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Dotting with interest, I’ll give a read within the next few days but won’t have time to put anything up until end of the week.

Dotting with interest, I'd be prefer Paizo but okay with discord, not sure what I'd play yet should have an idea tomorrow

I’m intrested definitely would prefer a late 1800s early 1900s!

I'm liking the idea of a Giovanni focusing on Necromancy with a bit of Thaumaturgy (Possibly getting into playwrighting stealing ideas from dead people) I should have more deatils in a couple of days!

My initial concept is an off Broadway aspiring actor who got noticed by a company of Vampires (Probably either Toreador Tremere or Giovanni) and was turned to join.

Also dotting for intrest!

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Sorry, its taking me a bit longer to get things up and running than I expected but I still am prepping and planning to do iron gods!

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Looks like iron gods is a fast leader so I’ll plan on that!

These are all ones I loved playing or have been intrested in for a while so I’m happy with any, iron gods from book 3 seems like the most interesting to me but any would be great!

Looking through wrath I'm not sure I'm quite equip to make the adjustments I think it would need so I'm probably going to have to dip out of Wrath but what I'll do instead is offer a few other options and take votes.

Iron Gods
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Rise of the Runelords
Carrion Crown

Sorry to disappoint on Wrath though!

I won’t be able to post today or tomorrow unfortunately!

I won’t be able to post today or tomorrow unfortunately!

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Alright, I’ll read though it and have up a recruitment up hopefully middle to end of next week!

I’m still new to pbp so it might take a bit of getting used to but I’ve GMd for a few years in person and this seems interesting if folks are happy to beat with a new gm. I’d take a week or so to get familiar with the book but WotW seems fun.

are traps going to play a strong part here, I ask because I am deciding between 2 archetypes for alchemist and one of them is largely for trapfinding.

definitely interested in this! I'm hopeful that there might be a espionage/intrigue aspect!

I hope everything works out as well as it can!

just for posterity luck: 2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 6) + 6 = 16 80

Just to clarify is there going to be a formal recruitment or are we in? Just don’t wanna spend the money if not yet!

As I'm learning more about the system I'm liking the idea of a pilot! not fully set yet (Probably wont be till after I've read the books which will be a few days) but I'm thinking initially of swashbuckler or thrill-seeker aviator

is there a good way to grok the system before buying the books/ should we be buying the books before selection?

Hello! I'm quite interested! I also don't know the system at all but I generally like learning new systems and love Cthulhu! should we be trying to put together characters at this point or just basic outlines? my initial thought is a professorial type but I'm happy to shift that around to the needs of the party!

Congratulations and good luck to those chosen!

Okay, I think I figured everything out sharing

This should be Stevee a Well to do local political Speechwriter who was turned by the Ventrue well working for Eugene McCarthy. She is well connected in the city and has kept close with many of her national political contacts, She keeps a small heard in a family home in South Saint Paul, the trait that her prey all have to share is having butchered an animal in the past 24 hours which is why she chose South Saint Paul home to the largest Slaughterhouse in the state (and in 1980 I think the world? Contradictory info there.).

Does everything look rightish here?

I may try to put something together, not to familiar with the system but I’ll see what I can do!

Dot, I'm planning on a Hunter with an elk animal companion focusing on teamwork feats, maybe mounted, not sure yet.

I'm gonna work on a hunter I think, maybe an inquisitor either way focusing on teamwork feats!

I'm not finding a story I like in the background so I think I'm gonna withdraw, good gaming!

Could I use stealth in order to try to get close and eavesdrop on gossip nearby?

Fern, would you be opposed to making multiple characters to apply with? I don’t think the backstory for my others will be quite as well developed initially but I figure that way I can look at other niches!

It’s not uncommon and can help to balance casters vs martial in the mid game, it makes martial much stronger at low level but also more diverse in my experience (twf, dex based and ranged are less feat intensive). Personally I’m on the take it or leave it boat, allows more diversity but takes extra monitoring from the DM

I'm gonna try to put together a gunslinger in the next day or two!

Edit: for crafting can I assume that I can craft mundane items before the game?

I've also got a concept I made for an earlier in progress recruitment I'd love to scale down and apply with!

