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Full Name

Alonzo Tamarisk


Dwarf Drd5 | HP: 70/70 | AC: 22 (24 w/shield) | Fort: +12, Refl: +11, Will: +13 | Perc (E): +13 (darkvision) | Speed 20 |


Default exploration: Sense Direction or Search | Focus points: 2/2 | Hero Points: 1 | Conditions: . |

About Alonzo Tamarisk

Alonzo Tamarisk
3601-2005 (Spells: 3 pts)
NG male dwarf Druid 5 (dwarf, humanoid)

-- Worldly Mentor (Verdant Wheel)
While working with less experienced Pathfinder allies, you shield your more fragile wards from the threat of death. For any PCs benefiting from a Level Bump and whose levels are lower than yours, you increase the Level Bump's modifier to Perception checks and Initiative rolls to 2 (instead of 1).

-- Promotional Vestments

-- Wayfinder: gain a free wayfinder. (Character must have played 2 sessions to obtain.)


Perception: +13 [E]
Special Senses: darkvision


HP: 70
AC: 22 (24 w/wooden shield raised) (10 + 3 (item) + 2 (DEX) + 7 (prof) [T])

Fort: +12 [E]
Refl: +11 [E]
Will: +13 [E]

Armor Proficiencies
light armor [T]
medium armor [T]
unarmored defense [T]


Magical Mentor:
While working with less experienced Pathfinder allies, you provide key spellcasting insights that augment your colleagues’ magic. Any PCs benefiting from a Level Bump and whose levels are lower than yours can prepare one additional spell of their highest-level spell slot or cast one additional spell of their highest-level spell slot. When casting spells of a magical tradition that is the same as the tradition you use for spellcasting, the affected PC also increases the Level Bump’s modifier to spell DCs to 2.

Class DC: 21 (10 + 4 (WIS) + 7 (prof) [T]
Speed: 20

Melee clan dagger +10, 1d4+3 piercing (agile, dwarf, parry, uncommon, versatile B) OR
. . +1 staff +11, 1d4+3 bludgeoning (two-hand d8+3) OR
. . fist +9, 1d4+3 (agile, finesse, nonlethal, unarmed)


Weapon Proficiencies
simple weapons [T]
unarmed attacks [T]

Spell Attack Roll (primal): +11+1 = (+4 (WIS) + 7 [T])
Spell DC (primal): 21+1 = (10 + 4 (WIS) + 7 [T])

Primal prepared spells
Cantrips electric arc, ray of frost, read aura, stabilize, tanglefoot
1st create water, feather fall, grease
2nd dispel magic, faerie fire, web
3rd crashing wave, heal (H +2)

SKILLS+1 to all

Acrobatics*: +9 [T]
Arcana: +0
Athletics*: +10 [T]
Crafting: +7 [T]
Deception: +0
Diplomacy: +0
Intimidation: +0
Lore (Demon): +7 [T]
Lore (Dwarven): +7 [T]
Lore (Pathfinder Society): +7 [T]
Medicine: +13 [E]
Nature: +13 [E]
Occultism: +0
Performance: +0
Religion: +11 [T]
Society: +0
Stealth*: +2
Survival: +11 [T]
Thievery*: +2


STR 16 (+3), DEX 14 (+2), CON 16 (+3), INT 10 (+0), WIS 19 (+4), CHA 10 (+0)

Heritage: Strong-Blooded Dwarf
Ancestry Feat: Rock Runner, Dwarven Lore
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Druidic

Background: PFS Season 0 - Early Explorer
Background skills: Acrobatics, Pathfinder Society Lore [T]
Skill Feat: Battle Medicine ◈, Recognize Spell ⤾, Steady Balance

Class: Druid
Class Abilities: Anathema, Wild Empathy
Class Feats: Storm Born (storm order), Order Explorer (wild order), Reach Spell ◈

General Feats: Shield Block ⤾, Toughness

Focus Spells: (2 points) x

tempest surge:

Cast somatic, verbal ◈◈
Range 30 ft; Targets 1 creature
Saving Throw Refl
You surround a foe in a swirling storm of violent winds, roiling clouds, and crackling lightning. The storm deals 1d12 electricity damage. The target must attempt a basic Reflex save. On a failure, the target is also clumsy 2 for 1 round and takes 1 persistent electricity damage.

