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Game Master caster4life

Re-recruitment closes at 5 pm (EDT) on May 31st, 2023. The campaign is played on Discord (lurkers are welcome).

Spreadsheet for loot, capital and downtime, XP, and hero points.

Large map of the city

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Your world tears itself apart as your sick neighbour bites a chunk out of her husband! You scramble to find somewhere safe to hide as screams and unnatural moaning fill the City at the Center of the World. Once hidden, you worry about your loved ones and wonder if you’ll be able to scavenge what you need. Maybe even build somewhere safe? Then something thumps against the door…

This is a zombie survival game. The PCs will struggle to survive in an overrun Absalom. At first, you will be scrambling and hiding, trying not to die. If you are resourceful, you may be able to hold a fortified building and even take in some other survivors. If you are very resourceful, you may even be able to learn some things about what is going on and what you can do about it.

The base-building part of the game will involve the downtime rules. I like giving the PCs choices/difficult decisions and the PCs will have to choose among investing their resources in equipping the leaders of the base (the party), improving the bases defenses (traps, walls, etc), and their base’s means of production (for future resources).

I am taking applications to this game at least for the next three weeks as I am running two PBP games that are about to wrap up. I may allow recruitment to last a little longer. I will give at least one week’s notice when I finalize the date when recruitment will end. Then I will select the five applications that I think will best suit the game (note that I am advertising across a couple platforms, including Discord).

I will be using a lightly modified version of the PF 1e rules (named Chainbreaker) based on a project myself and some others have been working on this year (and are still working on). There’s a community-based nomination and voting process on Discord and we’re working on hosting our rules on our wiki (this is a list of changes we’ve made). You obviously have to be ok with learning and using this ruleset. It would be a big plus if you are interested in giving feedback on the rules, proposing ideas, or even going so far as to help manage the wiki.

Character creation:

20 pt buy

3rd level

Standard WBL: 3,000 gp. Pre-crafting is ok but you can only pre-craft for other party members if you have a shared backstory.

All Paizo-allowed classes and races (up to 20 RP) allowed. Only unchained versions of classes are allowed.

Spheres of power and might allowed but not required.

Emerging guns and know that I often feel that guns compromise the medieval fantasy feel. So, if your character uses guns, you’ll need to really feel like you fit into a medieval fantasy story in a well-grounded way.

Two traits from this very limited list.

Hero points will be in use except you do not gain them simply for existing/levelling. I will hand them out frequently for good RP, helping manage the loot list, keeping a PC chronicle/notes of what’s happened, helping edit the wiki that holds our rules, etc.

Other details, such as EitR and how to calculate hp, can be found at our wiki.


Backstories should be about two paragraphs, minimum. I prefer backstories to be written in narrative format as it’s more fun to read and gives me a sense for how you write/RP. Here are some questions of which I should be able to answer most, if not all, about your character after reading their backstory.

How did your character acquire their skills and values?

What does your character think is important in life?

What does your character look like?

What are some of your characters quirks?

Who does your character care about the most? (Hint: “no one” is usually a bad, Edgelordy answer to this question).

What is your character’s biggest flaw? What about their biggest strength of character?

What are some ways you see your character developing as they struggle to survive a zombie apocalypse and decide whom to trust?


Absalom in the year 4722. I will draw heavily on what’s already published about this setting but won’t claim to be any sort of expert on ALL that’s been published. If you’re unsure whether or not a published part of the setting is part of my game, you can always ask.

As you might expect, we will be spending a lot of time in Absalom. I will be using this map of the city for PCs to refer to and say “We explore F7” or whatever.

What I’m looking for in a submission:

I want earthy, grounded PCs who feel like a normal part of the setting. Normally, that would mean first level characters. But I know starting at first level gets old for players. So, your challenge is to make a third level character, who will necessarily be good at a smattering of things, but who also feels like an earthy, grounded part of the setting. I don’t think this means that your build has to be sub-optimal but there has to be some careful give and take between build and backstory so that your character doesn’t start out as a hero but can become one. Since the game is going to be somewhat deadly, you certainly want to have options for your character to learn to use the tools around them to help them and their comrades survive.

Example: You could play an absent-minded but community-oriented apothecary (alchemist) who spends most of their days tinkering with herbs to make poultices and potions. Most of your formula book could be little utility spells and healing spells. Maybe your character has never made a bomb before but, when pressed, they could try to recall something they read in an odd book and concoct a makeshift incendiary.

The party’s goals will involve trying to build a safe place or themselves and others to survive. Make sure your character is someone who is aligned with these goals. Evil alignments may possibly be allowed if they fit with these goals and will play well with others, e.g., a NE necromancer who believes in the circle of life and death and preserving the community by any means necessary, even if that involves employing the dead to protect against the dead. Such a character would need to deal with some serious stigma and suspicion from others but is an example of a concept that could be workable. A CN thief who just wants to steal from or sleep with everybody would not fit very well in this campaign.

