even when she's supposed to only be staying overnight on the way back to the Temple of Sarenrae in Magnimar.

"Well ok. But I'm only doing this because you're my best friend and no-one should have to take Viv into somewhere like that without backup. Can she use the glaive without dropping it yet?"

The question is facetious and they both know it. Viv hasn't dropped the glaive in practise for at least a year and the last time the sisters spared she landed a full hit on her big sister - Von hadn't been using her shield but still...

"Missed you Vy." Siobhan says, nudging her friend in the side as the pair leave the Rusty Dragon. "How's your mom doing? Has she got over the cold yet? I managed to find some of the tea she liked. We can drop it off on the way to the glassworks."

Female human cleric 5 | HP:58 AC: 19: F:+11 R:+9 W:+13 | Speed: 25' | Perception:+13 | Resist: Harm Spells 5 ↻: Protector's Sacrifice

One year ago
As Viviana stepped into the dimly lit room where Vari rested, she removed the dying flowers she had brought last week and replaced them with the fresh flowers she had gathered earlier in the day. After placing the flowers on the table, their beauty immediately began to brighten the somber atmosphere. She opened the curtains slightly so they would have some light but not so much as to bother the woman. Then, with a gentle smile, she turned towards Vari, holding the inked portrait of Vyana carefully in her hands.

"Miss Yada, I brought something special for you today." Viviana began, her voice soft yet filled with an underlying strength. She approached the bedside, unveiling her latest work of art. "I want you to have this." she continued, presenting the portrait to Vari.

Viviana's portrait of Vyana captures her in a moment of serene contemplation, leaning against an ancient tree, lost in the pages of a book yet attuned to the nature around her. Light sifts through the leaves to highlight the subtle smile on her lips, emphasizing her deep connection with the world and her inner peace.

Vari's eyes widened with a mixture of surprise and delight as she took in the details of the drawing. "Oh, Viviana... this is beautiful," she whispered, her voice tinged with emotion. "You've captured her spirit so perfectly. How did you...?"

Viviana chuckled lightly, her eyes meeting Vari's. "Oh, it's nothing I've done, Vyana's beauty is otherworldly. I've spent so many wonderful moments with her, under trees, lost in conversation or wrapped up in the silence of reading. I just wanted to bring a piece of that peace, that joy, to you. I have something I say often, it's that, the creation of beauty is the highest art. I'm glad you like it, Miss Vari."

She then glanced at the potted plant on the table and added, "And this!" gesturing to the flowers, "-is to remind us all that even in the hardest times, there's growth, there's life waiting to push through."

Viviana knelt beside Vari on her bed and lightly reached out, touching her hand "I'll always be here, tomorrow and each day afterward until you are better, Miss Vari. I'm here for you and for Vyana. You're my family, too."

Her golden eyes looked over at the weary woman and she decided that Vari needed some more attention. "Now. I'm going to brush your hair and tell you a love story about a fish who was actually a princess and fell in love with a frog." She reached into her bag and pulled out her favorite princess brush. It was barely hanging on, having been used countless times over the years. She positioned herself next to Vari and began brushing the woman's hair and started "Once upon a time..."

While she told the story, she subtly weaved in her spirit link spell to siphon away as much of Vari's pain as she could, taking it upon herself and doing what she could, but knowing ultimately, she could not seemingly heal this woman for some reason. She wasn't going to give up though, she'd return and try again. And again. And again.

You're the closest thing I've had to a mama. I'm going to get you better, just you wait.

Male Goblin Thaumaturge [Eldritch Researcher] 5 HP 53/61 AC(T) 21/22, Fort(E)+12, Ref(E)+13, Will(E)+8 Perception(E)+8 Darkvision


It seems like every town has their tradition of ghost stories
and haunted houses. Your group may have already brushed
up against one of Sandpoint’s local legends if you dared to
spend a night in Valdemar Manor, and by now you’ve heard
the popular whispered rumors that the ghost of Sandpoint’s
most prolific murderer, Jervis Stoot (more commonly known
as “Chopper”), sometimes stalks the town’s alleys or the
region’s secluded beaches.
But the Sandpoint Mercantile League has an entirely
different ghost problem on their hands, and your recent
escapades in the region have attracted their attention.
Jasper Korvaski, the town planner, contacts your group
with a job offer: explore the town’s glassworks and rid it
of its haunts.
For many years, Sandpoint Glassworks produced a wide
range of fine glassware, from windowpanes to cookery to
artwork, but all this ended when its owner, Lonjiku Kaijitsu,
was murdered by his own son, Tsuto, inside the building 17
years ago. The sole surviving Kaijitsu in Sandpoint, Ameiko,
had the building boarded up and let it sit, ignored, for many
years until she left Sandpoint entirely to pursue her destiny
on the far side of the world. Ameiko signed over ownership
of the glassworks to the Mercantile League but, for many
years, the group did nothing with the property—in part
because no one left in town had the skills to rekindle the
forges, but also due to persistent rumors that the place had
become haunted.
Today, town planner Jasper Korvaski is ready to take
steps to address this situation. He’s been in talks with several glassworkers from Magnimar who are eager to
reopen Sandpoint’s iconic forge, but first he has to be sure
the building is safe. Jasper’s impressed with what he’s heard
of your group and he asks you to investigate the building—
and if the rumors are true, to find a way to put its unquiet
spirits to rest.
Overcome DC 16 Society to research the building’s history
and prepare for possible spirits, DC 18 weapon or spell
attack to fight your foes, or DC 20 Thievery to disable
many of the trap-like haunts that infest the glassworks

An excited Ser Helmut comes running screaming and waving his Tome about as if he has seen a ghost!
Wees bees goings ta da Haunted Place! Jasper Korvaski bees likings our huzpahs, stuffs!