Hey, before I finalize my plan could I get clarification on if I could reflavor Tales from the sea to be an item that his son had and have him believe that it is his sons consciousness in the item?

starting wealth: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 1, 1) = 9

looking great!

I’d apply to any, I’m particularly intrested in kingmaker but considering no one else has mentioned it I'm guessing it’s unlikely!

Brief background on my character

Marsyas background (that he knows):

I am a collector I doesn't know exactly what I should be collecting or why I collect them but I knows that sometimes the things I collects do magic for me. So I keeps collecting, Knick knacks, relics, heirlooms anything that looks like it might have been significant to someone but wouldn't be worth significant things to others I take. why do I do this? … why do I do this?

Because? … Because I am a collector.

background that he doesn't know/ideas for background:

Marsyas is a kellid Occultist (Haunt collector), he studied at the University of Lepidstadt primarily in history specializing in the latent power left in items that belonged to those with great power, he graduated well respected and went on to join the Pathfinder society for a brief time to try and get access to the Dark Archives collection, instead he found that they kept sending him on expeditions that seemed beyond his capacity and he retired and started working as a researcher at different institutions around Avistan. eventually he found himself back in Ustlav in the expeditions wing of the Sincomakti School of Sciences where on an expedition down the Danver river he fell off a boat and woke up remembering nothing and in an asylum.


1. What did you do before you became amnesiac? Who or what landed the blow to your head?

I was an academic and I fell off a boat

2. If you were in Ustalav's armies, did you see any action? How did Ustalav's wars affect you?

I was not in the arimes

3. Were you a researcher (good for Alchemists)? Were you working on a breakthrough with your alchemy?

I was a researcher and I wasn't working with alchemy but I was on the way to an important occult sight in Lake Encarthan.

4. Did you have a rival in your earlier life? If you were married, was it a rocky marriage? Are you in a homosexual relationship that was going south?

I made a few rivals within the Pathfinder society in my brief period there, I tried to gain access to things I shouldn't have been going near, there are a fair few people in the Dark Archive that would rather I disappeared.

5. Were you comfortable and had the blessings of wealth?

I was never poor but never wealthy enough to retire either.

6. What is your religion? Did you worship one of Golarion's many gods? Or was like Wiccanism? Was your worship casual? Are you an atheist and did not believe in any god or religious movement? Are you more spiritual?

I think that all the gods are worthy of praise but looking to one over all the others would be insanity, all the great gifts of all the gods can be gained if you stay neutral.

7. What are your dreams or aspirations?

To do anything of note, I wrote a thesis that wasn't worth a damn after doing work following others at a noteworthy institution and did well but never did anything that truly mattered, I want to become someone who can make the things I find.

8. A question for players: What are you looking for in this AP? Hack and Slash Combat? Intrigue? Roleplaying?

I like the idea of intrigue and roleplaying most but a balance of all three would be ideal

I shifted ideas significantly for this, I'm now thinking of a Tortured Crusader Paladin who is older and who's wife died when their village was overtaken and who's only son died in the retreat of the second crusade. He then enlisted hoping to help push back the threat and join them. This will be fleshed out significantly more but I wanted to ask if I could reflavor Tales from the sea to be an item that his son had and have him believe that it is his sons consciousness in the item?


If horror adventures is in the offing then I'm Definity thinking that a Haunt Collector Occultist would be grand!

on rethinking I'm looking at an elven occultist! not fully set yet!

dang, most of the character comes out of Harrow handbook so I think I'll have to rethink! thank you!

Do you have the Inner sea world guide, Birthplace of legend and harrow handbook? I'm thinking of a cartomancer witch eventually going into harrower trying to divine her past.

Dotting in with interest, how much backstory do you want us to make, do you want a backstory that the characters can't remember or just the bits and pieces?

Dotting in!

for Tales from the sea does the item have to be magical at base or can it be a normally mundane item that is intelligent?

I've always had a thing for occultists and the Archipelago instantly gave me a ton of inspiration for them!

Also, I saw that someone asked about occult classes but I don't think I saw an answer, are they okay or no?

Dotting in, I'll read through what others are thinking then put someone together!

alchemist takes the ranged Dps slot up pretty well so maybe a Barbarian for Melee dps but I'd be fine building almost anything depending on you and Philo!

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