Further, I’m fine with powerful characters (who also have good flavor) but I prefer power to be team-friendly. Not everyone should be a support character but even a fighter can help protect others, e.g., with combat reflexes and reach. I will look a little more favorably on a hyper-optimized buffer, healer, etc., than on a hyper-optimized archer.

Sensitive content parameters:

Sexual content: I’m not very interested in having this in my TTRPGs. If you want to have a romantic relationship with an NPC or another PC, that may be ok. But most physical affection besides a hug, peck on the cheek, whatever, can happen off-camera. As for sexual violence and sexual harassment, I’m not interested in having those in my game.

Violence: Unsurprisingly, there will be a lot of violence and some graphic description, e.g., of what is done to or by a zombie. Further, harm will come to a wide spectrum of people, including children, and there will be some evil people. However, I won’t include any graphic descriptions of harm to children or graphic descriptions of torture.

Frequently, things beyond these parameters will come up. I will try to communicate often and I hope the players will as well.

Game hosting details:

Battle maps will be hosted on roll20. City maps, etc, that PCs need to access frequently but won’t require fog of war and other dynamic tricks will be hosted on google slides so you can see them at any time.

Lots of details like loot, XP, etc will be tracked on google sheets. PCs will need to share some of this work with me, e.g., marking your capital spent or gained and dividing up loot I drop in the found loot list.

Gameplay and discussion will be hosted either on Paizo or Discord, depending on what party I put together. With your application, please state your platform preference from the following options:
A. I will only play if the game is hosted on Paizo.
B. I prefer Paizo but will also play on Discord.
C. I have no preference between Paizo and Discord.
D. I prefer Discord but will also play on Paizo.
E. I will only play if the game is hosted on Discord.

In this play-by-post format, make a habit of post every day or almost every day. I will have to replace players whose engagement is too spotty for too long.


The standard Golarion pantheon is in play. However, I don’t require clerics to worship one of those deities. If you want to worship a lesser-known deity that you’ve homebrewed or a concept, you can. This means you can combine alignment and domains/subdomains as you like. However, you won’t get to pick any weapon you want as your deity’s favored weapon and you won’t have a deific obedience option associated with your deity/concept except maybe something basic chosen by me.

As questions make me realize further things I should include, I’ll put this information, an FAQ, and the most up-to-date list of application statuses in the Campaign Info tab here.

I'm realizing some folks will want to know for sure whether this is Discord or Paizo before applying. I'll track votes and see if there's a clear decision in the next few days. So far,

One Discord-only vote: ViolentSh4de.

Note that the interaction of some of our specific Chainbreaker rule changes with Spheres of Power and Might haven't really been explored. So if you decide to use Spheres of Power and Might, then we're going to have to keep an eye on that as we go. This will be a bit of extra work and thinking.

This seems like an interest concept.

I would apply under hosting condition A.

Curious about these custom rules... I often have difficulties with them! How far are they from standard PF1? What motivated you to customize from there? I like the EitR to bring the martials closer to the spellcasters.

Hi Jereru. Hi Lapyd.

The goal of the rule changes are to stay close to PF 1e, my favorite ttrpg system, and just clean up/fix/clarify/rebalance some things. Looking at the changelog will give you a good sense of what scale of changes we've passed so far. Also, here's the full text of our project goals statement, for those curious.

Project goals: spoilered because long:

These are the goals of the Chainbreaker project from highest to lowest priority:

1. Small changes from PF 1e
We like PF 1e and just want to change it a little bit, not have something completely different.
If we did a big overhaul, there would be too many options for us to hope for much community consensus on what would be a good idea.
Two small changes are less likely to interact in unforeseen ways than two large changes.
Further, smaller changes help maintain greater compatibility with PF 1e players, monsters, and adventure paths.

A guiding principle is "Change as little as possible but as much as necessary".
Definition: The smallness of a change is defined by three factors:
The least impact on power: How much will the change alter the power of players, monsters, or certain builds up or down? Less alteration is more desirable. Specifically, we’ll want to watch out for power creep in which every popular change tends to make the PCs more powerful; this is especially a problem when buffs help the most powerful builds.
The least ripples throughout the whole system: Might the change interact with many other rules elements (undesirable) or is it fairly self-contained/modular (desirable)?
The least difficult to switch to: How much re-learning will this change require of PF 1e players coming to Chainbreaker? Less re-learning is more desirable.
Irolledanat8 (Jason) — 01/17/2022
2. Clarified content
Rationale: A significant amount of PF 1e has unclear interactions between mechanics. Where FAQ or errata rulings exist, we will give them serious consideration and potentially port them into their rightful place in the rules. Where they don’t exist, we will make the rulings (see how-decisions-are-made).