The small Goblin is seen standing next to Siobhan for some reaon....

Female Human Aiuvarin Flexible Magus 5 | HP 63 | AC 22 | Fort +12 Ref +13 Will +9 | Perc +7 (+11 for initiative) | Spell DC 20

One Year Ago ...

Entering the living area, Vyana slipped her cloak off and hung it up on the wall peg near the door. Her bow and quiver followed, along with her scabbarded rapier. She glanced around the space, noting that it needed cleaning. She added the task to the list of things that her mother would gently berate her for neglecting once she was back on her feet. A spotless house was always something Vari prided herself on.

"I'm home, Mama," Vyana called out softly. Not receiving a reply, she frowned and moved quietly through the curtain separating the two rooms. Finding her mother sleeping peacefully in the middle of the day was at the same time both a relief and distressing. Pulling the single dressing stool next to her mother's bed, the half-elf reached out to touch the woman's forehead with the back of her hand as her mother had done to her as a child. No fever at least.

At the touch, the woman's eyes flickered open. "Ah, Chhoti," she said with a smile, reaching out to take Vyana's hand. The half-elf smiled and felt her face warm. "I'm not little any more, Mama. I'm a grown woman." With her other hand she reached out to brush some of her mother's hair back. "I see Viviana has been here."

"You'll always be my chhoti no matter how big you get," Vari replied, stifling a cough. "And, yes, she was here. She's a lovely girl. She spent some time brushing my hair. I'm glad you found someone special like her."

Vyana's face reddened and she turned away, pulling her hands back into her lap. "We're just friends, Mama. You know that's just how she is with everyone. Me, Von, Helmut ... she's just ... she likes to express her feelings openly."

"Of course. Of course." Vari conceded. "But if she was ..."

"Mama," Vyana interrupted. "She's just a friend."

"I'm sorry I brought it up. I just hate seeing my chhoti all alone."

"I'm not alone, Mama; I have you and that's all I need," Vyana declared and occupied her hands with adjusting her mother's blankets. "Chhoti ..." Vari began, but Vyana stood abruptly from the stool and moved towards the curtain.

"I picked up some fresh fish, so I'm going to start dinner."


Siobhan Sable wrote:
"Missed you Vy." Siobhan says, nudging her friend in the side as the pair leave the Rusty Dragon. "How's your mom doing? Has she got over the cold yet? I managed to find some of the tea she liked. We can drop it off on the way to the glassworks."

Vyana responds with a shoulder nudge of her own and a grin. "I've missed you too," she replied with a grin. But the grin quickly faded at the mention of her mother. "I think she's getting better," she said with a frown. "But she's still not ..." She shrugged. "She'll get better. She'll be happy to see you."

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Confronting Lonjiku

"Listen, I know what we're up against seems beyond reason, beyond understanding. And I know we're prepared to fight, to defend ourselves and this town. But," Viviana paused, gathering her thoughts, pleading with her companions, "-violence, confrontation, it's what led us here. Lonjiku's spirit is tormented, trapped in a cycle of rage and vengeance. Fighting might subdue him temporarily, but it won't free him. It won't end this cycle. But I can."

She stepped closer to her friends, her voice softening, "I've seen the power of words, of reaching out with genuine empathy. We have a chance to heal a wound in Sandpoint's heart, not just patch it. To show that understanding can be as mighty as any weapon we wield. Please, let me try to reach him. If I'm wrong, we'll stand together, as we always have. But if there's even a sliver of a chance that we can resolve this peacefully, don't we owe it to ourselves, to Lonjiku, to try?"

While not over-enthusiastic about this approach, her friends relented and let her proceed by moving to the forefront of the group.

Viviana, moved before the swirling, vengeful specter of Lonjiku Kaijitsu, trying to reach out to him with words of compassion and understanding. She sought to pierce through the veil of his rage with a plea for peace, saying, "Lonjiku, your pain and anger have bound you to this world, but it doesn't have to be this way. There is peace beyond this rage, forgiveness beyond this vengeance. Let go of the hatred that chains you here, and find rest. Your family, your town, they remember you not for this."

The spirit seems to hear Viviana's plea and and the malevonce about it seems to begin to settle.

"Let us help you move on to where you're meant to be, beyond the sorrow and the shadows. Tsuto would-" Her words, laden with empathy, were cut off at the mention of Lonjiku's killer.


With a deafening roar that seemed to shake the very foundation of the building, Lonjiku's spirit unleashed its wrath. Dark energy, charged with the anguish of betrayal and the thirst for vengeance, converged into a lethal storm of glass shards. The shards, imbued with a sinister glow, erupted towards Viviana with unerring precision.

Caught off-guard by the sudden escalation, Viviana had no time to react. Dozens of dark-energy-laden glass struck her, each shard a messenger of Lonjiku's undiluted hatred and sorrow.

