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Source: Any paizo unless you show me something broken. Then thanks for helping me find it!
20 point buy
Standard wealth by level
Two traits
Background skills
Full hit die at level 1. Half of hit die max+1 for subsequent levels.
Races: All paizo =< 20 RP.
Classes: All paizo.
Item creation feats and crafting ahead of time for self and party allowed
Backstory: Doesn't need to be long but should be interesting, flavorful, and give me an idea of who your character is, what motivates them, and what kind of interactions they're likely to have with the party. A good backstory will also make it clear why how a character is involved with and why he/she/it cares about the setting and plot.


Maps, inventory, etc will be hosted through Google slides, sheets, etc. Players should be able to regularly access these. Not necessarily every day but most of the time.

Everyone should post at least 1/weekday and 1/weekend unless they let me know that a certain time is bad for them. If this doesn’t sound like the kind of thing you already like to do, this game probably isn’t for you. Often, players and I will get multiple posts back and forth in a day. This is great meeting the agreed upon expectations is what really matters. Posts (in general, not every single one) should involve reaction to what is happening or other characters are doing, internal monologue, flavorful description, and/or a hook or push that moves the action forward.

Terrible example:
Wizarding Tom casts haste.

Good example:

Wizarding Tom reaches quickly for a pouch at his belt and pulls out a small black shaving. This had better help or we're done for... That minotaur looks angry! C'mon now... focus... focus... The root glows brightly as power surges into Tom and his allies. Invigorated, he calls out to Barbarian Bob "Tear him a new one, Bob!"

Casting haste.