DM Brainiac's Seven Dooms for Sandpoint Table 1

Game Master Brainiac

Reputation: Bunyip Club: -4, Runewatchers: 5, Sandpoint Cathedral: 17, Sandpoint Mercantile League: 1, Scarnetti Consortium: -10, Town Watch: 0, Townsfolk: 0


Bunyip Club: -4

Runewatchers: 5 (Liked: The Runewatchers invite the PCs to take part in their gatherings, and are also willing to offer some of the magic items from their collection for sale. GMs should build a small list of magic items of 8th-level or lower, curated to be useful for the PCs, for them to consider purchasing.)

Sandpoint Cathedral: 18 (Admired: Spellcasting services for healing and recovery are free; prices for other spellcasting services are half off. The prices for healing or items at the cathedral decrease to 90% of regular asking price.)

Sandpoint Mercantile League: 1

Scarnetti Consortium: -11 (Disliked: Consortium agents take extra time spreading slanderous rumors about the PCs in town. This causes the PCs to suffer a –1 circumstance penalty on all attempts to Gather Information, unless they’re doing so with a member of a faction that they are at least Liked by.)

Town Watch: 0

Townsfolk: 1