Shelyn's cleric collapsed to the ground, a bloody, shredded mess, her plan a complete failure.

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Confronting Lonjiku....after some really sharp-looking glass explodes everywhere! Ouch!

Ser Helmut screams!
Mees Tome! Protect mees Tome! Paper cuts!

The Goblin seems to be a bit melodramatic....

Shaking and still screaming, the Scroll Thaumaturgy artist reaches into his pocket, produces a Scroll of Heal and directs it at the many pierced Cleric!
The agony! Rips and Tears!

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Confronting Lonjiku

"VIV!" Vyana cries out without even thinking. Trying to pull her emotions back into place, she turns her attention to Siobhan. "Von! Keep him busy!" she calls out before moving up to drag the bleeding priestess away from the enraged spirit.

Trying to remember what her mother had taught her, she checked the girl's lifepoints and then examined her for the worst of the injuries. There was still a lifebeat at her neck, but the priestess was losing blood at a furious rate. With her own heart racing in her chest, Vyana rummaged through her bag looking for the pink-tinted crystal vial of healing liquid. There was only a small amount, but hopefully it would keep her alive long enough to reach the church. Looking back at Viv, Vyana could tell that this would all be for naught with all the glass permeating the girl's body.

Setting the potion aside, Vyana closed her eyes and tried to calm herself. It was easy to cast a spell when you were sitting in your own home with your mother gently encouraging you to focus. But with a screaming ghost less than ten feet away it was a different challenge altogether. She tried to imagine Vari's hand on her should and her soft voice in her ear. "You can do this, Chhoti," she would say and Vy could feel her panic recede. The arcane words came haltingly at first, but as the warmth of the magic filled her, her confidence grew.

Opening her eyes, Vy forced herself to look upon Viviana's slashed and bleeding form, the glint of blood-covered glass shards everywhere. With the focus of the spell in her mind, she spread her hands as if parting a crowd in front of her. The shards shimmered and twisted before pulling out of the tattered flesh. Viv groaned in pain as the razor-sharp fragments pulled away.

Hours of training prevented Vyana from flinging the broken pieces into the far corner of the room. "We must always think of the end result, Chhoti" her mother would say. Holding to her lessons, Vyana mentally gathered all of the pieces of glass and moved them into a neat pile behind her, away from the injured girl. Only when the last piece was freed from her mental grasp did she return her attention to Viv.

"Here, Viv, drink this," she managed, her voice now choking up with emotion as she pulled the stopper from the potion vial and tipped the contents carefully between Viviana's pale lips. "Helmut! Gather all of that glass into a bag or sack. I think I know what needs to be done."

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Late one sunny morning, Viviana made her way to Vyana's home. Upon knocking, the door swung open to reveal Vari, Vyana's mother.

"Good morning, Miss Yada!" Viviana greeted, her eyes lighting up at the sight of Vari. "You look absolutely radiant today, like the first bloom of spring in the midst of winter. It's always such a pleasure to see you." She extended her hand, presenting Vari with a fresh apple, its skin shining like a polished gem—a small, thoughtful gift from the market.

Vari chuckled softly, "Oh, Viviana, you do have a way with words. Thank you, dear. You're always so kind. Vyana is just finishing up her chores in the garden."

Hearing that Vyana was still occupied, Viviana's offer was quick and sincere. "May I help her, please? We'll get them done in no time together." she proposed.

With Vari's approval, Viviana joined Vyana in the garden, where Vyana was diligently weeding the vegetable patches.

"Hey Vy!" Viviana called out as she lept to the ground to kneel beside her friend. She began to pull weeds with practiced ease. "Guess what? IIIIIIII've got a surprise for us! Once we've conquered this jungle," she gestured humorously at the garden, "we're going on a picnic. I've packed something special." She picked up her dirty hands and places them on Vyana's cheeks, facing her face-to-face "Just for the two of us."

The day's twilight descends upon their makeshift camp, nestled at the edge of a dense forest near town. Viviana and Helmut find themselves seated opposite each other by the crackling campfire. The day's journey had been long as they spent it in search of Thassilonian artifacts. While they hadn't found any, they did discover a hidden cache of scrolls, which felt like a success.

As she stared into fire, she pondered these Thassilonians everyone was always talking about and some, like Helmut, were fascinated with. "Helmy. If these Thassilonians were so smart and powerful, why are they all dead now? That doesn't seem right to me."


The day was waning, the golden hues of dusk painting the sky as Viviana approached the modest dwelling where Siobhan was staying. Pushing open the door, she called out, her voice carrying a mix of excitement and a touch of nervousness. "Von? Are you here? I've got something to show you!"

Finding Siobhan, Viviana didn't hesitate, her steps quickening as she closed the distance between them. With a deep breath, Viviana took off her cloak and opened the neckline of her shirt just enough to reveal the new tattoo.

"Look, Von," she began, her voice a blend of pride and vulnerability. "I got this today." She gestured to the tattoo—a bow and a heart, skillfully rendered, the lines flowing with an elegance that mirrored Viviana's own grace.

Tattoos weren't a new thing for Viviana; she had over a half-dozen by now, and Von had lost count. She remembered Vivi's first was a shield that represented Siobhan as her protector.

"It's more than just ink, you know. It has a special meaning." she tapped her chest, signifying the locality of the tattoo was important.