Heightened (+1) The initial damage increases by 1d12, and the persistent electricity damage on a failure increases by 1.

wild shape:

Cast somatic, verbal ◈◈
Duration 1 minute (or longer)
You infuse yourself with primal essence and transform yourself into another form. You can polymorph into any form listed in pest form, which lasts 10 minutes. All other wild shape forms last 1 minute. You can add more forms to your wild shape list with druid feats; your feat might grant you some or all of the forms from a given polymorph spell. When you transform into a form granted by a spell, you gain all the effects of the form you chose from a version of the spell heightened to wild shape's level. Wild shape allows you to use your own shapeshifting training more easily than most polymorph spells. When you choose to use your own attack modifier while polymorphed instead of the form's default attack modifier, you gain a +2 status bonus to your attack rolls.

Heightened (3rd) You can also wild shape into the forms listed in animal form.

Bulk: (5, 1 L) encumbered = 6, maximum = 11
clan dagger, +1 staff, +1 studded leather armor, wooden shield, adventurers' pack, healer's tools, bandolier (x2), holly & mistletoe, staff of healing, wayfinder, 126.56 gp


Battle Medicine ◈ (healing, manipulate) You can patch up yourself or an adjacent ally, even in combat. Attempt a Medicine check with the same DC as for Treat Wounds, and restore a corresponding amount of Hit Points; this does not remove the wounded condition. As with Treat Wounds, you can attempt checks against higher DCs if you have the minimum proficiency rank. The target is then temporarily immune to your Battle Medicine for 1 day.

Darkvision: You can see in darkness and dim light just as well as you can see in bright light, though your vision in darkness is in black and white.

Recognize Spell ⤾: Trigger A creature within line of sight casts a spell that you don't have prepared or in your spell repertoire, or a trap or similar object casts such a spell. You must be aware of the casting.

If you are trained in the appropriate skill for the spell's tradition and it’s a common spell of 2nd level or lower, you automatically identify it (you still roll to attempt to get a critical success, but can’t get a worse result than success). The highest level of spell you automatically identify increases to 4 if you're an expert, 6 if you're a master, and 10 if you're legendary. The GM rolls a secret Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or Religion check, whichever corresponds to the tradition of the spell being cast. If you're not trained in the skill, you can't get a result better than failure.

Critical Success You correctly recognize the spell and gain a +1 circumstance bonus to your saving throw or your AC against it.
Success You correctly recognize the spell.
Failure You fail to recognize the spell.
Critical Failure You misidentify the spell as another spell entirely, of the GM's choice.

Reach Spell ◈: You can extend the range of your spells. If the next action you use is to Cast a Spell that has a range, increase that spell's range by 30 feet. As is standard for increasing spell ranges, if the spell normally has a range of touch, you extend its range to 30 feet.

Rock Runner: Your innate connection to stone makes you adept at moving across uneven surfaces. You can ignore difficult terrain caused by rubble and uneven ground made of stone and earth. In addition, when you use the Acrobatics skill to Balance on narrow surfaces or uneven ground made of stone or earth, you aren't flat-footed, and when you roll a success at one of these Acrobatics checks, you get a critical success instead.

Shield Block ⤾: Trigger While you have your shield raised, you would take damage from a physical attack.
You snap your shield in place to ward off a blow. Your shield prevents you from taking an amount of damage up to the shield's Hardness. You and the shield each take any remaining damage, possibly breaking or destroying the shield.

Storm Born: (druid) You are at home out in the elements, reveling in the power of nature unleashed. You do not take circumstance penalties to ranged spell attacks or Perception checks caused by weather, and your targeted spells don't require a flat check to succeed against a target concealed by weather (such as fog).

Strong-Blooded Dwarf: Your blood runs hearty and strong, and you can shake off toxins. You gain poison resistance equal to half your level (minimum 1), and each of your successful saving throws against a poison affliction reduces its stage by 2, or by 1 for a virulent poison. Each critical success against an ongoing poison reduces its stage by 3, or by 2 for a virulent poison.

Wild Empathy: You have a connection to the creatures of the natural world that allows you to communicate with them on a rudimentary level. You can use Diplomacy to Make an Impression on animals and to make very simple Requests of them. In most cases, wild animals will give you time to make your case.