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| HP 43/43 | AC 16 (T16, FF14) | CMD 15 | F:+12, R:+11, W:+3 (+4 vs sleep, +2 vs fear & illusion, +1 vs enchant) | Init: +1 | Perc: +8 (+10 listen), SM: +6


|Speed 20ft |Shirt Reroll: 1/1, Pin: 0/1|Martial Flex 4/4, Eternal Hope 1/1, Stun Fist 1/1, Bombs 4/4, Mutagen 1/1| Gnome Magic (Used: ); Extracts: True Strike, 1 Open| Active Conditions:


Female LG Gnome Rolling Pin-wielding Level 5 GOON!

About Jilla

Once upon a time, Jilla was at serious risk of the Bleaching: well into middle-age and a life of repetition and drudgery as a tavern cook in Whistledown. But one day, a group of highwaymen came to town to rob the tavern. Jilla surprised even herself by making a spur of the moment decision, and braining the bandit leader with her rolling pin! The next day, realising she needed to experience excitement and danger to truly feel alive, she set hit the road.

Being a single gnome on the dangerous roads of Varisia was far from safe, and often Jilla had to fight literally tooth and nail against orcs, bandits, and more—but she loved every minute of it! She soon found herself in Magnimar, where an overhead conversation led her to Heidmarch Manor and the Pathfinder Society. After some initial training at the Grand Lodge in Absalom, she got her first assignment: exploring one of the ancient siege towers that litter the city. When that mission was a complete success, she got her second: to stop Gaedren Lamm’s criminal reign of terror in Korvosa. Fellow agents in the Society taught her how to discipline her wild fighting ways and channel her energies, but no one’s ever yet kept from the belief that in a fight, doing the unpredictable is always your best bet.

During an adventure that took her to the First World, Jilla emerged with a rolling pin that cries whenever it's left alone! But on the plus side, she also gained some strange powers over plantlife.

After a mission that saw her help squelch an evil demon cult in Magnimar, Jilla spent some time as an apprentice under a master baker named Mortimont. His pastries are to die for!

Recently, she somehow survived the ruins of a siege castle outside Absalom called Bonekeep!

Always hoping to learn something new, Jilla now travels the highways and byways of the Inner Sea, thirsting for adventure around every corner.

Character Sheet: Jilla @ Level 5