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"A picnic?" Vyana questions, her eyes glancing worriedly towards the small house. It had been a good day for Vari, but Vyana isn't sure if she feels comfortable leaving the woman for that long.

"Oh, a picnic?" her mother's musical voice calls out. From out of the shadow of the side of the house, the woman steps, her gifted apple in her hand. "That sounds lovely. You should spend some time enjoying the beautiful weather with Viviana."

"But, Mama ..." Vyana begins to protest, but the dark-haired woman waves it off. "I'll be fine. Leave the gardening to me and go have some fun." As Vyana opens her mouth to protest once more, the Yada matron simply raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, Mama."

Later that day ...

As the last notes of Viviana's song drift away in the afternoon breeze and the girl puts down her borrowed lute, Vyana lays back down on the lush grass. "That was beautiful, Viv," she says softly as her eyes track the scattered clouds moving across the sky. "I don't know what to say." The song had been replete with praises for Vyana's growing skill with a bow and analogies to love that the half-elf - while ignorant of many things - wasn't blind to. "While I appreciate the thought ... I don't know if I'm someone worthy of such adulation."

She rolls onto her side and then up onto her elbow to meet Viviana's eyes. To her surprise the other girl has shifted closer, the subtle fragrance that always follows her even stronger. Much closer than she had been expecting, Vyana draws back just a fraction.

"You, Von, and Helmut have been my friends since I don't even remember. I love you like nobody else, but I don't know if I'm ready for ... I mean I'm not ..." She stumbles with her words as she finds herself lost in Viv's eyes. Suddenly nervous, Vyana looks away. "You're so beautiful."

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Seated calmly (rare occasion) by the crackling campfire, holding steady with both hands his stick infested with marshmallows, Ser Helmut (never taking his eyes of his triumph), states

The ancient empire of Thassilon (pronounced THAH-sih-lon) existed in the waning years of the Age of Legend, and occupied parts of what today are the nations of Varisia, the Hold of Belkzen, and the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. While its power was great, struggles for control within the nation were near-constant, and it was finally destroyed by the devastation of Earthfall. All that now remains are mysterious ruins scattered throughout its former territories.

He grins.

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Viviana's heart seemed to pause, then dance, catching every nuance of Vyana's confession. Her declaration of love (albeit swathed in layers of hesitation and uncertainty) stoked the passionate fire that burned within and shone in the Shelynite’s eyes.

Viviana repeated Vyana's words back to her, her voice a whisper woven with dreams. "You love me like nobody else," she murmured, the words spilling forth like a heartfelt love song.

"Close your eyes for me, Vy,"Viviana requested softly, her voice barely more than a whisper.

There was a hesitance in Vyana's eyes, a flicker of uncertainty that caused to hesitate.

Viviana batted her eyes and asked ”Puuuhleeease? I promise it won’t be bad.”

After a moment's pause, Vyana acquiesced, her eyelids fluttering closed, surrendering to the vulnerability of the unknown.

Viviana gently took Vyana's hand in her own, guiding it until it rested over her heart. Vyana could feel Vivi’s heartbeat, strong and unsteady, racing madly.

She closes her eyes as well and whispers ”This heart races because of you, Vy. It's you who sets it aflame, who fills me with such... such intense feelings, such warmth and exhilaration. You've become the rhythm it dances to, the melody of my days."

It takes all of her restraint to refrain from pressing her lips against Vyana’s. She fights the urge and asks the question instead.

”Does your heart beat the same as mine?”

Took forever to write that. Will get Helmy a response later.

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With the warm and soft skin under her hand, Vyana isn't really surprised to feel her own heart pounding in her chest, matching time to the thumping coming from within Viviana's.

"Viv," she pleads. Opening her eyes, she gasps. Etched into the girl's skin underneath Vy's trembling hand is an artist's rendering of an elaborate bow with a heart at its center - the meaning more than clear. "Oh, Viv," she repeats softly, her finger tracing lightly over the tattoo. The feel of soft skin sending sparks through her body. With a great force of will, she draws her hand back and closes her eyes.

"Viv ... I just can't," she says softly ... reluctantly. "I don't really have a place in my life right now for ... for whatever this might be. With Mama sick ..."

She turns away and reaches up to wipe at her eyes.

"I need a friend right now more than ... more than what we could be. And I don't feel right asking you to wait until Mama gets better. But until she does I just can't. I'm Sorry. That's not fair to you, but Mama has to come first right now."

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Viviana blinks as she tries to take in everything the goblin explains to her. "So. Earthfall killed Thassilon? Were the Gods angry with Thassilon? Will Earthfall kill us now too?"

She rubs her head, never considering this before "I don't think the Gods want to kill us though. I think we are safe."

The weight of Vyana's words are soul-crushing to Viviana. The realization of her own oversight became too much for Viviana to bear in that moment. She felt a wave of nausea, her face draining of color as a visceral reaction took hold. Her body trembled, not just with the chill of emotional shock, but with the overwhelming burden of guilt that had settled upon her heart.

She had put her own pursuit of love before her duty to heal the wounded and sick.

Tears, unchecked and flowing freely, mirrored the tumultuous storm raging within her. She began to sob uncontrollably, overwhelmed with agony tearing away inside of her. She recoiled away from Vyana, curling her knees to her chest, and shaking her head vigorously. "No. No. You're right. I have been so selfish. SOOOOO SELFISH!"