Example 1: Does an invisible creature benefit from mirror image IF the attacker has see invisibility?

Example 2: You can’t take a 5-foot-step if your movement is hampered by darkness or difficult terrain. This holds the same if blindness is halving your speed, right? What about things that halve your speed but aren’t difficult terrain, e.g., winter’s grasp or caltrops?

3. Continual, community-based improvement
Rationale: Unlike an edition published in a book, we can keep improving in response to community comments. There are plenty of interactions or confusions we will not see immediately until the community brings them to our attention.

We will incorporate input and feedback from the FAQ, forum questions that requested an FAQ, and discussions on community platforms like reddit, facebook, discord, GitP, etc. Suggestions will be added frequently to a single, curated list of things to consider. Anyone in the discord can nominate things from this list or from their own ideas for discussion and potential voting (see how-decisions-are-made). The decision process is very transparent and based on consensus. This process can also revise decisions that have already been made when further exploration reveals a need for tweaks, fixes, etc.
4. Improved labeling
Rationale: Some labels contradict each other, leading to confusion. Others overlap, also leading to confusion.

Example of contradiction: For breaking invisibility, the fireball spell counts as “an attack” but not for the purpose of miss chance. These terms need to be clarified.

Example of overlap: There is a feat called command undead as well as a spell called command undead. One of them should be renamed, preferably the one that has less pre-existing name recognition (in keeping with goal #1).

5. Better balance
Rationale: The incredible number of options that are mechanically meaningful is one of the best things about PF 1e. But some options are FAR stronger than others, reducing how many meaningful options are available to players. We want to rectify these somewhat but not so greatly that all options are equally powerful (which would leave player choice with little mechanical meaning). This rebalancing will include two main efforts:

Buff weak but flavorful options so that they are a reasonable choice compared to “powerful” options. We do NOT wish to make these choices more powerful than existing choices as that will contribute to overall power creep; we simply want them to be almost as powerful instead of far less powerful. Example: Startoss style is very flavorful but too weak as it is very hard to fight with thrown weapons. Buff the damage bonus slightly from 2+2 to 3+3.
Nerf some overpowered options so that they are not the obvious, go-to choice or something that is gamebreaking and will give GMs trouble. Example: Leadership is much too strong for a single feat while also potentially being a big problem for ease of play.
Close obvious loopholes.
6. Backwards compatibility
Rationale: We want the vast amounts of useful, written PF 1e materials to be easily used in the Chainbreaker system. Bestiary entries and adventure paths are the primary targets here. While some changes may technically imply a re-calculation of monster stats, it will be more efficient to generally leave monster stats as is.

Example of a significant change that preserves compatibility well: Implementing the feat taxes Elephant in the Room system. This changes how PCs are built but doesn’t have to change monsters or how adventure paths can be written. If desirable. GMs can simply increase their CR budget slightly (which I tend to do anyway).

Example of a change that does not preserve compatibility well: Combining or splitting apart skills, e.g., combining perception and sense motive. If an NPC has very different listings for those two skills, a GM will have to figure out what is going on with the combination and which skill to use.

7. Improved organization and writing
Rationale: Some passages are written poorly or don’t contain important information where it is needed.

Example: Combat defines a 5-foot-step and says: “You can only take a 5-foot-step if your movement isn’t hampered by difficult terrain or darkness.” But for a 5-foot-step, it’s EXTREMELY important if the square you are exiting or entering counts for the purposes of difficult terrain. You have to move over to Exploration & Movement to find out that the square you are entering matters for difficult terrain. A better writing might be “You cannot take a 5-foot-step into difficult terrain or while unable to see” since it has the relevant information right where you need it. This might be very slightly redundant to have the information in two places but you really need it with the definition of a 5-foot-step.
8. Simplified content
Rationale: PF 1e is a very complex system, which allows for a lot of fun. But the fun complexity is often bogged down with complexity that no one really wants to deal with. So we want to simplify to eliminate unnecessary complexity that doesn’t add much to the game.

Example of complexity that serves a point: Archetype stacking. It is complex but it seriously increases the number of different character builds that are possible.

Example of unnecessary complexity: You can draw a weapon as part of your movement if you have +1 BAB. This contingency is a little hard to learn and remember and realistically only arises in a minority of cases for 1st level melee characters who are not full BAB. Just let everybody draw a weapon as part of their movement so this is simpler.

