Shadow's Last Stand, Part 2 [PFS] by GM Chrios

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Hi all, I'm trying my hand at running a PFS1 scenario. I'd like to get rolling by end of next week, so recruitment will be open until 12/6 - but I may close early if there is a ton of interest. Holding 1 spot currently and hoping to do it in high tier (6/7). Since we're looking for high tier party balance will be a thing. Best!

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Great! Thanks GM, I'm excited and grateful to get a chance to play Part II. My character is now Level 6, which means I'll need to level her up and update her tagline accordingly. (in between playing Part 1 and this, she played a live tabletop scenario that was disastrous (# 37: The Beggar's Pearl) and ended up having to sell multiple pieces of gear to clear conditions for herself and two other party members! Jilla the Gorilla will be cranky when this one starts . . .

Player: Jhaeman
Character: Jilla
Pathfinder Society Number: 238544-7
This Chronicle #: 15
Starting XP: 15
Initial Prestige: 24
Initial Fame:24
Starting Gold: 524.5
Faction: Liberty's Edge

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I'm interested.

I have Garsita, a level 4 reach melee cleric of Shelyn who just played part 1 of this with Jilla.

For high tier, I have Koani, a druid 7 with a cute little dinosaur companion, level 7, Carli, a level 6 tengu ranger, or I have a level 5 wizard/cleric multiclass named Eminesa.

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I would like to join if you need another PC. I played the first part a long time ago on a PC that is now 11th level. However,

For this part I have...
Zen Archer (Qinggong) 6
Warpriest of Milani 5
Grippli Slayer 6
Shaman (Speaker/Past) 6


I have an Investigator 6, a Wizard 5 or Bard 5 who can join

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Aery Skye, Sylph Necromancer of Life 4/Unchained Rogue 1

Player: DavidC
Character: Aery
Pathfinder Society Number: 108344-40
This Chronicle #: 10
Starting XP: 12
Initial Prestige: 14
Initial Fame:20
Starting Gold: 10,891
Faction: The Exchange

If a Wizard can enchant their arcane bond at half-price, is the fame requirement based on the original price or the halved price?

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Thanks to GM Chrios for offering this game. I would be interested to join with Zeldana (level 7 melee druid) and her pet owlbear Winnie.

Player: PDK
Character: Zeldana Bordana
Pathfinder Society Number: 4456-16
This Chronicle #: 13
Starting XP: 20
Initial Prestige: 29
Initial Fame:31
Starting Gold: 1613.5
Faction: Liberty's Edge

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"SKREEEEEEEEAAAARRRGH! skreeargh... hoot... hoot... hooooot..."

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i have some characters that can fit in...lvl 6 sorc with a tenper, a lvl 6 slayer, lvl 7 swashbuckler or a lvl 6 cleric...

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Igor has been trying behind the scene to keep Jilla alive in several adventures so far including part I of this series.

It is quite a juxtaposition of personalities between the two. The steadfast wizard (now 7th level) and his rocky earth elemental companion Tiny Pebble are voices of sage reason (I hope) against a torrent of reckless action. :)

Player: Mage of the Wyrmkin
Character: Igor Ivantoe
Pathfinder Society Number:115226-10
This Chronicle #: 15
Starting XP: 18
Initial Prestige: 5
Initial Fame:30
Starting Gold: 3236.45
Faction: Grand Lodge

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Player: Lil" Eschie
Character: Eredur Smagg
Pathfinder Society Number:133884-9
This Chronicle #: 10
Starting XP:13
Initial Prestige: 15
Initial Fame:17
Starting Gold: 3274
Faction: Grand Lodge

Thanks for all the great choices hard to go forward with just 6!

Would Jilla, Eredur, Igor, Zeldana (and Winnie), and roll4initiative (you pick which character) please report to the gameplay tab! :D Thanks for everyone who expressed interest in this game.

Ugh typo, Garista, please report in as well... that's 6. Thanks!

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