She slaps herself in the face. Once. Twice.

Get a hold of yourself!

"I am so sorry, Vyana. So sorry."

Viviana's resolve crystallized; she knew what she had to do. "Vy. I'm going to be there to help. Now. From now on. I understand. You don't need to worry about me distracting you anymore. I'll be there for her. Every day. All day if I must." she managed to say between trembling breaths, her voice a fragile thread of sound. "I'll be there, I promise. I'll. I'll. I'll help your mother get better. I promise. I promise I will. I'm a good healer, really." Her promise was fervent, a vow made in a moment of profound desperation—a promise that extended beyond her assurance to Vyana, one that she perhaps wasn't fully equipped to guarantee.

She felt the need to vomit, and nausea threatened to overtake her. She scrambled backward to her feet, tripping over herself before making it upright.

Needing to escape, to find solace in solitude where she could gather her shattered composure, Viviana excused herself. Her departure from the picnic was abrupt, a flight away as fast as her feet could carry her. Sobbing, each step away from Vyana felt like a mile, her heart fracturing with the distance she put between them.

Her journey home was a blur, marked by the rhythm of her sobs and the ache in her chest—a physical pain that mirrored the emotional agony of the moment. Viviana's world, once filled with the light of potential love and the joy of companionship, had darkened under the shadow of her own doubts and the piercing clarity of Vyana's refusal. In seeking to be everything to Vyana—a friend, a healer, a would-be lover—Viviana found herself grappling with the limits of her own capabilities and the realization that love, in its many forms, often demands sacrifices she hadn't been prepared to make.

In her rapid flight from the scene, Vyana's gift-wrapped, hand-made crimson and emerald bow that Viviana had commissioned form Savah lay forgotten in a bundle on the ground.

Viviana is true to her word. She's there for Vyana when she needs a friend, but things are ... different. She distances herself and withdraws. She commits herself fulltime to working with more sick and injured individuals and spends less time in the arts. She stops painting and singing and works more her medicines and disease skills. She dutifully sees to Vari at least once a day, however, sometimes as many as three. She tries to time it for when Vyana has to run errands or otherwise is distracted. She tries to help the woman recover from whatever this illness is, but it continually defeats her day in and day out. Her inability to fulfill her promise and her death hits Viviana hard. She attends the funeral, but the next day, tells Father that there are sick and mistreated individuals who need her help and that she will be taking some time to travel the lands in search of those who need her help.

She writes Vyana a short letter the night she leaves, leaving it on the door. Vy - I've lost my second mother, my sister has moved on, and I grossly misunderstood my muse. I need to find purpose and be there for those in need. I'm sorry I failed you.

Viviana leaves Sandpoint the day after Vari passes and remains away for the next six months until story begins and will return the day before we kickoff.

Dark Archive

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Just after the Glassworks:
Right after the glassworks incident, Viviana is noticeably shaken. Normally she bounces right back and doesn't get down about things, but something is different this time.

Seeking guidance and wanting to confide in her sister, she makes her way to Von. Once together, she opens up immediately and begins to sob. When she's done, with a vulnerability that came from staring into the abyss, Viviana opens her heart to Siobhan. "I... I came so close, Von. Too close." she began, her voice barely above a whisper, trembling with the weight of her revelation. "I realized then—I'm not ready to leave this world. There's so much more I want to see, to do. Life is precious, and every moment is a gift I want to cherish."

Tears, unbidden, welled in her eyes as she reached for Siobhan, seeking the comfort that only a sister's embrace could provide. "I love you, Von. More than words can say. You've been my protector, my guiding light. I don't know what I'd do without you." She leans her full weight on her sister, feeling vulnerable and wanting to be protected.

It's an odd moment for Siobhan. She's comforted her sister many a time, but always as the older, bigger sister. Now Viv is easily a head taller than her and so things just don't line up like they used to. Her little sister is also heavier than she used to be, but fortunately Von is stronger too and wraps Viv in a hug just like the old days.

"There, there Viv." She says gently. "It's ok. You're safe, we're all safe. It was scary but we survived and we were able to bring peace to Lonjiku. That's a worthy thing. You were right, to try and talk him down. Everyone deserves a chance but it takes a brave soul to give it to them. I'm proud of you."

There's a short pause and then Von grins, although her sister can't see it. "Love you too Viv. Almost as much as you love Vy..."

Viviana's head rests on Von's chest, her body slightly curled up as she lays against the muscular woman. She idly starts to curl her finger around some stray hair strands in front of her face as she ponders what Von just said. She hesitates. "Von. How come Vyana doesn't tell me she loves me like you do? How come she doesn't hold me like this, like you do? Do you think she is interested in someone not like me... Like.."

She spits out with a groan "Like Danny Barret. Gag."

She twirls her hair some more and shakes her head after false-gagging sounds. "Von, when you hold me, it's like there's this... melody playing inside me, a song made of light and shadow, weaving through my heart." Vivi begins, her voice tinged with wonder and confusion, her mind obviously still full of emotions. "It's as if every moment is both brighter and more daunting because you're in it. You stir the calm waters of my soul, creating ripples that reach into the deepest, most hidden parts of me."