9. Condensed content
Rationale: There are an incredible number of feats, spells, traits, etc. Some of them don’t contribute anything to the game and can be condensed with a little re-labelling.

Example: Lightning reflexes, iron will, and great fortitude could just be combined into a single “improved save” feat that can be taken multiple times for each feat. Same for their greater versions.

I personally favor Paizo over discord, but that's me.

It'll take me a bit to figure out a character history, But it will end up as a archer based Paladin.

CucumberTree: So should I put you down as "I prefer Paizo but would play on Discord" or "I only will play if the game is on Paizo"? Any answer is fine. I just want to make sure I set people up for a game they'll actually enjoy, not drag themselves through.

Just a preference.

Huh. Had a lumberjack PC done a while ago, Maybe a woodsy type is just what is needed.

Dotting with interest, I'd be prefer Paizo but okay with discord, not sure what I'd play yet should have an idea tomorrow

Where do we start on the city map?

Cool to see concepts start trickling in.

The opening scene will begin in E9 in a city square near the Ascendant Court. But that doesn't have to be your character's neighborhood.

Round-up of concepts (including some messages on Discord):
CucumberTree: Archer paladin
MarbleMari: Zen archer
Phillip Gastone: Lumberjack?
Motoraza: Monster tactician inquisitor most likely
SoB: Alchemist
denise martinez: Protection sphere user

Running tally for hosting options on a scale from A-Paizo only to E-Discord only (not everyone has answered this yet):
A. 1 (Jereru)
B. 2 (CucumberTree, KeeperofRunes)
C. 1 (Motoraza)
D. 1 (MarbleMari)
E. 3 (ViolentSh4de, denise martinez, XenoMorphine)

Currently working on a Aasimar Cleric(Angelfire Apostle) following Sarenrae - going for Sun and Glory Domain to really annoy those undead.
Tally option B for me.

I love me some Pathfinder, so I'm taking an eye here with curiosity. For me, the option is B.

Would you be open to a Synthesist? Not the monstrous one with a million natural attacks; I'm thinking on something thematic, joined from the plane of shadows.

I was going to plan a character, but seeing how the courts are going I think I'll rather wait... The Discord option has a big advantage and if it wins my work would be for nothing.

I don't mind Discord for say chatting(say ooc) and paizo some posts. SInce not everyone can get on discord at the same time.

Playing on Discord would still be play-by-post, post roughly once a day style. People do tend to post more often on Discord because you can get notifications pushed to your phone, etc, but it wouldn't really change my style.

Phillip: What platform preference should I put down for you?


Hmm, could be a fun storyline for a tavern cook that grew up a street urchin before "finding his calling". Thinking a halfling rogue (might try a spheres of might build?).

I have never used discord for a PBP, so would prefer paizo, but it's not a hard no by any means (B).

Interested in the concept. I am creating the aforementioned Monster Tactician Inquisitor.

Lapyd wrote:

I love me some Pathfinder, so I'm taking an eye here with curiosity. For me, the option is B.

Would you be open to a Synthesist? Not the monstrous one with a million natural attacks; I'm thinking on something thematic, joined from the plane of shadows.

Just wanted to call your attention caster :)

I have also an idea for a psychic if this doesn’t work.

Ah yes. wulfila on Paizo = Motoraza on Discord.

Lapyd: I think I'm ok with unchained synthesist summoner. Part of developing my ruleset is that if I see something is OP, I can fix it.

TheLastGhost: Sounds fun!

Phillip: Can you specify whether your mean option A (would only play on Paizo) or option B (prefer Paizo but would play on Discord).

All: I'm going to assign point values to answers. A is +3, B is +1, C is 0, D is -1, E is -3. Once we get to 10 or -10 in running total, I'll commit to a platform.

Misc: This is a campaign that would be more suitable for taking leadership than most. Esp if one has NPCs important to one, that would be a good way to improve their contribution to the base and base defense, though I wouldn't let them go adventuring with the party.

First level Jediah is up. Fearless against the undead. But afraid of pigs.

Very interested, something working with improvised weapons would be appropriate.

I'll put my vote down for option D, prefer discord but open to paizo.

caster4life wrote:

Misc: This is a campaign that would be more suitable for taking leadership than most. Esp if one has NPCs important to one, that would be a good way to improve their contribution to the base and base defense, though I wouldn't let them go adventuring with the party.

Very good to know. Thank you.

Edit: Oh my. I have such a great idea. lol

I would definately put myself down as a B.

I very much like the idea of an itinerant city-monk. Mechanically this would be a dragon style scaled fist monk. Someone who was trained by a single wandering master from a very young age and has learned a trade (or two) in his long time in the city.

Who knows, maybe he'll even get to punch a boulder...

