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Recruitment thread for Mistress of the Maze (5-8) for PbP Gameday IX.

Starting Sept 11th, 2022.

Taking first six to sign up.

About my GM style:

My own PbP combat style is to try and respect initiative order in resolving actions rather than just simple posting order (unless the sequence of events would benefit significantly otherwise). I'll roll initiatives at the start (based on your exploration activities) and some saves if I think they will affect my further actions in the turn to keep things moving. If you wish to delay on purpose, let me know, don't just wait on me. I will usually only update the combat narrative when everyone who can go has gone.

Make sure you roll for your actions in the order they occur in your turn. (with requested saves first.)

Make sure you keep your tagline updated with the current value for your Saves, Perception, and Armor Classes, considering your spells cast. Also keep your exploration activity updated. Treat it as your verbal response if I were to ask you what the value was in a face to face game, because that is how I'll treat it. But don't worry about conditional modifiers like cover, I'll handle that stuff as it comes up.

I will try to keep track of everyone's ongoing buffs in the combat tracker during combats and will also show you enemy conditions (and heights, if they are flying), so we are all on the same page. Let me know if I missed something.

Feel free to ask about anything in the discussion threads or if you think I've ruled incorrectly or just made a mistake. You likely know your character better than I will. I'll make corrections as necessary, but I think we all know there are still some rules that are up to the GM's discretion. I try to rule by RAW for PFS, and stick to written tactics unless they are obviously illogical as the combat progresses.

Also, let me know if you need to take a short break from the game for any reason.

Please post your:

Player Name
Character Name
PFS# for this character

Grand Archive

Player Name: Agape
Character Name: Zina
PFS number: 67561-2009
Class: Witch (Rune patron: Arcane)
Level: 6
Faction: Grand Archive

First time playing PbP on Paizo forums, so syntax and other conventions might be unsteady at start. I've play-by-post experience at our local lodge forums and in Discord for about two dozen games though, so I'm not completely new to the playstyle.

Envoy's Alliance

Player Name: Eeeeka
Character Name: Krakazh
PFS# for this character: 246222-2002
Class: Bard (Muse)
Level: 6
Faction: Envoy's Alliance

Player Name: Vic / Iceman (he/him)
Character Name: Crunch (they/them)
PFS#: 2361-2003
Class: Champion (Paladin)
Level: 7
Faction: Envoy's Alliance


Vigilant Seal

Player Name
Character Name Anjo Aroh
PFS# for this character: 43870-2001
Class: Ranger
Level: 6
Faction: Vigilant Seal

Please do not hesitate to PM me when this game it might fall of my radar in the next month and a half.

Player Name: Lillifri
Character Name: Ashes
Class: Rogue, 7 or (8 by then)
Fation: Horizon Hunters

Verdant Wheel

Player Name: thunderspirit
Character Name: Alonzo Tamarisk
PFS#: 3601-2005
Class: Druid 5
Faction: Verdant Wheel

Grand Archive

Zinadrina Giovina wrote:

Player Name: Agape

Character Name: Zina
PFS number: 67561-2009
Class: Witch (Rune patron: Arcane)
Level: 6
Faction: Grand Archive

Leveled up to 7 during GenCon.

Grand Lodge

Hurray! Gameday has begun, please head over to --- Gameplay to introduce your characters and to --- Discussion to figure out hero point distribution and other party needs.

Also, please sign up at this site to receive a chronicle at the end of it all.

You do not need to have an account or enter an e-mail address to use the sign-up and the more character information you include, the more math the chronicle will do for you, but ultimately all you need is your PFS number, character number, and level.

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