She tilts her head up and looks at Von, asking curiously "Does that make sense?"

"When did my little sister become a poet?" Von replies, looking down at her sister with a smile. "As for Vy... well she's not our sister is she? She's her own person with her own feelings. She probably doesn't love you like I do, but why would she? We're sisters, family. She's my best friend and your crush - do you really want her to treat you like I do? I'm not going to be kissing you any time soon and some of your letters made it quite clear you want that with her."

She flicks Viv on the nose gently. "You have to stop worrying little sis. You're beautiful, inside and out. Anyone who can't see that is blind and Vy is the smartest person I know. You two will sort things out - as long as you don't tell her about me giving the hidden parts of you ripples!"

Viviana laughs and scrunches up her nose when its flicked "Ow." she says in mock protest before sitting up in her sister's lap. "Oh. Yes. I've been writing. Vy has gotten me some books about poetry and I've been trying my hand at it." Always the hobbyist, Viviana tries her hand at everything.

"Ok. Ok. She'll love me or she won't, it won't stop me on my path. Enough about Vy. Now.."

She raises her eyebrows twice quickly and smirks, "You tell me about your crush! Hmmm? Is it some sweaty, muscle-bound sergeant on the battlements in Magnimar?"

"And I'd want sweaty because...?" Siobhan replies, feigning shock. "Only one boyfriend. His name was Jack. We... broke up a few months back. He got a job with one of the caravans and left Magnimar. He'll be back in a year but that's... well..." Viv can see easily enough that her sister is struggling somewhat, or perhaps deliberately glossing over things. "We both decided that we were going to move on. So no crush, sorry to spoil your hopes."

"Because you are always sweaty! I figured you'd be licking salt of your love!" Viv laughs, joking but only just.

"Jack" she repeats dreamily several times, drawing a picture of this man in her mind. She wonders if she'll ever meet him. "Maybe you'll take me to Magnimar one day? What's the big city like?"

Fate moves in mysterious ways and even the wisest and most powerful of sages cannot predict exactly why or how things proceed. It would take a divine intellect or more to untangle that tangled web and so no-one realises the consequences when Viviana leaves Sandpoint in her grief and so misses, by no more than a few hours, a letter from her sister.

If she'd read it a lot of hurts might have been mended. A lot of pain might have been salved but Fate decreed otherwise and the letter sits, unread, with a pile of others in Viviana's simple room near the temple.

Lost in the Mail:
Hi Viv, I'm so sorry I haven't answered your letters. I'm in Korvosa, along with most of the temple. There's been another outbreak of Blood Veil. The Queen Consort was nearly assassinated and Queen Nicoletta has called for all the churches support.

I'm sure you've been writing and I feel horrible about the silence. It's been... mad here. There's so many ill people and there's never any time. Look after yourself, stay strong and keep your loved ones close - we never know how much time we have.

Your sister.

P.S. Can you pass this letter onto Vy, and tell Father that I love him? Hopefully once this is all over I'll be able to come back to Sandpoint for good. Miss you!

Vy's letter

Dear Vy,

I'm sorry I haven't written. There's an emergency in Korvosa and the church has dispatched most of us to go and help. If you've sent any letters I haven't had them so this is to let you know I'm alive, well and thinking of you.

You and your mom are in my prayers every night. I hope she's doing ok and I hope you're doing ok too. Don't run yourself ragged Vy. I know you'll want to make everything better for everyone - you always do, but it's ok to ask other people for help too. I'm sorry I can't be there for you right now but I'll be home as soon as I can be and it should be for good too.

How are you and Viv doing? You know she has a massive crush on you right? If she hasn't serenaded you, or done a romantic picnic or something by this point then I'm shocked. You'll be good together, if you want to be.

Anyway, I love you lots and give my love to your mom as well.
Your best friend,

Those who travel north along the rocky coastline from the Varisian city of Magnimar soon find themselves in peculiar country. Fog drapes the rolling landscape, floating spectrally along damp and lonely moors. Small woodlands grace the region, their tangled depths redolent of nettles and pepperwood and pine sap, while farther inland, river valleys lined by majestic redwoods wind between ragged tors and limestone escarpments. The region’s vastness and sense of isolation have earned it its local name—the Lost Coast.

As one approaches the town of Sandpoint, the footprint of civilization upon the Lost Coast grows clearer. Farmlands grow more numerous in outlying moors and valleys, and the blue‑green waves of the Varisian Gulf bear ever more fishing vessels. Creeks and rivers are increasingly crossed by wooden bridges rather than fords, and the Lost Coast Road grows wider and is better kept. The first glimpses of Sandpoint are hidden from either approach (south or east) by the large upthrust limestone pavements known as the Devil’s Platter and the arc of rocky outcroppings and lightly forested hilltops that rise up just east of town. As the final bend is rounded, Sandpoint’s smoking chimneys and bustling streets greet the traveler with open arms and the promise of warm beds, a welcome sight indeed for those who have spent the last few days alone on the Lost Coast Road.

From the south, a wooden bridge governs entrance to Sandpoint, while from the north, a stone wall offers the town a bit of protection. Visitors who arrive at the gates soon notice a quirky sign and mirror hanging from a bent nail at both the gatehouse and the southern bridge. Painted on each sign is a message: “Welcome to Sandpoint! Please stop to see yourself as we see you!”