I am assuming that having skills like acrobatics and climb might also see more importance when trying to avoid zombie hordes? All told this sounds like a lot of potential fun. At least to roleplay.

The wiki was a bit unclear about what rules have and have not been adopted. For example, it says using EitR is being implemented. I would assume that means it's a go to apply it to characters?

Interested! I'll try and get a concept I like running soon, after I finish reading the wiki. Put me down under C. (Not that useful I know, but I've had good success with both forms of playing)

Thinking of playing some kind of skill monkey/mundane healer. Possibly a phantom thief rogue, considering all the DPS options we've got! That or a sorcerer.

The wiki changelog lists official rules changes that we will use. To be implemented vs implemented just means whether the wiki is up to date on that rules change but we'll use the rules change either way.

Platform preference: Reminder to everyone to let me know explicitly from the scale of A-E. Be honest. Don't exaggerate your preference because then we might end up on the other platform and you wouldn't be invited to play. But don't understate your preference either because I don't want to drag somebody to play on a platform who really doesn't want to play there. If we don't get to the +10 or -10 relatively soon, I'll make a call as necessary.

Kazmanaught: Just read the changelog for now. My project-mates and I have a LOT to do on the wiki yet. Sorcerers get some significant love in our rules so that's a fun one but play whatever calls to you.

Completed characters:
None yet

Round-up of concepts (including some messages on Discord):
CucumberTree: Archer paladin
MarbleMari: Zen archer
Phillip Gastone: Lumberjack?
Wulfila/Motoraza: Monster tactician inquisitor most likely
SoB: Alchemist
denise martinez: Protection sphere user
Mordred: Sarenrae cleric that annoys undead
Lapyd: Synthesist
TheLastGhost: Halfling Rogue
Andrea1: Jediah the halforc ranger
Simeon: Improvised weapons something
Kazmanaught: Rogue or sorcerer

Running tally for hosting options on a scale from A-Paizo only to E-Discord only (not everyone has answered this yet):
A. 1 (Jereru)
B. 6 (CucumberTree, KeeperofRunes, Mordred, Lapyd, TheLastGhost, SqueezeMeNow)
C. 2 (Motoraza/Wulfila, Kazmanaught)
D. 2 (MarbleMari, Simeon)
E. 3 (ViolentSh4de, denise martinez, XenoMorphine)

Total: +3+6-2-9=-2.

caster4life wrote:
Lapyd: I think I'm ok with unchained synthesist summoner. Part of developing my ruleset is that if I see something is OP, I can fix it.

Thanks mate! My idea was a shadows-based summoner with a bow, to avoid the usual trope of multiple natural attacks, but from the list above I see multiple archers and ranged characters! I may go for a different route to avoid conflicting too much. What are your thoughts?

Would variant multiclass be also acceptable?

Finally: considering how organized and streamlined the game mechanics look to be, as a suggestion, should you maybe try to run it with auto-bonus progression/half wealth? I like because it opens some interesting routes for people to use more "fun" magic items.

Whatever sounds fun to you! It's hard to know what party composition needs there will be one the actual party selection is being made. Personally, I like super-buffers, super-healers, and other interesting builds.

Yes variant multiclass is acceptable. I don't think automatic bonus progression is my cup of tea, however.

Whoops sorry. I am Andrea/Phillip/Jediah. I have to stop posting on different aliases

Lvl 2 Ranger
+5+2+1 HP=+8
+1 Bab
+1 Fort/Ref
+1 All skills
Combat Style Feat: Two-Handed (Power Attack)

Hey @caster4life this is the monk SqueezeMeNow mentioned. Still have a lot of work to do on him yet, but I have a pretty solid concept after a day.

SqueezeMeNow wrote:
I very much like the idea of an itinerant city-monk. Mechanically this would be a dragon style scaled fist monk. Someone who was trained by a single wandering master from a very young age and has learned a trade (or two) in his long time in the city.

Mechanically, I am having him pick up dragon style and dodge from monk bonus feat, and looking at weapon focus/defiant luck/inexplicable luck. Fits the noble loner that bounces around the city as a porter/laborer well. Also, might save his skin in a zombie apocalypse.

As to his backstory I've thought up a good little story. Need to get it from my head to writing, but I'll give a heads up when he is all ready.

edit: A heads up to other players, but Liam has a lot of potential for setting up flanks/teamwork feats/reroll synergy if you're planning anything in that vein. In particular there is a talent I am eyeing that gives +2 on an rerolls a character makes. Limited use with his luck feats, but if we have anyone in the group who lets others make rerolls it would definately be a worthwhile feat later on.

I think this is a really cool concept for a campaign, and at a glance your rules updates for Chainbreaker are similar to many house rules we employ in my local group - count me interested.

