The Witchdaughter's Nightmare

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Fort +15| Ref +12| Will +11| Perception +9 (Trained) |HP 89| AC 25 (26 with Shield) | Exploration: Cast a Spell (Shield) | Resist Cold 3

About Zinadrina Giovina

Zinadrina is a young jadwiga woman, equipped like an arctic mercenary wearing either heavy fur armor or studded leather depending on weather, wielding a stout steel spear. She is accompanied by an unusually small arctic fox who has streaks of black fur down its back like a badger but in reverse.

"Hello. I am Zinadrina. I will not voice my disdain if you choose to call me Zina. I provide this team with my arcane spellcasting skills. Unlike silly men in pointy hats, I can also hold on my own for a moment in the front lines of melee, although I do not prefer it. Do not give treats to Rozen, my familiar, under any circumstances. I do not want him to get friendly with anyone else."