Unfortunately, the appearance of safety and warmth that Sandpoint seems to offer is a facade. Because the town of Sandpoint is worse than doomed.

For decades, this small settlement has endured one potential disaster after the other, but each time, a hero or group of adventurers stepped up to save the day. Yet now, seven separate dooms have come together, converging on the region in a way that, if not defeated in time, could well bring ruin seven times over to the so-called Light of the Lost Coast...

Seven Dooms for Sandpoint

Chapter 1: Bones and Ashes

The four of you grew up in Sandpoint. Over the years, you have become known in town as adventurers, even if you haven't quite yet accomplished something to secure your place in history. But thanks to your burgeoning reputation, you have received an invitation from Abstalar Zantus, the high priest of the Sadnpoint Cathedral.

Easily the largest building in Sandpoint, the impressive cathedral is not dedicated to the worship of a single deity. Rather, it gathers under its eaves the six most commonly worshiped deities in the region: Abadar, Desna, Erastil, Gozreh, Sarenrae, and Shelyn. The building provides chapels for all of these deities in a communal forum—in a way, Sandpoint Cathedral is six different churches under one impressive roof.

The core of the cathedral is an open-air courtyard surrounding a set of seven 9-foot-tall standing stones, which themselves surround a circular stone altar. These stones served the Varisians for centuries as a place of worship. Abstalar awaits you here, standing before a table with a large lunch spread set upon it. Abstalar greets you with a smile and open arms.

"Welcome, friends. May Desna smile upon you! Come, have a seat and enjoy the fine weather and fine food with me."

Female human cleric 5 | HP:58 AC: 19: F:+11 R:+9 W:+13 | Speed: 25' | Perception:+13 | Resist: Harm Spells 5 ↻: Protector's Sacrifice

In the six months since the heartrending loss of Vari, Viviana had sought refuge and purpose in the wide embrace of the Varisian highlands, traversing the landscape with a series of caravans that welcomed her healing hands and captivating presence. Each group she joined was enchanted by her tales that wove the fabric of far-off lands and adventures, her songs that carried the melancholy and beauty of her soul, and, most of all, her miraculous ability to mend wounds and soothe spirits. Viviana, with each stop, left a trail of gratitude and awe.

However, her journey of self-discovery and healing was abruptly interrupted one late evening by the urgent news that Father Zantus had summoned her back to Sandpoint. The message was sparse in detail. Had something terrible befallen her home or friends in her absence? With a heavy heart, she bid farewell to the latest group that had become her temporary family, promising their paths might cross again.


As Viviana entered Sandpoint, the familiar sights and sounds of the town wrapped around her like a well-worn cloak. The sense of homecoming as she was spotted by one of Sandpoint's most vibrant personalities, Cyrdak Drokkus, the charismatic owner of the town's theater.

Cyrdak had always held a special fondness for Viviana for her captivating way with stories and song. Without a moment's hesitation, he swept her into an enthusiastic embrace, lifting her off the ground and spinning her around in a display of unabashed joy. "Viviana! Your absence has left a void in Sandpoint's heart," he exclaimed, his voice booming with warmth. "The town hasn't been the same without your stories and melodies to brighten our days."

"Tonight, you must grace our stage once more,"
Cyrdak insisted, already envisioning the event. "The town needs the magic only you can bring. What do you say?"

Despite her reservations, Viviana's heart swayed. "I'm not here to entertain, Cyrdak," she began, her voice tinged with the weight of her return. "But for you, and for Sandpoint, I'll share a few songs and stories—after I've attended to the matters that brought me back."

Cyrdak's face lit up with delight, his plans already taking shape. "Splendid! It will be a night to remember," he promised, releasing her from his enthusiastic hold. "I'll spread the word and start preparations!


Her first destination was the graveyard. Kneeling before Vari's grave, Viviana bowed her head in prayer. He withdrew a flower from her hair she had picked up in the morning and deposited it gently on the ground. Her words were soft and whispered into the breeze.

Afterwards, she quickly made her way to the cathedral where she offered another prayer, this one to Shelyn. Finally, she sought out Father Zantus. She was directed to an empty room where she sat and waited patiently for him to arrive.

Female Human Aiuvarin Flexible Magus 5 | HP 63 | AC 22 | Fort +12 Ref +13 Will +9 | Perc +7 (+11 for initiative) | Spell DC 20

Surprised at the invitation, Vyana cleans herself up as best she can and tries to brush the dirt and leaves from her cloak. She's just gotten back from a two-day patrol away from the town and hasn't yet had a chance to straighten up the house or anything.

Satisfied that she's managed to work most of the tangles out of her hair, she makes her way to the cathedral and then to the courtyard where she sees Father Zantus waiting with a smile. Only once she's greeted him with the expected politeness and deference does she turn to the other figure that's waiting.


Her heart drops into her stomach and emotions clash inside her. Happiness to see a friend that's been gone for so long. Renewed guilt for having declined her offer of love. And lastly, anger. Anger for leaving her in her moment of greatest pain. So many words tumble through her head. Accusations. Apologies. Declarations of love. But none of it seems appropriate for the time and place, so she bottles it down and does what has always worked in the past. Just focus.

"Hello, Viviana. It's good to see you," she says with a curt nod.