For character, I am thinking either a smith, mason, or carpenter - a tradesman working in a neighborhood of the city. Perhaps he served briefly as a city guard in his youth, but that was years ago. I am thinking fighter would make the most sense, though a cleric of a crafting god could be interesting. Perhaps he doesn't actively use his magic, but is a very pious individual and his work is sometimes imbued with divine gifts? I will need to see if I can find an appropriate archetype. Maybe even an oracle would make sense...

On the topic of races, you mentioned any up to 20 rp - that's a pretty powerful swing. Would you consider giving core races a bump if some characters end up on the upper end of the racial power spectrum?

As for format, I have to put myself firmly in the A category. I've tried a couple discord based games, and usually there is a player or two who just takes off with the posting, leaving everyone else in the dust. It caused A lot of disconnect to go to work for a few hours, only to find you are 20 actions behind a portion of your group. Just my thoughts.

Phillip: No worries. I guess I could have just figured that out. Btw, you never officially stated your platform preference between A (will only play on Paizo) or B (would play on Discord but prefer Paizo). I think you were implying A?

SqueezeMeNow: Looking forward to it.

Races: I haven't actually had much of a problem with that in the past as I don't think RP are a very good measure of how strong a race is. Plus, some of the really exotic, high RP races would have trouble making it into this game. For example, an android (16 RP) just doesn't really feel right.

Discord pacing: Yes! I've played in and GMed a bunch of Discord games at this point. I've seen that happen and I've also seen a moderate-fast pace maintained instead. If this game goes to Discord, I plan to put the brakes on the action if its gets too far in one day without the input of a party member. That's assuming the party member is doing their part about engaging at the roughly once per day post. If I haven't heard a peep from them in a fortnight, then we'll charge ahead with everyone else who is ready.

Running tally for hosting options on a scale from A-Paizo only to E-Discord only (not everyone has answered this yet):
A. 3 (Jereru, wanderer82, Phillip Gastone)
B. 6 (CucumberTree, KeeperofRunes, Mordred, Lapyd, TheLastGhost, SqueezeMeNow)
C. 2 (Motoraza/Wulfila, Kazmanaught)
D. 5 (MarbleMari, Simeon, Corbee, HiddenEclipse, Ember)
E. 4 (ViolentSh4de, denise martinez, XenoMorphine, TotallyNotEvil)

Total: +9+6-4-12=-2.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Contemplating making a healer for this.

Choice would be {A}.

Choice B I guess, I prefer paizo but can do some discord

MordredofFairy here, this will be my submission.

(Functionally complete submission. Only minor details(like exact gear purchase, or a once-over check for integrity) still open.)

Do you still have a slot left? Or is the party full?

Agrael- wrote:
Do you still have a slot left? Or is the party full?

Feel free to apply! The party is not set yet.

Lvl 3 ranger

HP +8
Bab +1
Will +1

First Favored Terrain:Forest
3rd level Feat:Iron Will

Alrighty! Just need to finish his (small item) shopping and description. I have a general description up now I might want to update. His backstory is written out as recommended, but I'm not sure it 100% answers all the questions. Might be a bit subtle.

Should have everything 100% tomorrow. Has been a lot of fun making the character. I feel like inspiration struck.

Allow me to present to you Dirk Wilder, Phantom Thief and Sanctified Rogue of Calistria! Subpar combatant, excellent skill monkey, and mundane healer. He was a lot of fun to make, I hope that the back story checks all your boxes! If not, just let me know, and I can brush it up a little bit.


Unchanined Rogue [Phantom Thief + Sanctified Rogue] Favored Class Rogue Humanx3
Dirk Wilder CN
HP:15|BaB:2|AC: T: FF:|Fort:2 Ref:6 Will:5|Init:+7
Str: 7 -2
Dex: 14+2 3
Con: 9 -1
Int: 16 3
Wis: 14 2
Cha: 14 2

Racial Features:
+1 skill/lvl
+2 Dex
+skill focus at 1st, 8th, 16th level

Skills: Ranks Stat Class Misc Total
Acrobatics 3 3 Y - 9
Heal 3 2 Y 3+1 12
Knowledge Arcana 3 3 Y - 9
Stealth 3 3 Y 1 10
Diplomacy 3 2 Y - 8
Disguise 3 2 Y - 8
Disable Device 3 3 Y 2 11
Spellcraft 3 3 Y - 9
UMD 3 2 Y - 8
Sense Motive 3 2 Y - 8
Perception 3 2 Y - 8
Knowledge Plains 3 3 Y - 9
Appraise 3 3 Y - 9
Slight of Hand 3 3 Y - 9

