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Re-recruitment closes at 5 pm (EDT) on May 31st, 2023. The campaign is played on Discord (lurkers are welcome).

Spreadsheet for loot, capital and downtime, XP, and hero points.

Large map of the city

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When you say "Gameplay and discussion are hosted in our discord server", how does that work? Does that mean that everybody logs on at the same time and so you have something close to real-time session?

No, it's typical play by post. The protocol is to post once per weekday and once per weekend.

Scarab Sages

I'm interested, but I have a few questions, mostly about the party roles information you've posted.

Are there any particular roles that you'd prioritize over others? I'm not too caught up on a particular character concept so I could build any of the following and be perfectly happy with them:

Oracle, Life Mystery and Pei Zin Practitioner archetype. Probably Vudrani Human. This is an in-combat healer for sure. Do you mean this much in-combat healing, or is this overkill? Depending on circumstances at the time, channeling can be reserved for AoE undead harm.

Oracle, Succor Mystery and Spirit Guide archetype. Probably Halfling and taking the Helpful Trait if possible. Spirit Guide lets this oracle be a pocket life oracle in a pinch, but mostly works at turning the present melee characters into tanks by using aide another, bodyguard, combat reflexes, etc. with a long spear. Stop the hit from happening and heal when you can't.

I'm not sure what you mean by tank, it's not so much a thing in pathfinder. But I'm assuming you're talking about heavier armor for better AC and melee durability? If so...

Bloodrager, Destined Bloodline and Steelblooded archetype could be a strength-based version. On the other hand, I might be able to do about the same thing with an Urban Bloodrager with the Arcane Bloodline and a Dex build. Probably Half-Elf in this case.

Of course Paladins tend to be quite tanky, and an Oradin adds a side of healing as well. I don't mind playing a paladin, but the class isn't a good fit for many games.

The electricity slinger is also interesting and could be covered well by a Sorcerer with the Djinni or Stormborn Bloodlines. Human for Djinni and Sylph for Stormborn I think.

Sorry for just emptying a sack of ideas all at once, but usually I can look at gameplay and current characters to get a feel for what's missing and how much it hurts. In this case though I can't see any of that stuff.

Pei Zin Practitioner: It's up to you but I do mean a specialized healer. I had life oracle in mind as an example, say with the Fey Foundling feat, but it's up to you exactly how far you take it. Pei zin is a cool archetype I hadn't seen before. In general, I think a fairly specialized role to fill out a niche the party currently hasn't filled is a good way for everyone to have their time to shine and have fun.

Tanking: Agreed that there are a lot of interpretations for what tanking is. An AC aider, a DR+HP tank, or an AC possessor are all fun and would be unique additions to the party. There are a LOT of disease effects applied to PCs in this game, frequently without needing to hit full AC, so preventing hits, being immune/resistant to disease, and/or having good fort are all great. Paladin is fine for this game as the PCs are certainly heroic-aligned, whether or not they're LG.

I also like the electricity slinger idea. There isn't actually a Cha-based character in the current party. The phantom thief rogue just covers a lot of skills. Social hasn't come up a lot yet but certainly could.

Here's a link to our Discord server. New arrivals are automatically lurkers so they can only post in the #lurkers-and-fun-times channel but they should be able to see all the public channels like gameplay and character-specific channels. Feel free to poke around.

An important notice would be that the other aspiring applicant, who has been communicating with me via Discord and is a bit of the way down creating a character, is planning to make an AC possessing+AC aiding tank. So if you made something tank-oriented as well, I would almost definitely have to pick between the two of you. If you fill a different role, then there is some chance I would take both applicants.

Scarab Sages

I'm don't care about skipping the melee tank stuff. I tend toward martial characters so I've gotten plenty of that sort of thing.

In case it wasn't clear, I was talking about Life Oracle + Pei Zin Practitioner, which is more healing than Life Oracle alone. It's more or less what an Oradin does without having to multiclass. Life Link heals other characters as they take damage, while Healer's Way from Pei Zin acts as Lay on Hands, swift action self-healing. That leaves the standard action still free for casting or self-defense, very efficient. I say self-defense because with all the HP going out automatically and having to do self-healing to keep up, melee and the possibility of taking extra damage from it becomes very risky.

One thing, is Aasimar an acceptable race? There are a couple of good channel feats that are aasimar only.

I'm less familiar with Sorcerer, having never played one. But, all the more reason to play one. I'll check around to see if there are other promising bloodlines, but of the two Stormborn seems better suited to outdoors, while Djinni is more location neutral, due to one of Stormborn's abilities requiring precipitation. There may be magical ways around the problem, but we'd probably need to discuss.

Yes I understood that Pei Zin males life oracle work without the din part of oradin. It's cool!

Aasimar is fine but I don't typically do the classic aasimar thing of rolling on that table to replace the spell-like ability but if you have something in mind or want to roll 2d100 pick one of your choice, I'm open to that.

Sorcerer is always cool too, for sure. Pick whichever one you think you can enjoy more and write a more interesting, 3d character for.

Something to note when considering is that both sorcerer and oracle got their spell progressions bumped up to get new spells at odd levels in the PF 1.5 ruleset we use (Chainbreaker) and sorcerer got bumped from 2 to 4 skill ranks per level.

sorcerer entry in the wiki reflects this but our wiki is very embryonic and incomplete for a lot of other things. The changelog is the only place to look to get an overview of all our rules modifications.

Scarab Sages

Ah, thanks. I'm still feeling my way around and finding things. Both of those changes are very good news. Bumping to 4 skill points allows a Sorcerer to actually be a party face. Of course that's less important than the expanded spells per level, but it's nice to be able to take on a side gig.

Yeah we decided that only int-based casters should be allowed to languish on 2+int ranks per level. Skill ranks are a big part of the fun of the game.

We've got a couple people working on finalizing their submissions as we draw close to the deadline, a half-elf sorcerer and a halfling focused on AC and AC-aiding. A little more than a day remains.

That recruitment for this game is still open is the best news I've seen all day. I'll put together a submission post haste.

I will close re-recruitment in a little less than an hour and announce the selected player(s).

Re-recruitment is closed. It's a difficult call so I will be selecting both of the applicants who finished in time: Claisey and Fearghus will be receiving PMs from me.

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