Female human cleric 5 | HP:58 AC: 19: F:+11 R:+9 W:+13 | Speed: 25' | Perception:+13 | Resist: Harm Spells 5 ↻: Protector's Sacrifice

Viviana is never without a compliment, witty comment, or beautiful expression. Words flow freely from her like water runs in a river.

Until now.

She was going to visit Vyana at some point before she left, but she needed to prepare herself for that. She did not expect to see her here. Right now.

Viviana stares at Vyana, her mouth hanging open and silent.

She swallows a huge lump in her throat and self-consciously pulls her cloak tighter around her upper body. The bow and heart tattoo above her left breast fade from view, but another one Vy hasn't seen before is still visible: Vari.

Viviana finally finds words and says eloquently "Vy. I. Hi. Uh."

Emotions instantly flood her. Embarrassment. Frustration. Longing.

Viviana begins to stare, her eyes glazing over. I've missed those eyes

She clears her throat, shaking her head, still unable to find her voice. Words come out in a near whisper "It's good to see you, too. How have you been? How are things?"

Male Goblin Thaumaturge [Eldritch Researcher] 5 HP 53/61 AC(T) 21/22, Fort(E)+12, Ref(E)+13, Will(E)+8 Perception(E)+8 Darkvision

In the 6 Months prior...and then now.

Dangling his booted feet over the edge, as he sits reading the rather large volume, Ser Helmut sighs. Perched up as high as one can get in Sandpoint, the studious green Goblin stares out over the scene before him on top Old Light. Smiling at all the small folks busily progressig through their individual mornings, Ser Helmut continues his most recent assignment.

Broderick Quint (being in charge of the newly forming Rune Wardens) has become the goblin's closest friend. The poor green Goblin had three very special friends that he got to have fun adventures with. They got to spend the night in a Haunted House! They even got to clash with some spooky (but really cool) Necromancer! And, for the final adventure (which caused the unfortunate schism) the brave bludgeoning group even exorcized a creepy ghost guy! Turned out that sharp glass cuts deeper than the skin.....

Ser Helmut has always been a bit curious. He also enjoys collecting esoterica found, gathered, pilfered from people, places and things of interest. Thassilonian things really interest the collector, hence, his sitting outside the highly respected gnomes home for weeks prior to receiving his assignments.

Ser Helmut has spent the passed 6 months (after Vyana's mother passed and truly allowed for the schism) working for Quint. His inquiries usually take him to extremely interesting places. His adventures in the Sandpoint Junkyard have become legendary (in his mind), if only he had his lost friends to share them with....

The Goblin did try to be friends with that crummy asshat, Danny Barret, but the gobl8n only ended up biting the cry baby.

Sighing, Ser Helmut properly places his personal plans on learning from the Rune Wardens until that day when.....
Hey Viviana! It's me Ser Helmut! Up here! I am the goblin waving his hands in the air!

Finding it weird that the Cleric couldn't hear him from way up here. The goblin snaps his fingers!
She has her helm on! Happens!

The excited Goblin gathers his strewn around possessions and hurries to catch up to his long lost missing friend!

He arrives quite out of breath. Panting, panting, panting with his eyes wide in excitement, the green Goblin grins at those gathered at Father Zantas' church place!

Dark Archive

| HP: 65/73| AC: 23[25] | F: +12, R: +6(9), W: +11 | Lore +7, Med/Perc +9, Rel +10, Dip/Itm +12, Ath +13 | +14, 2d6+4 | Speed 25ft | HeP: 2/3, Focus: 2/2 | Active conditions:

"Sorry Father, I was at Vy's house trying to find he..."

Siobhan has been back in Sandpoint for all of two, or perhaps three days. Having been released from her duties in Korvosa, thanks to the new wave of Blood Veil finally being brought under control, Siobhan journeyed through day and night - eventually arriving at Sandpoint late enough that a town with walls would have barred her entrance. She made her way to the Cathedral, gave her adoptive father an exhausted hug and slept for almost twenty hours straight.

Between food, sleep and catching up with her father Von hasn't been around town much. Zanthus broke the news of Vari's death gently and Siobhan had immediately headed for Vari's, now Vyana's, house only to find that her best friend wasn't there. Since the town is a small one she's been going back two or three times every day.

Then here she is.

And Viv too.

Siobhan's jog comes to a abrupt halt as she looks back and forth. The tension is palpable and her awkwardness is written plainly on her face for everyone to see. So the champion does the only sensible thing available to her.

"Hi Helmy...

Hey, no one ever said Champions were smart.

Male Goblin Thaumaturge [Eldritch Researcher] 5 HP 53/61 AC(T) 21/22, Fort(E)+12, Ref(E)+13, Will(E)+8 Perception(E)+8 Darkvision

Viviana! Vyana! Siobhan!

A single tear forms at the corner of the little green Goblin's eye, as he shuffles his feet....

Almost containing his emotions for a full second, Ser Helmut begins hugging his long lost friends! Also, the talkative Thaumaturge begins filling them in on all his adventures the pass 6 months....

Dids youses girls knows dat da Sandpoint’s Junkyard bees falls of treasures! Looks at dese!

Oblivious to any tension, just excited to be reacquainted with his good long lost friends from way back in the days, Ser Helmut begins giving a tour of his trinkets....

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