Class Features:
-Bunch of extra skills as class skills
-Free Weapon Finesse, Dex to damage with daggers
Add 1/2 lvl to a new skill, every odd level, these are rogue's edge skills
-Future: Slight of hand, Perception, Disable Device
Social Sense:
-Pretty Useless
Rogue Talents:
-Precise Shot

[spoiler=Emissary Wasp Familiar]
HP 7 BaB:2 40ft fly speed average
Str 3, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 2
Fly +7, Stealth +15
Poison, but don't use it
Gives +4 initative
Improved Evasion
Empathic Link
Can Cast Guidance At will
1/day, can use the Azata domain power, good vs compulsions and grapples

Magical Aptitutde: Detect Magic
Resiliant: Fort Saves

Human: Skill Focus Heal
Rogue: Weapon Finesse
1st: Healer's Hands
2nd: Precise Shot
3rd: Wasp Familiar

Mithril Chain Shirt 1100
Masterwork Dagger 302
Shortbow 30
20 arrows 1
20 blunt arrows 2
Sleeves of many Garments 200
Masterwork Theives Tools 100
Healer's Kit x2 100
Boline 10
Muleback cords 1000
Antiplague 50
105 gp


The alchemist that had once lived in this shop was long dead, overrun by the hordes of the undead that thronged to the city center. At least, that's what 'Tera had reported back. Dirk had always valued Hymenoptera for her scouting prowess, but with the streets being so unsafe these days, having some eyes in the sky was almost a necessity. Dirk moved silently through the city streets, bow drawn in case he saw something move. If it screamed instead of groaning... well he'd figure that out later. Better safe than sorry. Besides, he reasoned to himself, I haven't seen anyone alive in days.

He thought back to the happy days. Well, happier anyway. Dirk's childhood had been... difficult. Never knowing his father, his mother hated almost everything about him. His eyes, his hair, even his slight slouch all reminded her of the man who had left her pregnant. Ms. Wilder had no intent on spoiling Dirk, or even providing basic needs, without rent. Growing up malnourished, Dirk was frailer and weaker than other children, traits his gaunt frame still retain. Dirk learned many skills on the streets, how to skulk, how to steal, how to find a bleeding heart. He made friends too, some of the other urchins helped him when times got rough. One girl in particular helped him learn new tricks, cons to run on the unsuspecting. They could make far more money together than they could alone, and so they'd split their profits at the end of the day, through thick and thin. Her name was Clarissa, and working with her was Dirk's one joy in life. And so the years went by, and they grew to young adults. Clarissa and Dirk talked of running away together. Now that being a waif, and begging was no longer an option, the jobs they took became riskier and riskier. Finally, a job went wrong. A merchant had more protection than they had been expecting, perhaps someone had tipped them off that the two were planning a job, regardless the outcome was the same. The last Dirk saw of Clarissa, she was being dragged off, by several burly men, and Dirk was running along rooftops with several crossbow bolts in his side. Eventually, he collapsed due to bloodloss in an alleyway. When he came to, he was in a Church.

The temple of Calistria saw promise in Dirk. They saw a lust for vengeance in him, against his mother, his father, and the men who took Clarissa away from him. More than promise however, they saw opportunity. A sneak thief, associated with their temple, could prove quite useful. Relics need stealing, dissent sown, threatening letters delivered to head government officials without any way for them to have gotten there. Dirk was a potential treasure trove of uses, and so they nursed him back to health. They were delighted to find that he was an apt pupil as well. He took to learning many higher sciences quickly, making a study of magicraft, and planar knowledge. They also taught him medicine, so that he might better be able to bandage his own wounds. These tricks and more he picked up on, learning to emulate some of Calistria's god given gifts, such as channeling healing energies and even eventually being blessed with a giant wasp to aid him in his church quests. Perhaps his crowning achievement was stealing a magical item from a mage that let him overcome his childhood frailty, and carry heavy objects. Or perhaps when he went back to that merchant who had caught him and Clarissa, and cleaned him out. He made a good haul off of that, although he had kept the mithril armor that was meant for some government bigwig's son. Throughout his work, Dirk sought to find out what happened to Clarissa. Had she been arrested? Smuggled? Executed? Calistria was his goddess, but Clarissa was his driving force. That and him building up his courage to confront his mother. Then the plague started.

Dirk had been out on a mission when it truly began. On further reflection, he might have been lucky, very few of the priests in that temple had been blessed with positive energies, and it was probably quickly overrun. Poor sods, he thought. They were good to me, even if they weren't the nicest folk in the world. Still, they all probably had it coming. He had spent a few days on rooftops, him and 'Tera watching the carnage unfold, and eating pigeons and rats to survive. It was just like living on the street again, but with more screaming. Suffering didn't bother him so much, but the noise? Unconscionable. At least that's what he told himself. Dirk had never done an assassination mission before, or even killed anyone. That he knew of anyway. And watching children be torn to pieces by their parents roused that old feeling of helplessness that he hated so much. He was going to have to do something and make these creatures pay for what they had done to his city. Noting that the bitten tended to rise as zombies themselves, he determined it was probably an illness of some kind. This frightened him immensely because he had always been prone to illness as a child. He resolved to break into an alchemist's shop and find some-

What was that noise?

Dirk cursed himself as he ducked into the alleyway. He had let himself get distracted. And the slow shambling that was coming his way could only be one thing. A zombie. And where was 'Tera? Why hadn't she let him know that a zombie was coming?

From around the corner came a kid. The festering bite mark on his arm told Dirk all he needed to know. He wasn't a zombie yet, but he would be soon. He drew his bow, and prepared to fire. A tense second passed. Then another. Finally he cursed, and unknocked his arrow.
"C'mon kid. There's a place around the corner you can stay." The youth looked at him, terrified by the stranger who just ducked out from an alleyway. The fear only grew when Hymenoptera came flying by, buzzing aggressively as she tried to find the source of the fear she had felt through their empathic link. "We don't have much time," Dirk said. "Follow me quickly!" They ran the last few hundred feet to the alchemist's shop. The windows were broken out, and 'Tera went in first to investigate. When she gave the all clear, they followed her in. Riffling quickly through the alchemist's supplies, Dirk quickly found what he had been looking for. Antiplague. Downside was there were only two vials of it left. Looking at the sick kid, he sighed. It wouldn't do the kid any good to have it, they'd just die soon anyway. But maybe, just maybe, this'd give them a fighting chance. "Here kid. Drink these before you go to bed tonight. Find a roof to sleep on if you can." Taking the other vial, he ran out the door, and looked for a good way to get back onto the roofs. "Wait!" the kid yelled. "You can't just leave me!" Dirk's anger flared, but he tamped it down. Way down, with everything else. "Can't take you with me either. Look kid, tell you what. I'll have 'Tera look for other people, and escort you as far as I can to them, ok? Then we go our separate ways. And be quieter will you?" The kid nodded, fading back into their feverish state. Would they survive the night? Would Dirk? Was Clarissa even alive? Only time would tell.

As per the FAQ in Game Info, I would like to request feedback.
Specifically, I would like confirmation that the VMC Cavalier Order ability for 2nd-level(7 for VMC) will stack(Specifically: In addition, the cavalier adds 1/2 his cavalier level to any levels of paladin or cleric he might possess for the purposes of determining the effects of channel energy or lay on hands.), similar to a Robe of Arcane Heritage or a Monks Belt - there is nothing in the wording that would suggest it should not, and RAW channel energy is not even capped at a certain level(just increases every 2, with no stated max).

But I do understand there is bound to be some table variance, but as the main draw of the VMC it is also an expensive "purchase" for half the Feats. Either way, if for some reason you rule that it would not work, I'll have to reconsider my options...

(Also, pity about the trait shortlist even if it makes things more streamlined - Cleansing Light would have been hot for this build :) )

This my first time using this website. I applied to this game from another site and am just finalizing my character's items then working on fleshing out his backstory. I am playing a human who was raised by dwarves. He is a wizard(Universalist, Arcane crafter) who mostly will focus on being a support and help out when it comes to magical craft. If anyone is up for it. I would be down for making a shared backstory or possibly just knowing your character in someway.

Liam: Looking forward to it!

Kazmanaught: Fun! I'll take a look soon and let you know. I happened to have time to read Orion's first.

Feedback for Orion:

It's fine and reasonable with no glaring problems. If anything, Orion feels a little bit one-dimensional. He's wholeheartedly earnest without many quirks that feel like a real person. Similarly, his "flaws" don't feel particularly grounded in human reality as they involve being too optimistic about people.

Joint backstories: A decent idea! It can't hurt your application but could help it somewhat. I would not decide not to select somebody just because I didn't want to select their backstory tie-in character. We would just edit a little bit and have that relationship be with an NPC. But I might select two or more people because I like the story they've started crating together.

Still got some details to work out but, Inquisitor / Monster Tactician / Urban Infiltrator?

And I choose D. I've played a couple PBP on Discord and really liked it. I find I can do short posts on phone or tablet but details still need a keyboard. And still need somewhere for maps!

There are some things going on in RL that will make me spend more time than needed doing things I don't like, and it will prevent me from applying to as many games as I would have wished. This, and with deep sorrow, I think it's wise to step out of the recruitment now that the damage is still minimum.

Thank you and happy gaming to everyone!

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